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BS Version History

Throughout the course of time, Supercell has introduced updates to Brawl Stars that fix bugs, balance events and/or introduce new Brawlers, game modes, and other features.

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Maintenance Break - July 1st[]

  • Surge's "Serve Ice Cold" Star Power
  • Certain Brawlers' dash abilities going through walls
  • Janet's "Drop the Bass" Gadget
  • Chat button in Friendly Battle Lobbies
  • Ringmaster Byron's win animation
  • Friendship request reply buttons missing in some invites
  • Gale's Super shooting more projectiles than it should
  • Crashes when pressing the Friends button
  • Crashes at the end of 5v5 matches
  • Rank up Club notification clipping errors in the Club Chat
  • Jacky Cooky Skin missing her walking animation
  • Looking for a Team interface errors
  • Player Profile screen not loading properly
  • "Mute Team Invites/Do not Disturb" settings not being saved after the game is restarted
  • Switch Brawler button in Starr Road disappearing in certain situations
Balance changes[]


  • Hypercharge charges faster (charge rate increased) 25 -> 35


  • Attack speed modifier when Frank has low HP decreased 70 -> 60


  • Damage decreased 1200 -> 1060
  • HP decreased 4200 -> 4100

We are actively monitoring the 'mastery bot' farming situation and are suspending accounts when we identify they have been participating in this behavior

Patch Notes: Classic Brawl Update[]

New Brawler: Clancy (Mythic)[]

Type: Damage Dealer

  • Trait: Clancy gains a token when hitting an enemy Brawler with an ability, and after collecting a certain amount of tokens, he upgrades through stages that improve his attacks
  • Attack: Power Wash
    • Stage 1 (0 tokens): Clancy shoots a paintball
    • Stage 2 (15 tokens): Clancy shoots two paintballs per attack
    • Stage 3 (30 tokens): Clancy gains sidewinders paintballs, shooting 2 more diagonally with each attack. He also gains increased movement speed!
  • Super: Torrent
    • Stage 1. Clancy shoots a torrent of paintballs in front of him
    • Stage 2. Shoots his paintballs further
    • Stage 3. Torrent deals even more damage
  • Gadget: Snappy Shooting
    • Clancy gets double tokens for 5 seconds
  • Gadget: Tactical Retreat
    • Clancy dashes and reloads 1 ammo
  • Star Power: Recon
    • Clancy starts the game with 3 tokens
  • Star Power: Pumping Up
    • Clancy reloads on every enemy takedown

New Brawler: Berry (Epic)

Type: Support

  • Trait: Berry charges his Super from both healing AND damage that he deals
  • Attack: Meltdown
    • Berry throws melted ice cream at a targeted area, damaging enemies and healing allies on impact and over time
  • Super: Sweet Swirl
    • Berry dashes forward, spinning and dropping melted ice cream around him, damaging enemies and healing allies on impact and over time
  • Gadget: Friendship is Great
    • Berry swipes his tail, knocking back enemies and healing nearby allies for 1080 health
  • Gadget: Healthy Additives
    • Berry's next main attack area lasts 100% longer
  • Star Power: Floor is Fine
    • Berry gains 50% increased reload speed while standing on his own melted ice cream
  • Star Power: Making a Mess
    • Berry's basic attack gains 20% extra damage on impact in areas that have no ice cream
Brawler reworks[]

We made some changes to Brawlers to help them become more balanced and find a better place in the meta.


  • Frank's attack speed now increases with % health lost


  • Basic attacks whilst in her mecha now shoot more projectiles
  • Reduced damage and range


  • Chester's Star Power Bell 'O' mania is now part of Chester's basic attack loadout. This means that Chester now has four stages to his attack sequence by default.
  • New Star Power: Single Bell 'O' mania (replaces Bell 'O' mania) - the first bell of Chester's attack sequence does 200% damage.

New Hypercharges

Barley - Bottled Up Rage

  • Barley hurls 3 Big Brews that also destroys all bushes on impact.

Piper - Boppin'

  • Piper drops even more bombs as she departs at an increased speed! She also destroys terrain and knocks enemies back as she lands!

Frank - Seismic Smash

  • Frank's Super now hits an entire circle around him!

Emz - Overhyped Haze

  • Emz pushes enemies to the outer edge of her Super on activation and follows up with a dose of her spray.

Angelo - In My Element

  • Angelo's Super follows him during Hypercharge!

Gale - Blizzard

  • Gale's Super is slightly wider and fires twice, knocking enemies even further away!

Rico - Trick Shot King

  • Rico's Super projectiles bounce even further!
Classic Brawl[]

From July 12 - July 31: Experience Brawl Stars like it's 2019!

Mega Boxes are back!

Two classic game modes!

New (Old) Skins!

  • Mega Boxes
    • Earn Star Tokens to unlock Mega Boxes. Star Tokens can be earned from a first win in selected game modes & featured new game modes.
    • Other ways to earn Star Tokens throughout the Event include through Quests, Challenges, and a Mega Box in the Shop mid-event.
    • Mega Boxes can contain Coins, Power Points, Bling, Gems, XP Doublers, Brawlers, Player Icons, Pins, Skins, and the new Rico Hypercharge Skin (with two different Chromas)!
    • Players can buy Mega Boxes in the Shop.
    • After opening enough Mega Boxes, the new Rico Hypercharge Skin is unlocked for free!

All Classic game modes have the following modifier:

  • Brawlers are capped at level 9.
  • No Hypercharges, Gadgets or Gears!
  • Only the first Star Power is available.

Play Brawl Stars like it's 2019!

  • Classic Game Mode: Drum Roll
    • Free-for-all game mode where everyone starts with the same Brawler.
    • Each takedown will transform the player to a different Brawler in a set chain.
    • Getting the final takedown with the last Brawler in the chain wins you the game!
  • Classic Game Mode: Mirror Match
    • Every player plays as the same classic Brawler.
    • Classic maps & modes only!
    • The mirrored Brawler is changed throughout the Event.
    • Brawlers featured:
      • Bo
      • Barley
      • Brock
      • Bull
      • Colt
      • Crow
      • Dynamike
      • El Primo
      • Jessie
      • Mortis
      • Nita
      • Poco
      • Rico
      • Shelly
      • Spike
      • Piper
      • Pam
      • Darryl
      • Penny
      • Frank
      • Leon

All Classic Brawl recolors and Stellar Shelly will be available from MEGA BOXES during the event, and in the catalog after the event.

Sovereign Rico and his Chroma variants will be available during the Classic Brawl event and possibly at a later date in the future. This skin is not exclusive to the event, but will not be available in the catalog.

Social Improvements

  • It's now easier to team up!
    • Redesigned "Team Up" button along with other UI elements.
    • Better overview when teaming up with Friends and when searching for other players to team up.
    • Added QR functionality to join a team easier IRL!
    • Simplified the process to add Friends through Supercell ID
    • Can now share & scan a QR code to add a friend
  • Quick Chat has been improved!
    • You can now Quick Chat directly from the home screen.
    • Your most used Pins will appear first
    • Redesigned Quick Chat options
  • You will now get double XP when teaming up!
  • Add Friends directly at the end of a match!

New Skins

July Brawl Pass Season: Gods Vs. Monsters

  • Poseidon R-T | Mythic
  • Dionysus Angelo | Super Rare
  • Medusa Emz | Epic | Brawl Pass
    • Ruby Medusa Emz | Chroma | Epic
    • Sapphire Medusa Emz | Chroma | Epic
  • Minotaur Bull | Mythic
  • Harpy Melodie | Epic | Ranked
  • Athena Piper | Mythic

August Brawl Pass Season: Paint Brawl!

  • Jellyfish Sandy | Epic | Brawl Pass
    • Neon Jellyfish Sandy | Chroma | Epic
    • Glowing Jellyfish Sandy | Chroma | Epic
  • Tentacle Bonnie | Super Rare
  • Cuttlefish Jacky | Super Rare
  • Shell Blaster Gale | Epic | Ranked
  • Aquamarine Sprout | Epic

Mini-Theme: Classic

  • Sovereign Rico | Hypercharge
    • Sovereign Gem Rico | Chroma | Hypercharge
    • Sovereign Bling Rico | Chroma | Hypercharge
  • Deputy Brock | Super Rare
  • Stellar Shelly | Epic
  • Rouge Ricochet | Super Rare
  • Boomer Dynamike | Chroma | Super Rare
  • Sheriff Shelly | Super Rare

Mini-Theme: Pirates

  • Seadog Ruffs | Epic
  • Buccaneer Barley | Epic
  • Man-o-war Doug | Epic


  • Brock 2.0 - Brock has gotten a full makeover!
  • Viking Bull | Super Rare
    • Norse Raider Bull | Chroma | Super Rare
  • Caveman Frank | Super Rare
    • Prehistoric Frank | Chroma | Super Rare


  • Mr. Dragonfruit (Supercell Make winner) | Epic
  • Bubble Trouble Amber (Supercell Make winner) | Epic
  • High Stakes Clancy | Rare
  • Dark Horse Berry | Rare

True Silver & True Gold

  • Larry & Lawrie
  • Melodie
  • Angelo
  • Draco
  • Lily


  • Unicorn - Berry Mastery Title
  • Shell Shocked - Clancy Mastery Title
  • Immortal - Gods Vs. Monsters Brawl Pass Plus Title
  • Vandal - Paint Brawl! Brawl Pass Plus Title
Balance Changes[]



  • Increased Hypercharge damage 500 → 750 per rocket
  • Increased Hypercharge Super rocket spread slightly


  • Ammo: 1->2


  • Increased main attack damage 980 -> 1000


  • Increased Super charge gained from Super 112 -> 125


  • Super charge rate from main attack 5 -> 4 ammo (2 after 1x Super hit)


  • Increased health 5400 -> 5600



  • Reduced damage reduction while Super is active 25 -> 15%


  • Increased amount of basic attacks required to charge Super (2 fully charged -> 3 fully charged shots)
  • Reduced damage 2200 -> 2000


  • Reduced damage 800 -> 760
  • Gadget - Spiders - reduced health reduction duration 10s -> 5s duration


  • Reduced Hypercharge charge speed (now 2.5 Supers)


  • Gadget - Multiball Launcher - Reduced damage - 1024 -> 896


  • Star Power - Power Hungry - Reduced bonus from power cubes 200 -> 150%


  • Reduced health 4100 -> 3600
Other Changes[]


  • Play Again and Play in a Team Quests are back!

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

NEW: Paint Brawl (goes live with Paint Brawl Season)

  • Pick up the "paint ball" to start painting. Each team tries to cover the map with their team color, and the first team to 100% coverage wins!
  • Performing takedowns will also spray paint where the Brawler once was!
Community Slot[]

We've decided to keep Duels in the game mode rotation since it has been performing better than other recent temporary game modes. We'll monitor the mode's performance for another update cycle, and the team will discuss whether or how to make Duels a permanent addition to the game mode rotation.

Ranked Mode[]


  • Ranked Boost is now only active until players reach rank Legendary I
  • When you achieve the next major rank, a message will be sent in your Club to celebrate
  • Masters Rank is now shown in Player Profile & Leaderboards
New Ranked Modifiers[]
  • Healing Wind and Gotta Go Fast!
Map & Environment Changes[]


  • Removed:
    • Love Swamp
    • Enchanted Forest
    • Super City
    • Godzilla
  • Added:
    • Deep Sea
    • Candy Land
    • Darryl's Ship

We're increasing the amount of maps in rotation in certain game modes:

  • Bounty: 4 → 6
  • Brawl Ball: 8 → 12
  • Gem Grab: 8 → 12
  • Heist: 4 → 6
  • Hot Zone: 4 → 6
  • Knockout: 8 → 12
  • Showdown: 8 → 12

Map Changes

  • Bounty
    • Flank Attack (New)
    • Iris Intervention (New)
  • Brawl Ball
    • Spider Crawler (New)
    • Offside Trap (New)
    • Penalty Kick (Returning)
    • Pinball Dreams (Returning)
  • Gem Grab
    • Sneaky Sneak (New)
    • Ahead of the Curve (New)
    • Double Swoosh (Returning)
    • Minecart Madness (Returning)
  • Heist
    • Diamond Dome (New)
    • Double Locking (New)
  • Hot Zone
    • Reflections (New)
    • Local Businesses (New)
  • Knockout
    • Dragon Jaws (New)
    • Twilight Passage (New)
    • Hard Lane (New)
    • Island Hopping (New)
  • Showdown
    • Leaping Frogs (New)
    • Final Four (New)
    • Flying Fantasies (Returning)
    • Safety Center (Returning)
  • Wipeout
    • Spice Production (New)
    • Coconut Cove (New)
    • The Great Open (Removed)
    • Quad Damage (Removed)
  • Duels
    • No changes!
  • Ranked (and Brawl Stars Championship)
    • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Hideout (no changes)
    • Heist: Kaboom Canyon, Hot Potato, Safe Zone (no changes)
    • Hot Zone: Dueling Beetles, Open Business, Parallel Plays (no changes)
    • Brawl Ball: Center Stage, Pinball Dreams, Penalty Kick
    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh, Undermine
    • Knockout: Belle's Rock, Out in the Open, Flaring Phoenix
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed a bug where a Brawler could not be defeated when hit by an insta-takedown amount of damage
  • Fixed attack and walking animations for Godzilla Buzz Skins in Hypercharge form
  • Fixed an issue where Cordelius' Poison Mushroom' gadget silenced Brawlers that were still under spawn protection (this fix also prevents other status effects while spawn protected)
  • Melodie's Super progress is now kept after respawning, (occurred if you had previously used Super)
  • Fixed the 'FREE' notification sometimes not appearing in the Shop
  • Fixed the 'NEW' notification not disappearing after visiting the Shop
  • Improved overall game performance
  • The Bling cap has been removed
  • Hank's Mastery Title is now ‘Prawn Ready!'
  • Matchmaking for special game modes such as Mega Pig, Drum Roll, and Mirror Match will be based on a player's average trophies for their top 10 Brawlers
  • Added creation date to the player stats tooltip
  • Added a new Brawl Pass promotional offer feature for players who haven't bought a Brawl Pass in a very long time
  • Added a new Alien Fame level with a corresponding set of cosmetics
  • You can now get your unique username on Supercell ID!

Maintenance Break - May 22nd[]

Bug fixes[]
  • Fixed a bug in Friendly Duels Battles where inviting a friend would overlap with your 2nd Brawler pick
  • Fixed the SFX for all Mecha Godzilla and Godzilla Buzz Skins
  • Fixed the Super VFX for Dynasty Mike and Dark Tide Carl
  • Recolored Ranked Skins, Godzilla Sprays, Godzilla Pins, and Godzilla Player Icons are now available in the Catalog

Maintenance Break - May 3rd[]

Bug fixes[]
  • Fixed issue where Fame Profile Icon could be unlocked without reaching the required Fame
  • Sprout's Super no longer blocks kaiju (Godzilla/Mechagodzilla) movement
  • Gray's "Walking Cane" Gadget can no longer be used to pull kaiju
  • Mutation modifiers would occasionally disappear when a new event started
  • Otis can no longer use his Gadget as a kaiju
  • Kaiju will no longer get stuck on buildings
  • Friendly competition matches will now continue until required wins are achieved
  • Extra Movement Speed and Health added to kaiju
  • Extra Health added to buildings in City Smash
Mutation changes[]
  • Stu's Gaso-Heal Star Power heals 50% less when the Mutation is active
  • Rico and Ruffs' projectiles bounce less
Ranked fixes & changes[]
  • Fixed the Ranked Star not appearing you get to the same rank twice or more
  • Second Wind has only a 1% chance of being selected in a Ranked match

Android Optional Update - April 26th[]

  • An optional update is now available with fixes to some crashes on Android devices

Maintenance Break - April 25th[]

  • Fixed a game crash caused by Lily
  • Fixed a map of City Smash that couldn't be completed
  • Fixed Kit's Gadget description
  • Player Profile not being able to save information
  • Fixed Count Pengula attack projectile texture
  • Fixed Brawler Mutations being available in Duels in Friendly Mode
  • Fixed Ranked Boost stopping one rank lower than it should
  • Ranked Boost rebalanced: Bronze (no boost), Silver (10%), Gold (20%), Diamond (30%), Mythic (50%), Legendary (75%), Master (100%)

Fixes for Android crashes and other fixes will be coming (hopefully) early next week!

Patch notes: Godzilla Attacks Brawl![]

New Brawler: Lily (Mythic)[]

Type: Assassin

  • Trait: Charges Super when near opponents. Has invisible footsteps
  • Attack: Thorn in the side
    • Lily stabs in front of her. Has one ammo
  • Super: Flourish
    • Throws a projectile in a straight line. If it hits an opponent, deal minor damage and teleport behind the opponent
  • Gadget: Vanish
    • Lily enters the shadow realm for 3 seconds
  • Gadget: Repot
    • The next Super becomes a thrown attack, and Lily will teleport to the impact point regardless of hitting a target
  • Star Power: Spiky
    • After teleporting to an opponent, Lily's next Thorn in the side deals an additional 50% damage
  • Star Power: Vigilance
    • Lily gains 15% movement speed while an opponent is in range of her Super charge radius
New Brawler: Draco (Legendary)[]

Type: Tank

  • Trait: Charges Super with damage taken
  • Attack: Lance Stab
    • Draco stabs in front of him - Dealing increased damage at the tip
  • Super: Dragon Solo
    • Draco inflates his dragon suit - gaining increased movement speed and damage reduction. His basic attack changes to fire breathing in a cone in front of him
  • Gadget: Uppercut
    • The next Lance stab also knocks up opponents
  • Gadget: Last stand
    • Draco cannot fall below 1 HP for 2 seconds (Draco cannot hold the ball in Brawl Ball during this time)
  • Star Power: Expose
    • Every 5 seconds - The next Lance stab also exposes the target, increasing their damage taken by 35% for 5 seconds
  • Star Power: Shredding
    • Dragon solo now also heals when activated
New Hypercharges[]
  • Brock: Rocket Barrage
    • Brock fires a Rocket Barrage, raining down rockets in the targeted area simultaneously in four waves
  • Sandy: Swift Winds
    • Sandy grants himself and his allies 20% increased movement speed while inside the sandstorm. It also silences opponents for 0.5 seconds when it lands
  • Nita: Hyperbearing
    • Nita hypercharges Bruce, increasing his size and giving him 15% increased movement speed and 20% increased health
  • Max: Unlimited Energy
    • Max throws an energy drink to each team member, increasing their movement speed and granting them a 25% increased Super charge rate
  • Gene: Hyper Hands
    • Gene's Super splits into three different hands. Each hand is able to grab an opponent
  • Tick: Headstrong
    • Tick quickly deploys his head, charging toward opponents faster and leaving behind six of his miniatures after exploding
Hypercharge Skins[]

We're introducing the new Hypercharge Skins that dramatically change the appearance of a Brawler when their Hypercharge is active!

The first Hypercharge Skin will be Godzilla Buzz, which you can unlock for FREE in the upcoming Brawl Stars X Godzilla Event!

