Brawl Stars Wiki

Maintenance 21/12/22[]

  • Increased rewards for the Candy Land Brawl Pass and every Brawl Pass after that (starting from January)

After reading some community feedback, we had another look at the progression rewards and made the decision to improve the Brawl Pass for the next season and so on. The goal is that players should slightly get more coins than before and should also get more Power Points.

Still, have in mind that more rewards can be claimed from the Club Shop, Special Quests, and Challenges.

Here are the changes:

Free Track

  • Power Point increased by 15.6%
  • Coins Increased by 9.4%
  • Credits increased by 11.7%

Premium Track

  • Power Point increased 6.7%

Tail Reward

  • Power Point increased 5%
  • Removed the Fame from some players got from an exploit

Optional Update (available soon today for both iOS and Android)

  • Fixed an issue where redundant currencies were shown in skin selector UI
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where free items in the shop showed incorrectly in the UI if the player owned all Brawlers
  • Fixed Fame overlapping with player names in certain scenarios in the UI

Maintenance 16/12/22[]

  • Fixed the Quest Re-roll timer being longer than it was supposed to
  • Fixed Sandy Exhausting Storm combined with Healing Winds dealing only 1 damage to enemies
  • Fixed an issue where Chester slow super did not work if he was killed after activating it
  • Compensation is now in - It should be collected within 2 weeks. Players who got their Trophy Road Rewards again won’t receive the compensation (because they already got extra rewards from this bug)*
  • Fixed some localization typos
  • Fixed an issue where the abandon button showed for players who only had one brawler left to unlock
  • Fixed an issue where the extra Power Points you would get were not being converted to Coins if you had hit the Power Point cap

Some notes about the compensation:

  • Compensation is already live
  • It’s based on how many trophies you currently have, and it’s split into different trophy tiers (at every 2500 trophy milestone)
  • The tier range starts at 5000 Trophies and ends at 25000. People above or below this range will get the same rewards as the closest Trophy Tier they are at
  • Collect it in the shop within 2 weeks, or you’ll miss out!
  • This compensation is ONLY AVAILABLE for players who didn’t get their Trophy Road rewards again - this was a bug
  • You can only collect this compensation ONCE

*Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where are my Trophy Road rewards?

This was a bug. Nobody was supposed to get the Trophy Road rewards again. The ones who were able to collect their rewards will get to keep them. The ones who did not will receive compensation instead.

  • Why don’t you give the Trophy Road rewards to everybody?

The bug affected people inconsistently, meaning that it gave a set of random rewards based on how many Trophies players had. So it’s possible that some players with less trophies got more rewards than players who had more trophies. The compensation will reward people based on their own progress. The more Trophies you have, the more you will get (based on Trophy tiers, for each 2500 Trophies starting from 5000 Total Trophies).

  • Why did it take a week?

Apart from numerous discussions and calculations of what should be the compensation, and who should get them, we had to develop new functionality that would allow us to target ONLY the players who were not affected by this bug. Decisions, development, testing, and implementation take a lot of time.

#CandyLand Update - Release Notes! 12/12/22[]

New Brawler: Mandy (Chromatic) Mandy is the CEO of Starr Park’s Candy Land. She seems sweet, but that’s only a front for the customers. When she’s alone, she’s always cranky, either because Chester is annoying her, or because customers keep acting like… customers.

  • Attack: Candy Dispenser
    • Mandy shoots candy from her Candy Dispenser and while staying still she gains Focus, increasing her attack range.
  • Super: Sugar Ray
    • Mandy shoots a long ray of sugar passing through enemies and the environment, dealing massive damage.
  • Gadget: Caramelize
    • Mandy's next candy from her Candy Dispenser slows down enemies on hit for 2.5 seconds
  • Gadget: Cookie Crumbs
    • Mandy's next candy from her Candy Dispenser pierces enemies and the environment.
  • Star Power: In my Sights
    • Mandy shoots her candies with 20% more speed while Focused.
  • Star Power: Hard Candy
    • Mandy receives 20% shield while Focused.

New Brawler: Gray (Mythic)

Along with Lola, Gray is the second Brawler of the Brawlywood trio! He doesn’t speak much, but uses his body and gestures to express himself.

  • Attack: Finger Pistol
    • He shots in a line that damages enemies when hitting.
  • Super: Dimensional Doors
    • Gray creates doors for him and his teammates for quick escapes and sneaky attacks!
  • Gadget: Walking Cane
    • Gray's next hit from the Finger Pistol shoots a walking cane which pulls enemies back by a bit.
  • Gadget: Grand Piano
    • Gray's next hit from the Finger Pistol will also leave a target on the ground where a piano will land and hurt enemies. It would be too bad if someone got hurt, right?
  • Star Power: Fake Injury
    • When Gray has full health, the next damage taken is reduced by 25%.
  • Star Power: New Perspective
    • Recover 1000 health points from you and your allies when using the Doors.

New Brawler: Chester (Legendary)

Chester is a chaotic prankster who is extremely annoying, especially to Mandy. He finds it funny, but only because that’s how he expresses affection.

  • Attack: Cap and Bells
    • Chester shoots a sequence of bells from his cap, first one, then two and lastly three bells.
  • Trait: Jack in the Box
    • This Brawler starts with a random Super that keeps changing after every use.
  • Super: Candy Popper
    • Chester throws an exploding candy popper that destroys the environment, knocking back and damaging enemies.
  • Super: Jawbreaker
    • Chester shoots a large, hard candy that stuns enemies on hit.
  • Super: Salmiakki
    • Chester sprays a cone of salty salmiakki powder that poisons enemies, damaging them over time.
  • Super: Pop Rocks
    • Chester sprinkles crackling pop rocks on the ground, damaging enemies over time when standing on it.
  • Super: Strong Mint
    • Chester eats a refreshing mint that heals him over time.
  • Gadget: Spicy Dice
    • Chester gets a new random Super that is different from his current one.
  • Gadget: Candy Beans
    • Chester eats a mystery-flavored candy bean from his cap, gaining a random buff for 5 seconds.
      • Speed Boost
      • Damage Buff
      • Heal over Time
  • Star Power 1: BELL'O'MANIA
    • Chester's attack has an extra step with 4 rattles
  • Star Power 2: Sneak Peek
    • Chester will always know what his NEXT Super will be.

New Skins[]

Candyland Season

  • Magma Queen Mandy (Brawl Pass, Tier 70, 149 Gems)
  • Gummybear Nita (Brawl Pass, Tier 1, 79 Gems)
  • Piñata Ash (Power League, 25,000 Star Points or 149 Gems)
  • Buzzette (149 Gems)
  • Cupcake Darryl (149 Gems)
Dark Brawlidays
  • The Dark Brawlidays skins are not seasonal and will show up in the regular shop rotation.
  • Frost Queen Amber (149 Gems)
  • Yeti Sam (149 Gems)
  • Krampus Ash (79 Gems)
Lunar Brawl 2023
  • The Lunar Brawl 2023 skins are not seasonal and will show up in the regular shop rotation.
  • Baiku Eve (149 Gems)
  • High Score Griff (79 Gems)
  • Classic Shelly (Brawlidays, FREE on December 25th)
  • World Champion Gus (149 Gems)
  • Sam the Teddy (Brawlentines, 29 Gems)
  • MC Mandy (29 Gems)
  • Dark Chester (29 Gems)
  • Runaway Gray (29 Gems)

Starr Road[]

  • The Starr Road is the new way of unlocking Brawlers!
  • You will unlock all non-Chromatic Brawlers in the Starr Road
  • Depending on your experience and progress in unlocking Brawlers, you will either have a pre-defined Brawler to unlock or you will have the option to choose a Brawler of a specific rarity from a pre-defined list of Brawlers
  • Whenever you collect Credits (see below) you will progress towards unlocking that Brawler
  • If you have the option between multiple Brawlers for that unlock Tier, you can switch between these options at any point and you will get a last chance to switch once you've collected all necessary Credits for that Brawler rarity
  • When a new Brawler is released, you can switch to unlock that brawler if you meet the requirements (see below)
  • If you collected all non-Chromatic Brawlers, all collected Credits from this point on will go into your Fame Progress.
  • You can accelerate the progress of unlocking a Brawler using Gems at any point on the Starr Road or from the Brawler screen
  • All Brawlers can now be purchased for Gems at any given point from the Brawler screen
Chromatic Shop
  • You can purchase Chromatic Brawlers of your choice using Chroma Credits or Gems
  • In order to purchase a Brawler with Chroma Credits, you have to meet the minimum requirements for that Brawler which is based on how many other Chromatic Brawlers you own at that moment
  • If all brawlers are collected, Chroma Credits can be used to purchase Fame progress
  • The price for Chromatic Brawlers (in Chroma Credits and Gems) follows the normal Chromatic rarity decrease per season formula, i.e. during the season the value of the Brawler is Legendary, then Mythic and ultimately, Epic. In order to purchase the Chromatic Brawler of the current season, you also have to reach Tier 30 in the Brawl Pass. The latest Chromatic Brawler cannot be directly purchased for Gems since it's better value to unlock it from the Premium Brawl Pass in this specific case.
New Brawler Releases on the Starr Road

Whenever we release a new Brawler on the Starr Road, you can choose to switch your current unlock progression to the new Brawler. However, we've put some rules in place to protect new and existing players from getting "stuck" unlocking a Brawler for too long.

