Brawl Stars Wiki

16/12/20 Optional Update & Fixes[]

If the optional update is not available on your App/Google Store. Please, try to refresh it again in 30 minutes.

  • Fixed Social Quests disappearing from the Quests menu if they were the only Seasonal Quest available for the player
  • Fixed an issue that caused controls to become unresponsive in the Training Room when selecting Edit Controls from the Settings menu
  • Fixed an emoji related crash that happened for players leaving and re-joining a game room
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some battle music to be played correctly
  • Fixed a line break text issue with Mascot Darryl
  • Fixed game crashing on launch on iOS 9 devices (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed Brawl Ball overtime crash issue (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed missing Brawlidays skin icon graphics in Brawler Menu (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed an issue in Map Maker where a fully red level area was displayed after pressing Clear All and attempting to save the map (iOS only issue)


  • Fixed Server Error 43 when Carl died mid-air while flying with the Flying Hook Gadget
  • Fixed Brawl TV sometimes selecting Training Room battles to be featured
  • Fixed an issue which caused EMZ's Super ability to deal less damage than intended
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Play Again to be offered correctly in consecutive battles
  • Added Quests for Present Plunder

15/12/20 Brawlidays Update[]

Edgar (Epic)

  • Main Attack - Very short range attack that hits twice, Edgar is healed for 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Super Ability - Edgar jumps over a short distance and gains extra movement speed after landing. Super Ability is also slowly charged passively over time (similar to Darryl).
  • Gadget - Increases passive Super Ability charging by 700% for 3 seconds.
  • Star Power - Edgar Super Ability also deals 1000 damage to nearby enemies upon landing.

Byron (Mythic)

  • Main Attack - A long range attack that applies a damage over time effect to enemies and a heal over time effect to friendly Brawlers. Both of these effects can stack on the same target as many times as they are hit.
  • Super Ability - An instantly exploding vial that damages enemies and heals friendly Brawlers who are in the area.
  • Gadget - Consumes one ammo to heal 800 per second for 3 seconds.
  • Star Power #1 - Super Ability also reduces enemy healing by 50% from all sources for 9 seconds. This also affects the normal health regeneration which happens after not taking damage for a while.

New Skins & Animated Pins[]

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Junker's Scrapyard in-game environment for Siege game mode
  • Present Plunder is back!
    • Minor tweaks such as reduced throwing range for gifts
  • Gem Grab
    • Added a maximum match timer of 3m 30s.
    • Team with most Gems held wins when the timer hits.
  • Bounty
    • Middle Blue Star now serves as a tiebreaker.
    • Defeating the player who is carrying the Star will transfer it over to the other team.
  • Trophy League
    • Trophy League duration extended from 2 to 4 weeks.
    • Trophy decay changes - The goal behind these changes is to improve matchmaking quality by spreading players further apart in. Brawler Trophies
      • Most players' Brawlers were "stuck" around 525 Trophies because the system aggressively brought them back to this range which resulted in uneven matches as the skill level of the players were highly varied at this level.
      • New trophy decay starts at 501 Trophies instead of 550.
      • Generally, the Trophy decay levels are every 25 points instead of every 50 points.
      • The Trophy decay takes the Brawler to 1 point below the lower limit of their current tier. However, at 900+ Trophies it ramps up.
  • Map rotation extended back to 14 days for Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, and Showdown.

Map Maker[]

  • Featured state after map has gotten played in Test Slot + Inbox message with voting results
  • Map hashtag visible in game
  • Report offensive map on battle end screen
  • Map Editor improvements
    • Added a shortcut to the map settings dropdown menu for creating a Friendly Game room with the selected map
    • Mirrored modes supports dragging tiles
    • Tile grid added

Brawler Balance[]

  • All abilities with self-heal from damage (Nita, Mortis, Pam & Emz) will now only heal from damage dealt to enemy Brawlers & coop mode Robots similar to how the Super Attack charging works.
  • Affected Brawlers are compensated with buffs
  • 8-BIT: Increased Damage Booster's damage boost from 30% to 50%
  • Bull: Berserker health triggering threshold increased from 40% to 60%
  • Colette: Increased Health from 3200 to 3400. Increased Mass Tax initial shield gain after activating Super from 10% to 20%
  • Colt: Increased Main Attack damage from 320 to 360. Slick Boots movement speed bonus increased from 10% to 13% (same as Very Fast Brawlers).
  • Crow: Slowing Toxin duration increased from 3.5 to 5 seconds. Defense Booster shielding amount reduced from 60% to 40% Defense Booster charges increased from 2 to 3.
  • Darryl: Tar Barrel duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Dynamike: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 6%. Increased Fidget Spinner damage from 700 to 1200.
  • Emz: Increased Main Attack damage from 500 to 520. Increased Super ability damage from 200 to 240. Hype healing per Brawler hit increased from 320 to 420.
  • Frank: Increased Health from 6400 to 7000
  • Gale: Increased Health from 3400 to 3600
  • Jacky: Increased Counter Crush damage from 15% to 30% Increased Main Attack damage from 1200 to 1280.
  • Jessie: Increased Main Attack damage from 840 to 920. Increased Energize healing per shot from 800 to 896. Increased Scrappy Health from 3000 to 3200.
  • Leon: Smoke Trails movement speed bonus increased from 24% to 30%
  • Mortis: Life Steal from Super percent increased from 100% to 125%
  • Mr. P: Increased Main Attack damage from 700 to 760
  • Nita: Increased Main Attack damage from 800 to 880. Bear With Me healing increased from 500 to 800 both ways
  • Pam: Increased Super ability healing from 320 to 360 per second. Mama's Hug healing increased from 40 to 48 per enemy Brawler hit. Mama's Squeeze damage per second increased from 500 to 800.
  • Piper: Increased Snappy Sniping ammo reload from 0.3 to 0.4 per hit
  • Rico:Increased Health from 2600 to 2800. Super Bouncy damage bonus increased from 100 to 124.
  • Sandy: Increased Healing Winds healing from 250 to 300 per second.
  • Shelly: Shell Shock slow effect duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds. Band-Aid recharge time reduced from 20 to 15 seconds.
  • Brock: Reduced Health from 2600 to 2400. Reduced Main Attack damage from 1100 to 1040. Incendiary damage per second reduced from 600 to 520. Rocket Fuel bonus damage reduced from 100% to 50%.
  • Carl: Reduced Main Attack range from 23 tiles to 20 tiles. Reduced Super charge rate from Main Attack slightly (still requires 6 hits to charge). Increased Super charge rate from Super slightly from 17 hits to 16 hits required. Heat Ejector damage per second increased from 300 to 400.
  • Gene: Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200. Reduced Super charge rate from Main Attack from 3 to 4 hits required. Lamp Blowout push radius reduced by 33% (now matches EMZ's Gadget). Lamp Blowout healing reduced from 700 to 600. Lamp Blowout charges increased from 2 to 3.
  • Spike: Decreased Main Attack reload speed by 5%
  • Tara: Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200. Psychic Enhancer duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.
  • Tick: Decreased Main Attack reload speed by 4.5%
  • Bea: Rattled Hive bee flying pattern changed, now the bees are closer together

Duo Showdown Challenge[]

