Brawl Stars Wiki

27/09/18 September Update[]

  • Supercell ID - Save and secure your games progress, and transfer accounts between devices! This will launch in Finland first, then expand to other soft launch countries.
  • New Mortis model & Rockabilly Mortis skin - Mortis lost his hat and gained a brand new skin!
  • Battle Log - View your past victories! (and defeats..)

Event Mods[]

  • Life Leech - Players constantly lose health and need to attack other players to leech health from them (50% of dealt damage healed). Dead players drop Life Skulls that give full health.
  • Robo Boss - Boss spawns and attacks nearest targets.
  • Energy Drink - Increased damage (x3) and movement speed, picking up another power-up refreshes duration but does not give an additional boost.
  • Meteor Shower - Preferentially targets teamers.

New Event Rotation[]

  • 3rd event will have Brawl Ball, Bounty, and Heist in rotation.
  • 4th event has all game modes, and always has a mod active (except for ticketed events).

New Community Maps[]

Solo Showdown[]

  • Players are able to spectate after death.
  • New graphic for elixir → power cube.

Social Improvements[]

  • Band members are shown in the friends list.
  • Band chat has a new messages line.
  • Friend list displays last online time for friends.
  • Players in a game room now have "in a game room" status displayed.
  • Game Room owner now receives a message in the end game screen if someone has joined the room while they were battling.

Balance Changes[]

  • Penny: Increased main attack projectile size by 50%.
  • Pam: Increased main attack damage from 240 to 260. Needs 1 hit less to fully charge up the Super.
  • Frank: Decreased main attack range from 6.33 tiles to 6 tiles, decreased Super range from 7.33 tiles to 7 tiles. He can pick up another power from defeated Brawlers to refresh the duration of his damage increase.
  • Tara: Decreased main attack damage from 400 to 380.
  • Robo Rumble Robots now enrage after 90 sec giving them a huge movement speed buff.


  • Auto-Spectate added - Camera will automatically follow the action.
  • All rewards +50% after watching an ad.
  • Added an Ad reward Brawl Box to Shop.
  • Total Victories → 3v3 Victories in Player Profiles.
  • Dragon Knight Jessie’s turret now has a flame effect.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed some projectiles hitting behind walls when the target was standing in close proximity (for example Frank, Nita, Spike).
    • Watched ad is persisted so that the reward is not lost if the game disconnects in the background.
    • Fixed Android delayed sound playback issue.
    • Fixed Android panning screen while spectating.

30/08/18 Balance Changes[]

  • Pam - Increased Main Attack damage from 220 → 240.
  • Jessie - Increased Main Attack damage from 780 → 820.
  • Frank - Increased Main Attack range from 5.67 tiles → 6.33 tiles. Increased Super Attack range from 6.67 tiles → 7.33 tiles
  • Dynamike - Increased Super explosion delay from 1.1s → 1.3s
  • Penny - Increased main attack damage from 800 to 840. Coin burst now pierces enemies.
  • Poco - Decreased Main Attack Damage from 700 → 660

19/06/18 Update[]

General Balance[]

  • Brawlers are now immune to knockback and stun during spawn protection.

Brawler Balance[]

  • Ricochet - Decreased main attack range from 10 tiles → 9.67 tiles. Decreased range boost from bounce from 2 tiles → 1.67 tiles.
  • Colt - Decreased Super range from 13.33 tiles → 11 tiles.
  • Dynamike - Decreased main attack damage from 800 → 760.
  • Bo - Increased main attack damage from 400 → 420.
  • El Primo - Increased main attack damage from 340 → 360. Increased health from 5600 → 5800.
  • Frank - Increased main attack range from 5 tiles → 5.67 tiles. Increased health from 5600 → 5800.
  • Mortis - Increased movement speed from 770 → 820.
  • Penny - Increased cannon projectile speed by 25%. Decreased cannon reload time from 3.0s → 2.5s.
  • Poco - Increased main attack range from 6.33 tiles → 7 tiles. Increased main attack traveling speed by 28%. Increased Super traveling speed by 92%.

New Skins[]

Shop Changes[]

  • Legendary Brawlers (Spike & Crow) added to special Brawler offers.
  • Shop has a free Brawl Box every day.
  • Higher chance for Brawler offers appearing.

Event Changes[]

  • Duo Showdown is now always available in the 2nd slot. Players can toggle between choosing to play Solo or Duo.
  • The Star Key from Showdown can be claimed in either of the formats, but only one Star Key is available for the slot, not both modes of Showdown.
  • All Showdown maps can now be played in Duo Showdown.
  • Robo Rumble now has randomly generated maps each time you play it.

Brawl Box Changes[]

  • Reward Doublers (through watching advertisements) are now available in Brawl Boxes.
    • They are not available in Big/Mega Boxes.
    • You are limited to 5 advertisements per day (day changes when the 1st slot event rotates).
    • You cannot double the reward of any Brawler, or Bonus item. You can only double gold or Power Points.
  • Reduced chance of tickets from 35% to 25%.
  • Gems added as a bonus rewards to Brawl Boxes. They are available as a Bonus in all boxes with a 9% chance of appearing.
    • 3 Gems: 61%
    • 5 Gems: 27%
    • 8 Gems: 9%
    • 12 Gems: 3%

Social Changes[]

  • Play-Again button can now be used while playing in a game room with 1-2 people or when playing alone.
  • Increased max amount of friends from 100 → 200.
  • Increased max pending friend invites from 10 → 20.
  • Source for a received friend request is now shown.

Game Room Changes[]

  • New invites cannot be sent while the room owner has readied themself.
  • Invite list has player's own rank filtered out and the rankings now correspond to actual trophy rankings in the friend list.
  • Players can no longer start spectating someone from the social slider while being ready in the game room.
  • Loot Bar can now be closed correctly (won't reopen automatically).
  • Added "team showdown ended" message in game room chat after a Duo Showdown match.