  • In order to be eligible to unlock a newly released Brawler, you must have unlocked a Brawler of that rarity prior to the release
  • The decision window to switch to unlock the newly released Brawler is 7 days, afterward, the Brawler will be moved to the end of the Starr Road
  • Once you've made the decision to unlock a newly released Brawler, you can decide to abandon the unlocking process and go back to unlocking the previous Brawler you were working towards to - if you choose to do so, you will not be able to go back to unlocking the newly released Brawler and it will be moved to the end of the Starr Road
Currency Changes


  • Power Points
    • All Brawler specific Power Points and Wild Card Power Points now become Power Points
    • Power Points (PP) is now a currency which can be accumulated account wide
    • Max capacity a player can hold: 4,000


  • Credits
    • Used to unlock all non-Chromatic Brawlers through the new Starr Road
    • Gained from most sources (Brawl Pass, Trophy Road, Shop, Quests and Challenges)
  • Chroma Credits
    • Gained from the Brawl Pass Free Track or the Shop
    • Used to purchase Chromatic Brawlers from the Chromatic Shop
    • Max capacity a player can hold: 5,000
Brawl Pass
  • Rewards of the Brawl Pass have been significantly changed since Brawl Boxes have been removed from the game
  • Given the changes, now you can only "safe" one previous Brawl Pass season (down from two) - older seasons will be automatically claimed when you hit the limit
  • The "tail" reward for Brawl Pass changed from a Big Box for every 500 Tokens to specific Rewards:
    • Credits x 25
    • Coins x 145
    • Power Points x 38
Auto Claiming & Exceptional Compensation for Premium Brawl Pass owners
  • On December 12-2022 all unclaimed Brawl Boxes in your inventory will be automatically claimed. This affects the Brawl Pass (previous season and current season), the Trophy Road, and old saved Brawl Boxes prior to the introduction of the Brawl Pass. Brawlers released from December 12-2022 onward cannot drop from Brawl Boxes anymore, but you still can unlock older Brawlers from these boxes.
  • Players who purchased the Premium Brawl Pass before the Update arrives on December 12-2022 will receive an additional starting grant of Credits based on your current, seasonal progress, i.e. the further you are in the Brawl Pass season before the update arrives, the more Credits you will receive!
  • Players who purchased the Premium Brawl Pass before the Update arrives and players who purchase the Premium Brawl Pass during the current season (which ends on January 2-2023) will receive an exceptional one time compensation of 80 Gems (worth USD 4.99) which can be claimed in the Shop!
Fallback Rewards

Any place where Brawl Boxes were given as fallback, rewards have been replaced.

  • When Power Points given, you now get Coins at a 1 Power Point to 2 Coins ratio.
  • Pin Packs on the Brawl Pass have a fallback reward of 275 Credits
Daily Shop
  • Since we've removed Brawl Boxes and Brawler specific Power Points as well as allow you to purchase Star Powers and Gadgets directly from the Brawler Page, we've made the decision to remove the Daily Shop in it's current form, however - we will keep offering you a FREE daily reward. We might re-introduce a Daliy Shop in the future.
  • The Daily Shop has been completely removed
  • A new daily FREE reward has been added to the Shop
  • Possible rewards:
    • Coins
    • Power Points
    • Credits
    • Chroma Credits


New Mythic Gears:

  • Crow - Increases damage done by poison effects by 30%
  • Leon - Increases super duration by 1s
  • Sandy - Decreases enemy damage by 10% while in sandstorm (Super)
  • Spike - Super now slows 50% more effectively

New Cosmetic Items[]

Pins x 64
  • Chester x 9 (animated)
  • Mandy + Magma Mandy x 18 (animated)
  • Gray x 9 (animated)
  • New Skins x 11
  • Old Skins x 9
  • Seasonal x 8 (animated)
New Sprays x 16
  • Legendary Brawlers x 7
  • Brawl Stars 4-Year Anniversary x 2
  • Candyland (Brawl Pass Season) x 2
  • Brawlentines x 2
  • Brawlidays Freebies x 2
  • Lunar Brawl x 1
Profile Icons x 21
  • Game Seniority x 4 (anniversary PP)
  • Seasonal + Update Theme x 17


  • Brawlidays Challenge (Earn Profile Pictures based on previous Brawlidays Pins)
  • Arcade Challenge (Earn a Profile Picture based on the new Arcade Skins)
  • Shelly Pin Set Challenge (All Shelly default Pins - Like the Nita Pin Set Challenge we had before)
  • Valentines Challenge (Duo Showdown Challenge - Get two halves of a heart)


  • Brawlers can now be defined as a quest reward

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

  • 7 New Duels Maps in preparation for Duels becoming a permanent Game Mode
    • Hamilton's End
    • Black River
    • Petticoat Duel
    • Swallow Cut
    • No excuses
    • Gladiators
    • Hotheaded
  • Snowtel Thieves AKA Trophy Thieves AKA Present Plunder is... back!

Map Environment Changes


  • Candy Land (New)
  • Fighting Game
  • Mr. P's Snowtel


  • Retropolis

Balance changes[]

  • Mr. P
    • Increased base damage 720 → 760 (+5%) Mr. P has felt the effects of the economical outlook, but luckily has invested in the correct stonks and got some of his power back!
  • El Primo
    • Increased Super damage 800 → 960 (+20%) Eeeel Buffoooo! Giving him some more power for his super should allow for him to be more of a threat and have more burst to boot!
  • Colt
    • Increased Basic attack projectile speed 3804 → 4000 (+5%) A Colt change?! You read that correctly. Our resident gunslinger has fallen behind some of the newer, shinier projectile-based brawlers. Adding some projectile speed makes it slightly easier to land his shots, but still awards proper aiming and keeps him a higher-skill cap brawler.
  • Jessie
    • Increased Turret HP 3000 → 3300 (10%) Jessie and her turret have largely been outshined at higher levels of play, as her turret is very telegraphed and can be taken out usually without too much fuss. Giving it some more HP changes a few interactions, and also is a pseudo-buff to her ability to keep it alive with her Star Power. Scrappy, I choose you!
  • Bull
    • Increased Super damage 800 → 960 (+20%) Bull has been in basically the same boat as Primo, and hence could use a similar change as his super is quite underwhelming to use a lot of the time. Should now be a better engage and finisher.
  • Bibi
    • Increased Base HP 4400 → 4600 (+5%) While there haven't been many home runs for Bibi as of late, she's still doing better than before! Some HP should help her get in the face of some slipperier and pesky brawlers and actually manage to utilize her already quite impressive damage.
  • Grom
    • Increased Base damage 1100 → 1160 (+5%)
    • Increased basic attack projectile speed 800 → 880 (+10%) Faster bombs! Should help him hit his shots slightly better, but still allow time to dodge for those who have read the pattern correctly.
  • Dynamike
    • Reduced arming time of basic attacks 1100 ms → 1000 ms (-10%) The issue with our favorite explosive brawler is that the better you become at landing your shots, the better your opponents become at dodging. The delay for his dynamites to explode meant that most players found it quite easy to dodge them before activation. Reducing that window will make it a little harder to dodge and awards good aiming. This also means we are buffing Dyna-Jumps, but you can’t double Dyna-Jump anymore. We understand this might upset some Dyna-Jumpers, but before doing what you do best on Social Media, please, let us know if the buff worked for him! We can adjust the jump later.
  • Sam
    • Increased Base HP 5200 → 5400 (+4%) He's had a hard time delivering the punches he's capable of after the previous nerfs to his star power. A hitpoint change should help him be more effective without the healing star power, and also in turn buffs it slightly, but still not to the same extent as pre-nerfs. Hopefully, the revenge against the robots will return.
  • Gene
    • Gear - Talk to the hand - Tiles increased from 1 → 3 The range was longer but we kept missing his Super, so it’s probably something wrong with the Gear
  • Otis
    • Reduced base damage 460 → 440 (-5%) (Joke about a sea creature coming to the surface). His versatility along with his damage made him a really good pick most of the time after his previous buff, so tuning down his damage should allow for him to still be quite good, but also allow for other brawlers to fill his role adequately.
  • Griff
    • Reduced Super attack Super charge by around 23%
    • Reduced main attack Super charge by around 10% as ironic as it sounds, was in stonks streak for too long. He simply had too easy of a time to get his super and cycle it, now Griff players have to be a bit more mindful of when to use the super, and will also award better aiming.
  • Buster
    • Reduced base damage 1580 → 1480 (6%)
    • Reduced Base HP 5000 → 4800 (4%) Buster, while not super busted, was a tad too powerful, especially in skilled hands. Tuning down some of his damage and base hp makes it easier for more brawlers to go toe to toe with him. He’s still the best bro you can find in Starr Park though.
  • Gale
    • Reduced Super charge from basic attacks 120 → 90 (-25%)
    • Reduced super charge from super 170 → 100 (-40%)
    • Reduced Twister Gadget duration 200 → 100 (-50%) Gale has been the king of control and is THE go to pick for most brawl ball maps due to his stellar defence, but also singlehandedly can counter nearly every tank in the game. Like Mr.P, we don’t wanna retire him either, but it's clear he was able to cycle super and be able to shut down a vast majority of brawlers, not only tanks. Reducing his control slightly means you now have to land more shots to get access to that control and burst.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Improved game performance on lower-end iOS devices
  • Added VFX for Frankengrom

Maintenance 15/11/22[]

Nerfing Buster! (sad Buster noises)

  • Utility Belt healing nerf from 1000 to 500
  • Super Charge nerf: he now needs more basic attacks, depending on range, to charge his super
  • Main damage nerfed from 1700 to 1580
  • Health nerf from 5600 to 5000

Maintenance 08/11/22[]


  • Players were not being able to use Wild Card Power Points on Buster if they were still having some Brawlers to power up


  • Nerfed Damage gear from 20% boost to 15% boost
  • Nerfed Reload gear from 20% boost to 15% boost

