Well Cut is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


In the center of the map are two bush clumps that contain a horizontal and vertical wall. Around the sides are more of these bush clumps with four 3x1 walls spread out around the corners of the map. The goal opening is very small with only two two tile openings available. The left side of your goal is slightly raised and vice versa on the enemy's goal. This map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Unless your team can constantly team-wipe, having a wall-breaking available saves valuable time for making goals.
    • Frank and Tara both have wall-breaking capabilities with their Super as well as great utility and team- wipe powers. Just by having their Super charged should stop enemies from clumping up.
  • Rico can do consistent damage while guarding goals. He can attack from almost any angle and still be able to stay and defend goals. The center walls are where his skills shine overall, but the side walls almost guarantees hits.
  • Jacky's ability to attack around walls can be used to block the wall openings on the enemy's goal leaving opponents less than a tile of room for escape. If her Super is charged she can also grab them and cover an area little less than half of the goal barrier.
  • Nita excels as a medium-range fighter with defending abilities. She should hold ground in the center and stop enemies from leaving their bushes in the center and left lane. Once she places Bruce down she should be able to push any Brawler she pleases into a corner as long as Bruce is healed through her Star Power Bear with Me.
  • The walls in this map are very close to each other, only being two tiles apart. Carl should have no problem with defeating opponents if he stays near these walls. Just like Jacky, Carl should play near the right lane where they have more walls which they can use to attack.


  • On 17/3/20, Well Cut was added to the game.
  • On 10/9/20, Well Cut was removed from the game.
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