Overall Improvements[]

  • Rewards and league tiers have been adjusted.
    • Starting at 4000 trophies, every 1000 trophies after that will reward a Mega Box.
    • Starting at 4000 trophies, leagues will have four tiers instead of three.
  • Added Duo Showdown victories tracking to player profile.
  • Added win animation for Frank in the Brawlers screen.
  • Number of active spectators in a match is now shown to all players and spectators.
  • Added Frank Voice Acting.
  • Added Friend system sounds.
  • Added other UI sounds.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug that caused the joystick to sometimes get stuck after a pushback or stun.
  • Fixed bug that caused Super usage to not properly queue up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused poison to fade away on your screen after a Showdown match.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to stay red after a Showdown match.
  • Fixed a bug where stunned pets (Penny's mortar/Jessie's turret) and enemies in Robo Rumble would continue shooting after being stunned by Frank.

Maintenance Balance Changes 29/05/18[]

  • Duo Showdown matchmaking improved. Common bug was that players were stuck at the loading screen, specifically at "4/10 players found" when there were more players matchmaking.

Brawler Balance[]

  • El Primo - Increased main attack damage from 320 → 340.
  • Piper - Decreased main attack reload time from 2.5s → 2.3s.
  • Poco - Decreased main attack reload time from 1.8s → 1.6s.
  • Shelly - Increased main attack range from 6.67 tiles → 7.33 tiles.
  • Colt - Decreased main attack and Super damage from 300 → 280.
  • Crow - Decreased main attack and Super damage from 300 → 280.
  • Ricochet - Decreased main attack and Super damage from 300 → 280.

Maintenance 24/05/18[]

  • Fixing an experience collection bug. Used to say "All experience collected for today" over a span of a few days.
  • Event rotation adjustments (more Duo Showdown!)
    • Removed Bounty maps: Cabbage Patch and Groundhog Burrow.
  • Events/Shop refresh time adjustments - "daily deals" updated a couple of hours after the new day actually began.
  • Friend suggestions sorting improvements (now people you have played the most games with will appear at the top).
  • Text changes/fixes.

21/05/18 Update[]

Brawler Balance[]

  • Crow - Charging Super now requires 8 daggers + poison instead of 6 daggers + poison.
  • Colt - Increased main attack reload time from 1.5s → 1.6s.
  • Dynamike - Decreased main attack and Super projectile speeds by 5%.
  • Ricochet - Decreased main attack and Super damage from 320 → 300.
  • Barley - Increased main attack damage per tick from 560 → 600.
  • Darryl - Decreased main attack reload time from 2.0s → 1.8s.
  • Poco - Increased main attack damage from 640 → 700.
  • Shelly - Increased health from 3200 → 3600.

Game Balance[]

  • Auto-Aim will always fire when tapped even when no target is in range.
  • Some Brawler rarities have been changed:
  • Easier to climb in trophies. At 300-499 trophies, losing a 3v3 ranked game will subtract 5 trophies instead of 6. This happens at 500 trophies instead.
  • Sapphire Plains is removed as a map from the game altogether.
  • Spawn protection invulnerability bubble now lasts for 3 seconds instead of 4.
  • If Jessie has her Star Power unlocked, Auto-Aim will automatically fire at her turret.
  • When Poco has his Star Power unlocked, he will target friendly Brawlers with the Auto-Aim if no enemy targets are available.
  • When Spike has his Star Power unlocked, he will activate his Super on himself if no other enemies are around and if Spike is damaged.
  • Player names are now hidden in Showdown and Duo Showdown if you are playing with a Brawler above 300 trophies.

New Brawlers[]

New Brawler - Penny!

  • Penny is a plundering pirate who shoots a devastating broadside of gold coins to opponents. Her Super spawns a Mortar that lobs bombs to opponents from a far range!

New Brawler - Frank!

  • Frank is a hard-hitting dude, and a real physical specimen. His main attack and Super take a bit to charge up, but do a lot of damage in a medium area!

New Game Modes[]

Heist "2.0"

  • There are two safes instead of one, making each Heist map entirely symmetrical.
  • Win the game automatically by destroying the opposing team's safe.
  • If both safes are alive by the end of the game, the team with the most damage done to the opposing safe will win.
  • If equal damage is dealt or if both safes are taken out at the exact same time, the game ends in a draw.

Duo Showdown

  • Just like regular Showdown, but you are fighting with a teammate.
  • You both fight against 4 other pairs.
  • Elixir collected from boxes is shared for both players, i.e. if one player collects 2 Elixir, the other player has 2 Elixir added to their score as well.
  • Fallen teammates have a 15 second respawn time.
  • If both teammates are taken out, the game ends.

Trophy "Leagues"[]

  • Trophy progression is now divided into multiple leagues, ranging from Wood League to Star League.
  • Rewards can be collected at trophy milestones. Once you reach a specific amount of trophies, you will be able to collect your reward instantaneously.
  • New events can now be unlocked with trophies.
  • The league that you are in are based on your total collection of trophies. Each league is divided up into three sectors: Sector I, Sector II, and Sector III.
    • Wood League: 500-999 Trophies
    • Bronze League: 1000-1999 Trophies
    • Silver League: 2000-2999 Trophies
    • Gold League: 3000-3999 Trophies
    • Diamond League: 4000-5999 Trophies
    • Crystal League: 6000-7999 Trophies
    • Master League: 8000-9999 Trophies
    • Star League: 10000+ Trophies
  • Starting at 3000 Trophies you unlock the End-of-Season reward. For each Sector that you progress after reaching Gold League, the End-of-Season reward has 40 Keys added to it. The starting End-of-Season reward is 100 Keys, or 1 Brawl Box.
  • Some Brawlers have been moved from rewards from Brawl Boxes to rewards from the milestone progression system, meaning that they are no longer available in Brawl Boxes. Because of this, there is no longer a "Common" rarity.
    • Nita: Unlocked at 15 Trophies.
    • Colt: Unlocked at 60 Trophies.
    • Bull: Unlocked at 250 Trophies.
    • Jessie: Unlocked at 500 Trophies.
    • Brock: Unlocked at 1000 Trophies.
    • Dynamike: Unlocked at 2000 Trophies.
    • Bo: Unlocked at 3000 Trophies.
  • If you already have a specific milestone Brawler and you have enough trophies to collect that same Brawler, you will be given a Brawl Box for your reward instead of the Brawler.