Maintenance 31/10/22[]


  • Brawlers with Reload Gear having weird coloring
  • Upgrade Brawler button being on while not having enough Power Points
  • Renderer crash issues on certain Android Devices (S22)

Maintenance 26/10/22[]

  • Fixed chat filtering not working properly
  • Fixed bugs related to the new Gears (including Lou Super charge)
  • Fixed some localization errors with SCID and other SCID-related issues
  • Fixed issues related to Club League matchmaking

Maintenance 25/10/22[]

Fixed issues with Replays, Spectating, and Brawl TV

#GhostStation Update Notes! 25/10/22[]

New Brawler[]


  • Buster is a tank Brawler who can protect his teammates. He is the projector guy at the Starr Park cinema, where he works with his best buddy, Fang. They both dream about becoming action movie stars! Basic: Lens Flare - Buster shoots a cone of light from his projector, damaging all enemies within range
  • Trait: Buster charges Super by staying close to his teammates
  • Main Attack: Lens Flare
    • Buster shoots a cone of light from his projector, damaging all enemies within range
  • Super: Montage
    • Buster projects a shield in front of him, blocking all enemy projectiles and reflecting the energy toward enemies. Attacks from above or from the side can still hit him.
  • Gadget 1: Utility Belt
    • Buster heals himself and all nearby allies for 1000 health for each ally in his Super charge area
  • Gadget 2: Slo-Mo Replay
    • Buster's next Lens Flare pulls enemies towards him and slows them down for 2 seconds
  • Star Power 1: Blockbuster
    • Buster's Lens Flare deals 15% more damage for each ally in his Super charge area
  • Star Power 2: Kevlar Vest
    • While Montage is active, Buster takes 20% less damage and is immune to knockbacks, slows, and stuns

New Season! - The #GhostTrain[]

New Skins

  • Trash Panda Penny (Brawl Pass)
  • Chainsaw Buster (Brawl Pass)
  • Inspector Colette (Power League)
  • Pizza Oven Ash (Club League)
  • FrankenGrom (149 Gems) - We are currently reworking his custom VFX
  • Zombrock (Challenge or 29 Gems)
  • G-Force Janet (29 Gems)
  • First Blob Squeak (79 Gems)
  • Rage Quit Tara (World Finals Reward or next year for 149 Gems)
  • Omega Box Darryl (Special Event)

New Cosmetics Items

Animated Pins

  • Buster + Skin (18)
  • Frankengrom (9)
  • New Special Pins (12)
    • Crow, Leon, Mortis, Sprout, Frank, Jacky, Bull, Darryl, Tick, 8-Bit, Pam, Gale
  • New Skin Pins
    • First Blob Squeak, G-Force Janet, Inspector Colette, ZomBrock, Pizza Oven Ash, Trash Panda Penny, Rage Quit Tara, Special Merchant Gale Pin, Omega Darryl, Wicked Stu, and Trash Poco
  • New Esport Pins (8)

New Sprays

  • New Brawler Sprays
    • Mortis, Gene, Max, Squeak, Byron, Sprout, Tara, Mr.P
  • Challenge and Events
    • Denied, Even Harder Challenge (Grand Masters), Ghost Train (1, 2, 3), Rock, Paper, Scissors, Single’s day Spray

New Profile Pictures

  • Challenge and Events
    • Omega Box, World Finals, Action Heroes, Brawl Ball

Gears Rework[]

  • Gear Tokens and Scrap have been removed from the game (and won't drop from Boxes anymore)
  • The amount of Coins in Boxes has been increased accordingly
  • Removed all equipped Gears for all players and reimbursed all Scrap, Gear Tokens, and Gears (all levels) as Coins
    • The reimbursement was based on every Scrap and Gear Token ever collected since they were introduced
    • You’ll get 2.25 Coins for every 1 Scrap, and 217.5 Coins for every Gear Token
  • Gears can now be purchased for Coins from the Brawler Screen once a Brawler reaches Power Level 10
  • Gears now have rarities:
    • Super Rare = Gears available for all Brawlers (1,000 Coins)
    • Epic = Gears available for some Brawlers (1,500 Coins)
    • Mythic = Gears available for fewer Brawlers (2,000 Coins)
      • At the moment, the current design for Mythic is that they are only available for 1 Brawler. But this might change in the future once we introduce more Mythic gears
  • New Gears!
    • Reload Speed (Epic/1,500 Coins)
      • Description: 20% faster RELOAD
      • Brawlers:
        • Belle
        • Eve
        • Lola
        • Bo
        • Brock
        • Colt
        • 8-Bit
        • Amber
        • Rico
        • Griff
    • Super Charge (Epic/1,500 Coins)
      • Description: Super CHARGES 10% FASTER
      • Brawlers:
        • Ash
        • Lou
        • Otis
        • Bull
        • Nani
        • Bonnie
        • Edgar
        • Sprout
        • El Primo
        • Jacky
      • Brawler: Gene
    • Talk to the Hand (Mythic/2,000 Coins)
      • Description: Increases Magic Hand range by 1 Tile
      • Brawler: Tick
    • Thicc Head (Mythic/2,000 Coins)
      • Description: Tick's Headfirst now has 1,000 additional hitpoints
  • Supercell plan to release new gears frequently with most (if not all) updates!

Reporting System 1.0: Power League[]

  • You can now report players at the end of a Power League for griefplay*
  • Supercell are starting the first version of our reporting system with a very straightforward implementation to capture griefplay during Power League matches, which will help us to prepare for a wider rollout of the feature across other game modes, especially to identify the amount of reporting in general and the number of repeat-reports for individual players
  • Supercell will start to action offenders with in-game bans following the rollout of this update and keep improving the system in future updates
    • What is Griefplay? "Griefplay refers to play styles where a player intentionally disrupts the gaming experience of other players."

Star Powers & Gadgets[]

  • Gadgets and Star Powers can now be purchased with coins directly from the Brawler Screen once a Brawler reaches Power 7 and 9
  • Cost:
    • Gadget (1,000 Coins)
    • Star Power (2,000 Coins)
  • Notice: Star Powers and Gadgets will not show up in the daily mini shop anymore, but they will still drop from Boxes for the time being!

Challenges // Events[]

  • The EVEN HARDER Challenge - 21 wins total with rebuys - Grand Masters Spray
  • Rock Paper Scissor Challenge - You get the Rock from the challenge, Scissor for an offer, and Paper from a quest. All of them will be in the shop after the event
  • Brawloween Challenge - 3 Train Sprays; beat it with your friends and get 3 parts of a Train! Then the biggest challenge is coordinating with your teammates to use them correctly!
  • Action-Duo Challenge - Together with G-Force Janet and Commando Squeak - Together with a quest for the Deny Spray - Reward of this challenge: 2 Action heroes player profiles


  • One of the daily quest slots is replaced with a Generic Quest:
    • Win X matches
    • Deal X damage
    • Do X healing
  • Generic quests can not be rerolled or be rerolled into

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

  • New Practice Match Mode
    • When using the "Try" functionality in-game, you can now choose between the Training Grounds and Practice Match (new)
    • Practice Match will allow you to play any Brawler (including locked ones) in a Practice Match
    • Game Modes (permanent) and Maps and randomized
    • You can exit Practice Matches at any point at your own convenience
  • Friendly Games
    • Duplicate Brawlers are now allowed in Friendly (non-ranked format) matches
  • Maps
    • We are not making any changes to the current rotation
    • Purple Paradise is once again available for Friendly Games

Map Environment Changes


  • Ghost Metro Station (new)
  • Retropolis

Balance changes[]


  • Meg: Base HP 2200 → 2300
    • Meg still hasn't found a foothold, even after the latest buffs. Allowing her to play a bit riskier in her small form should allow her to also get to her mech more often and as a result, be more of a menace.


  • Basics - Damage - 700 → 760 Barley's brew has been less potent for a while now, so it's about time we spice up the recipe.


  • Basics - Damage - 370 → 400 Eve has been less relevant since the last round of nerfs she received. While we do not want to go back to her oppressive state, we feel it's safe to roll back the latest damage nerf to allow her to be a more viable pick.


  • Scale shield and heal amounts with power levels:
    • healing 1000 → 800-1200.
    • shield 3600 → 2600-3900
  • Increase super projectile speed - changed from 3200 to 3600
  • Gadget - Kooky Popper - dmg - 1800→1400
  • Gadget - Soul switcher - HP cost - 30%→15%
  • Allow super to go through walls Gus's power level was challenging for us to gauge, but after the meta has settled, it's clear he's on the weaker side. A big part of this is his super, as mostly you do not want to risk using it and missing a teammate. Making the projectile speed significantly faster not only makes it easier to hit teammates but allowing it to pierce walls will allow for some really neat teamwork and make Gus feel like the support he's supposed to be! Along with this, we made his heal and shield values scale with power level, as he was extremely strong at lower power levels from a raw numbers perspective and less so at higher levels. This change in practice means he's a bit weaker at lower powers and a bit stronger higher up.


  • Spirit Slap Star Power effect has changed to: "Gene's Magic and also damages enemies, dealing 1000 damage on hit". His previous Star Power wasn't providing the value we wanted and definitely not a good competitor against Magic Puffs.



  • Basics - Damage - 800 → 760 Poco's newest songs have been way too deadly, and while we all love a good fiesta, it's clear that he needs to be tuned down a bit.


  • SP - Hearty Recovery - Missing health % - 30 → 20 Even though Sam has a really high-skill floor, his healing SP has proven to be very strong. Tuning it down should allow for more brawlers to be able to burst him down effectively.


