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"Score points by making the ball land on the opponent's side of the field. First team to 2 points wins! The longer the ball stays in play, the faster it will fly!"
Volley Brawl

Volley Brawl is an Event introduced in the Season 7 update. In Volley Brawl, there are two teams of three players, and the objective of the mode is to kick around a volleyball and prevent the enemy team from receiving the ball to get a point. The first team that scores two points wins. The ball starts at the middle, and the first player to touch the ball kicks the ball to the enemy's side, where a 2-tile-wide indicator will appear, showing where the ball will land. If a player on the receiving team is standing on the indicator when the ball lands, the ball is passed to the other side; if there isn't a player on the receiving team on the indicator, the opposing team gets a point. The ball flies faster after each successful pass. This continues until one team gets two points or overtime ends. When the timer runs out and if both teams are tied, overtime will begin. Overtime lasts for a minute, and the first team to score in overtime wins. If no teams score when overtime ends, the game ends in a draw. Standing on different parts of the indicator changes the direction in which the ball will be passed. (Standing in the top left of the indicator throws it bottom right, top right bottom left, bottom right top left, and bottom left top right.)

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Useful Brawlers[]

Frank: His high health can help him survive multiple attacks, being able to hold the ball and bring it to the enemy goal. His Super can incapacitate enemies temporarily and bring his team a few seconds. He can also use his Irresistible Attraction Gadget to pull the enemies away from the ball. His Active Noise Cancelling Gadget is also useful to hinder disruptive abilities that cancel his attacks and Super, such as Gale’s Super.
El Primo: El Primo can use his fast movement speed, Super and very high health to receive the volleyball while under enemy fire. On the other hand, he can use his Super and high-damaging attack to defeat enemies easily and prevent them from receiving the volleyball. He can also use his Super and either of his Gadgets to knock enemies out of the ball's landing indicator before it lands and make them miss the ball.
Gale: Gale's Super can be used to push the enemies out of the area where the ball is landing, making it more likely to score. Gale's Twister Gadget can be used to stop enemies from saving a goal, while Spring Ejector can also be used to jump above walls, making it easier to save goals.
Lou: Similar to Gale's Super, Lou's Super can be used to make the enemy slip and struggle to move, making it much harder to stand under the ball and send it back. Lou can also stun people with his attack, denying them from going under the ball and scoring.
Mortis: Mortis can be used to retrieve and kick the ball to the enemies’ side of the map at the beginning of the match. His high mobility with his attack’s dashing ability, his Survival Shovel Gadget and his above-average movement speed can be used to get under the ball quickly. His low damage and short range make him mostly a defensive player focused on sending the ball back; however, Mortis can also perform team wipe-outs using his Survival Shovel Gadget and Super before the ball lands on the enemy's side, rendering the enemy team without a player to receive the ball and giving Mortis's team a point.
Spike: Spike can be used to counter tanks, who are mainly popular in this mode due to their high health and fast movement speed. Spike can also throw his Super where the ball will land to slow down and damage the enemy if they attempt to retrieve the ball.
Max: Max can be used to boost her team's movement speed to either rush to the enemy side to get under the ball or to retreat when low on health. She can also boost herself if she needs to head under the ball by using the Super for herself. Another tactic is that, if timed right, Max can do a surprising turn by placing her Sneaky Sneakers Gadget icon on the indicator where the ball will land, assist allies or defeat enemies, and teleport back to the indicator just in time to return the ball and save her team from an enemy point.
Squeak: Squeak can be used to control a large area of the map. He can attach his attacks onto Brawlers and force them to separate. With Squeak's fairly high health, he can tank damage and bounce the ball back. Additionally, his Super can be used to control the ball's landing indicator and force the enemies to retreat. Squeak can turn successful enemy passes to a team wipe-out.
Sprout: Sprout is a decent Brawler to use in this game mode. Once Sprout's Super charges, it and its team will be advantageous. With Sprout's Super, you can block off the spot where the enemies catch the ball. Additionally, you can also use Sprout's Transplant Gadget to recharge your Super if you miss the landing indicator or use it in an emergency which makes it difficult for enemies to catch the ball.
Colette: With her Super and her Push It Star Power, Colette is able to push enemies and the ball away from the indicator if it’s too far to reach normally, therefore preventing the enemies from scoring. She can also massively cripple tanks with her variable-damage attack and Super, allowing teammates to finish them off.