New Features[]

  • Spectate Mode!
    • Available through social slider when the target player is in game and while in a game room that is Brawling.
    • Players who are available for spectating have an eye symbol next to their character portrait.
  • Players can add friends!
    • Recently played friends are suggested as friends in the friends tab.
    • Players can send invites to other players to be their in-game friend.
    • In game rooms, players can invite friends to come and play with them.
  • Play-Again Button!
    • After a match, players can press "Play Again" as a button in the end-game screen to show that they would like to play with the same team again.
    • This feature is not available in ticketed game modes.
    • Not available while playing in a Game Room.
  • The Social Slider has been added to the right side of the screen. It displays active friends and what game rooms are being held by either your friends or bandmates.

Game Mode Changes

  • Battle Key Bar
    • You can now earn all Keys by playing any of the events.
    • 20 Keys are added to the bar every 144 minutes (100 max).
  • Star Key (First Win) Bonus
    • First Win Box added - Big Box
    • Collect 10 Star Keys to open the box, one Star Key available per event.
    • Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist, Brawl Ball: Your First Win gets you the Star Key..
    • Showdown: Placing in the Top 4 gets you the Star Key.
    • Duo Showdown: Placing in the Top 2 gets you the Star Key.
    • Robo Rumble and Boss Fight: Playing a match always gets you the Star Key.
  • Event Rotation Changes
  • Robo Rumble and Boss Fight will always be active on Saturday mornings, and will end on Monday mornings.

Economy Changes

  • Big Box has been renamed to Mega Box.
  • Big Box (new) added for purchase for 30 Gems.
  • Reward Doubler
    • Players can double one of the regular Brawl Box rewards by watching an advertisement (maximum of 5 per day).
    • This feature will be activated at a "later time."
  • Key rewards from battles are increased
    • Winning in Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist, Brawl Ball: 20 Keys.
    • Losing in Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist, Brawl Ball: 10 Keys.
    • Tying in Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist, Brawl Ball: 15 Keys.
    • Regular Showdown placing rewards are doubled.
  • Overall game progression is faster (if all Keys are collected).

More Changes

  • New Jessie & Turret models.
  • FIX: Bull can no longer charge through indestructible tiles if there is water on the other side.
  • FIX: Spike's main attack needles can no longer go through fences.
  • Auto-Aim now targets through skulls, vases, and other breakable objects.

09/04/18 Balance Changes[]

  • New Showdown Map: Thousand Lakes
  • Barley - Increased main attack projectile speed by 20%.
  • Dynamike - Increased main attack and Super projectile speeds by 10%.
  • Mortis - Increased health from 3500 → 3800.
  • Nita - Increased main attack damage from 680 → 740.
  • Jessie - Increased main attack damage from 720 → 780.
  • Pam - Increased main attack damage from 200 → 220.
  • Poco - Increased Star Power healing from 300 → 400.
  • Colt - Decreased main attack and Super damage from 320 → 300.
  • Crow - Decreased main attack and Super damage from 320 → 300.
  • Ricochet - Increased reload time for main attack from 1.0s → 1.2s.
  • Piper - Increased cooldown between shots from 0.25s → 0.5s and increased damage at max range from 1560 → 1640.

23/03/18 Balance Changes[]

Brawler Balance[]

  • Brock - Main attack rocket size decreased 33%.
  • Piper - Main attack bullet size decreased by 33% (and bullet speed decreased 3%).
  • Colt - Main attack bullet size decreased by 50%. Colt's targeting line will not take into account both guns, so it will appear smaller than it actually is. This will be fixed in the next major update.
  • Nita - Main attack shockwave size increased by 25%.
  • Bo - Main attack arrow size increased by 40%.
  • Dynamike - Main attack and Super projectile speed increased by 12%.
  • Barley - Main attack projectile speed increased by 6%.
  • Mortis - Health increased from 3200 → 3500.
  • Pam - Main attack damage increased from 180 → 200

21/03/18 Balance Changes[]

Game Balance[]

  • Camera is a bit farther away giving more visibility - Improving long range Brawlers in general.
  • All Brawler and Pet movement speeds increased by roughly 11% - Making the game feel fast again!
  • All projectile movement speeds increased by roughly 9% - Giving a slight edge to long-range Brawlers.
  • All in-game Brawler models scaled up a little bit to account for the new camera settings.
  • Projectile sizes increased for Colt, Ricochet, Jessie, Crow, Brock, Piper, Tara and Spike - This will make it easier for long-range Brawlers to hit enemies.
  • Reduced main attack range for Brock, Piper and Ricochet to better fit the screen.

Brawler Balance[]

  • Increased Mortis dash range 2.33 tiles → 2.67 tiles.
  • Increased speed buff from Colt's Star Power 50 → 60.
  • Decreased main attack damage for Bull 440 → 400.
  • Decreased main attack damage for Shelly 320 → 300.
  • Bo mine explosion delay reduced 1.3 → 1.15.
  • Increased main attack damage for Brock 1040 → 1100.
  • Increased main attack damage for Piper 1480 → 1560.
  • Dynamike and Barley get an even bigger boost to projectile speeds 9% → 14%.
  • Ricochet’s bullets bounce farther each time they bounce (roughly 2 tiles per bounce, max 6 bounces).

