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Zip Zap is an official map for the Knockout event.


Zip Zap has two red and yellow teleporters in the middle along with bushes with walls and barrels. In center of the map there are three lakes with two patches of grass in between them and rope fences surrounding the lakes with bushes on the very edges. There are also teleporters close to each team's spawn and cacti on the opposite side of the teleporters. This map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • The outermost pairs of teleporters can either be used for an ambush (if on the teleporters near the enemy side) or to dodge an attack (on your side).
  • Try not to go straight to the teleporters from the start of the game. Instead, go on the sides to hide and surprise an enemy.
  • Throwers are most effective at controlling the center straits. Assassins should stay against the sides most of the time.
    • Tick's attacks are wide enough to control multiple straits at a time. Sprout can also do that, but with some difficulty with the confined middle.
  • Brawlers that have a high damage output like Bull or Shelly should sneak up on unsuspecting opponents using the abundant amount of teleporters and defeat them with ease. However, this makes them vulnerable to long-ranged fire.


  • On 07/04/21, Zip Zap was added to the game.
  • On 16/06/21, Zip Zap was removed from the game.