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"Collect points by defeating opponents. The first team to reach 10 points win the match!"

Wipeout is an Event that was introduced during the 2022 Season 11 update. In this event, there are two teams consisting of three players each. The objective is to eliminate opponents, which each elimination giving that team one point. When one team reaches 10 points, they win. After 3 minutes without a team reaching 10 points, the team which has more points wins the match. If both teams' points are tied when the timer ends, the match ends in a draw with no overtime. An announcer will announce the first elimination, when there are 4 eliminations left, 1 elimination left, when a player eliminates two opponents in a row, and when there are 30 seconds left.

Useful Brawlers

Fang: Fang is a good Brawler in terms of chipping away an enemy's health, and then finishing them off with his Super. He can also use his Super to wipe out a team as long as they all have either low health or very low damage output altogether.
Piper: Piper performs well on most maps and can easily deal with short-ranged Brawlers. With her Homemade Recipe Gadget and Ambush Star Power, Piper can eliminate an opponent, forcing the enemy team to go on the offense if your team is in the lead.
Brock: Besides his long attack range, Brock's Super and Rocket Fuel Gadget can open up the map so the enemy team has less obstacles to hide behind.
Mortis: Mortis's attack allows him to quickly approach and defeat a low-health or low-damaging enemy Brawler with its high burst damage (with either Gadget if necessary). Take advantage of Brawlers with a moderately low or inconsistent damage output, since even if they have high health, Mortis can charge and use his Super. On the other hand, be wary of sharpshooters, because despite usually having low health, their high damage and longer attack range means that they can outrange you most of the time; attack sharpshooters when they are unaccompanied with a support Brawler, have low health or ammo, and/or do not have defensive abilities to knock back or slow you.
Byron: Byron's healing allows his teammates to go offensive for longer periods of time without having to take cover to heal up. Byron's Booster Shots Gadget allows him to chip at multiple enemies at once and interrupt their auto-regeneration, and his Malaise Star Power means that enemies have to take cover for longer as they take longer to heal. Always go with a teammate as Byron's health and damage output is very low.
Eve: Eve is really good in Wipeout as her Super and her Happy Surprise Star Power (coupled with her long attack range) forces enemy Brawlers to waste ammo. Eve's Gotta Go! Gadget is good at dodging potentially deadly enemy attacks.
Nani : With Nani's long range, she can continuously chip at enemies until she charges her Super, where, with her Autofocus Star Power, she can deal significant damage to, if not eliminate, an enemy Brawler. With her Return to Sender Gadget, Nani can effectively block a high-damage projectile and deal extra damage to an enemy Brawler.


  • Generally, picking Brawlers with consistent burst damage are good picks due to them being able to pressure enemies, sometimes with only one hit alone.
  • If an enemy Brawler is staying inside of a bush to wait the match out, throwers like Grom, Tick, and Barley can pressure them to fight.
  • When the enemy team is in the lead, go on the offense, though be wary of being defeated to make sure you don't lose quickly.
  • Always try to eliminate an enemy before the enemy team eliminates you or an ally. Getting that first elimination immediately pressures the enemy team to go on the offense.


  • On 01/03/22, Wipeout was temporarily added to the game in Brawl Pass Season 11.
  • On 27/04/22, The number of points to defeat an enemy and to get defeated by an enemy were increased to 10 (from 8).