09/03/18 Update[]

New Upgrade System[]

  • Power Points: You’ll now upgrade your Brawlers by collecting Power Points. These can be found in Brawl Boxes and in the shop. Once you’ve gathered enough Power Points, the Brawler can be upgraded with “Coins” (these are different than the old Coins!). Brawlers can be upgraded all the way from level 1-10.
  • CoinsKeys: Brawl Boxes will now be opened with Keys. These work in the exact same way as Coins did before. 100 Keys, gets you a Brawl Box!
  • Out with the old “Coins” in with the new! Coins are now the name for a new resource. These shiny new Coins can be found in Brawl Boxes and used to purchase Brawler upgrades.
  • Brawl Boxes will now contain: Coins, Power Points, Key-Doublers, new Brawlers, Star Powers (after reaching Brawler Level 9), and tickets.
  • Tokens → Keys: Your leftover Tokens will be converted into Keys which can open more Brawl Boxes. Your Brawlers will be converted to their equivalent level in the new system, and the leftover pins/badges/etc will be converted into extra Brawl Boxes.
  • Excess pin power after the level minimum threshold is converted to Keys.
  • 1 excess power = 100 Keys (1 Brawl Box).
  • Remaining Tokens are converted to Keys.
  • 1 Token = 5 Keys.
  • After conversion, total is rounded up to the next Brawl Box (100 Keys).


  • 3v3 Match: Win 10 keys, defeat 5 keys, draw 7 keys.
  • 3v3 Practice: Win 6 keys, defeat 3 keys, draw 4 keys.
  • More Keys are now awarded to the top 4 finishers in Showdown.
  • More Keys are now awarded for completing each event slot (60, 40, 20).
  • New event Key reward is now always 10 Keys.
  • First win Key reward is now always 20 Keys.
  • Maximum Key reward from Robo Rumble from 40 → 32.
  • In total, players will now receive 57 more Keys per day!


  • Boss Mode: Boss now has health decay. Maximum survival time is approximately 5 minutes.
  • Gem Grab: New map added! Welcome to Sapphire Plains.
  • Pam’s damage increased from 160 → 180.
  • El Primo’s health decreased from 5800 → 5600.


  • Shop overhaul! Many more timed offers available in the shop.
  • Many graphical and UI improvements and changes.
  • Mask added to ensure the same field of vision across all devices.
  • iPhone X compatibility.
  • All Coin Boosters will be removed and refunded (4 gems/day).
  • Spawn Protection added to Showdown.
  • Game Rooms made by friends are now shown under the friends tab.

27/01/18 Balance Changes[]

Brawler Balance[]

Bull - Bull has too much mobility with their faster speeds and Supers

  • Decreased health from 5200 → 5000
  • Increased bullet hits needed to charge Super from 8 → 10

Darryl - Darryl has too much mobility with their faster speeds and Supers

  • Increased bullet hits needed to charge Super from 10 → 13

El Primo

  • Decreased health from 6000 → 5800

Piper - She’s very popular in Bounty, but less so in other modes. These changes decrease her burst potential but increase her overall damage output. This should make her more viable across game modes.

  • Decreased reload time from 3.0 → 2.5s
  • Decreased damage from 1680 → 1480

Poco - His short attack range and lower health makes him tricky to play effectively. Increasing his health should make him less squishy.

  • Increased health from 3200 → 3800

Map Changes[]

Reverted last week’s map changes. Maps shouldn’t favor tanky characters as much now.

16/01/18 Balance Changes[]

Brawler Balance[]

Colt - Colt is very versatile and has a high use-rate across all game modes. Decreasing his range separates him from the other long range Brawlers, making him more of a medium-range DPS. Additionally, his Star Power was too strong.

  • Decreased main attack range from 10 → 9.
  • Star Power speed increase changed from 100 → 50.

Darryl - Darryl had a low use-rate in high-trophy games and was a little too weak compared to the other tanky Brawlers.

  • Increased health from 4600 → 5000.
  • Increased main attack damage per shell from 320 → 360.

Bo - This health buff should emphasize his role as a ranged mini-Tank.

  • Increased health from 3200→ 3600.

Dynamike - Dynamike was a bit underused compared to Barley, and his Dynamites are harder to land on enemies compared to Barley’s bottles. The damage buff should make him more viable.

  • Increased main attack damage per dynamite from 720 → 800.

El Primo - El Primo was a bit weak compared to Bull and this health buff should compensate for his short range and emphasize his role as the Tank with the highest health.

  • Increased health from 5800 → 6000.

Jessie - Her short range combined with low health leaves her a little bit weak. The Star Power and health buff should help her keep the advantage when her Turret is up and running.

  • Increased health from 2800 → 3200.
  • Increased Star Power healing from 600 → 800.

Nita - Nita’s short range and low health made her a bit too weak. These changes should allow her to be played more aggressively.

  • Increased health from 3400 → 3800.
  • Increased Star Power healing from 200 → 300.
  • Increased Bear speed from 500 → 550.

Poco - He had a lower use rate in high trophy games, these buffs should bring him back into the mix.

  • Decreased reload time from 2.0 → 1.8s.
  • Increased Star Power healing from 200 → 300.

Spike - This reload time buff should help compensate for Spike’s shorter range and low health compared to other Brawlers.

  • Decreased reload time from 2.2 → 2.0s.

Bull - His previous buffs made him a little bit too overpowered, this should bring him back into the correct balance.

  • Decreased health from 5400 → 5200.
  • Star Power now triggers at 40% health (from 50%).

Ricochet - By reducing his health we can compensate for Ricochet’s huge range and damage potential.

  • Reduced health from 2800 → 2400.

Pam - Pam was nearly unstoppable in Gem Grab. These changes should make her more versatile across game modes, and less dominant in Smash & Grab. The increased reload speed and decreased number of projectiles allow her to fire more often and adapt quickly.

  • Reduced Healing Station’s heals per second from 360 → 320.
  • Decreased Healing Station’s health from 3600 → 2800.
  • Increased health from 4000 → 4200.
  • Amount of bullets in each attack changed from 11 → 9 which will make the attack quicker.
  • Decreased reload speed from 1.6 → 1.2s.

Mortis - Mortis was just too strong, so now his dash attack will heal enemies while damaging himself.... Just kidding! Our old friend Mortis was unstoppable in Brawl Ball while being somewhat ineffective in other game modes. Reducing his dash range and increasing his other stats should make him more balanced across modes.

  • Increased health from 2800 → 3200.
  • Increased damage from 640 → 800.
  • Increased speed from 650 → 700.
  • Reduced main attack range from 3 → 2.33 tiles.