  • 4 losses / 12 wins
  • Win Condition = Rank 1 or 2
  • Rewards = Star Points, Coins, Warrior Bo Skin


  • Added team colors to Duo Showdown defeated-feed
  • Added an aiming indicator on the ground for certain abilities like Crow & Piper Supers and Sprout Main Attack.
  • Added Support for new High Refresh Rate devices

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Tara's Healing Shade healing to be counted towards healing quests.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Colt's Silver Bullet to deal extra damage.
  • Fix to some area effect visuals staying visible after a goal reset in Brawl Ball.
  • Brawl Ball behavior improved in several rare cases.
  • Carl can no longer be pushed while using his Flying Hook gadget.
  • The new gadgets for Colt and 8-BIT now show the active effect correctly.
  • Sprout projectile interaction with trains is now less erratic.
  • Sprout wall will now push enemies in a more predictable way, instead of preferring one side.
  • Bots can now use teleporters.
  • Carl Flying Hook no longer deals double damage at max range.
  • Carl will no longer go through walls when ending up in middle of water with the Flying Hook gadget.
  • Fix to Leon's Clone Projector gadget not showing state correctly when Leon wasn't visible. In addition the clone's Super indicator will stay as it was when Leon triggered the gadget, instead of always copying the current state.
  • Fixed an issue with framerate drops for some maps on selected devices (ex. Hot Potato).

24/11/20 Bug Fixes and Balance Changes![]

Bug fix[]

  • Fixed a crash that happened when Lou’s Super and another slowing effect were applied to a stationary targets (like IKE, Penny’s Mortar etc.) and all targets are not in the turret’s range anymore

Map Maker improvements[]

  • Maps that receive relatively poor voting results are now quickly removed from the rotation pool
  • The goal is to improve the map quality throughout the day while still offering all maps a fair chance to get played

Lou Balance changes[]

  • Increased Health from 2800 to 3100.
  • Increased main attack damage from 380 to 400 per snow cone.
  • Increased Supercool effectiveness by 40%.

11/11/20 Season 4 Update! Snowtel, Lou, Map Maker features, and more![]

New Brawler - Lou

Lou is a jolly snow cone machine who is always cheerful. He’s so overly positive it annoys the heck out of Mr.P.

  • Main Attack - Fires snow cones that apply Frost. When the target has accumulated enough Frost it will be stunned for 1 second.
  • Super Ability - Throws a snow cone syrup that creates a slippery surface area on the ground.
  • Gadget - Lou freezes himself becoming invulnerable and unable to perform any actions for 1 second.
  • Star Power - The Super area applies Frost to enemies.

New Skins & Character VFX/SFX[]

  • King Lou (Brawl Pass, Tier 70)
  • Bellhop Mike (Brawl Pass, Tier 1)
  • Sally Nani (LINE FRIENDS) | 150 Gems - Late November
  • Choco Piper (LINE FRIENDS) | 80 Gems - December
  • Cony Max (LINE FRIENDS) | 150 Gems - December

Other Skin & Character improvements[]

  • 8-BIT facial animations upgrade
  • True Silver/Gold skin VFX improvements
    • They now have a BLING effect!

Brawl Pass[]

  • Brawl Pass Season 4: "Holiday Getaway"
  • Brawl Pass exclusive Brawlers are only available from boxes after reaching tier 30 in the Brawl Pass
  • Getting a Chromatic Brawler from a Brawl Box now decreases your drop rate chances like any other Epic Brawler
  • Season 1 rewards will be auto-collected when Season 4 starts.

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • New event Tokens per game mode slot reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Added 30 new Tokens to be gained from voting player-made maps in the Test Slot (10 Tokens per vote up to 3 times per day)
  • Mr. P's Snowtel Environment
  • Two new slots for Map Maker maps which unlock at 1000 Total Trophies.
    • Competition Entry Slot
      • This slot rotates the maps made and published by players and allows the players to give either up or downvotes after playing the maps through matchmaking.
      • Each day will feature a different game mode.
      • There’ll be a new map available in this slot every 10 seconds.
      • Players receive a Token reward for voting but no Trophies can be gained from playing in this slot.
    • Competition Winner Slot
      • This slot features the "winner" map from the previous day that had received the highest amount of upvotes during the testing.
      • Players receive normal Token and Trophy rewards from playing this slot.
  • Improvements for several Hot Zone maps.

Map Maker - BETA[]

The maps you make can now be published so everyone can play!

  • There are 4 different stages for your maps: Draft → Submitted → Greenlit → Published
    • In Draft state the player can keep editing the map as much as they want.
    • After the player is happy with the map they need to "Submit" the map for approval and the map creator needs to invite players into a friendly game room. The players in the room will receive a pop-up for map approval at the end of the game. Map needs to get over 50% approval (out of 10 votes) in order to be eligible for publishing it. If the player decides to edit the map after it's submitted it will return into Draft state and requires new approval through voting in the friendly room.
    • After the player publishes a map, it goes to a pool of potential maps to be featured each day in the Test Slot. Editing is no longer possible.

Brawler Balance[]

  • Amber: Movement speed reduced from Very Fast to Normal. Main Attack damage per second reduced from 2400 to 2000.


  • Summonable pets like Nita's Bear now follow their owner if no enemies are alive on the map.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed missing Trixie Colette Main Attack SFX.
  • Fixed missing Friendly/Enemy Amber Main Attack SFX.
  • Fixed missing Amber fire fluid while Spectating or watching Brawl TV.
  • Fixed incorrect Boss Fight game mode banner that displayed the location banner instead of the correct game mode banner.

29/10/20 Amber Balance, Bug Fixes, and More[]

Quest Generation changes

  • Quests are now generated more evenly between Brawler and Game Mode Quests
  • Brawlers now have a higher chance to receive duplicate Quests
  • There will now be Quests available on the first day of a new Season

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused Amber's Super to deal only 1 damage if she was defeated just before igniting the fire fluid
  • Fixed an issue which caused Tara's healing shade to ignite Amber's fire fluid
  • Fixed an issue which allowed Gene Super to pull enemies into a teleport
  • Fixed an issue which caused Bo's mines to not trigger at all if Bo died while using Tripwire
  • Fixed an issue causing teleports to activate Max’s Gadget heal
  • Fixed issues with multiple healing effects that were ignoring game mode limitations to healing in Graveyard Shift
  • Fixed a crash issue in Brawl Ball if a goal was scored and no one had touched the ball

Amber Balance

  • Health reduced from 3300 to 3000
  • Super damage reduced from 2000 to 1800
  • Super charge rate from Main Attack reduced by 25% (17 hits to 22 hits)
  • Super charge rate from Super Attack reduced by 16%
  • Fixed an issue which caused Amber to gain increased Super charge rate from Super Attack with increased Power Levels

22/10/20 Brawl-o-ween Update[]

New Legendary Brawler - Amber[]

  • Main Attack - Amber fires a continuous stream of fire that can lit up any fire fluid on the ground
  • Super - Amber throws a flask of her fire fluid which leaks while flying and generates a big pool of fire fluid at the landing location
  • Gadget - Amber gains increased movement speed and starts leaking fire fluid underneath her
  • Star Power - Allows having two fire fluid pools on the ground simultaneously and recharges Super while standing on the fire fluid

Map Maker (BETA)[]

  • Available after reaching 1,000 Total Trophies.
  • Create maps and play in friendly rooms for Gem Grab, Showdown and Brawl Ball.
  • Limited themes for the maps.
  • It can store a maximum of 5 maps.
  • Check YouTube #BrawlMaps for more information!

