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Waters of Doom is a community map for the Knockout event.


The map is built around a corner and the backside is filled with water, which makes gameplay a lot more compact and aggressive. While having only one true lane, the teleporters, the main element of the map, allow you and your teammates to quickly attempt aggressive assaults on the enemy side. The bushes in the back can be used in an attempt to escape and heal until you are ready to face your enemies again.


  • Using Sharpshooters is a good choice on this map but not always. Long range Brawlers with a cone-shaped attack, like Pearl or Pam, can be used to deal significant damage while also controlling a large portion of the map.
  • Using the teleporters isn't always a good idea. It is useful in a 2v1 to corner an enemy in a standoff.


  • On 24/10/23, Waters of Doom was added to the game.
  • On 12/12/23, the environment of Waters of Doom was changed from the Mortuary theme to the Fighting Game theme.