Barley - Barley had a very easy time hitting nearby enemies due to his bottles immediately exploding on contact (compared to Dynamike’s fuse). This should make him slightly less effective from a distance while distinguishing him from Dynamike.

  • Decreased main attack projectile fly speed by 15%.
  • Increased Star Power healing from 100 → 200.

Crow - Crow was a bit too fast in his assassinations. By decreasing his Super jump speed, we’ll make him slightly easier to counter without reducing his other stats.

  • Decreased Super Jump speed by 20%.

Tara - Tara’s Super damage was slightly too low.

  • Increased Super damage from 560 → 800.

Shelly - Shelly is very popular in high-trophy games, and her Star Power was a bit too strong.

  • Decreased Star Power slowdown from 3.0 → 2.5s.

Event Balance[]


  • The increased viability of melee tanks like Bull and El Primo affected the meta, and caused a slight advantage for attackers.
  • Increased safe health in all maps except GG Corral.

Robo Rumble

  • Increased health of second and third boss.
  • Map adjustments to make luring enemy bots together impossible.

Bounty and Smash & Grab - In certain maps, the meta has shifted toward favoring long-range Brawlers. These adjustments will make the maps viable for close-range Brawlers and allow for additional Brawler combinations.

Level adjustments to Cabbage Patch, Mushroom Cave, Bone Box, and Terracotta Square to be more short range friendly.

Maintenance 22/12/17[]

Economy Changes[]

  • Increased Ticket drop chance from 25% to 35%
  • Upgrade Token drops tweaked as follows:
    • 10 → 15
    • 20 → 25
    • 40 → 40
    • 80 → 70
    • 160 → 120
  • As a result, Token output from Brawl Boxes is increased by 12%

Matchmaking Adjustments[]

  • Newbie Matchmaking Protection - Brand new players are now matched against Bots for additional games. We made this change because the early-game can be very harsh for brand new players even at very low trophies.
  • High Level Matchmaking Improvements - Increased matchmaking accuracy in high-trophy games. This may lead to slightly slower matchmaking as the algorithm attempts to find a better match.

Brawler Balance[]

Overall, we increased the movement speed of tankier and short ranged Brawlers. These Brawlers were underused in high-trophy games, and increased speed should make them more viable against ranged Brawlers.


  • Base movement speed increased from 650 to 700
  • Health increased from 5,000 --> 5,400

El Primo

  • Base movement speed increased from 650 to 700


  • Base movement speed increased from 650 to 700


  • Main attack range decreased from 10.6 tiles to 10 tiles

Event Balance[]

  • Robo Rumble - Enemies always spawn at the northern side of the level. Spawns are no longer dependent on players' location.
  • G.G. Corral made more difficult for Attackers

18/12/17 Update[]


  • Tickets are now permanent and can be used in any ticketed event.
  • Added more stakes for ticketed events: 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20.
  • Tickets have been added to shop and can be purchased with gems. Tickets are only visible while an event is active.


  • Coin Booster has been removed from the game. Any remaining Coin Boosters can be used until they expire but can no longer be purchased or found in Brawl Boxes.
  • Coin Doubler drop chance is doubled (replacing Booster drops).

Game Rooms[]

  • Brawl Boxes can be opened from Game Rooms.
  • When the game room owner leaves the room another player will be promoted to owner instead of disbanding the room.

UI Changes[]

  • New health and ammo bar style.
  • Hit indicator added to Super button: When your Super is full the button will flash and play a sound when you land an attack.
  • Joystick size is now properly scaled to match the physical size of the device.
  • Added the trophy sorted Brawler list back to profile page.
  • Brawler trophies added to battle end screen.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Coin Booster effect not being shown on rank up pop-up. It was working correctly in the previous version but was not displayed.
  • Fixed issue where charging characters fly if they get a push back at the same time the charge starts. (RIP flying Bulls and Darryls!).
  • Boss Fight end screen texts changed from Victory/Defeat to Time Reward.
  • Gameroom: friendly room: swapping team should unready the player (so that duplicate Brawler rule will get enforced).
  • Fixed issue where Darryl could get stuck into water on G.G. Corral.
  • Fixed issue with Darryl getting stuck inside walls.
  • Fixed issue where Darryl didn't get destroyed during roll in Brawl Ball after goal was scored.
  • Fixed mismatch between Darryl Super aiming line and actual outcome of the roll.



  • Star Player is now less likely to be awarded to a member on the losing team.
  • Star Player is now less likely to be awarded to players who lost many stars in Bounty or dropped a lot of gems.
  • Nita's Bear, Jessie's Turret and Pam's Healing Station all have a bit less health when these characters are bosses in Boss Fight.
  • Temple Ruins tweaked to make Barley, Dynamike and Mortis strategy less effective.
  • G.G. Corral tweaked to be more difficult for attackers.

Brawler Balance[]

El Primo

  • Health increased by 200.
  • Star Power burn duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. Total damage increased from 400 to 600 over 4 seconds.


  • Health increased by 200.
  • Main attack damage increased from 400 to 440.
  • Star Power now triggers at 50% health (up from 30%).


  • Star Power vision increased from 5 to 6 tiles.


  • Star Power damage increased from 160 to 240 per second.


  • Crow's Super charges slightly more slowly (needs to hit with 6 daggers + poison instead of 5 + poison).
  • Crow's poison duration from main attack and Super reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. Total damage remains the same.


  • Increased reload time from 1.25s to 1.5s (reload time starts after all bullets are fired so the increase in total time is much less impactful than these numbers would suggest).


  • Star Power healing reduced from 1200 to 1000 per soul collected.


  • Health increased by 200.
  • Star Power healing effect increased from 180 to 200.


  • Healing station heal effect reduced from 400 to 360.
  • Fixed bug which allowed healing station to expire.


  • Health increased by 200.
  • Darryl's main attack shots are fired a bit closer together.
  • Star Power damage reduction increased from 70% to 80% damage reduced while using Super.
  • Super roll speed decreased slightly from 2800 to 2400.