  • Gadget - Speed Zone - Added HP decay Added decay to the spawnable Gadgets to have consistency between the ones in the game


  • Gadget - Honey Molasses - Added HP decay for CoNsIsTeNcY

Bug Fixes[]

  • Improved performance on low-end devices
  • Fixed an issue where Explosives would not go off after the end of a round (e.g., Piper grenades in Brawl Ball after scoring)
  • Fixed an issue where Janet's aiming indicator would be invalid after using the Backstage Pass gadget
  • Fixed an issue where Janet's Gadget VFX persisted after being teleported
  • Fixed various UI issues
  • Fixed various Pin issues (including missing VO)
  • Fixed Ivy Belle's missing shake VFX when shooting
  • Fixed an issue where Local Leaderboards weren't updated when players/clubs changed country
  • Fixed an issue where empty clubs could take up Leaderboard spots
  • Fixed an issue where inactive leaders of clubs were not automatically rotated after 14 days of inactivity



  • Ghost Station
  • Brawl-o-Ween
  • Action Heroes


Gem offset purchase

You can now use Gems to complete your Coins purchase if you don’t have enough Coins. This currently works for Gadgets, Star Powers, Gears, and upgrading Brawlers

End of Support for OS versions lower than iOS 11 and Android 7.0

Due to technical reasons beyond our control, we are unfortunately forced to end support for all Apple and Android devices running on OS versions lower than iOS 11 and Android 7.0. If your device is currently running on an operating system lower than iOS 11 or Android 7.0, you will no longer be able to play Brawl Stars unless you update to a newer iOS or Android operating system. Please update to iOS version 11 (or higher) / Android 7.0 (or higher) as soon as possible.

Instructions on how to update your devices can be found here:

  • Apple: Apple Support
  • Google: Google Support

Fallback Rewards

  • Quests and Challenges with specific rewards such as Pins, Profile Icons or Sprays will now have a fallback reward in case a player already owns the original reward


  • New onboarding flow for Gadgets
  • New onboarding flow for Gears

Maintenance 19/09/22[]

  • Otis
    • Improved basic attack from 420 to 460 damage per projectile
    • Super: Added dot damage that does 340 base damage per tick (3 without the Stencil Glue Star Power, 4 with it)
    • Fixed a server error in specific circumstances when playing Otis.
  • Surge
    • Power Shield - Now restores 2 ammo instead of 3
  • Gus
    • Improved basic attack from 920 to 940 damage
    • Super - Now charges with 4 attacks instead of 5
    • Improved reload speed by around 7%
  • Stu
    • Base HP - 2800 → 2900
    • Breakthrough - Using the gadget no longer charges Stu's Super
  • Fixed some of the Battle Log entries for the Last Stand game mode

Optional Update[]

  • Improved performance on lower-end devices
  • Fixed a few Pin visual effects
  • Fixed a few broken Shop layouts
  • Fixed DJ 3.M.Z main attack VFX
  • Fixed the freeze frame issues when some Brawlers were using their Supers
  • Fixed a few minor bugs related to the new season

Robot Factory Update! Patch Notes 31/08/22[]

New Brawlers[]


Sam is the new chromatic Brawler of the season, and he’s the brawn behind the brains of the Goldarm Gang! He also has some personal beef with all the robots in Starr Park.

  • Trait: Sam starts with a fully charged Super.
  • Main Attack: Heavy Haymakers
    • He unleashes a double dose of hard-hitting punches that deal a lot more damage when wearing his Knuckle Busters on
  • Super: Knuckle Busters
    • Sam combines and shoots his gloves forward, dealing damage to all enemies on their way. Using the Super again, will call his gloves back and damage enemies on the way back.
  • Gadget 1: Magnetic Field
    • While the Knuckle Busters are on the ground, Sam can activate them to pull in nearby enemies.
  • Gadget 2: Pulse Repellent
    • Upon landing on the ground, Sam’s next deployed Knuckle Busters releases an electric pulse that knocks back enemies
  • Star Power 1: Hearty Recovery
    • Upon recalling his Knuckle Busters, Sam instantly recovers 30% of his health.
  • Star Power 2: Remote Charge
    • While the Knuckle Busters are on the ground and near enemies, they will charge up Sam’s Super

Gus (Will be released in late September)

New Super Rare Brawler! Gus is a mysterious kid who loves crafting animal-shaped balloons that keep himself company.

  • Main Attack: Loony Balloons
    • Gus shoots empty balloons that capture part of the enemies' souls. Each successive hit fills a bar, and once the bar is filled, the next shot will leave a spirit on the map that can heal allies and himself. He can leave multiple ghosts on the map.
  • Super: Spooky Boy
    • Gus can either shoot his balloon dog, Spooky, to create a shield around an ally or use it to himself.
  • Gadget 1: Kooky Popper
    • Explodes all uncollected spirits, dealing 1800 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Gadget 2: Soul Switcher
    • Gus loses 30% of his health to fill his bar instantly.
  • Star Power 1: Health Bonanza
    • Healed gained from the spirits is increased by 100%.
  • Star Power 2: Spirit Animal
    • Spooky also increases the damage for an ally by 25% for 5 seconds.

New Season! - The #RobotFactory[]

New Skins[]

  • Desperado Poco (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Lawless Lola (Power League)
  • Crowbone
  • Caesar Sam (Brawl Pass Tier 70)
  • Trick or Treat Leon
  • Stonks Pam
  • Moon Bunny Squeak - Moon Festival Skin
  • Mecha Mortis -(299) if bought during the first month, it Includes a set of 9 animated pins + profile picture + spray.
    • Light Mecha Mortis (49 gems) - Purchase option unlocked after getting Mecha Mortis.
    • Dark Mecha Mortis (49 gems) - Purchase option unlocked after getting Mecha Mortis.

True Silver/Gold

New Gadgets[]


  • Coin Shower: Griff's next Coin Toss shoots 33% more coins.


  • X-Ray-Shades: Buzz can see into bushes in his Supercharge area for 12 seconds.

New Animated Pins[]

  • Esports pins (9)
  • Brawl-o-Ween Pins (5)
  • Sam & Caesar Sam (9+9)
  • Gus (9)
  • New Skin Pins (12)
    • Moon Bunny Squeak, Trick or Treat Leon, Stomks Pam, CrowBone, Lawless Lola, Desperado Poco, Mecha Crow (3), Mecha Bo (3)
  • Mecha Mortis (9)
  • New Special Pins for Brawlers (10)

New Sprays[]

  • Epic Brawlers’ sprays (x10)
  • Challenge Sprays (x3)
  • Brawl Pass Sprays (x2)
  • Mecha Mortis Spray
  • BSC Spray

New Profile Icons[]

  • Power League (x2)
  • Esports
  • Robots (x4)
  • Challenges (x4)
  • Mecha Mortis (x1)
  • Calamity Gang (x1)

Game Modes, Maps & Rotation Changes[]

New Weekend PvE Mode: 8-Bit's Last Stand[]

  • Defend 8-Bit with your team against waves of enemies and survive as long as you can.
  • Collect coins to ensure 8-Bit is awake and ready to fight by your side!
  • All bots have been remodeled!

Map Pool[]

Power League/Club League Rotation[]

  • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Layer Cake
  • Brawl Ball: Super Beach, Pinhole Punt, Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh, Crystal Arcade
  • Heist: Pit Stop, Safe Zone, Bridge Too Far
  • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Open Zone
  • Knockout: Goldarm Gulch, Out in the Open, Belle's Rock

Removed Siege from the game (including Friendly rooms).

Map Environment Changes[]


  • The Robot Factory (also available in Showdown!)


  • Stunt Show
  • Water Park
  • Deep Sea Brawl
  • Scrapyard (Siege only)


  • Game mode challenges for Bounty, Gem Grab, and Heist.
  • And more!

Power League[]

Swap Brawler
  • You can now swap Brawlers at the end of the Pick/Ban phase for Power League and Club League matches!
  • Swapping is only available for owned Brawlers.
  • When Swapping a Brawler, you’ll use your own Power Level, Gadgets, and Star Powers
Power League Skins
  • Power League skins will, once again, follow the seasonal theme, (yay!)
  • If you unlocked a Power League skin during the season, you will still be able to purchase it for Star Points at a later point in time!
  • Reminder: as communicated earlier this year, Power League skins will now be occasionally available for Gems (149 Gems) 12 months after the Season ends, for everyone!

Trophy League[]

We've heard your feedback about the 4-week cycle of the Trophy League season reset and decay, and after some internal discussions, we agreed the problem is getting more and more emphasized due to the addition of new Brawlers. These are the changes in the upcoming update:

  • We're changing the season reset to follow the Brawl Pass season (~7-9 weeks) for the time being to evaluate the impact.
  • We'll run additional Star Point Quests and Challenges throughout the season to compensate for the potential loss of Star Points!!

Once we've evaluated the results from this "experiment", we will make a decision if/how we'll change this system in the future, but we hope the extended seasonal cycle will remove some of the pressure you feel and allow you to push trophies higher than ever before.


In anticipation of upcoming Gear changes (see more in Brawl Talk) in October, we've reduced the crafting cost for Gears in this update:

  • Power 1: 1 Gear Token + 40 Scrap
  • Power 2: 1 Gear Token + 100 Scrap
  • Power 3: 2 Gear Token + 200 Scrap

Balance Changes[]



  • Base HP - 4200 → 4400

Our favorite lifeguard has had some issues guarding his own life, so we gave him some more HP to allow him to stay in the fray for a bit longer.


