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"Willow works as gondoliera in the Love Swamp. She gives couples in search of a romantic evening the creepiest, most unsettling time they could imagine."
Willow Portrait

Willow is a Mythic Brawler who has low health, moderate damage output, and immense utility with her Super. She attacks by lobbing a lantern which creates a small puddle on the ground that lasts for a period of time, dealing damage and then damage over time to enemies upon impact. For her Super, she shoots a tadpole that allows her to control enemy Brawlers, gaining a damage-reduction shield while controlling them. Willow's first Gadget, Spellbound, allows her next attack to deal her poison damage all at once. Her second Gadget, Dive, momentarily makes her immobile but invulnerable. Her first Star Power, Love Is Blind, moderately decreases the reload speed of a poisoned enemy. Her second Star Power, Obsession, increases the movement speed of an enemy Brawler controlled by her Super.

Attack: Lantern's Curse[]

"Willow lobs her lantern, dealing damage over time to enemies hit."

Willow lobs a lantern of liquid that shatters and leaves a puddle, much like Barley's attack. The attack deals three ticks of damage over 3 seconds to enemies who are splashed and standing in the 2-tile radius puddle. The puddle only damages targets upon impact. However, her attacks reload rather slowly and travel slowly as well.

Super: Hex[]

"Willow fires a single tadpole towards an enemy Brawler, fully healing them and taking control over their mind if it hits. Willow can use the basic attack of the enemy Brawler and move them as she pleases. Mind control breaks after 4 seconds or when the Brawler reaches 30% HP."

Willow fires a tadpole that, upon hitting an enemy Brawler, allows her to take control over them and gain a 25% damage reduction shield for 4 seconds. The enemy Brawler heals to full health, and Willow can move them anywhere and use their main attacks, but not their Super or Gadgets. After 4 seconds, or if the controlled enemy Brawler is below 30% of their maximum health or Willow is defeated, the enemy Brawler will no longer be controlled. When Willow is controlling an enemy Brawler, she can use the Brawler to hold the ball in Brawl Ball to score the enemies' goal, but Power Cubes picked up by the controlled Brawler in Solo Showdown or Duo Showdown will not be transferred to Willow. When Willow's Super hits a spawnable, such as Nita's bear or Penny's cannon, it deals 1500 damage instead. If Big Brawler in Big Game is hit, they will only heal for 10% of their remaining health (excluding the Shield Gear). If the Big Brawler was below 30% of their maximum health when hit, they will only be controlled for a split second but still receive the healing.



"Willow's next Lantern's Curse deals 600 more damage and applies the entire damage instantly rather than over time."

Activating this Gadget allows Willow's next attack to deal its poison damage all at once, with a damage bonus of 600. A Gadget symbol will glow above Willow's head signaling this Gadget's activation, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown begins after the attack is used.


"Willow dives for 2 seconds, becoming untargetable but unable to take any action for the duration."

Willow dives into a puddle, becoming completely immobile and unable to attack, but impervious to all damage for 2 seconds, except for damage or debuffs applied over time, similar to Lou's Ice Block Gadget.

Star Powers[]

Love Is Blind[]

"Lantern's Curse also reduces reload speed of affected Brawlers by 30%."

Enemy Brawlers poisoned by Willow's attack have their reload speed decreased by 30%.


"Hexed enemies gain 33% movement speed while mind controlled."

An enemy Brawler controlled by Willow will have their movement speed increased by 33%.