New Skins[]

Brawl Stars X Godzilla Event

  • Godzilla Buzz | Event Reward
  • Red Godzilla Buzz & Black Godzilla Buzz Skin color variations | Monster Eggs
  • Super Ranger Brock Red | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)
  • Super Ranger Brock Blue | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)
  • Super Ranger Brock Yellow | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)g
  • Super Ranger Brock Pink | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)
  • Super Ranger Brock Black | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)

May Brawl Pass Season: Godzilla

  • Mecha-Tick Ghidorah | Brawl Pass
  • Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Dark & Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Light Skin color variations | Brawl Pass Plus
  • Mothra Eve | 149 Gems (Ranked)
  • Mechagodzilla Nita | 199 Gems

June Brawl Pass Season: CyberBrawl

  • Hacker Brock | Brawl Pass
  • Master Hacker Brock & RGB Hacker Brock Skin color variations | Brawl Pass Plus
  • Glitch Larry & Lawrie | 149 Gems (Ranked)
  • Bea Byte | 79 Gems
  • Fanguard | 199 Gems
  • Virus Charlie | 299 Gems


  • Urban Ninja Tara | 149 Gems
  • Gamer Bibi | 199 Gems


  • Scarlet Paladin Surge | 149 Gems
  • Byron the White | 149 Gems (Ranked)
  • Rui Shou Nita | 149 Gems (Ranked)
  • Wave Hopper Jacky | 149 Gems (Ranked)
  • Filmmaker Buzz | 149 Gems (Ranked)
  • Moon-curser Penny | 149 Gems (Ranked)
  • Piano 8-Bit | 149 Gems (Ranked)


  • Rockstar Colt | 29 Gems
  • Alleycat Bull | 149 Gems

These updated Skin will be available when the update releases.


  • Beach Byron | 29 Gems
  • Gala Mortis | 29 Gems
  • Parasol Frank | 29 Gems
  • Squad Buster Shelly | 199 Gems
  • Dark Samurai Gene | 149 Gems (Supercell MAKE)
  • Nightmare Sandy | 149 Gems (Supercell MAKE)
  • Strawberry Lily | 29 Gems
  • Dark Knight Draco | 29 Gems

True Silver & True Gold Skins

  • Chuck
  • Charlie
  • Willow
  • Kit
  • Mico

The True Silver & True Gold Skins will be available when the update releases.


  • Mecha Bo: New voice-over + Full Pin set
  • Frost Queen Amber: upgraded to Legendary Skin rarity with all the added features (including custom voice lines)


  • Gojira - Godzilla Brawl Pass Plus Title
  • Is a Bot - CyberBrawl Brawl Pass Plus Title
  • Backstabber - Lily Mastery Title
  • Dungeon Master - Draco Mastery Title
Balance Changes[]


  • Gus
    • Shielding now knocks back opponents
  • Mr.P
    • Spawner movement speed increased by 25%
    • Spawner home base HP increased - 2200 → 2500 (13%)
  • Mortis
    • Basic attack - damage increased - 940 → 1000
    • Gadget - Combo spinner - damage increased - 940 → 1000
  • Willow
    • Star power - Obsession - movement speed increased - 25 → 33%
    • Star power - Love is blind - reload speed increased - 25 → 30%
  • Barley
    • Basic attack - Damage increased - 760 → 800
    • Super - Damage increased - 760 → 800
  • Rosa
    • Hypercharge - Charge Rate increased - 40 → 50%
  • Janet
    • Super - Damage increased - 600 → 800


  • Angelo
    • Super poison damage from arrows decreased by 50%
  • Charlie
    • Super gained from basic attacks decreased - 6 → 7 hits to charge Super Basic attack - Range decreased - 27 → 25
  • Piper
    • Basic attack - Damage at minimum distance decreased - 23 → 20%
  • Nani
    • Basic attack - Damage decreased - 800 → 740
  • Cordelius
    • Basic attack - Damage decreased - 730 → 700
    • Basic attack - Super charge reduced - 105 → 90 (14%)
  • Spike
    • Basic attack - Damage decreased - 560 → 540
    • Gadget - Popping pincushion - Damage decreased - 1120 → 1080
  • Belle
    • Hypercharge - Charge Rate decreased - 50 → 40%
  • Melodie
    • Gadget - Interlude - Shield per note decreased - 15 → 10%
    • Star power - Fast beats - Movement speed per note decreased - 8 → 6%


  • Crow
    • Crows Daggers now return properly after hitting walls during his hypercharged Super
  • Kit
    • Gadget - Cardboard box - Stealth duration reduced - 5 → 3s
    • Basic attack - Damage increased - 800 → 1000
    • Super - Damage increased - 800 → 1000
  • R-T
    • Gadget - In-line → out of line - Instantly charges the Super
  • Hank
    • Hank's Super now heals 50% of his missing HP
    • HP reduced - 5800 → 5400
  • Chuck
    • Can throw new Posts while Dash is available. Tap to Dash, aim to throw new Posts
Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]


  • Removed
    • Arcade
    • Arcade Showdown
    • Starr Toons Studio
    • Bazaar
    • Bazaar Island Showdown
  • Added
    • MadEvil Manor (New)
    • Godzilla (New)
    • Enchanted Forest
    • Water Park


  • Bounty
    • Color me Intrigued (new)
    • Canal Grande
    • Hideout
    • Shooting Star
  • Brawl Ball
    • Backyard Bowl
    • Goalkeeper's Dream (modified)
    • Retina
    • Sunny Soccer
    • Super Beach
    • Beach Ball
    • Center Stage
    • Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab
    • Hard Rock Mine
    • Acute Angle
    • Deathcap Trap
    • Rustic Arcade
    • Gem Fort
    • Open Space
    • Undermine
    • Last Stop
  • Heist
    • Hot Potato
    • Kaboom Canyon
    • Safe Zone
    • G.G. Mortuary
  • Hot Zone
    • Ring of Fire
    • Dueling Beetles
    • Open Business
    • Parallel Plays
  • Knockout
    • Belle's Rock
    • Deep End
    • Flaring Phoenix
    • Goldarm Gulch
    • New Horizons
    • Out in the Open
    • Between the Rivers (new)
    • Four Levels (new)
  • Wipeout
    • Infinite Doom
    • Quad Damage
    • Slayer's Paradise
    • The Great Open
  • Showdown
    • Cavern Churn
    • Dark Passage
    • Double Trouble
    • Feast or Famine
    • Rockwall Brawl
    • Skull Creek
    • Stormy Plains
    • FiftyFifty (new)

Ranked (and Brawl Stars Championship)

  • Bounty
    • Canal Grande
    • Hideout
    • Shooting Star
  • Brawl Ball
    • Beach Ball
    • Center Stage
    • Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab
    • Gem Fort
    • Hard Rock Mine
    • Last Stop
  • Heist
    • Hot Potato
    • Kaboom Canyon
    • Safe Zone
  • Hot Zone
    • Dueling Beetles
    • Open Business
    • Parallel Plays
  • Knockout
    • Flaring Phoenix
    • Goldarm Gulch
    • New Horizons

Community Game Mode

  • Duels took home a significant win in the latest poll and will replace Basket Brawl in the Community slot
  • Map Pool:
    • Mead of the Crane
    • Monkey Maze
    • No Excuses
    • Burning Flares (New)

New Ranked Modifiers

  • May - Second Wind (new)
  • June - Super Bushy (remade)
NEW! Brawl Stars x Godzilla Event![]

We've teamed up with Godzilla for a monstrous in-game event taking place from April 29 to May 20!

The main objective of the event is to collect as many Monster Eggs as possible giving you a ton of rewards and the chance to unlock the new Buzz Godzilla Hypercharge Skin for FREE!

And yes of course you also get to destroy stuff as the mighty Godzilla and Mechagodzilla!

Monster Eggs!

  • Monster Eggs are filled with Mutations, Coins, Power Points, Credits, Bling, thematic Skins, and the new Hypercharge Skin!
  • You can get Monster Eggs from Daily Wins, winning City Smash matches, or from Shop offers!
  • A limited number of Monster Eggs will also be available in the Shop for purchase
  • Monster Eggs can only be obtained during the event and will go away once the event ends

Club Mega Egg!

  • Open as many Monster Eggs as possible to fill the mysterious Mega Egg with your Club
  • The Mega Egg has multiple milestones that award Gems for reaching them
  • If the Club manages to get 1250 Monster Eggs to fill the Mega Egg everyone in the Club gets the ultimate prize - a FREE Hypercharge Godzilla Buzz Skin!
  • Make sure you are in a full and active Club to increase the chances of unlocking the Godzilla Buzz
  • To avoid griefing, Club members will be locked into their Clubs after the event starts and they have contributed a certain amount of progress to the Mega Egg
    • Members can still leave or be kicked from the Club if they have not contributed to the Mega Egg
  • If you don't own Buzz, don't worry! Buzz will be available in the Shop for FREEEEE!

New Mode City Smash!

  • Compete against the opponent team to destroy as much of the city as possible in order to win
  • One player in each team can transform into the powerful Godzilla or Mechagodzilla, giving them extra destructive power!
  • Playing City Smash fills the Egg carton with rewards - each carton allows you to collect up to 6 rewards and a new Egg Carton appears every 4 days
  • Winning a match gives a Monster Egg, losing gives a Rare Starr Drop

NEW! Mutations (Temporary)

  • During the Godzilla event, 40 Brawlers will have temporary Mutations that can be unlocked from Monster Eggs!
  • Mutations change the gameplay for these Brawlers in unexpected ways, resulting in stronger and crazier abilities!
  • Mutations are always active in City Smash and will be enabled in random Trophy Game Modes every day throughout the event
    • You can see which Game Mode has the Mutations enabled in the events screen
  • Mutations will be available until the end of the event only.

Full list of Mutations:

  • Shelly - Shelly's shotgun fires twice
  • Nita - Nita's Super summons two bears
  • Colt - Colt's basic attacks now destroy the terrain and have a longer range
  • Brock - Brock's basic attack fires two rockets
  • El Primo - El Primo's Super has a faster travel time and he has an increased Super charge rate and health
  • Poco - When hit, Poco heals himself and nearby allies over time
  • Rosa - Rosa spawns bushes around her when using her Super
  • Tick - Tick's Super now spawns two additional heads
  • Rico - All of Rico's projectiles bounce more times
  • Penny - Penny deploys an additional cannon with her Super
  • Carl - Carl's basic attack is faster and his movement speed is also increased during his Super
  • Bo - Bo can hide unlimited traps in the map
  • Stu - Stu's Super is always charged
  • Piper - Piper's gunbrella shoots twice
  • Pam - Pam has unlimited ammo
  • Frank - Frank is faster, has more health and his basic attacks break walls
  • Bea - Bea's basic attacks now also trigger one of her Super's projectiles
  • Grom - Grom's Super has four additional projectiles in an X-shape
  • Bonnie - While inside Clyde, Bonnie's basic attacks fire two additional projectiles, and her Super stuns opponents when she lands
  • Gale - Gale's basic attacks are now wider
  • Belle - Belle's basic attacks split into five projectiles on impact
  • Ash - Ash spawns more little helpers
  • Lola - Lola spawns an additional Ego with her Super
  • Mandy - Mandy shoots two additional projectiles with her Super
  • Hank - Hank automatically triggers his Super's projectiles whenever he's damaged
  • Angelo - Angelo adds two additional projectiles to his basic attacks
  • Max - Max has unlimited ammo
  • Sprout - Sprout's basic attack has two projectiles
  • Squeak - Squeak's Big Blob now spawns Sticky Blombs and he has increased Super charge rate
  • Ruffs - Ruffs' basic attacks bounce more times
  • Buzz - Buzz's Super has a longer range
  • Eve - Eve spawns two hatchlings every time she gets damaged
  • Janet - Janet's drops more bombs during her Super
  • Gray - Gray can have up to six active dimensional doors at a time
  • Melodie - Melodie can have two additional notes orbiting her, and the notes last for a longer time
  • Spike - Spike's basic attacks split into more projectiles
  • Crow - Crow's Super projectiles now return to him
  • Leon - Leon spawns two clones after using Smoke Bomb
  • Meg - Meg's basic attacks have two additional projectiles
  • Surge - Surge reaches max level with just one Super
Ranked Improvements[]
  • Matchmaking will now favor teams playing against other teams, so situations of solos playing against teams will be significantly less common
  • Ranked point gain for solo players will now consider the team average Ranked points against the opposing team's points
  • Adjusted the Ranked points gain in Legendary 2 up to Masters so it's a bit more challenging to then reach Masters
  • Rank Boost will now give a higher boost depending on how high you reached in the previous Ranked season
  • Players in the Bronze to Gold Ranks now have a higher chance of getting Modifiers in their matches
  • On the other side, we've reduced the probability of getting Modifiers for players in Masters

Ranked Starr Drops Changes[]

  • Added 6 new Recolored Skins to Ranked Starr Drops, corresponding to the first 6 Skins ever released as Power League Skins:
    • Byron the White
    • Rui Shou Nita
    • Wave Hopper Jacky
    • Filmmaker Buzz
    • Moon-curser Penny
    • Piano 8-Bit
Hypercharge Unleashed Changes[]
  • The Hypercharge Unleashed is no longer happening
  • The Hypercharge Gem exclusivity in the Shop has been reduced from 14 to 7 days, so you don't have to wait so long to be able to get the Hypercharge for Coins
  • New players reaching 1000 Trophies for the first time will now have a guaranteed Free Hypercharge for Shelly
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed the issue affecting the Masters Leaderboard. It now correctly shows each player's Rank based on their Ranked Points
  • Fixed the issue affecting haptic feedback for the Ranked mode
  • Fixed the issue where claiming a Brawl Pass Plus purchased from the SC Store would not activate the Plus reward track
  • Fixed the localised capitalisation for some of the Hypercharges
  • Fixed the issue causing Larry & Lawrie's Order Swap Gadget to result in dealing reduced damage
  • Fixed a crash when closing the "Team up" screen
  • Fixed the issue with Bull missing his Super's knockback effect while Hypecharged
  • Fixed the issue that allowed for under-leveled Brawlers to be picked in Ranked Games
  • Daily win progress above the Play button in the main screen now appears earlier after returning from battle
  • Improved Super Bushy Modifier so now bushes spawn in a predictable manner

Maintenance Break - March 25th[]

Balance Changes[]


  • Sam
    • Knuckle Busters - damage - 1200 → 1400
    • Slightly increased Super gained from impact with glove
  • Bea
    • Increased HP - 2400 → 2500
  • Max
    • Increased HP - 3000 → 3300
  • Carl
    • Pickaxe - Increased damage - 660 → 740
  • Poco
    • Gadget - Tuning Fork - Increased healing - 8 → 10% max HP/sec
    • Gadget - Protective Tunes - Increased duration - 2 → 4 sec
  • Bonnie
    • Increased damage - 1000 → 1120
    • Increased Super charge slightly
  • Byron
    • Increased damage and healing - 340 → 380


  • Larry & Lawrie
    • Increased Unload speed - 150 → 300
    • Gadget - Order: Fall back - Decreased heal - 33 → 25%
    • Lawrie - Reduced shotgun damage - 300 → 150
    • Lawrie - Reduced Super charge gained from projectiles by 50%
  • Pearl
    • Gadget - Overcooked - Decreased damage - 33 → 25%
  • Piper
    • Decreased HP - 2400 → 2300
  • Colette
    • Decreased Hypercharge charge rate 40 → 30%
  • Leon
    • Proximity damage - Decreased damage at max range 40 → 30%
Ranked Changes[]
  • Solo players facing teams now receive Ranked Points as if they are playing against similarly Ranked players
  • Wins now always give a minimum amount of Ranked Points, and the maximum amount of Ranked Points gained for losses has been reduced
  • Made general changes to Ranked Point distribution to reduce inflation
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed the final number of Trophies in Trophy Escape after players eliminate each other simultaneously
  • Fixed the issue in Trophy Escape where the last player standing was shown a different amount of Trophies in the battle end screen
  • Fixed the issue where some Clubs were showing up in local Club Leaderboards with the wrong ranking
Optional Update![]

An optional update for iOS & Android is now available with the following fixes:

  • Fixed the issue causing Friendly Ranked matches to crash
  • Fixed a visual issue affecting a few Pins
  • Fixed an issue in the Catalog causing the game to crash
  • Fixed a few issues with the physics effects on some of the Brawlers

To apply these fixes, make sure to download the latest version of the game!

Maintenance Break - March 6th[]

  • Optimizing Matchmaking servers so they can run smoothly
  • Quickfire modifier - ammo gain per projectile nerfed by 50%
  • Queueing as a duo in Ranked should now be working again

After maintenance, we'll monitor the stability of Ranked matchmaking and if it looks good we'll turn the Reputation and Report Systems back on

Also, we have been getting a lot of questions regarding Fame Backgrounds for your Battle Card so here are some pointers:

  • The Fame Pins and Profile icons are delivered to your inbox and then get added to your library
  • The Fame Background is added directly to your Brawler Battle Card screen (under the default tab)

Maintenance Break - March 4th[]

  • Applied server changes to improve Ranked matchmaking
  • Fixed an issue with Doug that caused his basic attacks to heal double the intended amount

Maintenance Break - February 29th[]

  • Fixed the matchmaking issue for the Hypercharge Unleashed event that prevented players from entering a match
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from switching to unlock Kit on the Starr Road
  • Fixed an issue that showed players being incorrectly placed in a Ranked Tier before the start of the Ranked Season
  • Fixed an issue with Willow that caused a mind-controlled Mico not to be able to move
  • Fixed an issue with Doug's Healing scaling improperly

Hypercharge Unleashed will also be back after maintenance and we'll extend the duration of the event and Quest for a few extra days!