  • Main attack - Damage - 700 → 800

Poco has not been a go-to Brawler for quite a while. While his healing is decent, he needs to be a bit more of a threat by himself to be able to duke it out with other Brawlers.


  • Main attack - Damage - 880 → 960
  • Main attack - Super charge - 6 → 5 hits

Nita and Bruce have been out of the limelight for quite a while. Playing Nita without Bruce doesn’t feel too good, so we're buffing her slightly along with making it easier to summon Bruce.


  • Gadget - Stunt Double - Healing - 350 → 1000
  • Gadget - Freeze Frame - Shield 75% → 50%

The freeze frame has been a bit too powerful as a shield for Lola and her team. While it should be strong, it currently takes way too much to defeat and allows for too much pressure. Tuning it down and tuning Stunt Double up should allow for a better choice between Gadgets.


  • Main attack - Damage - 1160 → 1240

Jacky has had a hard time defeating other brawlers even when closing the distance. This makes her more deadly once she does reach her target.


  • Main attack - Super charge - 8 → 7 hits

Meg's previous nerfs saw her play rate plummet. Reverting half of the previous nerfs should allow for her to be more balanced and make her a solid pick.



  • Base HP - 3800 → 3600

Penny has been doing really well even after her previous changes. While she is not too oppressive, she's a bit too tanky for the pressure she can assert, so we’re tuning her durability down slightly.


  • Base HP - 4400 → 4000

Carl, much like Penny, has had a really good time as of late. His main projectile is now highly deadly, so he becomes more of a tanky sniper, which in general is a dangerous design. Tuning down his HP means it's easier to duel him at range, and also when closing the gap (but watch out for his Super!)


  • Gadget - Slowing toxin - 5 → 3 sec


  • Clyde - Base HP - 5200 → 4800

Bonnie (specifically Clyde) is a bit too tanky in sniper form, so we are tuning her HP down slightly to make sure that closing the distance allows brawlers to take her down more effectively.


  • Base HP - 3600 → 3400
  • Main attack - Super charge - 5 → 6 hits

Janet has been a great nuisance, and while her super isn't very effective offensively, it allows her to play very aggressively and get out of any situation. Increasing the time interval where she can play like this allows for more counterplay, along with an HP nerf that allows her to get burst easier.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Power League Freezes and Crashes
  • Fixed the voice line played when unlocking Otis.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor localization issues.


Maintenance 10/08/22[]

  • Fixing Club Quests rewards not being delivered to some players!

Maintenance 20/07/22[]

  • Fixed some issues related to Supercell ID. If you requested a login code on 19/07, you might have to re-login to your account again

Maintenance 14/07/22[]

  • Fixed a server error after playing Duels and using Sprays
  • Fixed an occasional server error when using Otis' Super and his Gadget
  • Fixed players not being eligible for Club Quests when they should be

Maintenance and Optional Update 05/07/22[]

  • Fixed some server stability issues related to the old Brawl Pass auto claim feature.
  • Fixed occasional stutter when aiming the Super on some devices
  • Fixed sprays not being usable for specific Brawlers

Maintenance 30/06/22[]

  • Fixed crashes in Minecart Madness
  • Penny balance change:
    • Reduced Damage per coin after the main projectile splits to 75% of the total damage (was 100%)
    • Reduced Turret attack speed by 1 second (2.5→3.5s)
  • Fixed other minor visual/text issues

Deep Sea Brawl Update! Patch Notes 29/06/22[]

New Brawler: Otis[]

Otis is a mysterious creature who lives in the depths of Starr Park and expresses himself with his street art on any wall he sees!

  • Main Attack: Inky Art
    • Otis shoots a burst of ink drops from his spray gun arm.
  • Super: Silent Seabed
    • Otis throws his starfish buddy Cil at his enemies. If Cil hits the target, it prevents them from attacking, using Supers and Gadgets for a short while. The target can still move and have passive abilities.
  • Gadget 1: Dormant Star
    • The next starfish stays on the ground if an enemy is not hit, laying dormant until an enemy gets close.
  • Gadget 2: Splash
    • Otis's next attack shoots a giant ink ball that leaves a puddle, dealing 810 damage over time for 3,8 seconds.
  • Star Power 1: Stencil Glue
    • The starfish Cil holds on to their enemies for 33% longer
  • Star Power 2: Street Artist
    • Otis shoots 33% more ink drops.

Penny Rework[]

Penny has not only got a remodel but also a rework to her gameplay mechanics!

  • Balls of Fire become a passive ability.
  • Her Cannonballs show the place they will land a few seconds before landing.
  • Increased slightly the Cannonballs size.
  • Decreased slightly the Cannonballs projectile speed.
  • Increased her base HP.
  • Main Attack:
    • Slightly reduced the range.
    • Slightly increased the projectile speed.
  • Star Power 1: Heavy Coffers
    • Penny’s main attack spread in a wider cone after each hit.
  • Star Power 2: Master Blaster
    • Penny’s cannon deals 1000 damage and knocks back nearby enemies on landing.
  • Gadget 1:Salty Barrel
    • Penny drops a barrel of salt that blocks enemy projectiles. She can also use it to burst her own gold pouches with it.
  • Gadget 2: Trusty Spyglass
    • Penny’s cannon blasts at every visible enemy position within range.

New Season! - The #DeepSeaBrawl[]

New Skins
  • Sharktooth Colt (Brawl Pass - Tier 1)
  • OctoFang
  • Coral Belle
  • Postal Brock (Power League)
  • PharaOtis (Brawl Pass - Tier 70)
  • DJ 3.M.Z - concept by BouncyDuck (Supercell Make Skin)
BT21 x Brawl
True Silver/Gold

New Pins[]

  • Animated

Sprays: Pricing Changes[]

  • Based on community feedback Sprays are now a lot cheaper!
  • Regular Sprays (usable by all Brawlers) 29 Gems | Down from 50 Gems
  • Premium Sprays (usable by all Brawlers) 29 Gems | Down from 60 Gems
  • Regular Sprays (Brawler specific) 19 Gems | Down from 50 Gems
  • Players who purchased Sprays will be compensated Gems once the update goes live. Reimbursements can be claimed from the in-game shop (i.e. "free" Gem Offers) for 30 days following the update.

New Sprays[]

  • Brawler-specific - Rosa, Barley, Poco, El Primo, Darryl, Carl, Rico, Jacky, Penny (x9)
  • Clash of Clans Anniversary Challenge (x1)
  • Brawl Pass (x2)
  • Various Challenges (x12)
  • BT21 skins (x7)

New Profile Icons[]

  • Power League icons (x2)
  • BT21 skins (x7)
  • Bad Randoms (x1)
  • Deep Sea Brawl (x1)
  • Pirate Flag (x1)

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

  • New Seasonal Game Mode: Hunters (10 players)
    • This mode combines Wipeout rules with Showdown maps!
    • There’s no Showdown Gas, Bounty, or Power-Cubes.
    • Players respawn after being taken down.
    • Takedowns needed to win: 6
  • 7 New Maps:
    • Trials and Tribulations
    • Hunting Season
    • The Prey
    • Quick and Restless
    • Deliverance
    • True Trail
    • Omega
  • Mystery Game Mode slot (for events)
    • It’s a Game Mode slot that randomizes a game mode and a modifier.
    • Those Game Modes and Modifiers are pre-selected by the Brawl Stars team.
  • Added Announcer VFX for additional Game Modes (like in Wipeout):
    • Brawl Ball
    • Basket Brawl
    • Hunters
  • Map Pool Changes
    • Hot Zone
      • Temple of Boom (Removed)
      • Mosh Pit (Removed)
      • Trident (New - Added)
      • Imbalance (New - Added)
    • Knockout
      • New Perspective (Removed)
      • X Marks the Spot (Removed)
      • Hidden Enemy (Added)
      • Out in the Open (Added)
    • Gem Grab
      • Opposing Forts (Removed)
      • Sapphire Plains (Removed)
      • Glass Half Full (Added)
      • Duality (Added)
    • Brawl Ball
      • Well Cut (Removed)
      • Post Haste (Removed)
      • Double Jeopardy (Added)
      • Make it Bounce (Added)
    • Bounty
      • Overgrown Canyon (Removed)
      • Heat Wave (Removed)
      • Don't turn around (Added)
      • Side by Side (Added)
    • Heist
      • Can't Touch This (Removed)
      • Rolling Rumble (Removed)
      • River Banks (Added)
      • Treefecta (Added)
    • Showdown
      • Eggshell (Removed)
      • Grassy Gorge (Removed)
      • Boxed In (Added)
      • Zoomed Out (Added)

Power League/Club League Rotation[]

  • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Layer Cake
  • Brawl Ball: Backyard Bowl, Off the Line, Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab: Double Swoosh, Hardrock Mine, Minecart Madness
  • Heist: Safe Zone, Kaboom Canyon, River Banks
  • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Split
  • Knockout: Belle's Rock, Out in the Open (New), Goldarm Gulch

Map Environment Changes[]

  • Deep Sea (NEW - Added)
  • Darryl's Ship (Added)
  • The Velocirapids (Added)
  • Tara's Bazaar (Removed)
  • The Starr Force (Removed)


  • Bad Randoms
  • Penny
  • 3 Game Modes Challenges
  • The Most Difficult Challenge Ever
  • Clash of Clans Anniversary

Power League[]

  • Added Brawler suggestion:
    • Now players can see their teammate’s Brawlers and make a suggestion!