New Skins[]

  • Underworld Bo (Custom VFX, Custom Animations) | 150 Gems | Supercell Make
  • Zombibi (Custom VFX, Custom Face) | 80 Gems | Supercell Make
  • Brawl-O-Ween Rosa (Custom VFX for Main Attack, Rosa animation update) | 80 Gems | Brawl-o-ween exclusive
  • True Silver and True Gold Skins for Bull, Barley, Rico, Mortis and Frank
  • Challenger Colt (Custom VFX, Custom Animations) | USD 4.99 for the World Championship Finals 2020 Pack (Limited)

Other Skin & Character improvements[]

  • Piper - New Facial VFX
  • New VFX for Shark Leon
  • Rosa - Animation Update


  • Main Menu background
  • Main Menu music
  • New theme - POCOS BANDSTAND!
  • Brawl-O-Ween Challenge
    • Win a Brawl-O-Ween Rosa skin and exclusive Pins
    • 800 Total Trophies required to unlock
    • 12 Wins (4 Losses)
    • Gem Grab (Double Swoosh)
    • Hot Zone (Ring of Fire)
    • Heist (G.G. Mortuary)
    • Bounty (Shooting Star)
  • Graveyard Shift is back as a temporary game mode with new map rotation.
  • Halloween decorations in Poco's Bandstand and Mortis' Mortuary

Brawl Pass[]

  • WARNING - Season 1 rewards will be automatically collected when Season 3 ends.


  • Removed increased matchmaking score when entering matchmaking in a game room with 2 or 3 players
  • Previously playing with friends in a group would match you against higher trophy players. Now even in a group, your match should only consider the highest trophy player from your team.

New Gadgets[]

  • Bull: Stop charge instantly and stomp the ground to slow nearby opponent.
  • Max: Sneaky Sneakers: Save position and teleport to the position 4 seconds later (with same health).
  • Bea: Rattled Hive: Three circling bees that fly over walls and deal increasing damage the further they get. Starts at Bea and slowly circles away from her.
  • Darryl: Darryl emits a slowing area around himself for 4s.
  • Nita: Nita's bear gets a 35% shield for 3s.
  • Sprout: Reposition: Destroy current wall, instantly get full Super.
  • Brock: Next basic attack is a Mega rocket that deals more damage.
  • Carl: Next basic attack makes Carl fly with the pickaxe.
  • 8-BIT: Next basic attack shoots more bullets.
  • Colt: Next basic attack is a big bullet which penetrates and destroys walls.

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Poco's Bandstand
    • New In-game environment
    • New in-game music
  • Siege
    • Bolt spawns are now fixed within each of the maps and the spawn order repeats throughout the match.
    • New Siege rotation
  • Hot Zone
    • New Hot Zone Rotation
    • Multiple new maps
  • Brawl Ball
    • Self-scoring is now disabled by an invisible wall, the ball will bounce off away from the goal line and the enemy team has to be the last one to touch the ball in order for a goal to be scored.
  • Power Play
    • Showdown (Solo and Duo) no longer in rotation
    • Rotation includes exclusively Brawl Stars Championship maps.


  • Pin system now allows configuring 5 Pin slots for each Brawler.
  • Each Brawler has 3 Brawler specific Pin slots and two Special Pin slots.
  • The two Special slots are universal and are shared between all the Brawler.

Brawler Balance[]

  • 8-BIT: Increased Health from 4300 to 4800.
  • Colette: Increased Super charge rate from Super Attack by 100%. Increased Main Attack reload speed by 11%.
  • Emz: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 5%.
  • Gale: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 14%
  • Nita: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 12%. Bruce is now allowed to move and attack while casting Bear Paws.
  • Bo: Tripwire now has a 1.5 second delay after activation before the mines explode. The mines still remain invisible after being triggered by Tripwire.
  • Max: Decreased Run n Gun efficiency by 50%.

Other changes & bug fixes[]

  • Added 90/120/144 Hz (fps) support for additional devices.
  • Piper's Auto Aimer gadget no longer overrides Frank's Active Noise Canceling gadget.
  • Rosa's Grow Light gadget now always creates green grass regardless of the map theme.
  • Fixed an issue where Mecha Paladin Surge's shield was missing from his back at the final upgrade level.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound effect for Bo's Super Totem and Bea's Honey Molasses was played each time the object came into the field of view of another player.
  • Fixed an issue where Surge and Colette could destroy walls that were next to decorations with their Supers.

Bug Fixes and Optional Update![]

  • Bug fixes and an Optional Update for you all! (The Optional Update is going to be released tomorrow - time to be announced still)
  • Here's what we are fixing with the maintenance:
    • Fixed some issues in Brawl Ball related to the ball being stuck behind the goal.
    • Fixed some malfunctions in friendly game rooms
    • Fixed Max's second gadget
  • And with the Optional Update, we fixed:
    • Fixed a crash on launch issue on iOS 9 devices
    • Fixed a crash issue related to Amber petrol effects
    • Fixed an issue that caused missing Amber flame effects in menu screens
    • Fixed an issue that displayed the old 8-BIT Star Power icon (leave us alone, extra-life)
    • Fixed an issue which prevented game room member status from being displayed correctly
    • Fixed an issue that displayed a redundant channel button in BrawlTV
    • Improved some Map Maker functionalities

17/09/20 Balance Changes and Fixes[]

Emergency Balance for Colette[]

  • Colette's now deals fixed Main Attack and Super Attack damage against pets and summonable objects such as Nita's Bear and Jessie's Turret (similarly as against other "special targets" such as PvE bosses or Showdown boxes).
  • Main Attack base damage percent increased from 35% to 37%.
  • Main Attack minimum damage increased from 200 to 500.
  • Main Attack minimum damage now scales with buffs (such as Power Cubes).
  • Colette's Gadget (Na-ah!) now deals 37% of enemy Brawler's max health as damage with the next Main Attack (and doubles the Main Attack fixed damage against special targets).
  • Super Attack fixed damage against special targets increased from 1000 to 2000.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed missing Brawl Pass icons for Poco Starr and Trixie Colette skins in Brawler Menu.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented El Atomico skin from appearing in the Star Shop.
  • Fixed an issue where 8-BIT's Plugged In Star Power ground effect area was cut off too early from the screen when moving out of the vision range.
  • Fixed an issue where 8-BIT's Booster sound effect was played every time the booster station came into the field of view of another player.
  • Fixed an issue which displayed incorrect name for the 10th bot while playing Duo Showdown in Friendly Game Rooms.
  • Fixed crash issues caused by disabling slots in Friendly Game Rooms.
  • Exploit fixes

16/09/20 Optional Update[]

  • Fixed layout issues in the Quest screen when the season was about to end.
  • Fixed an issue in the battle end screen where certain player names casted a shadow underneath the golden Star Player plaque
  • Fixed some layout issues in the battle end screen.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented displaying the battle end screen when playing Solo Showdown.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented claiming the last season 1 reward from the free track in the Brawl Pass.
  • Fixed missing edge of screen HUD indicators in Brawl Ball, Duo Showdown and PvE modes.
  • Fixed missing Lance for Mecha Paladin Surge.
  • Fixed incorrect Surge face texture.
  • Fixed "???" player name display issues in Showdown.