Patch notes: Ranked Update[]

New Brawler: Angelo (Epic)[]

Type: Sharpshooter

  • Trait: Can move over water
  • Attack: Take Aim
    • Angelo charges his attack and shoots an arrow on release. The longer his attack holds, the higher the damage he deals
  • Super: Welcome to the Swamp
    • Angelo creates a toxic puddle that damages enemies in it and grants him empowered arrows that deal poison damage over time
  • Gadget: Stinging Flight
    • Angelo flies higher in the air and drains 660 Health from nearby enemies when taking off
  • Gadget: Master Fletcher
    • Angelo's next main attack pierces walls and enemies
  • Star Power: Empower
    • Welcome to the Swamp now also heals Angelo while inside
  • Star Power: Flow
    • Angelo gains 25% movement speed after entering water
New Brawler: Melodie (Mythic)[]

Type: Assassin

  • Attack: Monster Notes
    • Melodie throws her Mic at an enemy. If it hits, a Note appears spinning around her for a short duration. Melodie can have up to 3 Notes active at the same time
  • Super: Catchy Chorus
    • Melodie dashes in a straight line. Melodie can dash 3 times total before super is exhausted
  • Gadget: Interlude
    • Melodie gains a shield for 15% of her max HP per note she has active
  • Gadget: Perfect Pitch
    • Melodie's Notes orbit 25% faster and 60% wider for 5 seconds
  • Star Power: Fast Beats
    • Melodie's movement speed increases by 8% per note
  • Star Power: Extended Mix
    • Melodie Notes last for 25% longer before vanishing
New Hypercharges[]
  • Cordelius - Complete Darkness
    • Now Cordelius also slows enemies in the Shadow Realm
  • Buzz - Buzzwatch
    • Buzz's Super resets after each use during Hypercharge
  • El Primo - Gravity Leap
    • Super impact area increased significantly, and it now pulls enemies in rather than knocking them away
  • Belle - Magnetic
    • Belle's Super now homes in on enemies
  • Sprout - Thorns
    • Sprout's Super now does area damage near the bush
  • Bibi - Out of bounds
    • Bibi's Super splits into two after hitting a Brawler
New Skins[]

March Brawl Pass Season: Sands of Time

  • Shelly Dancer | Epic (Brawl Pass)
  • Shelly Dancer Iris & Shelly Dancer Dahlia Skin color variations | Epic (Brawl Pass Plus)
  • Dynasty Mike | Epic (Ranked)
  • Desert Scorpion Chuck | Legendary
  • Thief Edgar | Mythic
  • Surgenie | Epic

April Brawl Pass Season: Ragnarok

  • Fenrir Buzz | Epic (Brawl Pass)
    • Mørk Fenrir Buzz & Eldr Fenrir Buzz | Epic Skin color variations (Brawl Pass Plus)
  • Thor Bibi | Legendary
  • Odin Cordelius | Epic
  • Loki Chester | Epic (Ranked)
  • Skadi Jessi | Mythic
  • Sif Melodie | Rare


  • Fangirl Cony | Super Rare
  • Balloon Sally | Super Rare
  • Rocket Brown | Epic
      • The Line Friends Skins will be released in early March


  • Mecha Colt | Legendary
    • Paragon Mecha Colt & Renegade Mecha Colt Skin color variations | Legendary
  • Mecha Leon | Legendary
    • Shadow Mecha Leon & Radiant Mecha Leon Skin color variations | Legendary
      • The Mecha Squad Skins will be released in mid-April


  • Poop Spike | Mythic
  • El Baby Shark | Epic
  • Squeaky Note | Rare
  • Red Pitcher Fang & Blue Pitcher Fang | Epic
  • Elf Angelo | Rare

True Silver & True Gold Skins

  • Maisie
  • R-T
  • Cordelius
  • Doug
  • Pearl
  • Bloodthirsty - Angelo Mastery Title
  • Fearless - Melodie Mastery Title
  • Timeless - Sands of Time Brawl Pass Plus Title
  • Godlike - Ragnarok Brawl Pass Plus Title
Balance Changes[]


  • Doug
    • Remove damage and healing fall-off depending on proximity
  • Griff
    • Increased main attack damage 260 → 280
  • Slightly increased Super charge rate
    • Gadget - Piggy bank - damage 1300 → 1400
  • Nita
    • Increased Bruce's HP - 4000 → 4300
  • Otis
    • Increased main attack damage 440 → 460
    • Gadget - Phat splatter - damage - 1100 → 1150
  • Ash
    • Increased rage gained from basics 130 → 150
  • Ruffs
    • Increased main attack damage 560 → 600
    • Gadget - Air support - Increased damage 1120 → 1200
  • El Primo
    • Increased main attack damage - 360 → 380
    • Gadget - Asteroid belt - Increased damage - 2880 → 3040
    • Star power - El fuego - Increased damage - 1692 → 1786
  • Gale
    • Increased Super damage 420 → 500
    • Slightly increased Super charge gained from Super
  • Barley
    • Increased Super damage 680 → 760
    • Slightly increased Super charge gained from Super
  • Gene
    • Increased main attack damage 960 → 1000
    • Gadget - Vengeful spirits - damage - 1536 → 1600
  • Penny
    • Increased main attack damage 940 → 980
    • Star Power - Master Blaster - damage - 1316 → 1372


  • Hypercharges
    • Hypercharge duration no longer gets extended by gaining Super charge during Hypercharge
  • Fang
    • Fresh kicks SP no longer charges hyper on kills
    • Hypercharge popcorn no longer gives Super charge
    • Reduced Hypercharge popcorn damage from 100 → 50% of Super damage
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 20 → 15%
  • Pearl
    • Reduced HP 4200 → 3900
    • Increased Hypercharge damage 20 → 25%
    • Decreased Hypercharge speed 30 → 26%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 20 → 5%
  • Larry & Lawrie
    • Reduced main attack damage 840 → 700
    • Decreased throwing range 24 → 22
  • Amber
    • Reduced attack damage 220 → 210
    • Gadget - Dancing flames - damage - 2200 → 2100
  • Buster
    • Reduced main attack damage 1400 → 1380
  • Cordelius
    • Disable jump Gadget in the Shadow realm
  • Colette
    • Decreased Hypercharge speed 30 → 26%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 15 → 5%
  • Maisie
    • Decreased Hypercharge speed 30 → 26%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 15 → 5%
  • Lou
    • Decreased Hypercharge speed 30 → 26%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 15 → 5%
  • Colt
    • Reduced Hypercharge multiplier 40 → 35%
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 30 → 25%
    • Decreased Hypercharge speed 30 → 26%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 10 → 5%
  • Bull
    • Reduced Hypercharge multiplier 40 → 35%
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 10 → 5%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 30 → 25%
  • Dynamike
    • Decreased Hypercharge multiplier 40 → 30%
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 30 → 25%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 15 → 5%


  • Charlie
    • Reduced Super Projectile Speed - 4200 → 3300
    • Increased Hypercharge Rate 40 → 60%
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 30 → 25%
    • Decreased Hypercharge speed 30 → 26%
    • Decreased Hypercharge Shield 10 → 5%
  • Edgar
    • Let's Fly Gadget no longer charges Hypercharge
    • Revert Hypercharge nerf (25 → 40%)
    • Increased Hypercharge speed 20 → 24%
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 25 → 15%
    • Decreased Hypercharge Shield 25 → 15%
  • Shelly
    • Reduced Hypercharge multiplier 40 → 30%
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 25 → 5%
    • Increased Hypercharge shield 15 → 25%
  • Spike
    • Reduced Hypercharge multiplier 40 → 35%
    • Increased Hypercharge damage 20 → 25%
    • Decreased Hypercharge speed 30 → 26%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 20 → 5%
  • Jessie
    • Increased Hypercharge multiplier 40 → 60%
    • Increased Hypercharge damage 20 → 25%
    • Decreased Hypercharge speed 30 → 26%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 20 → 5%
  • Mico
    • Increased Hypercharge speed 20 → 24%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 25 → 5%
  • Crow
    • Increased Hypercharge multiplier 40 → 60%
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 30 → 25%
    • Increased Hypercharge speed 20 → 24%
    • Decreased Hypercharge shield 25 → 5%
  • Jacky
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 25 → 5%
    • Increased Hypercharge shield 15 → 25%
  • Rosa
    • Decreased Hypercharge damage 20 → 5%
    • Increased Hypercharge speed 20 → 25%
Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

New Seasonal Game Modes

  • Trophy Escape
  • Hypercharge Unleashed
    • This event will now be Solo Showdown only but still featuring all the Brawler getting a Hypercharge
  • Community Slot
    • Hunters has been removed and Basket Brawl is back due to popular vote!
  • Environments
    • Removed:
      • Robot Factory (including Showdown)
      • Mr P's Snowtel
      • Fighting Game
    • Added:
      • Starrcade (including Rooftop for Basket Brawl)
      • Starrcade Showdown (New)
      • Tara's Bazaar
      • Tara's Bazaar Showdown (New)
      • Swamp of Love


  • Basket Brawl (4)
    • Dancing Roof
    • Basket Fort
    • Pick and Roll
    • Green Meadows
  • Bounty (4) | Not in rotation, only available in Friendly Battles + Ranked
    • Excel
    • Hideout
    • Shooting Star
    • Layer Cake
    • Brawl Ball (8)
    • Beach Ball
    • Center Stage
    • Pinball Dreams
    • Encirclement
    • Galaxy Arena
    • Off the Line
    • Retina
    • Goalkeeper's Dream (New)
    • Gem Grab (8)
    • Flooded Mine
    • Undermine
    • Rustic Arcade
    • Acute Angle
    • Double Swoosh
    • Hard Rock Mine
    • Minecart Madness
    • Open Space
  • Heist (4)
    • Bridge Too Far
    • Safe Zone
    • Pit Stop
    • G.G. Mortuary
    • Hot Zone (4)
    • Ring of Fire
    • Open Zone
    • Split
    • Dueling Beetles
  • Knockout (8)
    • Deep End
    • Flowing Springs
    • Belle's Rock (with modifications)
    • Flaring Phoenix
    • Goldarm Gulch
    • Healthy Middle Ground
    • Out on the Open
    • New Horizons (New)
  • Showdown (8)
    • Scorched Stone
    • Feast or Famine
    • Island Invasion
    • Double Trouble
    • Safety Center
    • Skull Creek
    • Stormy Plains
    • Marksman's Heaven (New)
  • Wipeout (4)
    • Infinite Doom
    • Slayer's Paradise
    • Shooting Star
    • Snake Prairie

Ranked (and Brawl Stars Championship)

  • Bounty
    • Shooting Star
    • Hideout
    • Excel
  • Brawl Ball
    • Center Stage
    • Pinball Dreams
    • Goalkeeper's Dream
  • Gem Grab
    • Minecart Madness
    • Double Swoosh
    • Rustic Arcade
  • Heist
    • Safe Zone
    • Bridge Too Far
    • Pit Stop
  • Hot Zone
    • Dueling Beetles
    • Ring of Fire
    • Split
  • Knockout
    • Belle's Rock
    • Out in the Open
    • New Horizons

Mega Pig

  • Brawl Ball
    • Encirclement
    • Goalkeeper's Dream
    • Beach Ball
  • Gem Grab
    • Hard Rock Mine
    • Open Space
    • Flooded Mine
  • Knockout
    • New Horizons
    • Out in the Open
    • Belle's Rock
  • Hot Zone
    • Ring of Fire
    • Dueling Beetles
    • Open Zone
Fame Rewards[]
  • Reaching a new Fame Rank now gives special rewards, including Pins, Player Icons, and a unique Battle Card background that looks different for every Fame Rank
  • The background will always be the one associated with your highest Fame achieved and can be toggled on or off from the Battle Card screen
New Mode: Ranked![]

Power League is dead. Ranked is here!

  • Only Brawlers Power Level 9 and above are allowed!
  • From Bronze to Gold III, matches will be in a best-of-1 format without a ban phase
  • Diamond I and above continue having a best-of-3 format with a ban phase
  • To play in Diamond I and above, you will need at least 12 Brawlers at Power Level 9
  • Players in Diamond I and above will not be able to team up or get matched with players from Gold III and below
  • Seasons now last about 1 month, coinciding with Brawl Pass Seasons
  • All players will be reset to Bronze I at the start of each new Season
  • All players will also receive a Rank Boost that lasts until the previous Season's Rank
  • New Quests added, exclusive for Ranked!

Ranked Score & Tiers

  • Ranks are still organized in the same way as in Power League, but now you can see how many points you've gained or lost after a match, and earning points will increase your Ranked Score, which determines which Rank you are in.
  • The amount of Ranked points you gain or lose is relative to the Ranked Score of the opponents you face
  • This means you gain a higher score from winning against higher-ranked players (and lose less from defeats) and earn less when playing against lower-ranked players
  • Draws will no longer require matches to be replayed, instead, points will be distributed among all players, depending on the difference in Ranked Scores
  • Once you reach a new major Ranked Tier, you cannot get demoted below that Rank
  • For example, once you get to Mythic I, you cannot drop to Diamond III, but you can still be demoted from Mythic II to Mythic I
  • If you reach Masters Rank, you will have an absolute Rank number, based on your Rank Score, and your name will show up in the Global leaderboard of the current Season for all players in Masters

Ranked Matchmaking

  • Players now can only team up in Duos with other players that have a Rank difference of 3 minor Ranks or less
  • For example, a player in Mythic I can only team up with another player from Diamond I to Legendary I
  • Also, teams can only be matched when they are within 2 minor Rank Tiers or less
  • Solo and team queues have been removed, so now you can play solo, as a duo, or in a team of 3
  • But if you end up playing solo against a team, matchmaking will adapt to make the match more balanced

New Ranked Starr Drops!

  • Ranked Starr Drops are the new type of reward coming with the Ranked mode!
  • They contain Bling, Cosmetics, Skins from previous Power League seasons, and Skins from future Ranked seasons!
  • Each new Season will bring a new Skin and Cosmetics to the rewards pool
  • The initial reward pool of Skins will include the Power League Skins from last year, starting with Mariposa Piper
  • Ranked Starr Drops will be obtainable from the new Ranked rewards track, together with an Epic Starr Drop, Mythic Starr Drops, and Legendary Starr Drops

New Battle Card Ranked Backgrounds!

  • You can now show off your Ranked Tier with the new Ranked Battle Card Backgrounds!
  • Battle Card Backgrounds are visible in your Battle Card, and your Frame changes depending on your current Ranked Tier
  • These Ranked Backgrounds carry over to the following Season, but for one Season only
  • Because of this, To keep your Background, you need to continue playing Ranked each Season
  • Ranked Backgrounds can also be upgraded each Season if you finish in the same Rank up to 7 times
  • If you don't want to show your Rank, these Backgrounds can also be hidden by toggling them off from the Battle Card screen

Ranked Modifiers

  • Ranked matches now feature Modifiers!
  • The idea for Ranked Modifiers is to spice up competitive gameplay while maintaining fairness for both teams, so there won't be any random element associated with them, and any gameplay changes from these Modifiers will affect both teams equally.
  • Each Ranked Season will feature 4 Modifiers, and these will rotate every season, starting with the following:
    • March Season
      • Quickfire - Brawlers reload 10% of their ammo when hitting a target
      • Big Friend - All Brawlers have their HP equal to the highest Brawler on the team
      • Timed Detonation - Terrain gets progressively destroyed
    • April Season
      • Barbed Ammo - All damage leaves a dot for 10% of damage dealt
      • Sick Beats - All Brawlers are immune to all forms of crowd control
  • One Modifier will carry one over from the March Season
    • Persistent Modifier
      • Classic - Standard match without any Modifiers

Ranked Games Reporting and Penalties

  • We're introducing a new Reporting system for Ranked matches! At the end of each match, players will be able to report other players who have behaved dishonorably during the match.
  • There are 3 types of reports that you can make after matches: Grief Play, Cheating and Bad Random
  • To avoid abusing the report tool, every player is limited to making 10 reports a day
  • When a player you reported is penalized, you will be notified by in-game mail
  • And how does reporting change things now? To start off, every player will now have a reputation meter:
  • Getting reported will make your Rep decrease
  • Once your Rep has dropped enough, you'll get a Yellow Card warning you that more penalties will result in suspension from Ranked matches.
  • Going too low will earn you a Red Card, preventing you from playing Ranked matches for some time
  • You can only recover Rep for each Ranked game you play where you didn't get reported
  • Your Reputation meter is only visible to you on your profile screen, other players cannot see it
Other Changes[]
  • Added physics effects to Brawler's lobby animations – try spinning them around and see how they look!
  • XP Doublers base price reduced for 1,000 XP Doublers from 40 Gems to 25 Gems
  • Added a Thumbs Up/Down vote at the end of matches
  • Extended the Trophy Road from 50,000 Trophies to 70,000
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from switching Brawlers in the Starr Road
  • Leon's Clone will not show a Hypercharge icon around him anymore
  • Fixed Spawn Points not showing up in Map Maker
  • Fixed the issue where Mico could be damaged while in the air
  • Fixed the visual issue causing Larry & Lawrie's Skins to overlap in the Catalog
  • The torture is over – you can now skip the animation when receiving Power Points
  • Fixed a localization issue with Kit's attack values
  • Fixed a mistake with Heist's description
  • Fixed an issue where the Skin W Otis' was causing the Gadget "Dormant Star" not to silence enemies

Maintenance - February 7th[]

Balance Changes[]


  • Maisie
    • Increased the number of Basic attacks needed to charge Super 3 → 4
  • Larry & Lawrie
    • Increased the number of Basic attacks needed to charge Super 5 → 8
    • Reduced Base HP 3400 → 3000 (for both Larry and Lawrie)
    • Star Power - Protocol: Protect - Reduced transferred damage 100% → 30%
    • Star Power - Protocol: Assist - Now ammo is only reloaded when hitting Brawlers

We are also exploring removing the ability of Gadgets to charge Hypercharges (which contributed to making Fang and Edgar stronger), but it still needs more testing, and it should happen with the next update.

Maintenance - January 18th[]

  • Applying general server fixes and improvements

Maintenance - January 11th[]

Balance Changes[]


  • Rico
    • Increased Super damage from 320 → 360
    • Slightly increased Super charge gained from Super damage
  • Surge
    • Increased Base HP 3000 → 3300
  • Darryl
    • Increased base attack projectile speed 3044 → 4000
  • Buzz
    • Increased HP 4400 → 4800


  • Bo
    • Reduced base damage 700 → 640
    • Increased number of projectiles needed for Super 8 → 9
  • Kit
    • Reduced throwing attack damage when attached to friendly players from 2000 → 1600
    • Fixed the issue with the Super charge rate scaling with Power Cubes when attached to enemies
    • Fixed the issue with "Cardboard box" still charging the Super at a faster rate when moving
    • Kit can now be damaged while attached to enemy players
    • Fixed the issue where Kit could use his Super again if he detaches from a friendly player before the current Super is completely drained
    • Kit can no longer attach to recently spawned Brawlers
  • Rosa
    • Reduced Super charge 97 → 75 (3 → 4 ammo for super)
Bug Fixes and Other Changes[]
  • Removed the ice from Winter maps in 5v5
  • Fixed the issue in Brawl Ball where the ball could be locked behind a team's own goal
  • Mega Pig Changes
    • Reduced the number of tickets for each player to 15
    • Adjusted the necessary requirements to fill the Mega Pig as a result (it's slightly easier now!)

Maintenance - January 5th[]

We are fixing some issues related to the new monthly Brawl Pass:

  • Brawl Passes bought from Supercell Store (or partner web shops) before the current season and stored in Supercell Store inventory should now always give you a Brawl Pass Plus
  • Players who have received the basic Brawl Pass from those purchases will receive their Brawl Pass upgraded (most likely next week)
  • Fixed the exploit where you received a large amount of Gems for buying the Brawl Pass twice
  • We'll soon be removing the extra amount of Gems players received from the exploit (also probably next week)

Maintenance & Optional Update - December 18th[]

Bug Fixes[]
  • Win Streak is back and fixed!
  • Fixed Gadget Damage for Mortis, Rico, Spike and Brock
  • Localization changes for the Brawl Pass and Mico in some languages
Balance Changes[]
  • Fixed "play again" quest difficulty (it's now lower)


  • Fang
    • Hypercharge charge rate decreased to 20 (from 40)
    • Hypercharge shield decreased to 15 (from 25)
  • Edgar
    • Hypercharge charge rate decreased to 25 (from 40)

Additionally, there's a new optional update available for Android and iOS devices, with the following fixes:

  • Fixed the glitching leaderboard issues for certain devices
  • Fixed the issue with online friends not displaying correctly
  • Fixed the stuck "Free" Shop label

#StarrToon Patch Notes[]

New Brawler: Mico (Mythic)[]

Type: Assassin

  • Attack: Mic boom
    • Mico jumps forward a short distance and damages nearby enemies on landing
  • Super: Out of frame
    • Mico jumps high after a short delay, then targets his landing – dealing damage to enemies in the landing location upon landing
  • Gadget: Clipping scream
    • Mico screams at the closest enemy, dealing damage and slowing them for 2 seconds.
  • Gadget: Presto
    • Mico's next jump has a 34% longer range
  • Star Power: Monkey business
    • Every 5 seconds, Mico's next basic attack steals ammo from enemies
  • Star Power: Record smash
    • Mico deals 100% more damage versus non-brawlers
  • Hypercharge: Sound check
    • Mico’s Super also stuns enemies for 1.5s after landing
New Brawler: Kit (Legendary)[]

Type: Support

  • Trait: Recharging Super
  • Attack (unattached): Claws
    • Kit slashes in front of him, dealing damage in a cone
  • Attack (attached): Yarn Balls
    • Kit throws yarn balls while attached to a friendly Brawler, dealing damage in an area
  • Super: Carry me
    • Kit jumps and attaches to the back of another Brawler. Heals allies or damages enemies over time
  • Gadget: Cardboard box
    • Kit becomes invisible and charges his Super. Charges faster while standing still
  • Gadget: Cheeseburger
    • Kit heals himself and the friendly Brawler he is attached to
  • Star Power: Power Hungry
    • Kit gains double power from each Power Cube
  • Star Power: Overly attached
    • Increases the maximum duration Kit is attached to a friendly brawler
New Brawlers: Larry & Lawrie (Epic)[]