Club Games (Club League + Club Quests)[]

  • Club League
    • Club league now only counts the highest trophy contributions of 24 members
      • The other 6 members will still receive rewards based on the number of tickets used
    • Max trophy toggle will also only count 24 members
    • Increased Club Coin rewards for the top 3 Clubs in every Club league by 15%
  • Club Quests
    • Club League seasons now have a week break. During this break, players will play Club Quests
    • Each member of the club gets 3 quests to complete (An easy, a medium, and a hard one)
    • Completing a Quest earns Quest Points for the Club
    • The highest Quest Points earned, the more Club Coins as a reward.
    • The number of Club Coins you get for Club Quests is based on your Club League Rank
    • Playing with Club Mates gives you a Completion Bonus (so you can complete the Club Quests faster).

Balance Changes[]

  • Carl
    • Projectile speed: 2600 → 3000
  • Grom
    • Base damage: 900→1100
    • Super damage: 1700→1600
  • Byron
    • Reload speed: 1300 → 1600 ms per ammo
    • Byron is a Brawler who’s a good option most of the time. Since the release, he was always in the Meta due to his versatility and power. This nerf should give him a warning, but shouldn’t prevent him from being a good pick.
  • Colonel Ruffs
    • Sandbag HP: 2000 → 1500
    • Ruffs could be really dangerous in the hands of a skillful player. Still, it’s quite hard to make the most of this Brawler so decided not to nerf him so hard.
  • Eve
    • Starpower - Happy Surprise: Now it only spawns a hatchling every 5 seconds instead of for every egg.
    • Eve Super charge decreased slightly
    • Will it decrown the queen? Probably not, but let’s see.
  • Janet
    • Janet can no longer activate the Drop the Bass Gadget while flying.
    • Felt really weird and sometimes really oppressive. Uncle Stu was proud, but everyone else was annoyed. And to be honest, felt more like a bug rather than part of her design.
  • Sandy
    • Main attack damage reduced from 920 to 860
    • The sleepy boy was quite oppressive in narrow maps, so this should make all the Sandies around the world a bit less aggressive

Bug Fixes[]

  • Improved stability on low-end devices
  • Auto-aim no longer takes airborne targets into account
  • Fixed some pins not being usable in club chat
  • Fixed a rare case where players could ban the same brawler in Power League
  • Fixed various sound issues
  • Themes
    • Deep Sea Brawl Theme
    • BT21 Theme
    • Bad Randoms Theme (including updated music)
  • Misc


  • Brawl Pass now is available in the Shop.
  • Added a shortcut to the Club Shop.

Maintenance and Optional Update 12/05/22[]

  • Fixed issues with Power Match/Power League filtering and scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spray VFX would appear on your own brawler when someone else in range would use a Spray.
  • Improved performance on low-end devices.

Maintenance 04/05/22[]

  • Reduced duration of Residue by 10s (20→10s)
  • Power Surge now upgrades Surge 1 level (down from 2)
  • Slightly reduced his Super recharge rate to require 6 Super hits (from 3)
  • Fixed a rare Club League bug that made players eligible for different Club League days

Optional Update 4 May[]

  • Fixed an issue that caused only owned Brawlers to show as bannable in competitive modes for non-leaders
  • Fixed a UI flickering issue in the emotes menu
  • Fixed a few issues with the daily login calendar

Maintenance 30/04/22[]

  • Found and fixed game-crashing issues (Server error 43)

Maintenance 29/04/22[]

  • Fixed a bug that made Bumper tiles available in Map Maker
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Surge to retain his temporary power level increase after takedown
  • Fixed a bug that made Surge spawn in unintended locations after gadget use
  • Fixed a bug with the ball going nuts after bouncing for too long

Next week, we’ll have an optional update to fix more UI bugs and other issues in Power Leagues (such as not allowing to ban Brawlers you don’t own).

Stuntshow Update! Patch Notes 27/04/22[]

New Brawlers


Janet is Stu’s adoptive daughter and she’s all about show business! She’s an acrobatic performer, singer, and the Starr of the Stunt Show!

  • Main Attack: High Note
    • Janet has a cone-shaped attack that gets longer and narrower the longer you hold the aim button
  • Super: Crescendo
    • Janet takes off and flies around for a short time. While in the air, she can still attack the enemy Brawlers on the ground
  • Gadget: Drop the Bass
    • Janet drops a loudspeaker that deals 100 damage per second in an area around it
  • Gadget: Backstage Pass
    • Janet’s next attack pushes her back a distance based on her main attack range
  • Star Power: Stage View
    • While flying, Janet reveals a large area of bushes around her
  • Star Power: Vocal Warm-Up
    • Janet's attack focuses 30% faster


Bonnie is Janet’s little sister and she’s a reckless and overly excited girl who’s famous in the park for her most daring trick, being shot from a cannon (named Clyde)! The danger the trick, the more she enjoys it! She's an epic Brawler and has two different forms in matches: Cannon form (default):

  • Main Attack: Loose Tooth
    • Shoots a tooth-shaped cannonball in a long-range single projectile
  • Super: Star Launcher
    • Bonnie launches herself from Clyde dealing damage on impact and changing forms

Bonnie form:

  • Main Attack: Bomber Jacket
    • Short-range quick bombs that do high damage
  • Super: Clyde
    • Switches back to Clyde
  • Gadget: Sugar Rush
    • Clyde's attack and movement speed are increased by 30% for 5 seconds
  • Gadget: Crash Test
    • Bonnie dashes a short distance and knocks Brawlers back while dealing deals 300 damage
  • Star Power: Black Powder
    • Star Launcher has 36% longer range
  • Star Power: Wisdom Tooth
    • Clyde's attack shatters on hit and deals 25% damage per projectile

New Season! - The #Stuntshow[]

New Skins

New Cosmetic: Sprays[]

  • Sprays are unlocked on the Trophy Road when reaching 200 Trophies. This also unlocks 3 Spray slots and gives three free Sprays.
  • A new Spray slot is unlocked at 650, 1300, and 1600 trophies.
  • New Sprays can be acquired through the Brawl Pass, Challenges, and the Shop.
  • They are equipped in the Brawler screen in a new tab next to the Pin selection, and the in-game use is the same as for the Pins.
  • Sprays are sprayed on the floor of the map. They are visible for all players and each player can only have one spray active at a time!
  • 35 Sprays will be available at launch, some of them including special in-game VFXs!

New Pins[]

  • Janet
  • Valkyrie Janet
  • Bonnie
  • Stunt Show Skin set
  • Golden Week Skin set
  • Golden Week freebies
  • The Worst Bunch Skin set
  • Overlord Byron
  • Galaxy Storm Lola
  • Empress Bonnie
  • Tempest Tara
  • Daruma Mr. P
  • Sakura Spike
  • Brawl Esports characters
Not Animated
  • Chaos Cup
  • Profile Icons
    • Power League (x2)
    • A new Brawler profile icon for each Trophy road Brawler (x12)
    • Skin specific profile icons in the shop (x4)

New Gadgets[]

  • Amber: Dancing Flames
    • Summons 3 fiery orbs that circle Amber. Each of them deals 500 damage when they pass through an enemy.
  • Jacky: Rebuild
    • Reconstructs destroyed terrains near Jacky.
  • Meg: Toolbox
    • Meg drops a reload station that decreases reload time for Brawlers near it.

Balance changes[]

  • Bibi
    • Base HP increased from 4200 to 4400
    • Base damage increased from 1300 to 1400
  • Bibi saw a bit of resurgence in Payload, but that's about it. Increasing some of her stats should make her a viable pick in more maps and comps.
  • Bo
    • Projectile speed on basic attack increased about 7%
  • While we want to make more changes for Bo in the future, the first basic step is increasing his projectile speed to make his shots lightly easier to hit.
  • Griff
    • Keep the change: 35→ 25% increased speed
    • Increased baseline unloads by 50ms. Griff can now unload his ammo faster without the Star Power. With the Star Power, it’s the same as before
    • Business Resilience: 10→ 15% missing health
  • Griff feels quite bad to play without Keep The Change, and it's the obvious choice. Tuning it down, but increasing base unload should allow for players to have a more interesting decisions when choosing what Star Power to bring, and also make him feel better without the Star Power.
  • Lou
    • Supercool is now a baseline ability, but at a 90% effectiveness.
    • New Supercool increases freezing by 33%, a net 20% gain from old values.
    • New Hypothermia Star Power decreases the enemy’s damage the more frozen they are. Can go up to 50%.
  • The removal of Siege has melted Lou’s dreams of glory. Making Supercool baseline was a good first move, but also changing Hypothermia’s mechanics was needed for the Star Power to be able to compete. This should not only help Lou at all power levels, but also make the Star Power choice interesting.
  • Squeak
    • Windup now also increases the damage of the next attack by 50%
    • Residue now lasts 5 seconds longer (15→ 20s), also leaves a slowing zone in addition to giving vision
  • Squeak's gadgets were about as useful as a chewed up dog toy. Now both of them provides some benefit and should provide more options based on the strategy you want to use with Squeak.
  • Spike
    • Life Plant: HP reduced from 3500 to 1750
  • Spike has been very versatile for a long period of time, and a big reason for this is his Life Plant Gadget which holds way too much value and nullifies a lot of Brawlers. Reducing the HP significantly allows more Brawlers to take him on.
  • Byron
    • Reduced Super charge from 3 to 4 basic attacks
  • Byron has flown under the radar for a while without changes, and has crept up in power slowly due to the meta fitting him very well. While he is not out of line, his super was too easy to get, so now Byron's have to work a bit harder to get there.
  • Fang
    • Base HP reduced from 4500 to 4300
    • Super damage reduced from 1200 to 1000
    • Roundhouse Kick stun duration reduced from 1s to 0,5s
    • Fresh Kicks no longer resets his super on pet kills
  • No matter the kicking and screaming, Fang has to be toned down. His team wipe potential is unparallelled, combined with SP resetting his super on pet kills AND the stun, he has been a force to be reckoned with. He is now more vulnerable when he dives in, and also does not have the upfront burst to the same degree.
  • Eve
    • Projectile speed decreased from 3700 to 3500
    • Base HP decreased from 3000 to 2900
    • Base damage decreased from 400 to 370
  • Eve has been extremely strong, even after the range nerf. While her second SP is problematic, she's also very strong without it. Hitting her across the board should make her much more in line of where she needs to be.
  • Gale
    • Blustery Blow stun duration reduced from 1.5s to 1.25s (shown as 1.3 in-game due to rounding)
  • Gale has also seen better times as of late, largely thanks to Fang being strong (and gale being a very good counter), but also because blustery blow allowed for chain stunning other Brawlers at times. Tuning down the stun duration slightly will make sure that other Brawlers will have time to fight back.
  • Surge
    • Teleport Gadget removed
    • Now he can also jump a short distance when using his Super
    • Gadget 1 - Power Surge - Increases surges upgrade level by 2 for 10 seconds
    • Gadget 2 - Power Shield - From the next incoming hit within 5 seconds, Surge consumes 80% of the damage and uses the energy to reload 3 ammo
  • So as we theorized new Gadgets, we realized that nothing we can make could compete with teleport, and playing Surge without teleport feels really bad. Not wanting to have a Brawler to rely on a Gadget to be viable, reworking Surge’s entire kit felt like the right option for us. He should now feel better at all levels of play, and the Gadgets should provide a very interesting choice for players
  • Resistance Gear
  • The Resistance Gear now has changed to Vision Gear.
    • It reveals opponents for x seconds after dealing damage to them