10/09/20 September Update - Welcome to Starr Park[]

New Brawler - Colette

  • Main Attack
    • Deals 35% of damage based on the remaining health of the target.
    • Any damage boosts are applied after calculating the 35% remaining health damage.
    • Always deals a fixed amount of damage against neutral targets such as PvE Bosses and Showdown Boxes, the damage can be increased with Power Cubes or other buffs.
    • Has minimum damage of 200 (280 at max level).
  • Super Ability
    • Colette runs in a line and turns back after reaching max distance or hitting a wall dealing damage both ways.
    • Deals 20% of enemy Brawler's maximum health as damage.
    • Always deals a fixed amount of damage (capped between 1000-1400 per hit depending on Colette's Power Level) against neutral targets such as PvE Bosses and Showdown Boxes, the damage can be increased with Power Cubes or other buffs.
  • Gadget
    • Colette's next basic attack deals 40% of Colette's remaining health as damage
  • Star Power
    • Enemy Brawlers hit by Colette's Super attack are carried to the maximum charge distance

New Skins![]

Brawl Pass Season 3: Welcome to Starr Park![]

  • New Gift Shop environment
  • New Starr Park environment (Tutorial and Training Cave)
  • New Music
  • Poco Starr Skin
  • Trixie Colette Skin
  • Pin Packs have been included in both Brawl Pass and normal progression.

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Map rotation schedule has been shortened from 14 days to a 7 day rotation for Gem Grab, Showdown (Solo, Duo) and Brawl Ball, which means that there will be 7 maps per Game Mode in rotation and each map will be playable more often.
  • Returned a long list of classic maps based on community feedback
  • Showdown
    • Energy boost has been reduced from 200% increased damage to 100% increased damage.
    • Angry Robo modifier health and damage now scale according to the average Brawler Power Level in the match.
    • Power Cube box health now scales according to the average Brawler Power Level in the match.
  • Heist
    • Safe health now scales according to the average Brawler Power Level in the match.
  • Siege
    • IKE health, Siege Robot health and Siege Robot damage now scale according to the average Brawler Power Level in the match.

Brawler Balance[]

  • A big round of Quality of Life Super charge rate tuning which fixes issues where a combination of Main Attacks and/or Super Attacks often left the Super Attack just slightly off from being fully charged
  • The more major changes to Super charge rates that were intended as either buffs or nerfs to the characters are listed after this section, the goal with these small QoL changes was not to change the overall balance but to rather fix these small issues
  • As a result of the tuning there are minor changes to Super charge rates for the following characters
  • Barley: Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Carl: Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Colt: Super charge rate decreased slightly from Main Attack. Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Jessie: Super charge rate decreased slightly from Main Attack. Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Bo: Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack. Super charge rate decreased slightly from Super Attack (still charges with 3 hits)
  • Bull: Increased Health from 4900 to 5000. Super charge rate increased slightly from Main Attack. Super charge rate increased from Super Attack.
  • Darryl: Increased Health from 4800 to 5000.
  • Dynamike: Super charge rate increased to fully charge from 2 full hits with Main Attack.
  • El Primo: Super charge rate increased from 10 hits to 9 hits with Main Attack. Super charge rate increased from 5 hits to 4 hits with Super Attack. Asteroid Belt explosion radius increased by 11%.
  • Emz: Super charge rate increased to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Gene: Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Jacky: Counter Crush effective radius increased by 50%.
  • Max: Super charge rate increased to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Mortis: Super charge rate decreased slightly from Main Attack (this does NOT change any interactions or combos!). Super charge rate increased from Super Attack which enables a new Super charging combo for Mortis with 2 Super Attack hits + 2 Main Attack hits (down from 3 Main Attacks required for this combo).
  • Nita: Super charge rate increased from 7 hits to 6 hits with Main Attack. Super charge rate increased from 12 to 10 Bear Attack hits. Added a one second delay to Bear Paws before the stun is applied. Bear Paws charges increased from 2 to 3.
  • Rosa: Super charge rate increased to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Shelly: Increased Health from 3600 to 3800. Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 2 full hits with Main Attack. Super charge rate decreased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Spike: Increased Main Attack damage from 520 to 560 per Spike. Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Tara: Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 4 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Tick: Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 2 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Mr. P: Super charge rate decreased from Main Attack (still charges with 6 hits). Super charge rate decreased from 16 to 18 Porter Attack hits.
  • Poco: Tuning Fork healing decreased from 500 to 400 health per second.
  • Surge: To the Max! projectile split no longer happens when reaching the max distance (only when hitting enemies or walls).
  • Gale: Gale’s Spring Ejector gadget now doesn’t have quite as much … “ejection” power! Second Wind is replaced with a new Star Power: Freezing Snow - Main Attack now applies a 0.3 second slowing effect upon hit
  • 8-BIT: Extra Life is replaced with a new Star Power: PLUGGED IN - 8-BIT receives a movement speed boost while near to the damage booster.
  • Pam: Pam's healing turret visual healing area has been adjusted to match the effective healing area (visual area is now slightly smaller). Pulse Modulator healing area has also been reduced to match the effective healing area of the healing turret resulting in a slight nerf to the Gadget.


  • New Battle End Screen
  • New app icon
  • Option to disable player slots in Friendly Game Rooms allowing player to customize their own Friendly Matches and added the new Bounty Map “Open” (Friendly exclusive) to utilize as you please.
  • "Browsing Quests" status added to Game Rooms.
  • SCID login button added to tutorial screen.
  • SCID now receives friend suggestions from Facebook, LINE and Kakao if the player's friends have also connected their account to SCID.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where El Primo's Asteroid Belt explosion effect was not matching the effective area of the explosion, as a result the visual explosion area has been increased by 26%.
  • Fixed an issue where Dynamike's Satchel Charge stun effect was only applied to one dynamite stick.
  • Fixed a rare issue which caused pushback effects to send Brawlers flying mid-air.
  • Non-exclusive Brawl Pass Brawler pins can now be collected from the reward track if the Season Brawler has been unlocked but the Brawler alternate reward has not been collected yet.

18/08/20 Balance Changes[]

  • Fixed an issue where the Mega Monster would not attack players during Enrage when it was exactly at 75% health remaining.
  • Super City Rampage will now end in a defeat if the maximum server time of 13 minutes is reached and the Mega Monster has not been defeated.


  • Crow: Increased Slowing Toxin duration from 2.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds.
  • Gale: Decreased Main Attack damage from 320 to 280 per hit. Decreased Super charge rate from 10 hits to 12 hits (120).
  • Mr. P: Decreased Home Base Health from 2800 to 2200. Decreased Porter Health from 1500 to 1400.
  • Piper: Decreased Homemade Recipe homing bullet range by 15%.
  • Surge: Decreased Health from 3100 to 2800. Decreased Main Attack projectile split range by 25%.