  • New Star Power: Poco's main attack now also heals allies for 200 health per hit.


  • Star Power healing reduced from 600 to 500 health per second.


  • Star Power companion health increased from 1600 to 2000.
  • Bug Fix: Star Power companion no longer scales with Showdown power-ups or when Tara is a boss in *Boss Fight.


  • New Star Power effects (visual).
  • Star Power damage reduced from 100 to 80.

07/12/17 Update[]

New Brawler - Darryl!

  • Darryl is a dual shotgun wielding robot who’s ready to roll! When his Super is activated he jumps into his barrel to roll around the map damaging enemies along the way, and taking less damage.

New Progression System[]

  • The Elixir system is being replaced with Brawler-specific item drops for Attack, Super, and *Health. Each category can be upgraded six times, and any of the items can be found in Brawl Boxes.
  • Missing items can be crafted with Upgrade Tokens (found in Brawl Boxes), but must be upgraded in order.
  • This system favors dropping items to Brawlers that have fewer items, so if you unlock a new Brawler, you are more likely to receive items for that Brawler.
  • Total potential upgrade bonus will increase from 25% to 35% for maxed out Brawlers.
  • Each Brawler has one unique/special upgrade called the Star Power that will change the gameplay of the Brawler in some way.


  • Players will receive a rank up bonus for every rank gained. Ranks are based on Total Trophies. *Each Rank up increases the season end reward (which is now based only on Total Trophies)
  • Players will receive rank up bonuses retroactively once they update

Game Room Improvements[]

  • Friendly Battles! You can now play any mode and map with your friends! (except the new special game modes).
  • Can now select any active event from a dropdown menu.
  • Can now see collected coins from within the game room.


  • New special event Game Mode that can be played with tickets !
  • Tickets can be found in Brawl Boxes, and expire after the week’s event concludes
  • Robo Rumble - You and two friends try to protect your safe against wave after wave of killer robots. Surviving longer brings better rewards!
  • Boss Fight - 1 Boss Brawler vs. 5 Regular Brawlers! Player with the Boss Brawler has increased health, reload speed, damage, and movement speed.

Miscellaneous Changes[]

  • A single-use name change is available in settings after XP level 5.
  • If a player is defeated while an item is being grabbed (gem, star, etc) the item stays on the game field instead of disappearing.
  • All Brawler’s damage and health stats are multiplied by 4 in order to improve balancing accuracy.
  • Totally revamped UI.
  • Bands now display players’ last time online up to 1 month.
  • Buying a Brawler Box guarantees a new Brawler of that rarity from the box (no more duplicates!).
  • Mythic Brawler Box added.
  • One new starter pack available.


Unique Items[]

  • In this update, each Brawler gets their very own unique ability called a Star Power.
  • Nita: When Nita's bear deals damage, she heals 180 hitpoints. When Nita deals damage, her Bear heals 180 hitpoints.
  • El Primo: Everyone caught in his Super will burn for 400 damage over 5 seconds
  • Bull: When Bull is under 30% health he has double reload speed
  • Jessie: Main attack now repairs the turret for 600 health (shooting AT the turret, not at enemies)
  • Poco: When defeated, a ring of healing in all directions is sent out, healing allies within the range for 1000 hitpoints.
  • Bo: Bo can see inside the bushes further away than normally. Teammates also have this ability as long as Bo is on their team.
  • Tara: Her Super now opens a Black Portal from where a shadowy version of Tara will spawn with lower hitpoints and damage.
  • Spike: While standing in his own Super, he heals 600 hitpoints per second.
  • Brock: Main attack rockets now leave a burning effect on the ground that does 160 damage per second.
  • Dynamike: If Dynamike throws a stick of dynamite close to him, he leaps into the air, and can actually jump over walls.
  • Barley: When he uses his main attack, he heals 200 hitpoints.
  • Pam: When Pam hits enemies with her bullets, close by friendly Brawlers (herself included) are healed for 30 hitpoints.
  • Mortis: Defeated enemies leave behind souls that Mortis can pick up for 1200 health. Maximum of 10 souls on the ground at a time. If multiple Mortis's are on the same team, they share the souls.
  • Shelly: Super slows down enemies for 3.0 seconds.
  • Ricochet: Bullets from main weapon and Super do 100 more damage and travel faster and longer after they have bounced at least once.
  • Crow: Crow's poison cripples enemies, causing them to do 10% less damage for as long as the poison is active.
  • Darryl: Darryl is protected by his barrel during the Super, damage caused against him is reduced by 70% when rolling.
  • Piper: Shooting from bushes deals 400 extra damage from max range.

Balance Changes[]

Character Balance:

  • Super meter charge now jumps instantly to target value, better for characters that can rapidly charge their Super
  • Poco - Fixed a bug where rapid attacks did not register correctly
  • Crow - Super jump has a new animation and is performed faster
  • Barley - Super ability damage generates 33% less charge towards the next Super (120 → 80)
  • Dynamike - Super ability damage generates 17% less charge towards the next Super (120 → 100)
  • Colt - Super ability damage generates 17% less charge towards the next Super (120 → 100)
  • Brock - Super ability damage generates 25% less charge towards the next Super (120 → 90)
  • Jessie - Increased main attack damage from 640 to 720
  • Nita - Increased main attack damage from 640 to 680
  • Pam - Increased Healing station healing from 320 to 400 per tick
  • Bo - Mine damage increased to 1440 (from 1200). Now has pushback added to Mines

Event Balance:

  • Brawl Ball
    • Fixed a bug where charging/jumping enemies could carry the ball while jumping
    • Fixed a bug where turret and healing station blocked the ball
    • Is now easier to pick up the ball on your own goal line
    • More Star Player points awarded for scoring a goal
  • Heist
    • Defenders don’t spawn in front of the safe in GG Corral
    • Small tweaks to GG Corral layout to improve defense

05/10/17 Balance Update[]

Balance Changes[]

  • Barley - Super now does 120 damage (from 140). Barley was a bit too strong and his Super charged too quickly. Lowering the damage should help both.
  • Dynamike - Super now does 500 damage (from 540). Similar to Barley, Dynamike's Super was a bit overpowered.
  • Tara - Super now does 140 damage (from 100) and her health has increased to 800 (from 700). Tara's medium range requires a bit more health to be effective, and the increase in Super damage will also help her recharge it more quickly.
  • Spike - Super projectile now flies faster. Spike's Super was very difficult to land accurately on enemies from a distance. The increase in speed should help him become more effective.
  • GG Corral - Attacking is now more difficult due to map changes and increased health for the Safe.