  • Golden Week
  • Crash Test - Reward: Spray
  • Unthemed Challenge - Reward: Spray


  • Quest rerolls
  • After rerolling you can’t get the same Brawler/Game mode quest or same criteria (heal/damage/win…)
  • The reward will be equivalent to the discarded quest
  • Not usable for special quests, only for seasonal and daily quests
  • Brawl Pass gives 2 additional rerolls/week (from 1 to 3!)
  • Refreshes weekly
  • New Quest Types
  • Hot Zone: "Stay in a Hot Zone for x seconds"
  • Heist: "Deal X damage to the Safe"
  • Bounty: "Finish X matches with 4 or more Stars"
  • Gem Grab: "Carry 3 or more Gems for X seconds"
  • Knockout: "Survive X rounds"
  • Brawl Ball: "Pass the ball X times"
  • Showdown: "Collect X Power Cubes"
  • New Quests with direct rewards (such as coins, power points, pins, and more)
  • Quests now favor low Trophy Brawlers

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

New Seasonal Game Mode: Bot Drop (3v3)
Map Pool Changes
Hot Zone




Power League/Club League Rotation[]

Login calendar (only for new accounts)[]

  • New 14-day Login Calendar for New Players
  • Unlocks at 40 trophies
  • Players have to log in daily to claim all rewards, skipping a day ends the calendar
  • Rewards
  • Day 0: Skin (Bandita Shelly)
  • Day 1: Super Rare Brawler (Choice: Darryl or Penny)
  • Day 2: Upgrade to Power 5
  • Day 3: Pin (Common)
  • Day 4: Upgrade to Power 7
  • Day 5: Skin (Football Darryl or Bunny Penny)
  • Day 6: Gadget (Choice between both Brawler Gadgets)
  • Day 7: Pin (Common)
  • Day 8: Upgrade to Power 8
  • Day 9: Pin (Common)
  • Day 10: Upgrade to Power 9
  • Day 11: Pin x 2 (Rare)
  • Day 12: Star Power (Choice between both Brawler Star Powers)
  • Day 13: Pin x 2 (Epic)
  • Day 14: Epic Brawler (Choice: Edgar or Griff)
  • Fallback rewards in case a player unlocked one of the rewards already (Big Box)

Power League[]

Additional Bans
  • Every player now bans 1 Brawler during the ban phase
  • If no Brawler is picked at the end of the timer, a random Brawler will be banned
  • Within a team there are no duplicate bans, i.e. a total of 3-6 Brawlers will be banned for each game
  • Players now also need to own at least 12 Brawlers, in addition, to unlock Power League from trophy road due to the increased amount of bans
Improved Team balancing for Solo Queue based on Power League Ranks
  • Winning 2 matches without losing should now give you more progress than before (this is only applied to Rank Diamond III and below. Mythic I and above will remain the same)
  • The penalty from losing 2 matches in a row was removed. This also only applies to Rank Diamond III and below.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where golden ticket assets were still visible in some locations
  • Fixed an issue with Byron's voice lines
  • Fixed an issue with Esport pins (Rosa Player, etc.) not being usable in chat
  • Fixed an issue with Mantis Rosa VFX
  • Fixed an issue with shooting manually at the same location while moving perpendicular would cause the second shot to fire in the wrong direction
  • Fixed an issue with Bea VFX causing her to lose the charged shot visual after using super
  • Fixed an issue where Buzz would charge his super in the freeze-frame after a goal was scored in Brawl Ball
  • Fixed an issue where Bibi's knockback attack is canceled but the visual remained
  • Fixed an issue where Underdog draws would not award underdog trophies
  • Fixed an issue where friends that were not clubmates showed as Bronze I in PL
  • Fixed an issue where bonus damage from Grom's X Factor Star Power would give more supercharge
  • Fixed an issue where Ivy Belle would not have long enough impact VFX on basic attacks
  • Pins coming with special Skins are now directly granted after purchase and don't have to be claimed from the Shop anymore

Maintenance 31/03/22[]

  • Eve range nerf (From Piper’s Range to Lou's Range)
  • Wild Card Power Points (WCPP) usability improvements
  • Matchmaking adjustments - Now it takes player’s total Trophies into account between 500-800 Brawler Trophy ranges

Optional Update and Maintenance 17/03/22[]

  • Fixed an issue where Carl’s pickaxe returning after a hoop was scored in Basket Brawl could crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where Meg transformation could crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where Tick Super near the payload was not damaging the enemies

Maintenance Fixes:

Maintenance 02/03/22[]

  • Fixed an SFX issue for Nian Nita's pin
  • Fixed Meg visually spawning as a mech after death
  • Fixed random pets spawning when using a spawning ability just before death
  • Fixed Captain Crow poison stacking
  • Ash "Rotten Banana" now gives 40% rage for 40% of current health. The damage from the gadget no longer gives extra rage
  • Fixed Grom and Squeak gadgets revealing brawlers in bushes in Leon's Lollipop Drop area

Biodome Update! - Patch Notes 01/03/22[]

New Brawler: Eve - Chromatic Brawler
  • Eve is a small flea joining Ruffs’ trio! She's a loving mother who travels in a spaceship trying to find a warm and fluffy place for her babies.
  • Passive skill: She can hover over water
  • Main attack: Egg Shooter
    • Eve shoots three eggs in a row, each one being bigger and dealing more damage than the previous.
  • Super: Baby Boom
    • Eve releases a big egg, which incubates a group of hatchlings. Hatchlings attach to the closest enemy and deal damage over time unless destroyed before reaching their target.
  • Gadget 1: Gotta go!
    • Eve jumps away and leaves a hatchling behind.
  • Gadget 2: Motherly Love
    • Hatchlings spawned from an active big egg will now heal allies over time instead of dealing damage.
  • SP 1: Unnatural Order
    • Reverses the order of the eggs shot by her Egg Shooter.
  • SP 2: Happy Surprise
    • Hitting a brawler with the largest egg from her Egg Shooter spawns a hatchling.

New Brawl Pass: The Biodome[]

New Skins - Biodome Skins:

  • Firefly Rico (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Spiky Eve (Brawl Pass tier 70)
  • Wasp Bo (Power League)
  • Lion Bull (Club League)
  • Skin VFX updates
  • Exclusive Skins
    • Exclusive skins from Brawl Pass and Power League will become part of the Archive and become available again 1 year after their original release during limited, exclusive offers
    • Seasonal skins will move to the Archive after appearing for the last time and then re-surface every so often
    • The first content affected by this is all content released in Season 11 and beyond, i.e. previous exclusive content won't be re-released
    • FREE exclusive skins (ex. Anniversary Skins) will not become purchasable in the future

New Pins[]


  • Lantern Brawl challenge - (Pin) 02/04 to 03/04
  • Easter Challenge (Pin) 16/04 - 17/04

Game modes[]

  • Wipeout
  • 3vs3 mode
    • To win, defeat 8 brawlers before the enemy team, or defeat more enemy Brawlers than the opposite team in 2 minutes.
  • Payload
  • 3vs3 mode
  • Push your payload by standing near it. Standing near the opponent’s payload slows it down.
  • Be the first team to push your payload to the goal to win the match!
Game mode rotation changes
  • Bounty/Knockout, Heist/Hot Zone, 7 maps each, 24h/map
  • Gem Grab, Showdown, Brawl Ball 14 maps, 24h/map
  • Siege is not in rotation - Will still be in friendly rooms and in Map Maker
  • Weekend event teaser has been moved to the end of the list rather than being first
  • Showdown now has a bigger game mode banner
  • Removed Super City Rampage PvE mode
  • Added Knockout to Map Maker
  • Basket Brawl returns as a seasonal mode
  • Duel will also become seasonal this season

Balance Changes[]