08/07/20 Maintenance Update[]

  • Difficulty level adjustments for Super City Rampage.
    • Normal difficulty level is now easier.
    • Slows and stuns are now less effective against the Mega Monster.
    • While enraged, Mega Monster is now immune to slows, stuns and pushbacks.
  • Fixed an issue in Super City Rampage which prevented the Mega Monster from correctly targeting buildings.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Surge to activate his Super without spending the Super charge.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Darryl from using his Super to cross over water.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the selected Special Pins to not be correctly persisted between game sessions.

02/07/20 Summer Update[]

New Chromatic Brawler - Surge - Available July 6!

  • Main Attack - Attack that splits horizontally after hitting an enemy Brawler.
  • Super Ability - Using the Super upgrades Surge. Upgrades are lost upon respawn.
    • 1st Upgrade: Movement Speed.
    • 2nd Upgrade: Main Attack Range.
    • 3rd Upgrade: Main Attack projectile now splits into 6 projectiles upon hitting an enemy.
  • Gadget - Teleports a short distance.
  • Star Power - Main Attack projectile splits after reaching max distance or when hitting a wall.

Brawl Pass Season 2: Summer of Monsters![]

  • Starting July 6 and lasting 10 weeks!
  • Mecha Paladin Surge - Brawl Pass
  • Super Ranger Brock - Brawl Pass
  • Chromatic Names available for Brawl Pass players!
  • Brawl Pass rewards can now be collected in any order

New Skins[]

  • Crow Remodel
  • Mega Beetle Bea - 150 Gems
  • Ultra Driller Jacky - 150 Gems
  • King Crab Tick - 80 Gems
  • Street Wear Max - 80 Gems
  • White Crow - 80 Gems
  • Retro Nani - 30 Gems
  • True Silver & True Gold skins
    • Players can purchase the Silver skin for the Brawler after they have upgraded to Power Level 9 on the Brawler.The Gold version becomes available after purchasing the Silver version.
    • Silver costs 10 000 Coins. Gold costs 25 000 Coins.
    • Skins will be offered as part of the normal Shop skin offer rotation.
    • Gold and Silver will be available for Emz, El Primo, Shelly, Piper, and Leon.
  • Pirate Gene has a new visual effect for his Super
  • New face animations for Shelly, Colt, and Crow.

Game Modes / Economy / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Trophy Road Rewards have been extended until 50 000 Trophies.
  • Hot Zone has been added into the permanent event rotation.
  • New Mode: Super City Rampage!
    • Players fight together to protect the city from a Monster who tries to destroy it. The Monster wins if it destroys all of the city blocks, or defeat all the Brawlers.
  • The monster unlocks new abilities at higher difficulty levels.
  • Big Game
    • Big Game has been re-balanced - Big Brawlers were winning too often compared to the Hunters.
    • Big Brawler pets damage and health has been reduced.
    • Big Brawler self-healing has been reduced.
    • Big Brawler health has been adjusted so that it now depends more on the Brawler's base health.
  • Robo Rumble
    • Hard, Expert and Insane difficulty levels are now slightly easier.
    • The enrage mechanic has been changed from the 90 second enrage to:
      • Robots now enrage after 25 seconds and gain a speed boost.
      • Robots now enrage more after 40 seconds and attack the Safe directly.

Pins Battle Support - Emotes can now be used during battles![]

  • Emotes are visible for both teams.
  • Using an emote will set a cooldown for 10 seconds.
  • Emotes can be muted during battle from the emote button.
  • Emote button placement can be configured in the Edit Controls screen.
  • Players have 4 different emotes to use in Battle: Happy, Sad, Angry and Special.
  • Special category emote can be configured for each of the Brawlers individually. Players need to collect the Pins for each of the Brawlers in order to use that Brawler's emotes If the player does not own Pins for the currently selected Brawler then a default emote will be displayed instead.

Archive - Last chance offers for the following skins after which they will be retired into the archive. Skins going into the Archive this season: Caveman Frank, Touchdown Bull, Rockabilly Mortis, Spicy Mike, Boom Box Brock.

New Gadgets! New Gadgets will be released once per week during the next 10 weeks[]

  • Crow Slowing Toxin: All currently poisoned enemies are slowed.
  • Penny Captain's Compass: Fire a barrage of shots at Penny's location.
  • Bo Tripwire: Instantly explode mines.
  • Mortis Survival Shovel: Faster reload speed for a while.
  • El Primo Asteroid Belt: Summon a small meteor at closest enemy.
  • Jessie Recoil Spring: Supercharge turret to shoot twice as fast.
  • Barley Herbal Tonic: Throw healing potion to every friendly player in range that leaves a healing puddle on the ground (Healing over time, doesn't stack).
  • Shelly Clay Pigeons: Next basic attack has a narrower cone and longer range.
  • Piper Homade Recipe: Next basic attack is a seeking bullet.
  • Dynamike Satchel Charge: Next basic attack stuns.

Brawler Balance[]

  • Gale:Gale's main attack now fires 6 smaller projectiles for improved damage dealing consistency. Gale no longer knocks himself back upon activating Super. Super enemy push back distance has been increased.
  • Nani: Increased Health from 2400 to 2600. Nani's Main Attack projectiles now travel extra distance if they miss their target for improved damage dealing consistency.
  • Dynamike: Fidget Spinner now also increases movement speed.
  • Leon: Increased Main Attack damage from 440 to 460. Clone Projector Leon is no longer killed with a single hit, but instead takes double damage from all sources. The damage dealt to the clone by enemies is now shown.
  • Tara: Increased Main Attack damage from 420 to 460.
  • Gene: Decreased Health from 3600 to 3400.
  • Jacky: Decreased Health from 5200 to 5000. Decreased Pneumatic Booster speed boost from 30% to 20%. Increased Pneumatic Booster charges from 2 to 3.
  • Sprout: Overgrowth now takes 5 seconds to charge but the increased explosion radius is always applied. Super charging rate decreased from 4 to 5 hits.
  • Mr. P: Tin Can has been replaced with a new Star Power: Revolving Door

Revolving Door: The robo-porters spawn 3 seconds faster after being defeated.

  • Emz: Decreased health from 3800 to 3600. Decreased Friendzoner push back radius and distance. Increased Friendzoner charges from 2 to 3.

16/06/20 Balance Changes[]

  • Big Game: Reduced Big Brawler's health by 20 000.
  • Carl: Increased Main Attack damage from 600 to 660 per hit.
  • Max: Increased Main Attack damage from 300 to 320 per bullet.
  • Mr. P: Increased Health from 2900 to 3200.
  • Nani: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 10%.
  • Tara: Increased Health from 3200 to 3400.
  • Bibi: Decreased Health from 4000 to 3800.
  • Brock: Decreased Health from 2800 to 2600.
  • Gene: Decreased Lamp Blowout charges from 3 to 2.
  • Jacky: Decreased Pneumatic Booster charges from 3 to 2.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where Robots did not attack the Safe in Robo Rumble when players were hiding behind a Sprout wall.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented playing Big Game after reaching 20 wins in the game mode.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented playing a Challenge if the player had 4 losses from a previous Challenge and was in a game room when the Challenge started.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Nani to teleport with the ball in Brawl Ball.