Jacky: Jacky has an above average amount of health, which helps her tank more shots. Her Pneumatic Booster Gadget allows her to get to the indicator faster. Her Super charges passively due to her trait, which allows her to pull enemies from where the ball lands, allowing your team to score.
Tick: Even with Tick's low health, his high damage output, knockback abilities, and area denial abilities make him viable in this mode. He can control the ball and allow his teammates to get a head-start to send the ball onto the enemy team's side, and his Super can be used to knock enemies away from the indicator to allow enemies to land or knock the ball out of an enemy’s grasp. His Last Hurrah Gadget can also grant Tick more survivability when he's sending the ball towards the enemy team or fighting.
Gene: Similar to Gale and Lou, Gene's Super can pull enemies towards himself and away from the area where the ball is landing, making it more likely to score. Gene can also use his Lamp Blowout Gadget to push enemies away from him and heal, which enables him to save the ball more easily.
Jessie and Penny: Both Brawlers can use their attacks' bounce and splash mechanics respectively to wipe out entire teams who are standing in the volleyball landing indicator. They can also do the same with their respective turrets, with Jessie using either of her Gadgets and her Shocky Star Power, and Penny with either of her Gadgets and her Balls of Fire Star Power. Penny's cannon in particular can keep enemies out of the landing zone using its high area damage and enhanced with Balls of Fire, making her more niche than Jessie in the event, but both Brawlers are still good picks. With Penny, keep the cannon closer to the enemy's side than you might in other modes so it can target enemies in any part of their side. You can also use her Pocket Detonator Gadget to knock enemies out of the landing zone and cause them to miss the volleyball when it lands.
Stu: Stu's mobility in the battlefield makes it easy to switch between defending and offending. When playing Stu as a defender, hitting enemies with attacks to chain Supers can help you be able to reach where the ball will land. Stu can also be used as an attacker, as he can easily distract and take down enemies who will try to stay in the zone of the ball. His Speed Zone Gadget provides even more mobility, and his Star Powers will make him tougher to defeat.
Dynamike: Even though his attacks have a delay, Dynamike is a viable option. His Satchel Charge Gadget is good for stunning the enemies, allowing him and his allies to decimate them. His Super is especially useful for knocking the enemies away from the area where the ball is landing, making it more likely to score, and when paired with the Demolition Star Power, it allows him to incinerate out medium-to lower-health Brawlers.
Griff: Despite his slow unload speed, Griff is a menace in Volley Brawl. His attack deals massive damage when all of the coins hit enemies from the area where the ball is landing, and his Super, when thrown from afar, can deal high damage both when traveling and returning. His Keep The Change Star Power boosts his unload speed and damage output drastically, and his Piggy Bank Gadget allows for extra damage to the enemies, on top of breaking the walls, for more area control, and knocking the enemies away from where the ball will land. On defense, his Super provides great area denial in its duration, and he can use his Piggy Bank Gadget to knock enemies away from where the ball lands.
Buster: His high health and high damage at close range make him a good choice in this mode. However, what makes him more useful is his Super and his Slow-Mo Replay Gadget. He can use his Super to protect himself or an ally from enemy projectiles while standing on the indicator. He can also use his Super to move ahead without taking damage and kick the ball at the beginning of a round. His second Gadget Slow-Mo Replay can pull and slow enemies to prevent them from arriving to the indicator in time. Furthermore, his Kevlar Vest Star Power provides further protection when kicking the ball, blocking out abilities like Gale's Twister Gadget or Dynamike's Super.


  • One Brawler from your team (preferably one with a fast movement speed) should concentrate on deflecting the ball back so that the enemy team can't score.
  • Try to have a heavyweight to be the aggressive player in your team, as they can keep the opponents occupied and distracted and make them focus on them instead of the ball. Stuns, knockbacks, and slows are all very important to have as an aggressive Brawler.
  • When passing balls aim it at the farthest side of the map. Enemies rushing to make a pass makes them especially vulnerable to aggressive Brawlers but slowed Brawlers will struggle the most.
  • Note that the more the ball is passed between the two sides, the less time it will take to land on either side, so once the ball has been going for a long time, make sure you will be able to retrieve it as there is not much time to do so.
  • You can stand on the very top of the circle. By doing this, the ball will be sent closer to the middle of the map and closer to your side instead.


  • On 21/06/21, Volley Brawl was temporarily added to the game during Brawl Pass Season 7.
  • On 25/08/21, Volley Brawl was removed from the game.
  • On 25/04/23, Volley Brawl was added back to the game. It was featured as a Community Event for Brawl Pass Season 18. New voiceovers were added.
  • On 27/06/23, Volley Brawl was removed from the game. It was no longer featured as a Community Event for Brawl Pass Season 19.