Type: Artillery

  • Attack: Ticket Dispenser
    • Shoot a ticket bundle that explodes twice after landing
  • Super: Call for backup
    • Summon Lawrie to help. Lawrie shoots nearby enemies with his Taser gun
  • Gadget: Order: Swap
    • Swap weapons with Lawrie
  • Gadget: Order: Fall back
    • Dash towards Lawrie while Lawrie dashes towards you, healing both for 33% of max health on arrival
  • Star Power: Protocol: Protect
    • While Lawrie is in range, transfer all damage to him instead of you
  • Star Power: Protocol: Assist
    • While Lawrie is within range – reload 30% of your ammo whenever he damages an opponent
New Hypercharges[]
  • Mico: Sound Check
    • Mico’s super also stuns nearby enemies after landing for 1.5 seconds
  • Dynamike: Boomer
    • Super bomb spawns smaller bombs
  • Edgar: Outoburst
    • After using Super, gain charging speed and reload speed for a few seconds
  • Fang: Dragon Kick
    • Charge through walls while dropping popcorn along the way
  • Crow: Utility Knives
    • Crow’s knives are piercing and are returning like a boomerang
  • Leon: Limbo
    • Leon stays invisible while attacking his enemies

New Gear for Mortis  - Bat Storm (Mythic)

  • Bats speed (Super projectile) increased by 50%
New Skins[]

Mini-Themes: Brawlidays & Dark Winter Tales

  • Santa Stu (149 Gems)
  • Grouch Mico (149 Gems)

The Brawlidays and Dark Winter Tales Skins will be released in mid-December

January Brawl Pass Season: Starr Toon Studios

  • Pinku Pawlette (Brawl Pass)
  • Kiiro Pawlette & Midori Pawlette Skin color variations (Brawl Pass Plus)
  • Toon Spike (299 Gems)
  • Final Boss Rico (Power League)

The Starr Toon Studios season starts on January 4th, 2024

February Brawl Pass Season: Year of the Dragon

  • KitBoxer (Brawl Pass)
  • KitBoxer Goldpaw & KitBoxer Darkpaw Skin color variations (Brawl Pass Plus)
  • Wukong Mico (299 Gems)
  • Antivirus 8-Bit (299 Gems)
  • Ferocious Fang (149 Gems)

The Year of the Dragon season starts on February 1st, 2024


  • Macaron Mico (29 Gems) - Releases in mid-December
  • Dark Angel Colt (Supercell MAKE, concept by Dodi, Angelo, and Kakatpoke – Free if claimed from the Brawlidays advent calendar, then 149 Gems) - Releases in late December
  • Billy the Kit (29 Gems) - Releases in early January
  • CCTV Poco (149 Gems) - Releases in mid-January
  • Larry & Lawrie Controllers (29 Gems) - Releases in early February
  • El Quarterback (199 Gems) - Releases in early February
  • Flag Bearer Piper (Brazilian Carnaval celebratory Skin - 149 Gems) - Releases in mid-February
  • Doll Jessie (29 Gems) - Releases in mid-February
  • W Otis (ZETA Division Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 Winners Skin - 149 Gems) - Releases in mid-December
  • Blue King Frank & Red King Frank (Supercell Store Exclusive Skin - 299 Gems) - Release date to be confirmed
  • Extra: Shelly base model update
Cosmetic Items[]


  • Mico Pin Set
  • CCTV Poco
  • Santa Stu
  • Grouch Mico
  • Toon Spike Set, Starr Toon Studios Set, Final Boss Rico, Pinku Pawlette, Kiiro Pawlette and Midori Pawlette, Toon Fight
  • El Quarterback, American Football
  • Flag Bearer Piper
  • Year of the Dragon Set, Dragon Trophy
  • Wukong Mico
  • Ferocious Fang
  • Kit Set
  • KitBoxer, KitBoxer Goldpaw and KitBoxer Darkpaw
  • Larry & Lawrie Set
  • W Otis
  • Dark Angel Colt
  • Blue King Frank Set
  • Antivirus 8-Bit Set
  • Spicy Mike
  • Burger Lou
  • Sugar Rush Sandy
  • Hypercharged Leon, Mico, Dynamike, Fang, Crow and Edgar


  • Mico
  • Brawlidays Kiss, Brawlidays Candy
  • Toon Spike, Final Boss Rico, Starr Toons Candy
  • El Quarterback
  • Year of the Dragon
  • 2023 World Champions
  • Kit
  • Larry & Lawrie
  • Blue King Frank
  • Antivirus 8-Bit
  • Hypercharged Leon, Mico, Dynamike, Fang, Crow and Edgar

Profile Icons

  • CCTV Poco
  • Santa Stu
  • Grouch Mico
  • 5th Brawliversary
  • Chroma Credit
  • Starr Toon Studios, Starr Toon Studios logo
  • Toon Spike, Final Boss Rico, Pinku Pawlette
  • El Quarterback
  • Flag Bearer Piper
  • Wukong Mico
  • Ferocious Fang
  • Kit
  • KitBoxer
  • Larry & Lawrie
  • W Otis
  • Dark Angel Colt
  • Blue King Frank
  • Antivirus 8-Bit
  • Spicy Mike
  • Super Fan Emz
  • Hypercharged Leon, Mico, Dynamike, Fang, Crow and Edgar


  • “The First” - Starr Toon Studios Brawl Pass Plus Exclusive Title
  • “The Golden Dragon” - Year of the Dragon Brawl Pass Plus Exclusive Title
  • “Am I a joke to you?” - Mico Mastery Title
  • “Meow” - Kit Mastery Title
  • “I am the law!” - Twins Mastery Title
Balance Changes[]


  • Colt
    • Reload speed 1700 → 1400 ms
  • Amber
    • Damage 200 → 220
  • Bo
    • Damage 600 → 700
  • Ash
    • HP - 5200 →  5400
  • Gus
    • Damage - 940 → 1000
  • Chester
    • HP - 3500 →  3700
  • Janet
    • Damage 940 → 980
    • Shots required to charge Super - 7 → 6
  • Pearl
    • Movement speed - 670 → 720
  • Surge
    • HP - 2800 → 3000


  • Charlie
    • Basic - Cooldown - 250 → 500 ms
    • Super - Duration - 7 → 5 sec
    • Super charge - 5 →  6 basic attacks
    • Gadget - Spiders - HP - 1100 → 700
  • Lou
    • Super charge from basic attacks 143 → 120
  • Spike
    • Gear - Sticky Spikes - Slow% - 50 →  30
  • Rosa
    • HP 5400 →  5000
  • Buster
    • Gadget - Slo-mo replay - Removed the slow component
  • Nani
    • HP - 2600 → 2400
    • Super charge from basic attacks 105 → 92

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

Hunters is the returning game mode based on player votes and will replace Duels for the next few months.

We’re also using this time when there aren’t any official competitions to make bigger changes in the map pool for most game modes where enough maps were in the backlog - so the map rotation should feel rather fresh.

The MEGA Pig event will now also feature new maps!

Since there are so many changes, we will focus on the new maps added to the game and won’t go into details on the removed maps.


  • Cavern Churn
  • Double Trouble
  • Dune Drift
  • Forsaken Falls
  • Safety Center
  • Skull Creek
  • Stormy Plains
  • The Galaxy

Brawl Ball

  • Backyard Bowl
  • Coarse Course
  • Encirclement
  • Galaxy Arena
  • Off the Line
  • Retina
  • Triple Dribble
  • Winter Party

Gem Grab

  • Arenè en Folie
  • Close Call
  • Double Swoosh
  • Hard Rock Mine
  • Last Stop
  • Minecart Madness
  • Open Space
  • Stay in your Lane


  • Belle’s Rock
  • Close Quarters
  • Flaring Phoenix
  • Goldarm Gulch
  • Healthy Middle Ground
  • New Perspective
  • Out in the Open
  • Waters of Doom

Hot Zone

  • Checkered
  • Open Zone
  • Ring of Fire
  • The Great Divide


  • Bridge Too Far
  • Riverbed
  • Safe Zone
  • Tornado Ring


  • Layer Bake
  • Shooting Star
  • Snake Prairie
  • The Great Open


  • Trials and Tribulations
  • Hunting Season
  • True Trail
  • Omega

Ranked (Power League)

  • All Modes:
    • Brawl Ball: Backyard Bowl, Triple Dribble Winter Party
    • Gem Grab: Last Stop, Open Space, Stay in your Lane
    • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, The Great Divide, Open Zone
    • Heist: Bridge Too Far, Riverbed, Tornado Ring
    • Knockout: Close Quarters, Out in the Open, Belle’s Rock
    • Bounty: Layer Bake, Shooting Star, The Great Open

Map Environment Changes

  • Removed
    • Ghost Metro
    • Ranger Ranch
    • Mortis Mortuary (including Showdown)
    • Retropolis
    • Bizarre Circus
  • Added
    • Robot Factory (including Showdown)
    • Mr. P’s Snowtel
    • Fighting Game
    • Starr Toons (New)
    • Winter for 5v5 (New)
New: 5v5 Game Modes[]

The long-awaited 5v5 game modes are finally here! They are running as weekend events during this update cycle, and these modes feature bigger maps and have their own twist on the classic modes like Brawl Ball, Wipeout, and Gem Grab!

  • 5v5 Brawl Ball - It plays sideways! Also, the goals are considerably bigger, but with more defenders to get through, that won’t make scoring easier!
  • 5v5 Wipeout - Plays the same as the classic mode, but you play on a bigger map and need more eliminations to win!
  • 5v5 Gem Grab - Some maps feature 2 Gem Spawn points for twice the mayhem!
Brawlidays Freebies[]

Starting on December 12th, there will be an advent calendar in-game! Log in daily to the game and claim a gift every day, including a new FREE Brawler Mico (Mythic) and a FREE Dark Angel Colt Skin from the latest Supercell MAKE campaign!

The last day of the calendar is December 26th, so make sure you collect all your gifts before the end of the year!

New Brawl Pass & Brawl Pass Plus[]
  • Now, the Brawl Pass can only be obtained via in-app purchase
  • Brawl Pass seasons have become monthly, with each new season starting on the first Thursday of each month
  • Tokens and Token Doublers renamed to Battle Pass XP and XP Doublers
  • Brawl Pass Quests and progress requirements rebalanced to be easier to complete
  • Free Pass track rewards increased and added Starr Drops to the list of rewards
  • Bonus tail rewards changed to Starr Drops
  • New Brawl Pass features
    • You can now unlock any Brawler up to Epic or collect 1000 Credits
    • New Brawl Pass Skins every season
    • Exclusive Chromatic Name
    • (New) Extra Daily Shop Freebie
    • (New) Double Daily Battle XP
    • (New) Extra Daily Quest
    • Premium Seasonal Quest
  • Added the new Brawl Pass Plus, which also introduces additional benefits:
    • 2 Additional Brawl Pass Skin Color variations
    • Instant 20% Brawl Pass Progress
    • (New) Exclusive Player Title
    • More progression rewards!
  • Skins for Brawlers players don’t own can now be stored in the catalog.

A few weeks ago, we published an article comparing the rewards and benefits of the old VS the new Brawl Pass. Check it here for a more detailed view of how the Brawl Pass has changed, including the latest update.

Chroma Credits & Chromatic Brawlers Changes[]
  • Chroma Credits were removed from the game. Any remaining Chroma Credits in your inventory will be converted to regular Credits with a 1.85 ratio once the update releases
  • Removed the Chromatic Brawler rarity and moved all the Chromatic Brawlers to the Starr Road, with the following new rarities:
    • Epic: Gale, Colette, Ash, Lola, Sam, Mandy, Maisie and Pearl
    • Mythic: Lou, Ruffs, Buzz, Fang, Eve, Janet, Otis, Buster, R-T and Charlie
    • Legendary: Cordelius and Surge
  • In the case of Charlie, she will only show up on the Starr Road starting from January 11, 2024
Club & MEGA Pig Improvements[]
  • You can now share replays with your Club from the Battle Log or Club screen
  • MEGA PIG modifiers for December to February:
    • Ice Age (New)
    • Toxic Arena (New)
    • Unlimited Power
    • Classic
  • Maps
    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Close Call
    • Knockout: Out in the Open, Close Quarters
    • Hot Zone: The Great Divide, Ring of Fire
    • Wipeout: The Great Open, Shooting Star
    • Brawl Ball: Triple Dribble, Encirclement
Trophy Road Reward Changes[]
  • Game mode unlocks were moved and can now be unlocked earlier in the path
  • Changed some of the Trophy Road rewards to Starr Drops
    • Rewards up to 10,000 Trophies feature more Starr Drops
    • A Legendary Starr Drop has been added at every 10,000 Trophies
    • A Mythic Starr Drop has been added in between the Legendary Starr Drops at every 5,000 Trophies
In-game Optional Ads[]

We’re rolling out an experiment in some regions of the world with optional video ads. These ads are designed in a way that aims not to disturb the typical gameplay experience; instead, they will offer players a way to obtain additional perks such as an additional Daily Quest, more daily Battle XP, or an additional daily freebie in the Shop.

Players with active Brawl Pass will already benefit from these perks and won’t be served ads.

Depending on how these optional ads perform within these testing regions, we may roll out this feature to additional regions later in 2024.

Win Streaks[]
  • Earn bonus Trophies for each consecutive win in Trophy matches
  • Win streaks begin at 2 wins and each consecutive win grants +1 Trophy, up to a cap of +5 Trophies
  • In Solo Showdown, finishing in 6th-10th position is considered a loss, 5th position is a draw
  • In Duo Showdown, finishing in 4th-5th position is viewed as a loss, 3rd position is a draw
  • Win streaks are only broken when losing a match (so draws will not break your streak)
Other Changes[]
  • You can now receive and store Skins for Brawlers you don’t own! These can be accessed from the Catalog
  • Now you can report Player names, Club names, Club descriptions and Club mail messages more easily from within the game
  • Club mail messages now auto-expire after 14 days
  • You can now sort Brawlers by Mastery in the Brawler screen
  • Credits can no longer be stored and once a Brawl Pass season ends, all the unclaimed Credits from that season will go either to the Brawler currently being unlocked, to the new Brawler being released alongside the new season, or to Fame
Bug Fixes[]
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Maintenance - November 16[]

In this one, we're fixing some bugs and making improvements to Legendary Starr Drops!

  • Legendary Starr Drops will no longer give Gadgets, Pins, Sprays, or Profile Icons. These will move to Mythic Starr Drops only
  • Now, Legendary Starr Drops will only contain Star Powers, Hypercharges, Brawlers of Epic to Legendary rarities, and Super Rare and Epic Skins
  • You can still get resources from Legendary Starr Drops, but only if they are fallback rewards
  • To be able to make this change without increasing the total reward distribution we had to rebalance resources in other rarities, so Coins and Token Doublers were slightly nerfed, but
  • Gadgets, Star Powers, and Hypercharges probabilities got increased
  • Fixed an issue where some top contributors in the Mega Pig Club event were receiving double the Starr Drops than supposed

And in case you were wondering, we haven't decreased the chances of getting a Legendary Starr Drop as a result of all these changes!

Maintenance - November 9[]

  • Fixed an issue where players could still pick banned Brawlers in Power League
  • Fixed an issue where new players would lose Coins when autocreating a Club after unlocking this feature in the Trophy Road
  • Fixed an issue in Duo Showdown where players would spawn next to opponents on certain maps
  • Cocoons now deal damage or healing at the start of the instance rather than at the end
  • Fixed an issue where other types of damage over time would continue to have effect while inside a cocoon
  • Balance changes for Charlie:
    • Reduced cocoon duration from 10 → 7s
    • Star Power - Digestive - Reduced max HP damage from 50 → 25%
    • You now keep the same ammo after getting out of a cocoon that you had when entering

Optional Update (Android) - November 2[]

A new optional update is available for Android devices. Make sure to download it from the Google Play store to apply the following fix:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing a crash when entering the Shop

Maintenance - October 27[]

  • Fixed the issue with some Star Powers and Gadgets crashing the game
  • Fixed the issue with Sandy's Super and Otis' Gadget crashing the game
  • Fixed the issue where Pearl's Super damage was not taking accumulated Heat into account
  • Fixed the issue causing the Bye Club League login calendar to not appear to some players
  • Re-enabled the Hypercharge Unleashed event

Optional Update (iOS & Android) - October 26[]

An optional update is now available for iOS and Android devices! For the best in-game experience, make sure to download the latest version of the game from your App Store/Google Play Store.

  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from selecting the 3rd Brawler for Duels or interact with the rightmost member of a team
  • Evil Queen Pam's Spray is now visible

#BizarreCircus Patch Notes[]

New Brawler: Charlie (Chromatic)[]

Type: Controller

  • Attack: Yo-Yo
    • Charlie slings her yo-yo forward, damaging the first enemy hit and then returning back to her
  • Super: Cocoon
    • Charlie throws forward a bundle of hair wrapping around an enemy on hit, disabling them until the hairy cocoon is destroyed
  • Gadget: Spiders
    • Charlie releases 3 spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies
  • Gadget: Personal Space
    • Charlie cocoons herself, healing 50% of her total health
  • Star Power: Digestive
    • Cocooned enemies lose 50% of their health while cocooned
  • Star Power: Slimy
    • Cocoon leaves a slimy trail behind it for 5 seconds that slows down enemies walking over it
  • Hypercharge: Pestilence
    • Cocoon spawns 3 spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies
New Hypercharges[]
  • Rosa: Grasping Roots
    • Rosa slows down all nearby enemies while her Super is active
  • Maisie: Aftermath
    • Maisie's Super also shoots her basic attack projectiles around her in all directions
  • Lou: Slushie Storm
    • Lou's Super instantly freezes enemies in the area
  • Jessie: Scrappy 2.0
    • Jessie's turret has 50% more health and deals  20% more damage
  • Colette: Teen Spirit
    • Colette's spirit follows her during her dash, damaging enemies on the way
  • Charlie: Pestilence
    • Cocoon spawns 3 spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies
New Skins[]

Event: Brawl-o-ween

  • White Wolf Leon (199 Gems)
  • Hoot Hoot Shelly (199 Gems)
  • Kabocha Fang  (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | MAKE Skin by GlowingShark

This year's Brawl-o-Ween Skins will be available in the Shop in late October

Season: Bizarre Circus

  • Dark Clown Sam (79 Gems / 2,750 Bling)
  • Cobra Lola (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Power League Skin
  • Tusked Nita (299 Gems)
  • Ringmaster Byron (199 Gems)

The Bizarre Circus Skins will be available at the start of the Brawl Pass season in early November.

Mini-Theme: The Warrior's Journey

  • Dasis Grom (199 Gems)
  • Vanara Frank (199 Gems)
  • Brother Bo (199 Gems) & Supreme Bo Skin color variation (49 Gems) | Requires owning the Brother Bo Skin

The Warrior's Journey Skins will be available in the Shop in mid November

The Ghost Station Skins are coming back!

  • Inspector Colette  (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)
  • Trash Panda Penny (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)
  • Chainsaw Buster (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)

These Skins will become available in late October!