15/06/20 Optional Update: Bug Fixes[]

  • An optional update has been released for both iOS and Android devices:
  • Tweaks to team invite screen.
  • Tapping the Quest icon in the game mode selection next to Showdown mode now highlights Quests in the Quests log.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple boxes to be opened when tapping the Brawl Pass tier 60 reward box repeatedly.
  • Fixed SCID window being closed upon app suspension.
  • Fixed game reloading after being suspended briefly and resumed.
  • Fixed game automatically reloading after being logged in.
  • Fixed some crashes.

04/06/20 Optional Update[]

Brawl Pass UX Improvements[]

  • Quests have been divided into categories (Daily, Season, Event)
  • Quest icons in the Event Selection are now Shortcut buttons to the Quest log.
  • Brawler menu now has a quest filter button which sorts Brawlers with Quests to the top of the Brawler list.
  • Brawl Pass now has shortcut buttons to navigate between rewards and milestones inside the track.
  • Brawl Pass now remembers the previously viewed tab when accessed through the main Brawl Pass button.
  • Brawl Pass Exclusive Quests are now highlighted for Premium Pass owners (now highlighted gold instead of white).
  • Brawl Pass exclusive quests have been moved to the end of the list for Free Pass players.
  • Gem counter is now visible in the Brawl Pass screen.
  • Local notifications for Quests becoming available have been added.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue which caused missing Brawler names and health numbers during battle.

20/05/20 Maintenance Update[]

  • Token Doubler price has been lowered to 40 Gems in the Shop (from 50)
  • Quests with identical requirements as an existing Quest are no longer generated (such as "Deal x points of damage in Brawl Ball")
  • Fixed a bug that caused server error 43 in Boss Fight
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Sprout to move Safes/IKEs with his Super
  • Miscellaneous Text fixes

13/05/20 May Update[]

Tara's Bazaar has Arrived!

The first Brawl Pass season has arrived! Welcome to Tara's Bazaar!

New Brawler - Gale! Chromatic Brawler[]

  • Main Attack: Polar Vortex - Gale blows a wide array of wind and snow at his enemies
  • Super Ability: Gale Force - Gale delivers an almighty gust of wind, pushing back all enemies caught in its path
  • Gadget: Spring Ejector - Gale drops a bounce pad underfoot, launching friend and foe alike into the air
  • Star Power: Blustery Blow - Super now stuns when enemies are pushed against a wall
  • Star Power: Second Wind - Speed boost to friendly Brawlers caught in the path of his Super

New Skins![]

  • Barbarian King Bull - Supercell’s 10th Anniversary!
  • Merchant Gale - Brawl Pass exclusive!
  • Rogue Mortis - 150 Gems
  • Tropical Sprout - 30 Gems
  • Guard Rico - 150 Gems
  • Holiday Pam - 80 Gems
  • Evil Gene - 150 Gems
  • Constructor Jacky - 30 Gems

Brawl Pass[]

Chromatic - New Rarity!

  • Chromatic Brawlers start at Legendary Rarity drop rate in boxes, but the drop rate improves with each ending Brawl Pass Season until Epic Rarity level
  • Chromatic Brawlers can be acquired as a drop from Brawl Boxes or by purchasing the Brawl Pass


  • Multiple different quests are available to progress in the pass. Quests unlock at 300 Trophies from the Trophy Road.
  • Token requirements to reach next tier increase at certain intervals while going up in the tiers
  • Quest rewards
    • Small 100 tokens, Medium 250 tokens, Large 500 tokens
    • Brawl Pass Quests 250 or 500 tokens
  • Quest generation
    • Two small quests are generated daily and last for 24 hours. Additional Medium and Large quests are generated on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as Brawl Pass exclusive quests.
  • After all the pass rewards have been claimed, players can still keep playing for additional boxes
  • Any uncollected rewards from previous Seasons can still be collected


  • Collectible Pins (emotes) have been added to the game. They can be currently used in the game room chat. We will add support for emotes in battles with a later update.
  • Collecting Emotes: Players can only receive emotes for a Brawler that they own.
  • Pin Rarities: Common Pins: Sad, Happy and Angry Emotes, Rare Pins: GG and Thanks Emotes, Epic Pins: Special Emotes

Hot Zone is back! (temporarily!)[]

  • Hold an area to hoist the flag, progress is shown visually on the screen and also in the top UI as percentage
  • Both teams can capture the same area simultaneously without blocking each other
  • Game ends when one team has hoisted all the flags available in the map

Economy Changes[]

  • All uncollected Brawl Boxes and Big Boxes have been moved to Brawl Pass
  • Tickets have been converted to Gems with 0.1 Gems awarded per 1 Ticket (rounded up).
  • Star Tokens have been removed
  • Gems have been removed from Brawl Boxes and placed on the pass
  • Ticket Reward has been changed to Big Box in the Trophy Road

Game Modes & Event Rotation Changes[]

Ticketed game modes!

  • Ticketed modes are now free to play and new quests are generated for them when the game mode becomes available
  • Boss Fight: 5 Quests available for beating the first 5 difficulty levels and 100 Token reward for each Quest.
  • Robo Rumble: Now has a maximum timer of 2 minutes that the players must survive in order to win. 5 Quests are available for beating the first 5 difficulty levels and 100 Token reward for each Quest
  • Big Game: Boss wins if they survive the 2 minute timer. Boss health has been adjusted for the new time. 100 Token Quest rewards for first 5 victories


  • Various UI improvements
  • New Brawler defeat effects
  • In profiles, Robo Rumble highest time has been replaced with highest beaten level


The Archive[]

In the future, some selected skins will be removed from the shop rotation. They will be resurfaced about 1-2 times per year. Selected skins have a new icon to signify this change.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Showdown: Fixed a crash when multiple Dynamikes activated Fidget Spinner at the same time in a Friendly Room battle
  • Showdown: Jacky's Super charge rate no longer increases after collecting Power Cubes
  • Spike: Popping Pincushion is no longer affected by Curveball
  • Crow: Extra Toxic Star Power now correctly affects Jacky
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug when Shelly destroyed a wall she was dashing into
  • Turrets are now also pushed out of Sprout’s walls

Brawler Balance[]

  • 8-BIT - Cheat Cartridge no longer destroys Damage Booster upon activation
  • Barley - Sticky Syrup Mixer slow area increased by 25%. Slow area duration increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds. Super bottle pattern is now fixed instead of random
  • Bea - Honey Pot slow area increased by 20%. Honey pot is now always dropped above Bea and not below to her make it easier to position against a wall.
  • Carl - Increased Super damage from 360 to 420 per swing
  • Mortis - Activating Combo Spinner no longer stops Mortis from moving
  • Darryl - Activating Recoiling Rotator no longer stops Darryl from moving. Recoiling Rotator now deals less damage per pellet but charges 25% of Super with each pellet hit.
  • Dynamike - Activating Fidget Spinner no longer stops Dynamike from moving
  • Piper - Auto Aimer now shoots a single bullet that slows and pushes back the first enemy hit
  • Sandy - Increased Main Attack damage from 840 to 920
  • Bibi - Decreased Health from 4200 to 4000
  • Sprout - Decreased Main Attack damage from 1000 to 940
  • Bo - Super Mine deployment pattern is now correctly mirrored for both teams
  • Brock - Super rocket pattern is now fixed instead of random
  • Tick - Main Attack pattern is now correctly mirrored for both teams
  • Emz - Hype healing per enemy hit decreased from 400 to 320
  • Nita - Decreased Bear Paws charges from 3 to 2
  • IKE - Increased health from 30,000 to 35,000 hp

