Victor Valley is a community map for the Showdown event. It was added in the July 2020 update. This map is affected by the Meteor Shower modifier.


The map has many walls throughout the map except for the center. There are a few bush clusters circling the end, but most of it is entirely open. Instead of the Power Cube boxes being concentrated in the middle, this map has boxes anywhere but the center.


  • Heavyweights should roam around the sides where there is more cover. They should stay away from the rope fencing which ranged Brawlers can use against them.
  • Throwers like Barley, Dynamike and Tick are decent as the outer sides of the map are confined and have lots of walls to shoot over for area control.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers such as Brock and Piper can destroy walls while they deal damage to other opponents. Bea , on the other hand, can place down her Honey Molasses Gadget to slow enemies before ambushing them. Her Star Power, Honey Coat, can allow her to defeat enemies before they defeat her. Brock also can use his Incendiary Star Power for additional damage and area control.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers like Bo, Tara and Crow should be played here as they can pinch Brawlers, forcing the opponent Brawlers to face other opponent Brawlers, leaving the surviving opponent Brawler to be left weak and can be easily taken down. Crow can ambush Brawlers with his Super and Defense Booster Gadget to get the easy win. Tara can also use her Super and three attacks to defeat enemy Brawlers easily.
  • In Duo Showdown, teams do not spawn near other teams. Teams that spawn near to Power Cube trios will have an advantage over other teams.
  • The outer bushes curve outward towards the corners of the map, this is a great location for heavyweights as they can grab a few Power Cubes and camp immediately. However, this is not encouraged as the poison clouds will close in on the bush campers, leaving a very open middle which put bush campers at a disadvantage.
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