12/09/17 Balance Update[]

General Changes[]

  • Event Rotation - More Brawl Ball!
  • Heist - Health lowered for all safes by 300
  • Heist - Redesigned to remove box around the safe in GG Corral
  • Brawl Ball - Pinhole Punt has a wider space in front of the goal

Balance Changes[]

Tara - Overall she was a bit too strong with piercing attacks and spread

  • Decreased health from 800 to 700
  • Increased Reload time from 1.8s to 2.0s
  • Decreased range by 0.67 tiles

Pam - Her Healing Station didn't have enough punch, and the small radius caused everyone to clump creating easy targets for enemies

  • Super Heal Radius increased, and now heals 80 HP per second
  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.8s to 1.6s
  • Less spread in main Attack
  • Super charges in 20 hits (from 21)

Bo - He was a bit too strong with 4 mines, and the pushback often made them unavoidable.

  • Decreased Mines from 4 to 3
  • Increased main Attack damage from 80 to 100
  • Decreased health from 900 to 800
  • Mine Pushback removed

Colt - He had a lower use-rate in high-trophy games

  • Increased health from 600 to 700
  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.5s to 1.25s

Ricochet - He had a lower use-rate in high-trophy games

  • Increased health from 600 to 700
  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.25s to 1.0s

Dynamike - Lower use rate compared to Barley in high-trophy games

  • Increased health from 600 to 700

Brock - He had a lower use-rate in high-trophy games

  • Increased health from 600 to 700
  • Main attack Rockets now fly 17% faster

Crow - Too strong, and his Super made an easy escape

  • Super charges slightly slower
  • Decreased main Attack range by 0.67 tiles

Poco - Low use rate across the board

  • Main Attack damage increased from 140 to 160
  • Super healing increased from 400 to 460

Mortis - Clearly the most used Brawler in high-Trophy games, his movement speed combined with attack makes him too mobile

  • Movement speed decreased from 750 to 650 (equal to all Brawlers except Crow)
  • Super range decreased from 13.34 tiles to 10 tiles

04/09/17 Update[]

  • Pam! - A Junker who fires projectiles from her Trash Compactor. Her Super brings a healing station into the fight!
  • Tara! - This mystic Brawler flings cards that pierce. Her Super throws a gravity well with an explosive surprise.
  • Brawl Ball! - The newest Game Mode. Score goals with your team to win this contest. Will operate just like Soccer, with two goals to win.
  • New Maps! Groundhog Burrow in Bounty, G.G. Corral in Heist, and three Brawl Ball maps.

Shop Overhaul[]


  • New Season system added!
  • Trophies no longer capped at 500.
  • Gold rewarded for total Trophies and highest Brawler Trophies.
  • Brawlers over 500 Trophies lose 50% of their Trophies above 500 each season
  • Seasons last two weeks.


  • Bo - Super now deploys 4 mines (from 3). Mine's radius made to look larger (Visual change only).
  • Jessie - Scrappy’s rate of fire decreased (From 0.25s to 0.30s per shot)
  • Piper - Main attack damage decreased (From 440 to 420).
  • Brock - Reload time decreased (from 2.3s to 2.1s), Super spread is smaller, and main attack's rocket speed is increased by 5%.
  • Spike - Super’s slowdown lasts less time once out of its range.
  • Poco - No longer heals minions, Super charge speed increased (From 6 hits to 5 hits).

With the addition of Pam, creating a team with minions and healers would be too strong of a team composition. Now, no heals will affect any minions.


  • 4th event slot unlocked with 7 Brawlers (From 8).
  • Bounty - Spawn with 2 stars, and center star doesn’t raise Bounty.
  • Heist - Safe Hit Points decreased by 200 in Bandit Stash and Kaboom Canyon, and by 1200 in Safe Zone.
  • Showdown - Poison Gas now destroys PowerUp Boxes (Credit to /u/Shady12100).

Other Changes[]

16/08/17 Balance Updates[]

Character Balance[]

  • Shelly - Reload time increased to 1.5s (from 1.25s). Main attack range decreased to 6.66 tiles (from 7.66 tiles). Main attack shells are spread further apart.
  • Piper - Main attack damage decreased to 440 (from 460). Super damage decreased to 200 (from 300) per grenade.
  • Jessie - Main attack damage increased to 160 (from 140). Super rate of fire improved. Scrappy (her turret) now shoots faster, time between shots to 0.25s (from 0.35s) and bullet speed increased by 33%.
  • Crow - Both main attack and Super damage increased to 80 (from 60) per knife. Poison damage decreased to 80 (from 90).
  • Dynamike - Main attack damage increased to 180 (from 160) per dynamite stick. Super damage increased to 540 (from 500). Both main attack and Super projectiles deploy faster; explode time decreased to 1.4s (from 1.5s).
  • Barley - Main attack and Super damage increased to 140 (from 120) per tick. Main attack bottles fly 16% faster. Super bottles fly 8% faster.
  • Bo -Reload time decreased to 1.7s (from 2s).
  • Colt - Main attack bullets fly 9% faster and range increased to 10.66 tiles (from 10 tiles).
  • Bull - Reload time increased to 1.6s (from 1.5s).

Game Mode[]

Showdown - Power Up box damage boost decreased to 10% (from 15%) - decreasing the damage from boosts should now make end game fights last a bit longer.