29/04/20 Maintenance[]

Here are the changes:

  • New Supercell ID Friends countries added (Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Spain)
  • Play Again feature is no longer available for a team that has duplicate Brawlers in it
  • Play Again feature now unlocks at 500 Total Trophies instead of at 150 Total Trophies
  • El Primo can no longer use his Gadget to throw Brawlers who are protected by the invulnerability bubble
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Boss to get stuck in Boss Fight
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Boss Fight to be played without Tickets

15/04/20 Balance Changes[]

Balance Changes

Here are the changes:

  • Brawlers with invulnerability bubbles can now destroy the walls generated by Sprout
  • Decreased Garden Mulcher healing from 3000 to 2000
  • Decreased Overgrowth explosion radius effect by 50%

14/04/20 Optional Update[]

Optional Update - Customizable Controls!

Here are the changes with the update:

  • Added Customizable Control Settings to the Setting Screen & Training Cave
  • Fixed an issue that caused Showdown box shadows to remain on the ground after a box was destroyed
  • Fixed several graphical layering issues with ground effects
  • Fixed an issue with opening Club screens that allowed players to send friend requests to members in other Clubs
  • Fixed an issue that caused the health bar of Mr. P's Porters to be moved too high on the screen when using Mr. P's Gadget
  • Fixed an issue where auto-fire targeting did not take into account the added range from Sprout's main attack grenade bounces

07/04/20 Balance Changes[]

Maintenance Changes Inbound!

  • Added Additional SC ID Friends countries (JP, CA, HK, AU and NZ)
  • Season end trophy decay now happens varyingly between 0-60 minutes

Balance Changes[]

  • Bea: Increased Main Attack projectile speed by 5%.
  • Bibi: Increased Movement Speed from Fast to Very Fast.
  • Poco: Increased Main Attack damage from 660 to 700.
  • Spike: Increased Curveball effectiveness by 50%.
  • Crow: Decreased Defense Booster charges from 3 to 2.
  • Emz: Decreased Friendzoner charges from 3 to 2.
  • Jacky: Decreased Health from 5500 to 5200.
  • Gene: Decreased Lamp Blowout healing from 1000 to 700.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a crash bug in the game rooms
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Darryl from destroying decorations with his Super
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed Jacky & Frank to kick the ball in Brawl Ball while channeling their Super
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Tara's Gadget from revealing all enemies in the map
  • Fixed a bug which displayed a persistent "NEW!" badge over the Shop

Gameplay Changes[]

  • Gadgets now interrupt health regeneration only upon activation (not for the whole duration of the Gadget use)
  • Gadget effects are no longer interrupted by using Main or Super attack
  • Showdown: Meteors are no longer focusing on a single Brawler during the early game
  • Showdown: Poison cloud damage now scales up after the 5th consecutive hit from the poison

26/03/20 Balance Changes[]

  • Frank: Decreased Active Noise Canceling duration from 2.0s to 1.5s.
  • Jacky: Increased delay between Main Attacks by 25%. Decreased Main Attack damage from 1300 to 1200. Decreased Pneumatic Booster movement speed effect from 38% to 30%.
  • Max: Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue which displayed Underdog in Championship Challenge and Power Play
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Rosa's Gadget to hide IKE Turret from being targeted by enemy pets such as Penny's Mortar
  • Fixed a crash issue in Spring Trap
  • Robo Rumble: Fixed an issue with the Robo Boss sometimes getting stuck when spawning
  • Fixed an issue with pet/turret related activated Gadgets. Some of them were considering their last placement when being activated.

17/03/20 March Update[]

The Brawl Stars Update has finally arrived! Our newest Brawler Jacky, Gadgets for EVERY Brawler, new skins, and more!

New Brawler[]

Jacky! She works her jackhammer to shake up the ground and nearby enemies. Her Super pulls in nearby foes, leaving them in the dust!

  • Main Attack - Groundbreaker: Jacky hops on her Jackhammer to shake the ground all around. Enemies caught too close will get a pounding!
  • Super Ability - Holey Moley! Jacky drills a hole in the ground, pulling in foes. She is partially shielded during her Super.
  • Gadget - Pneumatic Booster: Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves faster!
  • Star Power 1: Reflects damage received back to enemies who are close to Jacky.
  • Star Power 2: Passively reduces all incoming damage.

New Brawler - Sprout! (Coming in April!)[]

New Skins![]

  • Darryl Remodel
  • Mascot Darryl - 80 Gems
  • PSG Shelly - 80 Gems
  • Dark Bunny Penny - 10 000 Star Points
  • College EMZ - 500 Star Points

April Skins![]

PSG Cup![]

March 19: Play this new challenge for rewards, glory, AND if you manage to get 9 wins, you’ll unlock PSG Shelly before anyone else! This challenge will be available at 800+ total trophies and include Super Stadium, Pinball Dreams, and Galaxy Arena Brawl Ball maps.


  • Each Brawler now has a unique gadget that unlocks an activated ability for the Brawler.
  • Gadgets are found in Brawl Boxes and in the shop at Power Level 7 for each Brawler.
  • Damage dealing gadgets do not charge Super (similar to Star Powers).
  • Power Play will not require gadgets to play.
  • Friendly rooms have a setting to disable gadget use in the match.

The Underdog System[]

  • This matchmaking improvement helps games with uneven Trophy amounts between teams.
  • Only in 3v3 modes and does not affect Solo/Duo showdown.
  • Provides a bonus to gained trophies or a reduction to lost trophies when triggered.
  • Status is shown when entering the match and also after the match.
  • Underdog status is triggered when either of the two following conditions are met:
    • Player is matched with two other players who are playing together in a team and have a 200 trophy difference between them in their Brawler scores.
    • Player is matched against an enemy team whose average Brawler trophies is 200+ trophies higher than the player's team.
  • Underdog bonus is not available when using Play Again.

Event Rotation Changes[]

  • New and some returning maps have been added and the worst performing maps have been removed
  • Tickets have been removed from Brawl Boxes and the shop. In the next update, tickets will be removed completely. Use them while you can!
  • Increased the number of free tickets given in Robo Rumble and Big Game from 2 to 5.

Supercell ID[]

  • SCID Friends support added in certain countries.


  • Safe Play - With safe accounts for younger players, we're now offering Brawl Stars to players under the age of 13.
  • Added 120Hz battle frame rate entries for more Asus ROG Phone II variants.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Brawl Ball: On the ground effects such as Barley's Super no longer deal damage after a goal is scored (the visual effect still remains).
  • Mortis: Fixed a bug which allowed Mortis to dash inside walls.
  • 8-BIT: Fixed a bug which prevented 8-BIT from using main attack instantly after respawn in Solo Showdown.