  • Mr. P
    • Mr.P has been on the weaker side for a while and when picked, “Handle with care” is the main Star Power choice. With this Star Power being baseline, it should make the character a lot more interesting overall.
    • Handle with care is now baseline
    • New handle with care: Every 4 seconds, the next briefcase deals 40% more damage after bouncing
    • Revolving door: Existing functionality removed
    • New revolving door: Spawners have 20% more hp and 30% more damage
  • Brock
    • Brock Much like with Mr. P, playing Brock without incendiary just felt bad. Making it baseline allows us to bring more viability into his kit earlier on, and also allows us to repurpose his SP into something more interesting rather than both being tied to his basic attack.
    • Incendiary is now baseline
    • New SP: Brock super fires 44% more rockets
  • Jacky
    • She has been in a good place, but Counter crush has been crushing her second Star Power option, hence why we strenghtened her hat to make it more of a lucrative choice.
    • Hardy Hat 15→20% reduction
  • Bea
    • Bea Buffing honeycomb allows for seasoned Bea players to make quite interesting plays by holding the second shot, reducing dps but being able to soak significantly more damage.
    • Honeycomb 20→30% reduction
  • Gale
    • Gale has been a niche pick, and Blustery blow even more so. It should now be a much more attractive choice, and should excel on certain maps in certain comps.
    • Blustery Blow 1→1.5s stun
  • Griff
    • Griff has been feeling the inflation lately, so we're giving him a raise to combat that.
    • Base damage - 220→260 damage per shot
  • Colonel Ruffs
    • Ruffs Our favorite doggo is currently a very niche pick, and only really viable with great coordination. Giving him some more combat power of his own should allow him to do better versus more brawlers, and also when played solo.
    • Base damage - 500→560 damage per shot
  • Max
    • Max hasn't seen the limelight for quite a while, and adding some raw power should go a long way in addressing that.
    • Base damage - 300→340 damage per shot
  • Health Gear
    • Reworked: Regenerating health passively heals for an additional 30/40/50%
  • Grom
    • Even after the nerf, Grom has been overperforming on most maps and modes. Making his projectile speed constant means he can't rely on auto-aim as well, and also has less burst up close, meaning his natural counters have an easier time to actually counter him.
    • Grom projectile speed is now constant (same travel time no matter range)
    • Reduce super projectile ranges from 25→17
    • Super charge is now 6 hits (down from 7, buff (bugfix))
  • Tara
    • She has been a little too good of a pick due to her versatility. Very slightly reducing her base damage allows more brawlers to combat her 1 on 1, and requires more coordination from her teammates to finish brawlers off once she hits her black hole.
    • Base damage - 460→440 damage per shot
  • Darryl
    • Darryl has seen some better times due to his recent changes, but his rolling shield is a bit too strong, especially when chaining supers, making him deal way too much damage while soaking a lot.
    • Rolling shield from 90% → 50% damage reduction

New Game Environment[]


10 New 2nd Gadgets

  • Colette: Gotcha!
    • For 5 seconds after activation, Colette’s shots heal herself for 80% of the damage dealt.
  • Lola: Stunt Double
    • Lola and her Ego switch locations and recover 350 health.
  • Bibi: Extra Sticky
    • Bibi's next Spitball slows down enemies on hit for 2 seconds.
  • Emz: Acid Spray
    • Emz's next blast of hair spray can pass through walls but deals 20% less damage.
  • Grom: Radio Check
    • Grom's next attack throws 3 Buds in rapid succession.
  • Byron: Booster Shots
    • Byron's next attack shoots 3 smaller darts in a cone, but they are 20% less effective for damage and 40% for healing.
  • Squeak: Residue
    • Squeak's next exploding goo blobs give allies sight into bushes for 15 seconds.
  • Belle: Reverse Polarity
    • Belle's next Electro-Bolt bounces from walls.
  • Fang: Roundhouse Kick
    • Fang spins and hits all enemies around him, stunning them for 1.0 seconds.
  • Ash: Rotten Banana
    • Ash loses 20% current health and instantly gains 50% rage.

Power League[]

  • Names are now hidden for opponents in Mythic 1 and above (was Masters) for PL and CL matches
  • Losing a PL match 1-2 results in less Elo reduction, while winning 2-0 results in a bigger Elo gain
  • Two new icons
Clubs & Club League
  • Day 3 in Club League has 6 tickets instead of 4, and points gained is increased by 50%
  • Power points are now purchasable unlimited times per day
  • Presidency over a Club is now automatically rotated after the Club President is inactive for at least 14 days
  • Club Members who left or were kicked from a Club during a running season will now be eligible for reward based on their contribution

FTUE (First time user experience) Improvements[]

  • Changed first mode from Gem Grab to Solo Showdown
  • Affects early game mode unlock (Showdown → Gem Grab) and trophy road progression (10 instead of 8 trophies a win)
  • Changed Nita unlock from 10 to 15 trophies
  • Changed gems in very first tutorial to power cubes


  • Wildcard power points can now drop from brawl boxes
    • Starts dropping at a 10% chance per box once the player has 16 or more brawlers unlocked.
    • This means that you have a higher chance of getting WCPP if opening 10 smaller boxes rather than a mega box, however since the amounts are smaller you get, it evens out no matter what box you open.
  • Converts ALL power points in a box to WCPP instead
  • Auto Ban/Pick for Friendly Power Matches
    • The game now will automatically ban and pick brawlers for players if they don't react in time
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed El Tigro super VFX
  • Fixed Freeze frames when using bush revealing gadgets

Server Regions[]

  • New Server Region: Taiwan
  • Re-enabling Server Regions: Sydney (ANZ) and Bahrain (MENA)

Maintenance 18/02/22[]

  • Fixed bugs related to Quests
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Grom's main attack from fully charging his Super in 7 hits.
  • Fixed Fang's visual effects

Maintenance 25/01/22[]

Balance Changes - Nerfs
  • Grom
    • Basic attack damage decreased from 1000 to 900
    • Gadget: Watchtower - HP decreased from 2000 to 1500. Duration 40→20 seconds
    • His Super now charges after 6 hits instead of 5 hits.

Grom, simply, was too powerful. There are plenty of reasons, and in conjunction, they made him a great to amazing pick in most comps on most maps. Reducing Basic attack damage is an obvious one, as it reduces his burst and poke significantly. Reducing the timing and hp of his gadget means you can’t just pop it down and both win and control a lane, but rather choose more carefully when you want to utilize it, much like eg. Leon lollipop. Reducing the super charge is an attempt to allow for his natural counters to actually be able to counter him more effectively (eg. Mortis). Many times, you could charge your super very fast, hold it, and if you get jumped, simply auto-aim it and spam a few basics to one-shot most assassins. Should not be the case anymore.

  • Rico
    • Gadget: Bouncy Castle - 250 → 200 heal per bounce

Bouncy Castle is simply too much value, so we had to tune it down a little more.

  • Meg
    • Super charge takes 8 hits instead of 6

Meg had quite an easy time to cycle supers quite fast and could become quite oppressive due to mech uptime. Increasing the time between mechs should allow for players to punish Meg better in her weak form. Much like the case of Mortis, Heavy Metal was not used nearly as much like its counterpart, which is something we’ve tried to address with the buff to the damage.

  • Mortis
    • Star Power: Creepy harvest - Healing decreased from 1400 to 1000

His healing could get quite obnoxious under certain circumstances, so going in now has a higher risk attached to it. Coiled Snake was also significantly less popular than Creepy Harvest, and we hope that changing the power dynamic quite significantly will allow for Mortis players to choose a playstyle they prefer, rather than one choice being better most of the time.

  • Stu
    • Basic attack damage decreased from 580 to 540

Stu was in quite a healthy state, but a little bit overtuned at very high levels of play where his mobility and assassination really shines. Removing some damage makes him a little bit less potent and changes some key interactions that should bring him more in line where we’d want him to be.

  • Speed Gear
    • 15/20/25% → 10/15/20%

Simply too good in the situations where it shines. There is more we want to do for gears overall, but this was an obvious first step to take.

Balance Changes - Buffs
  • Ash
    • Increased his HP from 4800 to 5400

Our favorite (tr)ash knight has been seeing some hard times as of late. Usually, you’ll be able to fill your rage but be too low HP to actually utilize it. Adding some more HP will allow you to have more HP left once you do reach that critical amount of rage, and should allow for great Ash players to feel more effective.

  • Carl
    • Increased his maximum range from 22 to 25

Carl is perhaps THE MOST tricky brawler to balance in the game. As seasoned players might remember, he’s usually either close to the best or close to the worst brawler in the game, simply due to how his mechanics work.

  • Mortis
    • Star Power: Coiled snake - Reduction increased from 1.5 to 2s
  • Meg
    • Star Power: Heavy Metal's damage increased from 1000 to 1500 damage.

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed El Tigro Super VFX
  • Fixed LNY Pin Pack glitch

Maintenance 11/01/22[]

  • Removed Golden Tickets.

Maintenance 04/01/22[]

  • Fixed an issue with Duels where you could be matched up against bots in high ranks.
  • Grom’s Super now charges his Super 1% more. This is to avoid situations where the Super was 1% away from being charged.
  • Friendly Power League matches do not count for profile 3v3 wins anymore.

Maintenance + Optional update (Available for both iOS and Android)

  • Fixed duplicated Brawlers in Duels
  • Fixed Power League friendly matches counting for profile 3v3 victories
  • Fixed bot's movement for Lola's clone and Duels
  • Fixed a few bugs that reduced performance on certain devices (Note: this one will only be fixed after updating the game)

Maintenance + Optional Update (Android)

  • Fixed FPS drop issues when aiming.
    • Note: the fix will only be in your game once updating the game, NOT after maintenance.
  • Fixed Edgar's eyes being yellow.