  • Colt Base Model

Other Skins

  • Mecha Edgar 00 (49 Gems) & Mecha Edgar 01 (49 Gems) | Available when the update releases (these Skin color variations require owning the Mecha Edgar Skin)
  • Boy Scout Gus (29 Gems) | Available in the Shop in late October
  • Rosie Charlie | Available in the Brawl Pass as the Tier 70 Reward
  • Amazing Charlie (29 Gems) | Available in the Shop in early November
  • Hockey Mortis (149 Gems) | Available in the Shop in early November
  • Lavish Lola (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Available in late November
New Cosmetic Items[]


  • Charlie set, Rosie Charlie
  • Mega Pig set
  • Hoot Hoot Shelly, White Wolf Leon, Kabocha Fang
  • Bizarre Circus Clown, Cotton Candy, Ringmaster Byron, Cobra Lola, Tusked Nita Set
  • Hypercharged Charlie, Maisie, Colette, Lou, Rosa and Jessie
  • Esports Set
  • Hockey Mortis
  • Warrior's Journey set, Dasis Grom, Supreme Bo, Brother Bo, Vanara Frank
  • Hot Rod Brock, Road Rage Carl, Baking Sale Barley, Lawless Lola, Rockabilly Mortis, V8-Bit
  • Evil Queen Pam set, Robo Mike set
  • Mecha Edgar 00, Mecha Edgar 01, Light Mecha Mortis, Dark Mecha Mortis
  • Jessie set (remodeled)
  • Foldable device


  • Charlie
  • Hoot Hoot Shelly, White Wolf Leon, Kabocha Fang
  • Bizarre Circus Clown, Magic Saw Set, Ringmaster Byron, Cobra Lola, Tusked Nita
  • Hypercharged Charlie, Maisie, Colette, Lou, Rosa and Jessie
  • Dasis Grom, Supreme Bo, Brother Bo, Vanara Frank
  • Evil Queen Pam, Robo Mike

Profile Icons

  • Charlie
  • Hoot Hoot Shelly, White Wolf Leon, Kabocha Fang
  • Camera
  • Bizarre Circus logo, Ringmaster Byron, Cobra Lola, Tusked Nita
  • Hypercharged Charlie, Maisie, Colette, Lou, Rosa and Jessie
  • Hockey Mortis
  • Warrior's Journey, Dasis Grom, Supreme Bo, Brother Bo, Vanara Frank
  • Hot Rod Brock, Baking Sale Barley, Lawless Lola, Rockabilly Mortis
  • Evil Queen Pam, Robo Mike


  • The Amazing (Charlie)
Balance Changes[]


  • Gears
    • Pet power - Increased power 20 → 25%
      • Pet power has underperformed in comparison to normal damage gear. They should be more in line for brawlers that can utilize both, so this is one step towards that.
    • Sandy - Exhausting storm - Increased damage reduction effect 10 → 20%
      • Now, even sandier!
    • Shield - Increased health 600 → 900
      • Shield is the only element that will not be affected by the % revamp. Making it % based would flip it from being great on squishy brawlers to great on tanky brawlers instead - which is not something we want.
    • Leon - Lingering smoke - Increased duration 1 → 2s
      • One second is all it takes - getting a takedown for me, possibilities...
  • Doug
    • Increased Super range 20 → 28
    • Increased Super width 50 → 200
      • Now, why would anyone want to miss out on the tastiest of hotdogs? This should allow Doug to properly use his super on teammates when he's full himself!


  • Gears
    • Speed - Decreased movement speed 20 → 15%
      • Welcome to the jungle - but slower.
  • Crow
    • Gadget - Slowing toxin - Decreased duration 3 → 2s
      • Gadget gear gave Crow a bit too much control, so tuning some of it down
  • Chuck
    • Chuck doesn't have his Super Charged after respawning (so it prevents him from using his Super while still invincible).
      • The train will be slightly delayed
  • Shelly
    • Decreased Super charge from Super 112 → 60
      • ANOTHA ONE - she's been too good simply at chaining supers off of supers.
  • Gus
    • Gadget - Kooky Popper - Removed knockback effect
      • With the combo of knocking back enemies + using the main attack, it allowed Gus, a support Brawler, to become a friggin' assassin.
  • Pearl
    • Gadget - Overcooked - Decreased extra damage 60 → 40%
      • Who let Pearl cook to this extent? It couldn't be me
  • Squeak
    • Gadget - Residue duration - Decreased duration 8 → 6s
      • Same as Crow's
  • Fang
    • Main attack - Reduced damage 1400 → 1360
      • Fang has been really strong lately, thanks to his Super charge buff + damage. While we want to keep him high risk-high reward, reducing his burst allows more brawlers to fight him even when he does come up to you
  • Buster
    • Main attack - Reduced damage 1440 → 1400
      • Buster, much like Fang, also saw a resurgence due to his stats being increased. This, along with the gadget gear for slo-mo replay, has made him a tad too strong - but the first step is to tune his overall stats down a little.
Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]


Based on the community vote, we've removed Siege from rotation and brought back Duels, which will rotate in the Community Slot together with Wipeout.

  • Bounty
    • Unchanged
  • Brawl Ball
    • Removed
      • Penalty Kick
      • Pinball Dreams
    • Added
      • Iron Bars (New)
      • Deadly Deflections (New)
  • Gem Grab
    • Removed
      • Deathcap Trap
      • Undermine
    • Added
      • Stacking (New)
      • Warehouse (New)
  • Heist
    • Removed
      • Pit Stop
    • Added
      • Hungry Hippos (New)
  • Hot Zone
    • Removed
      • Open Business
    • Added
      • On the Train (New)
  • Knockout
    • Removed
      • Flowing Springs
      • New Perspective
    • Added
      • Into Infinity (New)
      • Waters of Doom (New)
  • Showdown
    • Removed
      • Cavern Churn
      • Island Invasion
    • Added
      • Vicious Vortex (New)
      • Descending Dimensions (New)
  • Wipeout
    • Unchanged
  • Siege
    • Removed
      • All
  • Duels
    • Added
      • Eyes on the Ground
      • Devil's Pass
      • Cheeky Chokepoint
      • Battered Battlefield

Ranked (Power League)

  • Bounty
    • Shooting Star
    • Canal Grande
    • Dry Season
  • Brawl Ball
    • Field Goal
    • Pinhole Punt
    • Super Beach
  • Gem Grab
    • Hard Rock Mine
    • Double Swoosh
    • Last Stop
  • Heist
    • Kaboom Canyon
    • Safe Zone
    • Hot Potato
  • Hot Zone
    • Ring of Fire
    • Dueling Beetles
    • Split
  • Knockout
    • Goldarm Gulch
    • Belle's Rock
    • Out in the Open
Map Environment Changes[]
  • Removed Themes
    • Robot Factory
    • Enchanted Forest
    • Scrapyard
  • Added Themes
    • Bizarre Circus (New)
    • Mortis Mortuary
    • Bull's Diner
    • Mega Pig
Club League Changes[]
  • Both League weeks and Quest weeks have been removed
  • Club Shop is removed, and unused Club Coins will be converted to Coins & Power Points:
    • Half will be converted to Power Points, and the other half will be converted to Coins

New Club Event: Mega Pig

New monthly event replacing Club League!

  • Fill the Mega Pig to smash it open at the end of the event and get loads of rewards!
  • At the start of each monthly event, all Club Members receive 18 Tickets that they can use to play matches
  • Every win will fill up the Mega Pig with Coins, Power Points, Bling, and Starr Drops that will be distributed to all Club members at the end of the event
  • Reaching each Mega Pig milestone increases the amount of rewards you receive
  • The more you fill the Mega Pig, the more rewards you get! So, being in a full and active Club highly increases your chances of completely filling the Mega Pig


  • The rewards are always divided by how many members you have in your Club
    • There's a cap on the maximum rewards you can get if you manage to fill the Mega Pig with fewer members
    • This allows smaller clubs to also get the benefit of the event, but it prevents the system from being exploited if you have fewer members
  • To be eligible for the rewards, you need to win at least one game

Mega Pig Games

Together with the Mega Pig event we're introducing a new format featuring random game modes, maps and (new) modifiers!

The new modifiers are:

  • Super Bushy
  • The match starts with normal bushes, then the bushes start spreading in random directions every second
  • Instant Overtime
  • All objects disappear from the map (including unbreakable walls)
  • Unlimited Power
  • On death, Brawlers spawn a Power Cube that any Brawler can pick up
  • Classic
    • Just a good old match without any modifiers

Games during the Mega Pig event feature a simplified Ranked format:

  • No ban phase
  • No preparation phase
  • Synchronous pick-phase for both teams (blind)
  • Duplicates in the enemy team allowed

Our goal for this change was to improve the time it takes to get to matches while still allowing you to pick the best composition for the map, mode, and modifier.

Bye Club League Calendars Event!

After the update releases, there will be a 25-day login calendar to welcome the Mega Pig into the game and to compensate somewhat for the reduced total rewards, counting down the days until the 1st Mega Pig event starts!

The calendar features Starr Drops, new Pins and the last rewards depends on your highest-ever Club League Tier:

  • No Club, Bronze, Silver & Gold - Epic Starr Drop
  • Diamond, Mythic - Mythic Starr Drop
  • Legendary & Masters - Legendary Starr Drop on the last day

Club League Skins

Old Club League Skins will now be available in the Shop and the Catalog with the following prices:

  • Pizza Oven Ash - 149 Gems / 5,000 Bling
  • Chicken Rico - 149 Gems / 5,000 Bling
  • Potato Squeak - 79 Gems / 2,750 Bling
  • Lion Bull - 149 Gems / 5,000 Bling
  • Moldy Mike - 199 Gems

Other Club Improvements

  • The cost to create a Club now is 1,000 Coins
  • Clubs now unlock at 400 Trophies
  • Club search results should be better and now prioritize Clubs with at least 22 active members, cascading downwards in recommendations
  • Replays can now be shared in the Club Chat
  • Improved the ability for Clubs to invite players
Hypercharge Release Changes[]
  • 5 Hypercharges will be released when the update releases
  • Charlie's Hypercharge will be available later after the Brawl Pass season starts
  • Hypercharges will be available in the Shop for a discounted price of 79 Gems after the update releases
  • Hypercharge Collector's Packs will be available in the Shop for a discounted price of 144 Gems
  • Hypercharges will become available for 5,000 Coins after a two-week period
Hypercharge Unleashed Event Changes[]
  • You now get a random Hypercharge when completing the event Quest!
  • Changed the event Quest objective from Wins to Hypercharge activations in matches
  • If you already own all the Hypercharges when you complete the Quest, you will get 1000 Coins instead
  • Changed the default Gem to Coin ratio:
  • Old: 1 Gem = 9.3 Coins
  • New: 1 Gem = 10 Coins (+7.5% buff)

Re-enabled Standard Coin Packs, featuring new packs based on the new conversion ratio:

  • 30 Gems = 300 Coins (0% bonus)
  • 80 Gems = 880 Coins (10% bonus)
  • 170 Gems = 2,040 Coins (20% bonus)
  • 360 Gems = 4,680 Coins (30% bonus)
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed an issue where Rodeo Hank did more damage under himself than intended
  • Fixed an issue with tooltips on upgrading Jacky
  • Fixed a visual effect issue happening with Cordelius' jumps
  • Fixed the Takedown VFX crashing the game while spectating/watching replays
  • Fixed some jittery animations
  • Fixed visibility for unreleased Brawlers
  • Fixed an issue with Pearl's Hypercharge area
  • Fixed the targeting indicator not being accurate for a few Brawlers
  • Fixed other aiming indicator-related issues
  • Fixed some issues with Willow's Hex ability
  • Fixed an issue with Chester's Bell 'O' Mania not receiving damage buffs
  • Fixed an issue with Chester's Super after re-spawning
  • Fixed an issue with Gus' winning animation
  • Power Point cap is now completely removed
  • Changed Pearl's Mastery Title to “Let me cook”
  • Improved loading time when opening Starr Drop Rewards
  • 199 and 299 Gem Skins now automatically deliver all the cosmetics linked to the Skin

Maintenance - October 17th[]

  • Club League and Club Quests are being disabled in preparation for the next update!
  • You'll still be able to claim the rewards from the latest Club League and Club Quest season until the next update releases
  • Some server side improvements due to the issues we had over the weekend

Additionally, we're extending the Shooting Starr Drops event for 1 extra day to compensate for the downtime of the maintenance!

Maintenance - October 3rd[]

  • Re-enabled the Game Mode slots 5 and 6 with the following changes:
    • Slot 1 = Showdown 24/7 (Unchanged)
    • Slot 2 = Brawl Ball 24/7 (Unchanged)
    • Slot 3 = Gem Grab 24/7 (added 4 maps for a total of 8 maps)
    • Slot 4 = Siege & Wipeout (Unchanged)
    • Slot 5 = Knockout 24/7 (added 4 maps for a total of 8 maps)
    • Slot 6 = Heist & Hot Zone (4 maps/modes)
  • Updated Quest generation to match the new map and game mode rotation
  • Increased the Power Point cap to 99999. We intend to completely remove this cap with the next game update
  • Hypercharges can now be found in Legendary Starr Drops
  • Rebalanced drop rates and amounts of Coins, Power Points and Token Doublers received from Starr Drops
    • Players will receive less Power Point and Token Doublers, but instead will get more Coins from Starr Drops from now onwards

Android Optional Update - September 8th[]

  • Fixed the bug with the stuck notification over the Shop button
  • Fixed some loading issues and crashes

Maintenance - September 7th[]

  • Fixed the error with some Skins having extra abilities
  • Fixed Bull's damage reduction behavior outside of his Hypercharge state
  • Fixed Hypercharge Unleashed matchmaking logic
  • Fixed Showdown's map rotation
  • Fixed Bea's Rattled Hive Gadget - It wasn't causing damage if the bees gone outside the valid play area
  • Fixed Power League Skins availability
  • Increased the number of maps/modes in the Power League rotation:
    • Gem Grab
      • Hard Rock Mine
      • Double Swoosh
      • Last Stop
    • Brawl Ball
      • Backyard Bowl
      • Field Goal
      • Super Beach
    • Knockout
      • Goldarm Gulch
      • Belle's Rock
      • Out in the Open
    • Wipeout
      • Shooting Star
      • Infinite Doom
      • Layer Bake
    • Heist
      • Hot Potato
      • Kaboom Canyon
      • Safe Zone
    • Hot Zone
      • Dueling Beetles
      • Ring of Fire
      • Split

#RangerRanch Patch Notes![]

New Brawler: Pearl (Chromatic)[]
  • Trait: Heat
    • Heat increases slowly over time. The hotter Pearl gets, the more damage she deals
  • Attack: Hot Cookies
    • Rapid fire hot cookies directly from the oven, damaging enemies on hit while slightly cooling the oven and lowering the amount of Heat
  • Super: Let out Some Steam
    • Release all the Heat in an explosion, destroying the environment, knocking back enemies, and damaging enemies around Pearl
  • Gadget: Overcooked
    • Pearl's next basic attack shoots cookies that are on fire, dealing extra damage over time
  • Gadget: Made with Love
    • Pearl's next basic attack shoots perfectly baked and still warm cookies, healing allies over time
  • Star Power: Heat Retention
    • Pearl's Super will only consume 50% of the Heat when used
  • Star Power: Heat Shield
    • While the Heat is over 80%, damage taken is reduced by 20%
  • Hypercharge: Pyrolytic
    • Pearl's Super leaves a burning area on the ground for a few seconds after use
New Brawler: Chuck (Mythic)[]
  • Trait: Start with Super
    • Chuck starts with his Super fully charged
  • Attack: Steam Engine
    • Shoot a cloud of steam from his hat, piercing and damaging enemies on hit
  • Super: Choo-Choo!
    • Throw a Post on the ground, damaging and knocking back enemies. While close to a Post, dash from Post to Post, damaging enemies along the way
  • Gadget: Rerouting
    • Chuck removes the nearest Post and fully recharges his Super
  • Gadget: Ghost Train
    • Chuck can dash through walls with his next Super
  • Star Power: Pit Stop
    • Increase the maximum number of Posts by 1
  • Star Power: Tickets Please!
    • Chuck's Super also steals 33% ammo from his enemies while dashing over them
New: Hypercharge[]

Hypercharge is a new item unlocked at Power Level 11 that makes a Brawler become stronger for a short period of time while also turning their Super into a more powerful version of itself.

Hypercharge charges up in the same way that a normal Super does but at a slower rate. Then, once your Hypercharge is up, you only have to press the new Hypercharge button, and it'll activate for your Brawler, engulfing them in flames and lightning!

The first Brawlers to receive their Hypercharge are Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky and Pearl, with each of them being released at a different time throughout the weeks after the update goes live.

Here's what Hypercharges will do for each Brawler:

  • Shelly: Double Barrel
    • Shelly's Super is 33% larger
    • Speed +25%, Damage +25%, +15% Shield
  • Colt: Dual Wielding
    • Colt's Super is 120% wider
    • Speed +30%, Damage +30%, +10% Shield
  • Spike: Blooming Season
    • Spike's Super has a 20% larger area
    • Speed +30%, Damage +20%, +20% Shield
  • Bull: Jaws of Steel
    • Bull takes 80% less damage while using his Super
    • Speed +25%, Damage +10%, +30% Shield
  • Jacky: Seismic Event
    • Jacky's Super slows down nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds
    • Speed +25%, Damage +25%, +15% Shield
  • Pearl: Pyrolytic
    • Pearl's Super leaves a burning area on the ground for few seconds after use
    • Speed +30%, Damage +20%, +20% Shield

Each Hypercharge will be available first in the Shop as a part of the new Collectors Pack offers that can be purchased for Gems or Coins, and after a two-week period, they will become available in the Brawler's profile screen to purchase with Coins.

You can also try out Hypercharges in the Hypercharge Unleashed event and even get Shelly's Hypercharge for FREE as a Special quest reward! (more info on this event further below.)

New Skins[]


  • Raider Cordelius (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)
  • Scorpion Willow (79 Gems/2,750 Bling)
  • Rodeo Hank (199 Gems)
  • Marauder Maisie (149 Gems/5,000 Bling) | Power League Skin

The Wasteland Skins will be released in early September after the Back to Ranger Ranch season starts.


  • Cheerleader Rosa (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)
  • Jock Stu (299 Gems)
  • Nerd Squeak (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)

The Brawl Academy mini-theme and Skins will arrive in the middle of September.

The ROBOT FACTORY Skins are coming back!

  • Caesar Sam (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)
  • Lawless Lola (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)
  • Desperado Poco (79 Gems/2,750 Bling)

These Skins will become available in September!


  • Mean Girl Emz (29 Gems/1,000 Bling) | Formerly called “College Emz”, she'll also join the Brawl Academy Skin group
  • Lil Helper Penny (Unavailable) | Changes apply when the update releases

These Skin remodels will be available when the update releases.


  • Periscope Pearl | Available in the Brawl Pass as the Tier 70 Reward
  • Mecha Edgar (299 Gems) | Available in the Shop in early October
  • Hanbok Mandy (149 Gems/5,000 Bling) | Available in the Shop in late September
  • Lunar Janet (199 Gems) | Available in the Shop in late September
  • Vintage Pearl (29 Gems/1,000 Bling) | Available in the Shop when the season starts
  • Inferno Chuck (29 Gems/1,000 Bling) | Available in the Shop in the middle of October
  • New Gear: Gadget Gear (Rare)
    • Allows one more usage of the chosen Gadget per game (3 → 4)
    • Available for all Brawlers
Cosmetic Items[]


  • Pearl Pin set
  • Periscope Pearl Pin set
  • Western Tumbleweed, Western Revolver, Raider Cordelius, Scorpion Willow, Rodeo Hank, Marauder Maisie
  • Bookworm, Diploma, Cheerleader Rosa, Jock Stu Icon set, Nerd Squeak
  • Hanbok Mandy, Lunar Janet, Lunar Festival Pin set
  • Mecha Edgar Pin set
  • Chuck Pin set
  • Hypercharge Pins for Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl


  • Pearl
  • Sitting Duck Target, Raider Cordelius, Scorpion Willow, Rodeo Hank, Marauder Maisie
  • Brawl Academy Spray set, Cheerleader Rosa, Jock Stu, Nerd Squeak
  • Hanbok Mandy, Lunar Janet
  • Mecha Edgar
  • Chuck
  • Hypercharge Sprays for Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl

Profile Icons

  • Pearl Profile Icons
  • Hypercharge game logo (Animated!!!!!!)
  • Raider Cordelius, Scorpion Willow, Rodeo Hank, Marauder Maisie
  • Brawl Academy Profile Icon set, Cheerleader Rosa, Jock Stu, Nerd Squeak
  • Hanbok Mandy, Lunar Janet
  • Mecha Edgar, Mecha
  • Chuck Profile Icons
  • Brawl-o-ween Profile Icon set
  • Animated Hypercharge Profile Icons for Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl


  • Just dough it! (Pearl)
  • The Maestro (Chuck)
Balance Changes[]


  • Hank
    • Base damage - 1800 → 2100
    • Base HP - 5400 → 5800
  • Buster
    • Base HP - 4800 → 5200
    • Base damage - 1320 → 1440
  • Byron
    • Super charge 4 → 3 shots
  • Bibi
    • Base HP 4600 → 4800
  • Nani
    • Return to sender duration 5s → 2s (this is actually a nerf!)
    • Base damage 700 → 800
  • Piper
    • Base damage - 1520 max → 1700 max
    • Homemade recipe - Nerf homing by 33%
  • Mandy
    • Base damage - 1200 → 1300
  • Leon
    • Base HP - 3200 → 3400
  • Sandy
    • Super charge - 7 → 6 shots
  • Fang
    • Increased Super damage 1000 → 1200
    • Increased Super gained from Super slightly
  • Willow
    • Base HP 2500 → 2800
  • Edgar
    • Base HP 3000 → 3300
  • Mortis
    • Long dash now charges regardless of ammo state


  • Squeak
    • Gadget - Residue - 10s → 8s
    • Star Power - Chain reaction - 20% → 15%
  • Bonnie
    • Basic - Projectile speed 4000 → 3800
  • Crow
    • Star Power - Extra toxic - 20% → 15%
  • Tick
    • Main attack Reload Speed increased by 4%
  • Tara
    • Base HP - 3200 → 3100
Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

We've decided to make some bigger changes to available Game Modes and Slots in this update:

Slots 5 & 6 have been disabled for the time being. Control modes haven't been remotely as popular as the other modes. We'd like to find out if the improved focus has a significant impact on matchmaking times, especially for high-trophy players!