Balance Changes[]

  • Carl: Tailspin damage reduced from 400 to 360 per swing.
  • Max: Decreased Health from 3500 to 3400. Decreased Run n' Gun efficiency by 17%.
  • Mr. P: Increased Porter spawn delay from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Sandy: Reduced Main Attack damage from 900 to 840. Reduced Rude Sands damage from 120 to 100.


  • Rosa - Rosa fertilizes the ground around her and bushes instantly grow to provide great cover.
  • Crow - Crow gets a shield of 60% of incoming damage for 3 seconds.
  • Brock - Brock blasts the ground below him and propels himself into the air. The explosion deals 500 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Dynamike - Dynamike spins furiously and throws multiple sticks of dynamite around himself. Each dynamite deals 700 damage to enemies.
  • Penny - Penny blows up her cannon, creating a powerful explosion that crumbles walls and deals 1500 damage to nearby enemies.
  • 8-Bit - 8-Bit instantly teleports to his Damage Booster, which is then destroyed.
  • Tick - Tick makes a quick dash, leaving a single mine on the ground
  • Pam - Pam momentarily triggers her healing turret to create a single healing burst that revitalizes herself and nearby allies for 1200 health.
  • Bo - Bo drops a totem that recharges his and any allies' Supers within the area of effect.
  • Rico - Rico blasts waves of bouncy bullets in all directions.
  • Nita - Nita commands her bear to slam the ground, stunning all enemies within its reach.
  • Carl - Carl drops a trail of hot rocks behind his cart that inflict damage to enemies that they touch. Dealing 300 damage per second.
  • Max - Max dashes forward and becomes immune to all damage from enemies while dashing.
  • Darryl - Darryl spins around and sprays a barrage of shots in all directions.
  • Barley - Barley drops a sticky concoction that leaves a puddle, slowing down all enemies that make contact with it.
  • Frank - Frank is able to disrupt being stunned and momentarily becomes immune to any stuns, slows and knockbacks.
  • El Primo - El Primo grabs the closest enemy within his reach and flips them like a pancake over his broad shoulders.
  • Bull - Bull instantly rejuvenates himself for 1500 health.
  • Jessie - Jessie triggers a shockwave from her turret, slowing all enemies within its area of effect.
  • Mortis - Mortis spins his shovel, hitting all enemies around himself for 1300 damage.
  • Tara - Tara and her allies are able to see all enemies, even inside bushes, for 5 seconds.
  • Spike - Spike shoots 3 waves of needles in all directions, dealing 520 damage per hit.
  • Gene - All enemies close to Gene are instantly pushed back. Gene also restores 1000 health.
  • Poco - Poco and all nearby allies heal 500 health per second for 5 seconds.
  • Jacky - Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves 38% faster for 3 seconds.
  • Piper - Piper fires off 4 quick shots at the closest enemy. Each shot dealing 400 damage.
  • Mr. P - Mr. P buffs his current porter by increasing its damage by 150 and health by 1000.
  • Bea - Bea drops honey pot that slows down any enemies that get too close.
  • Shelly - Shelly dashes forward with the help of a hook and line.
  • Colt - Colt instantly reloads 2 bullets into his revolvers.
  • Emz - Emz pushes back all enemies around her while also dealing 500 damage.
  • Bibi - Bibi heals 600 health per second for 4 seconds.
  • Leon - Leon creates an illusion of himself to confuse his enemies.
  • Sandy - Sandy falls asleep for 2 seconds and his health is fully restored.

25/02/20 Balance Changes[]

  • Darryl: Steel Hoops damage reduction increased from 30% to 90%.
  • 8-BIT: Extra Life ammunition available after respawn increased from 0 to 1.
  • Poco: Da Capo! healing decreased from 800 to 700 per attack.

19/02/20 February Balance Changes[]

  • Colt: Increased Main Attack damage from 300 to 320 per bullet. Increased Super damage from 300 to 320 per bullet.
  • Dynamike: Increased Main Attack damage from 760 to 800 per dynamite.
  • El Primo: Increased Health from 5800 to 6000.
  • Emz: Increased Health from 3600 to 3800. Hype healing per enemy hit increased from 300 to 400.
  • Frank: Increased Health from 6100 to 6400.
  • Leon: Increased Main Attack damage from 103 to 178 at maximum range.
  • Pam: Increased Health from 4500 to 4800.
  • Poco: Increased Health from 3800 to 4000.
  • Spike: Increased Main Attack damage from 480 to 520 per spike.
  • Tick: Increased Main Attack damage from 640 to 680 per mine.
  • 8-BIT: 8-BIT no longer has invulnerability bubble after respawning with Extra Life.
  • Bea: Honey Coat Rework:
    • Now triggers only once per match.
    • Invulnerability shield duration after it triggers has been increased from 0.6 to 1.0 seconds.
  • Carl: Protective Pirouette damage reduction decreased from 40% to 30%.
  • Darryl: Steel Hoops shield duration decreased from 2.5 to 0.9 seconds.
  • Mr. P: Main Attack range decreased by 12.5%.

23/01/20 January 2020 Update[]

New Mythic Brawler - Mr. P[]

Mr. P is a disgruntled luggage handler who angrily hurls suitcases at his opponents. His Super calls robotic porters to help him.

  • Main Attack - Your Suitcase Sir! - Fires a projectile that can jump over walls and enemies dealing area damage behind them after landing
  • Super Ability - P-Porters Attack! - Places a spawning station that spawns mini-penguins with a ranged attack. Only one mini penguin can be active at a time
  • Star Power - Handle With Care - Mr. P’s overstuffed suitcases bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target or obstacle
  • Star Power - Tin Can - The robo-porters’ home base has +3000 more health

New Game mode - Hot Zone![]

  • Hold a zone marked on the ground for 3 seconds to gain a point, the team with the most points in 2:00 wins!
  • Enemy Brawlers in the zone prevent points from being gathered, and leaving the zone will interrupt receiving a point.
  • Last 30 seconds of a match gives double points!

Lunar new Year! New Skins[]

A brand new Arcade environment, evil robots, and more!

  • Virus 8-BIT - 300 Gems
  • Heroine Bibi - 150 Gems
  • Street Ninja Tara - 80 Gems

More Skins![]

  • Cupid Piper - 150 Gems
  • Koala Nita - 80 Gems
  • Agent P - 30 Gems

Championship Challenge[]

  • Maximum losses increased from 3 → 4
  • Looking for Team feature now considers a player’s total trophies when forming a team
  • Fixed bug where players could not select 2nd Star Power
  • Duplicate Brawlers no longer allowed in matchmaking

Event/ Map rotation changes[]

Balance Changes[]

  • Bea: Decreased Honey Coat shield duration from 1s → 0.6s.
  • Darryl: Decreased Steel Hoops shield duration from 3s → 2.5s.
  • Max: Decreased Run n’ Gun efficiency by 25%. Increased Main Attack damage from 250 → 300. Super Ability’s speed boost granted to teammates who enter the radius within 1s (rather than instant).


  • Trophy Road buffs!
    • Compensation for previously collected rewards will be available for 7 days
  • New and improved Brawler screen
  • Double Token event now gives extra tokens for Rank Ups, and XP Level Ups
  • Improvements for joystick controls on tablets