  • If Willow uses her Super against an enemy, she can control them to walk away to keep her and/or her allies safe or attempt to ambush them by bringing them closer (although this is not recommended with only herself).
    • With her Obsession Star Power, this strategy can be more effective.
  • Be aware that Willow is unable to control herself while controlling someone else, making her vulnerable to third party enemies or their teammates.
    • Because of this, it is advised not to use Willow's Super while being out in the open.
  • Willow's Super can be used in a lot of strategies, such as bringing closer an enemy for a high-damaging Brawler like Shelly to ambush them, make enemies walk towards their own goal in Brawl Ball (although a controlled enemy couldn't self-score), bringing enemies with a huge amount of gems or stars closer to your team in Gem Grab and Bounty, forcing enemies to go into the smoke in Knockout or Showdown/Duo Showdown, or making enemies walk away from the safe in Heist.
  • Similar to Crow, Willow's poison damage makes her an excellent bush checker, since the poison damage reveals enemies for an extended period of time. Willow also an advantage over Crow in that she can lob her projectiles to check bushes behind the safety of walls.
  • Willow's Super can be used to undo another Willow's Super, shooting the Super at a teammate who is under the hex of another Willow.
  • Although enemy Brawlers are forced out of Willow's Super when they fall below 30% HP, it is possible for a controlled enemy to be completely defeated if the opponent's teammate manages to deal enough damage at once.
    • This strategy is most effective against squishier Brawlers such as Tick or Spike, as their smaller health pool allows them to be defeated much more consistently.

Voice Lines[]

Spawning In the Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super Landing A Super
"Hearing people's fears is music to my ears."
"Bad to the bone and ready for my throne."
"In the creepy love tunnel, only I can hear you scream!"
"My sloppy delights are gonna give you the frights."
"Ah, I love winning and watching people cry."
"Please, tell me your life story. I'll add the ending!"


  • 28/03/23:
  • 30/03/23:
    • Buff Willow's main attack damage now takes effect instantly (from after 1 second).
    • Buff The number of hits necessary to charge Willow's Super was decreased to 12 hits (from 15).
    • Neutral Fixed some issues related to Willow's Super.
  • 03/04/23:
    • Neutral Willow and her Axl skin were added to the game.
    • Neutral Fixed an issue with Willow's visual and sound effects.
    • Neutral Fixed an issue where Willow's main attacks couldn't break skulls.
    • Neutral Fixed an issue where Willow's Super would crash the game.
  • 25/04/23:
    • Nerf Willow's Obsession Star Power speed boost was decreased to 25% (from 75%).
  • 28/04/23:
    • Neutral Willow's Dive Gadget and Obsession Star Power were added.
  • 06/06/23:
    • Buff Willow's Super range was increased to 8.33 tiles (from 7.67).
    • Buff Willow's Super now grants her a 25% damage-reduction shield while controlling an enemy.
    • Neutral Enemies no longer charge their Super from attacks while controlled.
    • Neutral Fixed an issue with Willow's mind-control in Brawl Ball.
  • 05/09/23:
    • Buff Willow's health was increased to 2800 (from 2500).
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 11/09/23:
    • Neutral The Scorpion Willow skin was added. It was featured as a Wasteland skin.
  • 24/10/23:
    • Neutral Willow's Spellbound Gadget damage bonus was decreased to 480 (from 500) and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Fixed some issues with Willow's Super ability.
    • Neutral Willow's flavor text was changed from "Lovable? Maybe. Frightening? Without a doubt. Controlling? 100%." to "Willow works as gondoliera in the Love Swamp. She gives couples in search of a romantic evening the creepiest, most unsettling time they could imagine."
  • 29/02/24:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue with Willow that caused a mind-controlled Mico not to be able to move.
  • 23/04/24:
    • Buff Willow's Love Is Blind Star Power reload speed reduction was increased to 30% (from 25%).
    • Buff Willow's Obsession Star Power speed boost was increased to 33% (from 25%).
    • Neutral Willow's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.


Skins (4)[]


Skin Pins
Willow Skin-Default
Willow Pin-Neutral


Willow Pin-Happy


Willow Pin-Sad


Willow Pin-Angry


Willow Pin-GG


Willow Pin-Clap


Willow Pin-Thanks


Willow Pin-Phew


Willow Pin-Special


Willow Pin-Facepalm


Willow Skin-Scorpion
Willow Scorpion Pin-Special






Scorpion Willow-Spray

Scorpion Willow


Profile Icons[]





Scorpion Willow-pfp

Scorpion Willow