11/08/17 Balance Update[]

Matchmaking Changes[]

  • Duplicates of the same Brawlers on the same team will very rarely occur in Matchmaking (Note: Players in low trophy games will still encounter duplicates).
  • Improvements to matchmaking balance.

Character Balance[]

  • Ricochet - Health increased to 600 (from 500)
  • El Primo - Health increased to 1400 (from 1300)
  • Brock - Super shoots a total of 9 rockets (from 6) faster, and also has a bigger area of effect
  • Mortis - Decreased health to 700 (from 800)
  • Poco - Decreased main attack damage to 140 (from 160)
  • Jessie - Super charges 12.5% slower
  • Nita - Super charges 25% slower

Game Modes[]


  • Decreased health of all Safes by 1000


  • Power Up box damage boost increased to 15%, up from 5% - this should benefit high range, low health Brawlers and even the playing field.

Economy Changes[]

Supercell wanted to make it easier and quicker to earn coins in short sessions so they have increased the First Win coin bonus. The total coins earned still remains the same.

Event 1[]

  • First Win Bonus changed from 8 to 16 and normal coins earned changed from 60 to 52

Event 2[]

  • First Win Bonus changed from 8 to 16 and normal coins earned changed from 40 to 32
  • Showdown new event changed from 16 to 24

Event 3[]

  • First Win Bonus changed from 4 to 8 and normal coins earned changed from 16 to 12
  • Showdown New Event changed from 8 to 12

Event 4[]

  • First Win Bonus changed from 4 to 8 and normal coins earned changed from 20 to 16
  • Showdown event changed from 8 to 12

06/07/17 Balance Update[]

  • Piper: Super charges 25% slower
  • Gem packages will now reward approximately 50% more Gems!
  • Decreased cost of all Skins!
  • Increased Chip gain from Epic duplicate Brawlers from 5 to 10
  • Increased Chip gain from Legendary duplicate Brawlers from 10 to 60
  • Reduced Epic Brawler Chip cost from 70 to 60
  • Reduced Legendary Brawler Chip cost from 600 to 500
  • Lose slightly fewer Trophies when playing Showdown at low Trophy levels
  • Altered Game Mode rotation - Double XP event is now every 4 days (instead of Saturday/Sunday) and gives slightly more Coins
  • Fixed an exploit allowing Band members to change Band settings (including descriptions, badges, etc)

03/07/17 Update[]

  • Piper: She’s sugar and spice, but not always nice. Firing sniper bullets from her trusty Gunbrella, she does more damage the farther away her target is. Of course, she never gets upstaged because her Super drops hand grenades!
  • Skin - El Primo’s newest outfit - El Rey!
  • Showdown Map - “Feast or Famine
  • Exclusive player profile icons (only available after reaching certain XP/Trophy levels)


  • Brock Reloads 8% faster
  • Players from the same Band cannot join the same match in regular matchmaking
  • Player names hidden in Showdown in high-trophy games
  • Reduced maximum amount of available Gems
  • Added Bull's voice
  • New Sound effects for level and rank ups
  • Added Healing sound effects
  • New Music variations
  • New “Player Defeated” UI
  • New and improved Brawl Box animations
  • Heist: When defending, Safe HP is blue instead of red
  • Reduced Virtual Joystick visual size
  • Improved character textures for El Primo, Nita, and Brock
  • El Primo and Poco’s attack effects have been improved
  • Bo Mines’ visual improvements

Bug Fixes[]

  • Many various UI fixes
  • Bo’s Mines now are triggered by Nita’s bear
  • Barley’s main attack now destroys vases/bones
  • Player’s band can now be viewed from the player profile
  • Fixed joystick activation issue at the bottom of Showdown maps
  • Fixed Band Elder promotion UI

27/06/17 Balance Update[]

  • Dynamike: Super damage increased from 400 to 500. Dynamike's Super was a little underwhelming, doing only slightly more damage than his main attack (increased in last update).
  • Bo: Health increased from 800 to 900. Bo is getting stronger! This health increase should bring him closer to becoming a ranged-tank.
  • Jessie: Main attack damage reduced from 160 to 140. Jessie was one of the strongest characters in high-trophy games.
  • Nita: Reload time increased from 1.0s to 1.25s. Nita was too quick!
  • Spike: Health decreased from 700 to 600. Spike was very strong in high-trophy games. He was a bit too much of a tank for the amount of damage he did.

Other Changes[]

  • Coin Boost now costs 20 gems (from 50) and lasts 7 days.
  • New Maps for Bounty and Smash & Grab
  • Changes to event rotation to include more Bounty (and new maps)

22/06/17 Balance Update[]

  • Mortis' dash range is decreased by 25%.
  • Bo reloads 13% faster.

20/06/17 Balance Update[]

Character Balance[]

  • Nita: Bear HP decreased to 1000 (from 1200), removed Bear health decay.
  • Jessie: Removed health decay from the turret.
  • Ricochet: Shoots one additional bullet with the main attack.
  • Dynamike: Increased main attack damage from 140 to 160.
  • Poco: Attack range reduced by 15%, Super goes over walls now, can heal allies behind walls.


  • Heist maps balance fixes, terrain changes. (Some maps favored the attacker too much.)
  • Showdown map Stormy Plains has a reduction in bushes.


  • Event gold distribution changes - Overall max coin rewards lowered to give smoother progression to new players:
    • Event 1 max coin reward changed from 80 to 60 gold.
      • New event coin reward changed from 12 to 8. (First win changed from 12 to 8).
    • Event 2 not changed, still 40 gold.
      • New event coin reward changed from 12 to 8. (First win changed from 12 to 8).
    • Event 3 max coin reward changed from 12 to 16.
    • Event 4 max coin reward from 20 to 16.

Bug fixes[]

  • Adjusted Star Player calculation.
  • Fixed Heist matchmaking issue that caused players to end up on Defense too often.
  • Fixed a matchmaking issue causing more than the maximum amount of players to appear.
  • Fixed local Band leaderboard to display correct local data.
  • Bands can no longer have more than 50 members.
  • If a Band has more than 50 members, the leaderboard will only include the lowest 50 ranked members.