Bounty, Heist, and Hot Zone are still available in Friendly Rooms and in Map Maker.

Boss Fight, Big Game, and Robo Rumble will no longer be available during weekend events, but now we will rotate a wider variety of modes during weekends – including Heist, Hot Zone, and the modes mentioned above (with a Quest for 500 Tokens)!

Slot 1: Showdown (Solo & Duo) | Total: 8 Maps

  • Enabled
    • Dried Up River
    • Dark Passage
  • Disabled
    • Double Trouble
    • Scorched Stone

Slot 2: Brawl Ball | Total: 8 Maps

  • Enabled
    • Stepping Stone (New)
    • Penalty Kick
  • Disabled
    • Beach Ball
    • Center Stage

Slot 3: Gem Grab & Knockout

  • Gem Grab
    • Enabled
      • Last Stop (New)
    • Disabled
      • Gem Fort
      • Rustic Arcade
      • Deathcap Trap
      • Undermine
      • Minecart Madness
  • Knockout
    • Disabled
      • Flowing Springs
      • Deep End
      • Healthy Middle Ground
      • X Marks the Spot

Slot 4: Wipeout & Siege | Community Slot

  • Wipeout
    • Enabled
      • Layer Bake (New)
    • Disabled
      • Layer Cake
      • Dry Season
      • Snake Prairie
      • Hideout
      • Canal Grande
  • Siege
    • Enabled
      • Bot Drop
      • Some Assembly Required
      • Nuts & Bolts
      • Factory Rush

Friendly Rooms Only

  • Bounty | Total: 4 Maps
    • Shooting Star
    • Layer Cake
    • Canal Grande
    • Dry Season
  • Heist | Total: 4 Maps
    • Hot Potato
    • Kaboom Canyon
    • Safe Zone
    • Pit Stop
  • Hot Zone | Total: 4 Maps
    • Open Business
    • Ring of Fire
    • Dueling Beetles
    • Split

Ranked (Power League / Club League)

  • Bounty has been replaced by Wipeout
  • Heist and Hot Zone are disabled for the time being
  • The pool has been reduced to two maps/modes:
    • Brawl Ball
      • Backyard Bowl
      • Field Goal
    • Gem Grab
      • Hard Rock Mine
      • Double Swoosh
    • Knockout
      • Goldarm Gulch
      • Belle's Rock
    • Wipeout
      • Infinite Doom
      • Shooting Star
Map Environment Changes[]
  • Added
    • Ranger Ranch (New)
    • Robot Factory
    • Robot Factory Showdown
    • Ghost Station
    • Scrapyard
  • Removed
    • Darryl's Ship
    • Velocirapids
    • Rumble Jungle
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix Crow had the wrong animations when airborne
  • Fixed a bug where long creator codes would wrap improperly
  • Fixed a bug where a change in device orientation could cause a match dodge in Power League lobbies
  • Fixed an issue where touches wouldn't register in specific places on the Quests screen
  • Fixed Janet's win animations
  • The Jock Stu and Mecha Edgar Skins will have new custom effects when you defeat an enemy Brawler. We plan to also add these effects to all the current and upcoming (and the previously released) 299 Gem Skins
Systems Related Changes[]
  • Daily System resets now happen at the same time each day, for all players:
    • Daily Quest Refresh
    • Starr Drop Refresh
    • Shop Offer Reset
  • Power Levels Changes
    • Power Levels will now increase Brawler's power from 5% to 10% with each Level
  • Quest Changes
    • When you reroll a multi-quest, now you should get another multi-quest but with a completely different set of Brawlers
  • Hypercharge Unleashed Event
    • A time-limited event where players can try the new Hypercharges by playing with any of the 6 Brawlers that will have a Hypercharge released with the update
    • Brawlers will be at Power Level 11 with all Gadgets, Star Powers, Gears, and have the Hypercharge unlocked
    • Every time players go into a match, they get a random Brawler picked for them
    • The game randomly selects a map from a pool of 3v3 modes
    • The event will feature an exclusive Quest to unlock Shelly's Hypercharge for free!
  • Hypercharge Collector's Packs
    • Each of the following Brawlers will have their Hypercharge released each week after the update: Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, Shelly, and Pearl
    • Collector's Packs are the way to own Hypercharges first, along with awesome Hypercharge cosmetics
      • Hypercharge cosmetics include a Pin, a Spray, and a special animated Profile Icon
    • Collector's Packs are available for 9,600 Coins / 299 Gems if you have the Brawler at Power Level 11
      • If your Brawler is not at Power Level 11, the Collector Packs will also include a discounted level-up value in their offer
    • Two weeks after a Collector's Pack releases, the Hypercharge will become available for 5,000 Coins in the Brawler's profile screen
  • Starr Drop Changes
    • Hypercharges will be added to Starr Drops around the middle of the season
      • Players will be able to receive Hypercharges even if the Brawler is not at Power Level 11
    • Reduced the amount of Token Doublers

Maintenance - August 15[]


  • Hank
    • Increased Base HP 5000 → 5400
    • Increased Super damage 1000 → 1320
  • Doug
    • Decreased Super charge (still 5 hits → no effective change)
    • Increased Base HP - 4800 → 5000
    • Super can now go through walls
    • Resurrected targets have 100% HP (up from 50%)
  • Rosa
    • Added Tank trait (charges super from damage taken)
  • Bull
    • Increased base damage 400 → 440
    • Increased Super charge slightly as a result
  • Gale
    • Increased base HP 3600 → 3800
  • Jacky
    • Pneumatic booster - Increased speed by 5% (from 20% → 25%) and duration by 1s (3s → 4s)


  • Shelly
    • Movement speed Very fast → Fast
  • Cordelius
    • Cordelius no longer charges Super in the shadow realm
    • Cordelius can no longer use Super in the shadow realm
    • Reduce silence time of Poison Mushroom from 1.5s → 1s
  • Crow
    • Extra Toxic Star Power damage reduction 25% → 20%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that was happening when opening the game

Maintenance - June 30[]

  • Fixed a rare issue with the login calendar
  • Fixed several issues with missing elements of the Hot Zone environments

About the issues with the Esports Sprays purchases, we're refunding the players who got these by accident while the bug was ongoing, and the Sprays will then be removed from those accounts at a later date.

iOS Optional Update - June 29[]

A new optional update is now available for iOS devices. Make sure to download the latest version of the game from the App Store to fix the following issues:

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened at the end of a battle
  • Removed a redundant purchase button for Esport Sprays in the Brawler spray menu
  • Fixed Bonnie's default Skin
  • Fixed the Quest markers being visible on Events without an active Quest

We'll also release an optional update for Android devices soon to address these issues.

Maintenance - June 28[]

  • Fixed Map Maker maps that were using an incorrect environment
  • Fixed the border walls being destroyed on Overtime in Brawl Ball
  • Fixed Showdown wins not counting for Starr Drop progress
  • Fixed Gale's Twister Gadget being unfriendly to friendlies
  • Fixed Bo's unlimited mines on the ground

#EnchantedWoods Patch Notes[]

New Brawler: Cordelius (Chromatic)[]
  • Trait: Proximity super
    • Cordelius charges his super by being close to enemy brawlers
  • Attack: Mushrooms
    • Cordelius fires 2 mushrooms with his gardening tool in a short range in front of him
  • Super: This is my domain
    • Cordelius fires a shadow mushroom that passes through walls and on hit transfers himself and the target into the shadow realm for 8 seconds or until Cordelius or the target dies. Cordelius gains 20% movement speed and 30% reload speed inside the realm
  • Gadget: Replanting
    • Cordelius quickly scales a piece of terrain
  • Gadget: Poison Mushroom
    • Cordelius next basic attack also silences for 1,5 seconds
  • Star Power: Comboshrooms
    • If Cordelius hits the second mushrooms projectile on the same target as the first, the second deals 30% increased damage
  • Star Power: Mushroom Kingdom
    • When Cordelius enters the shadow realm, he spawns 3 mushrooms that heal allies and damage enemies for 1090 health on pickup

Cordelius will be released as part of the Brawl Pass rewards (tier 30) during the Enchanted Woods season.

New Brawler: Doug (Mythic)[]
  • Attack: Snack Attack
    • Damages nearby enemies and heals nearby allies. The closer either is, the bigger the effect. Healing is 50% effective
  • Super: Second Serving
    • Doug buffs himself or an ally, allowing them to revive with 50% after a short delay if they are defeated within 2 seconds
  • Gadget: Double Sausage
    • The next Snack Attack only does healing, but doubles the amount
  • Gadget: Extra Mustard
    • The next Snack Attack only does damage, but doubles the amount
  • Star Power: Fast Food
    • Resurrected allies gain 30% movement speed for 3 seconds
  • Star Power: Self Service
    • Snack Attack now also heals Doug, but at 20% effectiveness

Doug will be available to buy from the Shop in early August.

New Skins[]


  • Haunted House 8-Bit (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)
  • Wood Spirit Chester (79 Gems / 2,750 Bling)
  • Stone Troll Lou (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Power League Skin
  • Dark Fairy Janet (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)

The Enchanted Woods Skins will be released in early July after the Enchanted Woods season starts.

Mini-Theme: Summer of Pirates!

  • Megalodon (199 Gems)
  • Sunken Chest Griff (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)
  • Kraken Surge (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Supercell MAKE Skin (Design by Steamfish)
  • Cursed Pirate Bibi (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)

The Summer of Pirates mini-theme and Skins will arrive in the middle of August.


  • Phoenix Crow (299 Gems) | including new VO
  • Dark Tide Carl (39 Gems / 1,500 Bling) | Chroma (Captain Carl pre-requisite)
  • Stara (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | formerly called “Iris Tara”
  • Smuggler Penny (Unavailable)

These Skin remodels will be available on update release.

The Deep Sea Skins are coming back!

  • Postal Brock
  • Pharaotis
  • Sharktooth Colt

These Skins will become available in the middle of July.


  • Unicorn Bonnie (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Available in the Shop in the middle of August
  • Footbonnie (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Available in the Shop in the middle of August (during the Women's World Cup celebration)
  • Draco Doug (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Available in early August when Doug is released
  • Poison Cap Cordelius (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Available in early July when Cordelius is released
  • Spore-Mind Cordelius (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Available in the Brawl Pass as the tier 70 Reward

New Gear: Super Turret (Mythic)

  • Increases the healing of Pam's turret by 20%
  • Available for Pam
Cosmetic Items[]


  • Cordelius Pin
  • Spore-Mind Cordelius Pin
  • Doug Pin
  • El Brown
  • Smuggler Penny, Saloon 8-Bit, Jet Ski Jacky, Wizard Byron, Director Buzz
  • Mushroom Danger, Haunted House 8-Bit, Stone Troll Lou, Dark Fairy Janet, Wood Spirit Chester
  • Phoenix Crow
  • Skull Relic Pin, Pirate Chest Pin, 2x Hook Pins, Megalodon, Kraken Surge, Cursed Pirate Bibi, Sunken Chest Griff
  • Red Card, Yellow Card, Vuvuzela, Whistle
  • 4x Velocirapids Pins
  • 2x Esports Team Pins
  • Grassroots Esports Pin
  • Creator Crown Pin

New Sprays

  • Cordelius Spray
  • Doug Spray
  • Megalodon, Kraken Surge, Cursed Pirate Bibi, Sunken Chest Griff
  • Toxic Mushroom, Haunted House 8-Bit, Stone Troll Lou, Dark Fairy Janet, Wood Spirit Chester
  • Phoenix Crow, Phoenix Fire
  • 4 Velocirapids Floaties Sprays
  • 10 Esports Team Sprays, 2x Esports Viewership Sprays

Profile Icons

  • Enchanted Woods, Enchanted Mushroom, Haunted House 8-Bit, Stone Troll Lou, Dark Fairy Janet, Wood Spirit Chester
  • Phoenix Crow, Phoenix Fire
  • Summer of Pirates, Megalodon, Kraken Surge, Cursed Pirate Bibi, Sunken Chest Griff
  • Golden Brawl Ball
  • Velocirapids


  • Toxic (Cordelius)
  • Wiener (Doug)
Balance changes[]

A recurrent problem with Star Powers and Gadgets is that usually, one of them sucks. Our goal with these changes is to make both interesting enough that they could be used in different builds or strategies! Also some needed buffs to Maisie and deserving nerfs to Hank.


  • Maisie
    • Increase basic projectile speed
    • Reverse dash gadget direction
    • SP - Pinpoint precision - 10% → 20% damage bonus
  • Ash
    • SP - Mad as heck - 30 → 40 % reload speed
    • Gadget - Rotten banana - 40% lost health 40% rage → 25% lost health 40% rage
  • Belle
    • SP - Grounded - Stop reload for 3 → 5 seconds
  • Gray
    • SP - Fake injury - damage reduction at full hp 25 → 75%
  • Dynamike
    • Gadget - Fidget spinner - Damage 1200 → 2000
  • Mortis
    • Gadget - Combo Spinner - Damage 1300 → 1500
  • Rico
    • Gadget - Multiball Launcher - 320 → 800 dmg
  • Lola
    • SP - Sealed with a kiss - Healing 100 → 150
  • Fang
    • Gadget - Corn-fu - Damage 500 → 750
  • Sandy
    • Gadget - Sleep Stimulator - Delay 2s→1.5s
  • Spike
    • SP - Fertilize - Healing - 800 → 1000
    • Gadget - Popping pincushion - Damage - 520 → 800
  • Emz
    • Gadget - Acid spray - Damage penalty - 20% → 10%
  • Bibi
    • Gadget - Extra sticky - Slow duration - 2 → 3s
  • Gus
    • Gadget - Soul switcher - self-damage - 15 → 5%
  • Squeak
    • SP - Chain Reaction - Damage - 10 → 20%
  • Carl
    • Gadget - Heat ejector - Damage - 1200 → 2000
  • Bea
    • Gadget - Rattled hive - Max Damage - 600 → 1000
  • Amber
    • Gadget - Dancing flames - Damage - 500 → 1000
  • Buster
    • Gadget - Utility Belt - Healing - 500 → 750
  • Mandy
    • SP - Hard Candy - Damage reduction - 20 → 30%
  • Bonnie
    • Gadget - Crash Test - Damage - 300 → 1000
  • Gray
    • SP - Fake Injury - Damage negation - 25% to 50%


  • Hank
    • SP - It's gonna blow! - 20% → 10% move speed
    • You now see Hank in the bushes when he is charging his basic
Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]


  • Temporary Mode: Payload is back with some highly requested changes!
    • You can now shoot and walk through the cart
  • Indestructible Walls are now destroyed in Overtime (so not so indestructible anymore)!
  • New Special Event: Mastery Madness (+50% Mastery gained)

Power League Season Reset

Given your feedback and the reduction of rewards, we've decided to change the Power League seasonal reset once again. We will no longer have a full rank reset between Bronze I and Gold III; players will return to the midpoint of the given ranks. Reset ranks will increase from that moment on, and, for example, players in Mythic II to Masters will reset to Mythic I.

Community Slot

You voted in-game, and the results are:

  • Takedown = 41% (Winner)
  • Wipeout = 24% (Winner)
  • Duels = 18%
  • Volley Brawl = 16%

A word on Wipeout:

We've received quite a bit of community feedback about Wipeout and Bounty being veeeeeeeeeery similar to each other, with smaller differences in rules but essentially similar goals. So we've decided to put it to the test: which of the two game modes is more popular in the day-to-day lives of our players?

Both modes will run on the same days (with a short time off-set of each other due to technical reasons) and we'll run the same maps in both modes every day. Depending on the outcome of this, we will consider which of the two modes will be part of the permanent rotation with Knockout moving forward.

  • Bounty
    • Added
      • Infinite Doom (New, previously used in Wipeout)
      • Slayer's Paradise (New, previously used in Wipeout)
    • Removed
      • Excel
      • Temple Ruins
  • Brawl Ball
    • Added
      • Center Stage
      • Pinball Dreams
    • Removed
      • Extra Bouncy
      • Make it Bounce
  • Gem Grab
    • Added
      • Undermine
      • Deathcap Trap
    • Removed
      • Acute Angle
      • Solid Center
  • Heist
    • No changes!
  • Hot Zone
    • No changes!
  • Knockout
    • No changes!
  • Showdown
    • Added
      • Cavern Churn
      • Island Invasion
    • Removed
      • Hard Limits
      • Skull Creek
  • Takedown
    • Added
      • Fractions (New)
      • Roundabout (New)
      • Ring of Death (New)
      • Poison Fields (New)
  • Wipeout
    • Added
      • Infinite Doom
      • Slayer's Paradise
      • Hideout
      • Canal Grande
      • Dry Season
      • Layer Cake
      • Shooting Star
      • Snake Prairie
  • Payload
    • Added
      • Shiver Me Timbers (New)
      • Walk the Plank (New)
      • Davy Jones' Locker (New)
      • Blimey! (New)
  • Ranked (Power League/Club League)
    • Bounty
      • Shooting Star
      • Canal Grande
      • Infinite Doom
    • Brawl Ball
      • Field Goal
      • Pinhole Punt
      • Pinball Dreams
    • Gem Grab
      • Hard Rock Mine
      • Crystal Arcade
      • Double Swoosh
    • Heist
      • Kaboom Canyon
      • Safe Zone
      • Pit Stop
    • Hot Zone
      • Ring of Fire
      • Dueling Beetles
      • Open Zone
    • Knockout
      • Goldarm Gulch
      • Flaring Phoenix
      • Belle's Rock

Map Environment Changes


  • Enchanted Forest (New)
  • Velocirapids
  • Brawl Ball Arena
  • Darryl's Ship


  • Stunt Show + Stunt Show Showdown
  • Arcade + Arcade Showdown
  • Deep Sea
New: Daily Starr Drops[]

Boxes are not back! But the excitement is!

Get random Starr Drop rewards just for winning matches!

  • Open Starr Drops the 1st, the 4th, and the 8th win of the day! A total of 3 Starr Drops per day!
  • Rewards will include Coins, Power Points, Credits, Bling, Token Doublers, Brawlers, Pins, Sprays, Profile Icons, Star Powers, Gadgets, and even Skins!
  • Gems, Chroma Credits, 199 and 299 Gem Skins, and Gears (all rarities) won't be included
  • Additionally, you can also collect a new set of Starr Pins exclusively from Starr Drops
  • Unlocks at 50 Trophies (automatically, not from Trophy Road)

In order to make the Starr Drop exciting in high-rarity drops, we needed to rebalance our reward economy. This means we had to reallocate some of the rewards from Power League, Club League, and Brawl Pass into Starr Drops.

On top of reallocating the rewards, we also increased the amount of rewards you receive by roughly 20%.

You now earn more rewards overall if you keep playing the same number of matches as before.

Changes: Power League Reward[]

Half of the rewards from Power League will be moved into the daily Starr Drops.

  • Bling reward for all Tiers reduced by 50%
Changes: Club League Reward[]

Half of the rewards from Club League will be moved into the daily Starr Drops.

  • Club Coins reward from all Tiers reduced by 50%
    • This affects both League & Quest weeks
Changes: Brawl Pass Reward[]

Partial rewards from Brawl Pass will be moved into the daily Starr Drops.

  • Credits Tiers on the free track will be reduced from 95 to 70
  • Bonus Rewards at the end of Battle Pass will be reduced (the difference multiplied by 50 Tiers will be moved into the daily Starr Drops)
    • Coins from 145 to 50
    • Power Points from 42 to 20
    • Credits from 25 to 5
Changes to Quests[]
  • Removed the following types of Quests from the game:
    • Social: Play in a team
    • Game Mode:
      • Heal “X” Health
      • Gem Grab: Carry gems for “X” seconds
      • Bounty: Finish “X” or more matches with 4 or more Stars
      • Brawl Ball: Pass the ball “X” times
      • Knockout: Stay undefeated for “X” rounds
  • New Quest types:
    • Multi Brawler Win Quests (Give players a choice between 3 Brawlers)
      • These will replace some of the weekly Tuesday and Thursday Single Brawler Quests with these
      • One of the 3 Brawlers will be a low trophy Brawler you own
    • Multi Game Mode Quests (Give players a choice between 2 game modes)
      • These will replace some of the weekly Tuesday and Thursday generated Single Game Mode Quests with these
      • It should always give you one game mode that is active
    • Rerolling a Multi Quest should give you another Multi Quest of the same type
  • The quest menu will now be accessible through the main home UI (located next to Battle Pass)
    • The Starr Road button will be moved next to the Brawler's button
    • Daily Play Tokens progress will be moved into the Quest menu
  • Brawl Pass Exclusive Quests will now track progress, even if Brawl Pass is not purchased
    • To collect the rewards of the Brawl Pass Exclusive Quests you still need to purchase the Brawl Pass
New: Welcome Back Rewards![]

Depending on the players' Trophies, after being away from the game for a long period of time, when coming back, these players will receive rewards and a unique experience to help them catch up on the missed time.

The rewards they receive are based on a percentage of the progress they would have made if they were playing actively.

Also, for active players, we'll release a unique 7-day Calendar available for everyone who has been playing actively. The calendar will be available for a limited time after this update.

New: Starr Drop Launch 7-Day Calendar Event[]

A 7-Day Login Calendar will be available for players over 125 Trophies and who have been active in the game (re-engaged players will see the new Welcome Back experience)

Bug Fixes[]
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Performance Improvements on some low-end devices
  • Added support for foldable devices

Maintenance - June 12[]

Balance Changes[]
  • Hank
    • Reduced main attack damage from 2000 → 1800
    • Reduced base HP from 6000 → 5000
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed a bug where Hank was getting too much power from damage buff sources (Power Cubes, Gear, etc.)
  • Fixed Hank's Super damage scaling when upgrading the Brawler
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when Hank used the Super right on top of a Brawler and dealt more damage than it was supposed to
  • Hank's Super charge now scales according to the damage dealt
  • Fixed Hank's VO when receiving damage

Maintenance - June 6[]

Balance Changes[]


  • Tara
    • Basic damage per card: 440 → 480
    • Cards to super: 12 → 11
  • Mortis
    • Basic damage: 900 → 940
  • Willow
    • Mind-controlled enemies now do not charge their super from damage dealt when mind controlled by Willow
    • Increase Super range 23 → 25
    • Willow now takes 25% less damage when mind-controlling an enemy
  • 8-Bit
    • Base HP: 4800 → 5000


  • Janet
    • Gadget - Drop the bass - Turret HP 1500 → 1000
    • Gadget - Drop the bass - Turret decay 50 promille → 100 promille (100 hp per second)
    • Base damage: 1000 → 940 Hits to super: 6 → 7
  • Max
    • Max HP: 3200 → 3000
    • Damage: 340 → 320
    • Super: 13 shots → 14 shots
  • Meg
    • Mecha HP: 4000 → 3700
    • Gadget: Jolting volts - 450 → 300 healing
  • Shelly
    • Star power - Shell shock - Slow 4.5 → 2 seconds
    • Base HP 3800 → 3700
  • Surge
    • Gadget - Power shield - Duration 5 → 2 seconds
    • Gadget - Power shield - Damage reduction 80 → 50%
  • Penny
    • Gadget - Salty Barrel - 2000 → 1500 HP
    • Base HP: 3400 → 3200
  • Ash
    • Base HP: 5400 → 5200
  • Bea
    • Super charge: 3 ammo → 4 ammo
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed a mind-controlling issue for Willow in Brawl Ball
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Hank dealing inconsistent damage values

Android Optional Update - May 31[]

  • Added a button that allows players to dismiss the Power League Skin offer message when unlocking it

Maintenance - May 23[]

Trophy Reset Changes[]
  • Trophy Season length increased from 2 weeks to 4 weeks
  • Brawler reset reduced from 20 to 10 Brawlers
  • Added an "extra" threshold at every 25 Trophies after 500 Trophies (goes up to 1000 Trophies)
  • Decreased the number of Trophies you lose (Your current threshold -1 Trophy) e.g. 750-774 Trophies will reset to 749 Trophies e.g. 1450-1499 Trophies will reset to 1449 Trophies
  • Rewards per Brawler are now 4 Bling (501-524 Trophies) up to 64 Bling (1500 Trophies+) per Brawler
  • All changes apply to the current season, which will now run until Monday, June 12
Balance Changes[]
  • Gear - Vision
    • No longer reveals invisibility granted by skills (Sandy Super, Leon Gadget, Leon Super

Maintenance - May 15[]

Balance Changes[]


  • Chester
    • Base HP 3300 → 3500
  • Mr. P
    • Base HP 3000 → 3400


  • Bea
    • Charged shot damage multiplier 275% → 250% (3300 → 3000 damage at Power Level 11)
  • Penny
    • Base HP 3600 → 3400
  • Amber
    • Mythic gear - Slow amount reduced from 20 → 10%
  • Meg
    • Star Power - Force field
      • Duration 30 sec → 10 sec
      • Damage reduction 35% → 25%
  • Janet
    • Base HP - 3400 → 3200
  • Grom
    • Base HP - 3000 → 2800
Fixes & Improvements[]
  • Fixed an issue where the end-of-battle stats showed incorrect information in some game modes
  • We're testing a measure to reduce the amount of duplicated Brawlers in Showdown (no more Meg Apocalypse!)

Maintenance - May 3[]

  • Fixed the Power League Season reset rewards based on the player's Power League progress from the previous season

Maintenance - April 27[]

We're making a bunch of fixes for issues related to the new Catalog, crashes, and more. These fixes will be introduced via an optional update, so to apply these, make sure you download the latest version of the game from the Google Play Store or App Store!

Fixes in the optional update:

  • Fixed end-of-battle Highlights crashing in some situations
  • Fixed old Brawl Pass content appearing in the catalog
  • Fixed the game icon appearing broken on some Android systems
  • Fixed Gray's Star Power localization
  • Fixed the "New" red notification appearing stuck over the Shop icon
  • Fixed the issue where Detective Gray Noir Edition Chroma Skin could be bought without owning the base Skin
    • We're also offering 1000 Bling (available for 7 days in the Shop) as compensation to those players who bought both the Detective Gray Skin and its Noir Edition variation.

#RumbleJungle Patch Notes![]

Welcome to the Rumble Jungle, Baby! You're gonna Brawl!

New Brawler: Maisie (Chromatic)[]
  • Attack: Pressure Rocket
    • Maisie shoots a projectile that gathers speed as it travels
  • Super: Shockwave
    • Maisie charges up for a split second, then creates a large shockwave around her, dealing damage and knocking enemies back
  • Gadget: Disengage!
    • Maisie blasts the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies for 0,5s in the explosion while dashing backwards
  • Gadget: Finish them!
    • Maisie instantly reloads 1 ammo and increases the next pressure rocket damage based on the target's missing HP
  • Star Power: Pinpoint precision
    • Pressure rocket deals 10% extra damage at max distance
  • Star Power: Tremors
    • Enemies hit by Shockwave also get slowed by 20% for 2 seconds after impact
New Brawler: Hank - (Epic)[]
  • Attack: Balloon Blast
    • Hank starts blowing up a balloon that explodes after he releases fire or after 6 seconds, dealing increased area damage, max achieved at 3 seconds. Hank only has 1 ammo that recharges fast (like amber).
  • Super: Fish Torpedo
    • Hank deploys fish torpedos in all directions around him that continue travelling until they hit a target or a wall, causing small area damage
  • Gadget: Waterballoons
    • The next Balloon Blast also slows enemies for 3 seconds, the longer the balloon was held
  • Gadget: Barricade
    • Hank takes 40% reduced damage for 3 seconds
  • Star Power: It's gonna blow!
    • When Balloon Blast is charged over 80%, Hank gains 20% movement speed
  • Star Power: Take cover!
    • Hank takes 20% less damage while near a wall/box etc.

Hank will become available to buy from the Shop in early June.

New Skins[]


  • Jungle Queen Maisie (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Brawl Pass Tier 70
  • Bananas Colt (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)
  • Jaguar Spirit Meg (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Power League
  • Leopard Max (79 Gems / 2,750 Bling) + Panther Max (You need to own Leopard Max -29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Chroma
  • Crocodile Buster (149 Gem / 5,000 Bling)

The Rumble Jungle Heroes skins will be released in early May.


  • Cerberus Tick (199 Gems)
  • Ares Nani (199 Gems)
  • Zeus Brock (199 Gems)

The Legends of Olympus Skins will be released in early June.


  • Knight Jessie (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) + Shadow Knight Jessie (You need to own Knight Jessie - 49 Gems / 1,750 Bling)  | Chroma
  • Red Dragon Jessie (China Anniversary Exclusive Skin)

These remodels will be available directly when the update is released.


  • Harajuku Emz (79 Gems / 2,750 Bling) | Available during the Golden Week celebrations
  • Tech Maisie (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Available in early May when Maisie is released
  • Goblin Carl (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May
  • Leon the Stray (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May
  • Kaiju Buzz (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May
  • Blackbird Edgar (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May
  • Bubblegum Bibi (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May
  • Shark Tank Hank (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) |  Available when Hank is released in early June

New Gear: Pet Damage (Epic)

  • Pets deal 20% more damage/healing
  • Available for:
    • Jessie
    • Nita
    • Mr. P
    • Tara
    • Penny

New Gear: Amber (Mythic)

  • Amber's Oil spills now also slow enemy Brawlers
  • Available for:
    • Amber

New Gear: Eve (Mythic)

  • Eve's Super now spawns an additional hatchling
  • Available for:
    • Eve
New Battle End Flow[]
  • Game Highlight
    • Shows a highlight from the game for everyone before the Battle End Screen
  • Battle End Screen Improvements:
    • Now you can see total damage, takedowns, deaths and more
    • Kudos: now you can give 1 Kudos if you like someone's performance (ally or opponent)
New Currency: Bling![]

We're removing Star Points and introducing a new currency, which is more descriptive of its purpose: Bling!

  • Your current Star Point Balance will be converted to Bling at a ratio of 10 to 1
  • Bling has a cap of 7,000
    • Your converted Star Points can go over the cap, but you can't collect any more Bling unless you spend the excess
  • Bling can be acquired in Brawl Pass, Power League, Trophy League, Quests & Challenges

Changes: Power League


  • The reward for winning 30 rounds is now a Spray instead of a Profile Picture
  • The reward for winning 60 rounds remains unchanged (Skin Purchase option)
  • The reward for reaching Gold I in the season remains unchanged (Profile Picture)
  • Instead of a one-time Star Point reward at the end of the season based on your highest Rank, players will now:
    • Receive 250 Bling every Rank up which can be claimed immediately and only once per season
    • When a new season starts, you can collect Bling from previous Ranks retroactively

Seasonal Reset:

The bi-monthly season reset is now more significant. The rationale behind this is that people can earn a considerable amount of Star Points without effort. In other words: earnable currency should be... well, earned! A positive side effect of this is that matchmaking speed will be faster, especially at the beginning of the season.

Changes: Trophy League

Season Reset:

The season reset will once again happen every two weeks, instead of every two months.. The big change is that instead of resetting all Brawlers above 500 Trophies, we will only reset your 20 Brawlers with the highest amount of Trophies at the Season Reset time.

We've also changed the reset table to emphasize the weight on skill over pure time investment, i.e. now you will be able to sustain your current Rank with minimal effort, even on the high end, while being able to slowly climb Ranks for Brawlers - which also should indirectly improve matchmaking because the upper end of the Trophy Range (750+) will become more competitive over time.

You will get Bling at the Trophy Season Reset. It will be based on how many Trophies your top 20 Brawlers have. The more Trophies, the more Bling!

Changes: Brawler Rank Up

Currently you can earn Star Points as one-time rewards at certain Ranks. You will now get the same amount but converted to Bling instead.

New: Catalog[]

Catalog is the new place to find and collect all cosmetics we have in the game! No need to wait for your desired Skin or Pin Pack to be in rotation anymore, it's now all in one place!

You can access it through the Shop and through the Brawler Page.

Skin Changes[]

Skins now have rarities:

  • Skin Rarities
    • Legendary = 299 Gems | Not available for Bling
    • Mythic = 199 Gems | Not available for Bling
    • Epic = 149 Gems/5,000 Bling
    • Super Rare = 79 Gems/2,750 Bling
    • Rare = 29 Gems/1,000 Bling
Brawl Pass[]


  • Tier 1 of the Premium Brawl Pass now grants you 2,750 Bling instead of a Skin
  • Tier 10 of the Premium Brawl Pass now grants you 1,600 Bling instead of a Pin Pack
  • Tier 43 of the Premium Brawl Pass now grants you a Profile Picture instead of a Spray
  • Tier 70 of the Free Brawl Pass now grants you 2,000 Coins instead of a Pin Pack


  • The Brawl Pass is still available for 169 Gems
  • The Brawl Pass Bundle including 10 Tiers is no longer available
  • We're introducing a new Brawl Pass Bundle including 5 Tiers for 9.99 USD (local currencies might vary)
Economy Changes[]

It's been about 4-months since we've introduced the new linear progression system for Brawl Stars and we've now collected enough data to make some small adjustments and tweaks to improve the system where it falls short right now.

Improvements for New/Early Players (Below 10,000 Trophies)

We've identified that New/Early Players unlock fewer Brawlers than intended and slower than intended. We've received feedback that unlocking Brawlers relatively quickly and hitting a wall once the first Mythic Brawler on the Starr Road becomes available doesn't feel great.

To solve this, we'll make the following adjustments:

  • We increase the amount of Credits on the Trophy Road between 1,000 and 10,000 Trophies
  • We add 2 Trophy Road Milestones with 500 x Chroma Credits at 2,000 and 4,000 Trophies
  • We are discounting the first Epic Brawler that players unlock by 25%, and the first Mythic Brawler by 50%, exactly like happens with Legendary Brawlers already.

Chromatic Brawlers

We will decrease the amount of required Chroma Credits to unlock Chromatic Brawlers in the earlier stages of their release:

  • Season 1: 2,500 (old: 4,500)
  • Season 2: 1,250 (old: 1,500)
  • Season 3: 500 (unchanged)
Poison Gas[]

Poison Gas now deals 20% of damage based on the Brawler max HP per seconds in the first 5 seconds of being in the gas. Then deals 5% extra damage per second for every extra second being in the gas.

This change applies to:

  • Showdown
  • Knockout
  • Duels
  • Underdog
    • Currently, it could be demotivating to see the "Underdog" banner at the beginning of a match. You can't do anything about it at this point, and you are more likely to lose Trophies if you are an Underdog. So we've decided to make some changes:
    • The Underdog banner will only be shown at the end of the battle
    • Underdogs will not lose any Trophies if they lose the match, but still receive more Trophies than normal if they win
    • The requirement to trigger Underdog decreased to 150 Trophies
  • Names
    • Player Names will now be visible for matches (3v3, Showdown) until 1,000 Trophies (instead of 600) and Masters (instead of Mythic) for Power League
  • Blacklisting of Players in High-End Matchmaking (800+ Trophies)
    • We've decreased the "blacklisting" time period after meeting players in high-end matchmaking. This will improve matchmaking time for high-trophy players and reduce the amount of Underdog matches, ultimately making matchmaking better.
    • This change also affects Power League and Club League.

We've added a new victory condition for Bounty. Currently, the match only ends after 120 seconds, with the team with more Stars winning. With this update you can also win by reaching 20 Stars, before your opponent.

Should no team reach 20 Stars before 120 seconds of playtime, the team with more Stars wins - as before. And if it's a Draw, then the team holding the Blue Star wins.

This change should help decrease the total playtime for Bounty if one team turns out to be STOMPING the other.

New Modifier: Showdown Top Dog (Temporary)[]

We're testing a new variation of Showdown (Solo, Team) without passive health regeneration!

Active healing abilities available to some Brawlers will work normally.

In addition, healing Hot Dogs will spawn around the map and drop from defeated Brawlers!

We hope to reward a more aggressive playstyle and discourage players from teaming.

If you are the last one alive, you are the wiener!

Community Slot[]

The results are in! Over 300,0000 of you voted on YouTube, and here's what we've got:

  • Volley Brawl won the vote with 60% of all votes and will be added to the game!
  • Duels were the runner-up with 18% of all votes and will stay in the game, however - we'll introduce new maps!
  • Hunters received 15% of the votes and won't be added to the game.
  • Basket Brawl only received 7% of all votes and will be removed from the game.
Save the Frogs Event[]
  • Similar to the Egg event from the prior season, but you collect Frogs instead (to save them!)
  • You can get Coins, Power Points, and Bling from the Frogs collected.
  • Before the soft cap of Frogs collected, players will get rewards in a range as shown below
  • There is a Soft Cap of 40 Frogs, meaning after 40 frogs, you will only get 1 unit of each of the rewards.
  • There's also a Hard Cap of 85 Frogs, you will no longer get any rewards even if you collect more Frogs and will get a message telling you to come back the next day.
  • Event will run between 3 to 5 days.
Cosmetic Items[]


  • Banana Colt, Crocodile Buster, Jaguar Spirit Meg, Leopard Max, Panther Max, 3 Wise Monkeys
  • Ares Nani, Zeus Brock, Cerberus Tick, Olympus Fist, Olympus lightning, Olympus Fire
  • Golden Week Cat, Golden Week Skull, Harajuku Emz,
  • Amazon Frog
  • Maisie Pins
  • Jungle Queen Maisie
  • Hank
  • Evil Gene, Robo Mike, El Rey Primo, Superfan Emz, Hermes Max, Catburglar Jessie, Knight Jessie, Virus 8-bit, Handsome Colt
  • Esports Leon, Esports Max

New Sprays

  • Jungle Spray, Bananas Colt, Crocodile Buster, Jaguar Spirit Meg, Leopard Max
  • Ares Nani, Zeus Brock, Cerberus Tick
  • Golden Week Spray, Harajuku Emz
  • Amazon Frog
  • Maisie
  • Hank
  • Bling

Profile Icons

  • Jungle Profile Picture, Jungle Mask Profile Picture, Bananas Colt, Crocodile Buster, Jaguar Spirit Meg, Leopard Max
  • Olympus Skins Profile Picture, Ares Nani, Zeus Brock, Cerberus Tick
  • 5x Golden Week Profile Pictures, Harajuku Emz
  • Amazon Frog
  • Deep Sea Profile Picture
  • Maisie
  • Hank


  • Maisie = Master of Disaster
  • Hank = Lil Tenant
Balance changes[]


We are having some competitive events right after the update, so we don't wanna shake the meta SO MUCH - with that said, we should have more balance changes later in the update.


  • Edgar
    • Base HP - 2800 → 3000
    • Now i'm aware that this is not the rework that was actually wanted. However, until we can deal with that, here's some more love for Edgar who is underperforming slightly. This should help him utilize his life steal passive better as he won't be defeated as fast.
  • Shelly
    • Movement speed - 720 → 820 (normal → very fast)
    • So now we finally know the answer to "WHEN ARE YOU GONNA BUFF SHELLY" - It's now. Congratulations!


  • R-T
    • Base HP 4100 → 3900
    • Time between attacks in split form 250ms → 500ms
    • R-T has landed in a pretty strong spot after the meta settled a bit. His 2 most significant strengths are his durability as a long-ranged brawler and the unload speed+burst of his split form, so we're tuning down both slightly. This should help a few interactions and put him in a more balanced place. We are watching him as much as he's watching all of us.



  • Meg now starts in her Mecha Suit
  • Mecha Suit has lower HP and damage
  • Mecha Suit no longer decays in HP
  • Mecha Suit no longer takes reduced healing
  • Mecha Suit Super charges from damage rather than over time

The rework no one asked for, but everyone wanted (or so we hope)! Meg has been performing quite well actually, especially at higher Ranks, but she's very much underused. We think many players never experience the joy of the Mecha Suit, just the fragility of her small form. Flipping the design on its head should help her feel better off from the get-go, but of course, we had to compensate by making her Mecha Suit weaker.

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]
  • Volley Brawl
    • Active
      • Isolation Play (New)
      • Victory Road (New)
      • Smash Land (New)
      • Power Alley (New)
    • Disabled
      • None
  • Bounty
    • Added
      • Snake Prairie
    • Removed
      • Crossroads
  • Brawl Ball
    • Added
      • Make it Bounce
      • Extra Bouncy
    • Removed
      • Iron Corridor
      • Circular Motion
  • Duels
    • Added
      • Death Loop (New)
      • Eyes in the Ground (New)
      • Cheeky Chokepoint (New)
      • Battered Battlefield (New)
    • Removed
      • Iron Core
      • Grim Island
      • Four Lakes
      • Mogura Tataki
  • Gem Grab
    • Added
      • Rustic Arcade
    • Removed
      • Four Doors
  • Heist
    • Added
      • Split Second
    • Removed
      • Offset Heist
  • Hot Zone
    • Added
      • Open Business
      • Temple of Boom
    • Removed
      • Rush Hour
      • Triumvirate
  • Knockout
    • Added
      • Deep End
    • Removed
      • Step by Step
  • Showdown
    • Added
      • Flying Fantasies
    • Removed
      • Lush Poles
  • Ranked (PL/CL)
    • Bounty: Shooting Star, Dry Season, Layer Candy
    • Brawl Ball: Backyard Bowl, Field Goal, Pinhole Punt
    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Gem Fort, Crystal Arcade
    • Heist: Hot Potato, Kaboom Canyon, Safe Zone
    • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Parallel Plays, Split
    • Knockout: Goldarm Gulch, Out in the Open, Flaring Phoenix

Map Environment Changes


  • Rumble Jungle (New) | Home of Bo, Nita and Leon
  • Stunt Show
  • Deep Sea
  • Arcade Showdown (New)
  • Stunt Show Showdown (New)


  • Robot Factory
  • Robot Factory Showdown
  • Tara's Bazaar
  • Candystand
Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed a bug that allowed "Ghost" Friend Requests to block people's friends list
  • Fixed a bug with Detective Gray Noir's Super VFX
  • Fixed a visual bug with Bunny Penny and Dark Bunny Penny Turret Model

Maintenance 03/04/23[]

More fixes to Willow! ;_;

  • Fixes to her Sound and Visual Effects
  • Fixes to her attack logic (now she can break the breakable objects!)

Maintenance 30/03/23[]

Before Willow is out there, we are fixing a bunch of bugs related to her mechanics and making some changes:

  • A bunch of fixes related to her mind-controlling Super
  • Willow's main attack now deals damage on impact
  • Willow's Super Charge is a bit faster now, from 5 to 4 ammo

Maintenance 08/03/23[]

We are removing the LINE Messenger integration with Brawl Stars, so you can no longer add your friends using LINE. Players don't need to take any action regarding this case.

The reason why we are doing this is that this integration was crashing the game for some players

It's important to mention that:

  • You will lose the friends added through LINE Messenger
  • You won't lose your account progress
Other fixes:[]
  • Fixed player profile not saving your customization properly
  • Fixed an issue with Duo Showdown spawns for two new maps
  • Removed unbreakable walls from Basket brawl
  • Improved a few maps with unbreakable walls (including Brawl Ball and Duel maps)
  • Fixed "ghost" friend requests for a few players
  • Localized Titles have been changed - They are now closer to the English meaning (if it makes sense)
Fixes in the optional update (already available!)[]
  • Fixed Shelly voice line playing for other player profiles no matter the brawler selected as favorite
  • Fixed an issue where tapping a profile from friend requests or suggested friends crash the game
  • Fixed visual issues in the Shop and in the Battle Start Screen
  • Fixed a rare crash issue when editing your own profile
  • Fixed a rare crash issue with Gray's Super
  • Removed the connection warning in the pre-battle start for fast devices

#MysteryAtTheHub Patch Notes![]

New Brawler: R-T (Chromatic)[]
  • Attack: Tap Target/Eat Static
    • Fire a projectile that marks a target. Any damage to a marked target will consume the mark, dealing bonus damage
    • If split, R-T and his legs blast a strong signal, damaging all targets around them
  • Super: Hide and Seek/Radar Waves
    • If not split, R-T splits, leaving behind its legs and giving its head a movement speed boost and changing his attack to be AoE (area of effect). Destroying either legs or head destroys both. Attacking as the head makes the legs do the same attack. Both mark enemies. The legs take reduced damage while split.
    • If split, R-T becomes whole, teleporting to its legs, healing and getting a temporary damage reduction buff
  • Gadget: In Line
    • R-T signals its legs while split, damaging and slowing all enemy brawlers between the two
  • Gadget: Hacks!
    • Instantly trigger all active marks on all Brawlers, dealing their damage
  • Star Power: Recording
    • R-T head and his legs take 20% less damage while split
  • Star Power: Quick Maths
    • Tap Target marks last 3 seconds longer
New Brawler: Willow (Mythic)[]
  • Attack: Lantern's Curse
    • Willow lobs her lantern, dealing damage over time to enemies hit in an area
  • Super: Hex
    • Shoots a single tadpole that latches onto an enemy and fully heals them. If it hits, take control of the enemy brawler for a short duration, allowing use of basic attack only and making them unfriendly for their team. Mind control breaks If the enemy brawler reaches 30% max hp or after 4 seconds
  • Gadget: Spellbound
    • The next basic attack will apply the entire damage portion in the initial damage rather than over time. Increase damage by 30%
  • Gadget: Dive
    • Puppeteer dives for 2 seconds. Becoming untargetable but unable to take any action
  • Star Power: Love is Blind
    • Ignite now also reduces reload speed by affected brawlers by 25%
  • Star Power: Obsession
    • The mind controlled enemy gains 75% movement speed while mind controlled
New Skins[]

Season: MYSTERY AT THE HUB - License to Brawl Skins

  • El Mayordomo (Brawl Pass Tier 1, 79 Gems)
  • Crimson R-T (Brawl Pass Tier 70, 149 Gems)
  • Mariposa Piper (Power League, 25,000 Star Points/149 Gems)
  • Detective Gray (79 Gems)
  • Detective Gray Noir Edition (Only available for Detective Gray owners - 29 Gems)
  • Alleycat Bull (149 Gems)

The Ayakashi Clan

  • Oni Otis (149 Gems)
  • Tengu Mike (149 Gems)
  • Kitsune Lola (149 Gems)


  • Bunny Penny (79 Gems)
  • Dark Bunny Penny (10,000 Star Points, 79 Gems)
  • Tanuki Jessie (149 Gems)
  • Beach Jessie (79 Gems)

More Skins!

  • Bell Nani (79 Gems) | Easter
  • Sultan Carl (149 Gems) | Lunar Brawl
  • Pop Star Janet (79 Gems)
  • Spirit Knight Frank (149 Gems) | Supercell MAKE
  • Patrol R-T (29 Gems)
  • Axl Willow (29 Gems)

True Silver/Gold

  • Gus
  • Gray
  • Chester
  • Sam
  • Buster
  • Mandy

What are Masteries?

Masteries are a new progression system that replaces the current Experience Levels. Your current Experience Level will be saved and be visible in the Legacy section of your Player Profile.

It's all pretty straight forward: you gain points with the Brawler you are playing by winning matches (Trophy League) or rounds (Power League and Club League). Gained points are multiplied based on your current Trophies and Power League rank as well as by becoming MVP of a match. The higher you are in Trophies/Power League/Club League ranks, the more Mastery Points you earn by winning. Given our previous experiences with Quests and how challenging it can be to create meaningful Quests (Pass the Ball anyone?!) which still have the goal of winning the game, we've decided to go with a pure win criteria instead of specific Quests.

Players will get an additional 20% more Mastery Points if they are the Star Player in a match.

Other things you should know!

  • All players start at Mastery Level 1
  • Mastery Points (and Levels) are earned per Brawler
  • Mastery Points (and Levels) only increase, you don't lose them by losing games (or rounds)*
  • Mastery does not reset
  • There is a daily cap for earning Mastery Points (similar to Experience Levels before) to make sure people play reasonable amounts of Brawl Stars per day and nobody goes completely bonkers!
    • If you reach that cap, it's a good reminder to take a break :D

* To give some more context on this decision: our goal was to create a system that is inclusive and accessible, rather than creating a new system only few people in our community will care about. The rationale is that if you play a Brawler long enough to gain the highest level of Mastery you will also have a higher likelihood of getting better at playing this Brawler throughout this journey.

What do you get for becoming a Master in a Brawler?

  • A cool new icon which is shown at the Battle Start and on your Brawler profile
  • Each Mastery Level unlocks one-time rewards, depending on the rarity of the Brawler: some rarities have better progression rewards than others
  • Rewards on the lower Levels are progression based (Coins, Power Points, Credits). Chroma Credits are only available on Chromatic Brawler Mastery tracks
  • Rewards on the higher Levels are exclusive cosmetic items (a new Pin, a secondary Profile Picture and a new cosmetic - Titles!)
New Battle Start[]

The Battle Start screen has been pretty much untouched since we've launched Brawl Stars globally in 2018 and we've decided that it's time to make some improvements. The new Battle Start flow will feature a map fly-through and then show a more detailed "player card" of the players who enter the match. It'll have slightly different formats depending on the game mode

Player Card

The Player Card is a mix of pre-defined information and custom elements which are configurable by you. The specific items displayed on the Player Card are:

  • Player Name with color
    • Your account name
  • Player Title*
    • Unlocks at the last tier of the Mastery Track
    • Once unlocked, it can be used with any Brawler
  • Fame Level
    • Needs to be unlocked first
  • Mastery Level
    • Uses your current Mastery Level with the Brawler you are using
  • Brawler with the Skin
    • Uses your current Brawler, and the current Skin you are using
  • Pin
    • Any Pin you ever unlocked can be used - even if it's Brawler specific
  • Profile Picture
    • Any Profile Picture ever unlocked can be used - you can use two at the same time
Cosmetic Items[]


  • Facepalm Pins for All Brawlers (on the Mastery track)
  • R-T Pins
  • Crimson R-T Pins
  • Willow Pins
  • Skin Pins for: Mariposa Piper, Detective Gray, El Mayordomo Primo, Alleycat Bull, Bell Nani, Popstar Janet, Sultan Carl, Kitsune Lola, Tengu Mike, Oni Otis, Spirit Knight Frank, Whalewatch Nita, Nutcracker Gale, Archvillain Bea, Underworld Bo, Horus Bo, Gladiator Colette, and DJ 3.M.Z
  • Event pins: Easter, Saint's Patrick, Lunar Brawl (2 Pins), Popstar, Esports Brawlers (2 Pins), Bunny Penny, and Dark Bunny Penny

New Sprays

  • Brawl Pass (2 Sprays)
  • Brawler Specific Sprays for: Gale, Surge, Lou, Colette, Ruffs, Belle, Buzz, Lola, Eve, Fang, Janet, Otis, Sam, Buster, Mandy, R-T
  • Skin Sprays (6)
  • Event Sprays (6)

Profile Icons

  • Brawl Pass (2 Profile Pictures)
  • Unique Player Profiles for all Brawlers (on the Mastery track)
  • Skin Profile Pictures (5)
  • Events Profile Pictures (7)

NEW: Titles

  • 66 New Titles (on the Mastery track)
Balance changes[]


  • Sandy
    • Basic attack - Damage - 860 → 900
    • Sandy has been out of the meta for a while due to both his previous changes and the map pool. Putting some power back in for his basics should allow him to duel more brawlers efficiently, while keeping his Super's utility in check. Let's see if he's going to be slept on afterwards.
  • Byron
    • Basic attack - Reload Speed - 1600ms → 1450ms
    • Our favorite snake oil merchant has found his business declining after the previous reload nerf. While we do not want him to be as versatile as he was previously, it's clear we went too far, and dialing back half of it should allow for him to be a better pick in certain situations.


  • Gray
    • Super - Teammates no longer teleport instantly
    • Say CHEESE. Gray has been enabling all kinds of cheese variants, mostly popular one being the Gray, Jacky, Bo combo. While we really like the flashy plays Gray himself can make with his super, it doesn't have to extend to his teammates.
  • Sam
    • Super - Damage - 1400 → 1200
    • Knock kn... wait I did that joke in the last patch notes. Ah well, he's a bit too good at sniping low health brawlers with his glove, and now has to get up close and personal for longer to take brawlers down.
  • Otis
    • Base HP - 3400 → 3200
    • You know that feeling when you are last pick in a PL match and your brain is kind of drawing a blank but suddenly you see a squid-like, ink-spitting, silencing creature appear with an angel-choir in the background? Just me? Regardless, Otis has been way too versatile in the latest patch, especially in higher level gameplay. He has really few poor maps and matchups, so tuning down his HP means those matchups should decrease while keeping his versatility somewhat intact.
  • Grom
    • Basic Damage 1160 →1060
    • He's been the go-to thrower on most maps due to his sheer output, which will be even more apparent with the walls change. Tuning him down preemptively should allow for other throwers also to see some of the spotlight
  • Poco
    • Base HP - 4000 → 3700
    • Poco's solos have been melting faces a bit too effectively, and the wall change will increase this. For a brawler that has so much healing in his kit, he does not need to be as tanky as he is, so we're tuning it down a bit.


  • Bo
    • Gadget - Super totem - No longer passively charges supers, but increases super charge inside of the totem for teammates by 50%
    • Increase Gadget area by 100%
    • Related to above, Bo's totem has been a constant pain in the a- I mean problematic. Before, it was Nani that utilized it heavily, and now it's enabling Gray/Bo/x strats. While it's clever, it offers very little counterplay and feels bad to be on the receiving end of. Changing the mechanic entirely will reward players for hitting their shots, rather than standing still in a circle, which feels like a much better experience for both sides. Hopefully we won't see more BOring (hehe, I'm so clever) strategies with the totem after this change.
New Permanent Slot: Community Events[]

With this update we're introducing a new Permanent Event Slot which gets unlocked at 350 Trophies, featuring two (2) Game Modes in a daily rotation. Community will be able to pick a different Game Mode for the upcoming season through a Social Media poll.

The first Game Modes featured will be:

  • Duels
  • Basket Brawl
The Return: Indestructible Walls[]

Indestructible Walls make a come-back to Brawl Stars and will be featured on most of our old maps. If you haven't been around during the early days of Brawl Stars when Indestructible Walls were a thing - it's really pretty straight forward: they are walls. They are indestructible. Fin. In combination with some of the balance changes, we hope the re-introduction of Indestructible Walls will significantly shake up things, and some maps will be a much friendlier place for characters with a short range or throwing projectiles.

Note: Indestructible walls in Brawl Ball and Basket Brawl are not destroyed during overtime


We've made a few decisions around maps: the best five (5) maps in each Game Mode will stick around.

At the same time, we've decided to increase the pool of maps from seven (7) to eight (8) maps per Game Mode, which in practice means that if you are only playing on certain days (let's say the weekend), you will still experience a variety of maps every week. To complete the map pool, we'll re-introduce some old classics and introduce new maps created by our community.

The new Community Events slot will feature four (4) maps per Game Mode for a total of eight (8) maps in rotation, and all maps in this slot are new: we've incorporated community feedback about previous Duels maps into these new ones and made each of them more distinct, including a map which will undoubtedly be controversial: Grim Island.

We've also moved the spawn locations for all Duel maps further forward to save everyone some valuable time and get to the action just a bit faster. The new Basket Brawl maps had a similar philosophy: the (literally) smaller design space created a situation where many maps essentially felt identical or at least similar. The new maps have much clearer designs with more or less obvious meta implications.

  • Basket Brawl
    • Dancing Roof (New)
    • Basket Fort (New)
    • Iron Curtain (New)
    • Green Meadows (New)
  • Bounty
    • Active
      • Layer Cake
      • Temple Ruins
      • Dry Season
      • Shooting Star
      • Canal Grande
      • Crossroads (New)
      • Nowhere to Hide (New)
      • Iron Standoff (New)
    • Disabled
      • Excel
      • Hideout
      • Purple Paradise (Friendly only)
  • Brawl Ball
    • Active
      • Backyard Bowl
      • Pinhole Punt
      • Sneaky Fields
      • Super Beach
      • Beach Ball
      • Field Goal
      • Circular Motion (New)
      • Iron Corridor (New)
    • Disabled
      • Center Stage
      • Sunny Soccer
  • Duels
    • Iron Core (New)
    • Grim Island (New)
    • Four Lakes (New)
    • Mogura Tataki (New)
  • Gem Grab
    • Active
      • Crystal Arcade
      • Double Swoosh
      • Gem Fort
      • Hard Rock Mine
      • Minecart Madness
      • Acute Angle
      • Four Doors (New)
      • Solid Center (New)
    • Disabled
      • Deep Diner
      • Undermine
  • Heist
    • Active
      • Bridge Too Far
      • Hot Potato
      • Kaboom Canyon
      • Pit Stop
      • Safe Zone
      • Cover Crowd
      • Offset Heist (New)
      • Center Control (New)
    • Disabled
      • Tornado Ring
      • Snaked Assault
  • Hot Zone
    • Active
      • Parallel Plays
      • Ring of Fire
      • Dueling Beetles
      • Open Zone
      • Split
      • Triumvirate
      • Rush Hour (New)
      • Iron Cover (New)
    • Disabled
      • Quarter Pounder
      • Controller Chaos
  • Knockout
    • Active
      • X Marks the Spot
      • Goldarm Gulch
      • Belle's Rock
      • Out in the Open
      • Flaring Phoenix
      • Flowing Springs
      • Healthy Middle Ground (New)
      • Step by Step (New)
    • Disabled
      • Riverside
      • New Perspective
  • Showdown
    • Active
      • Skull Creek
      • Scorched Stone
      • Rockwall Brawl
      • Feast or Famine
      • Acid Lakes
      • Double Trouble
      • Hard Limits (New)
      • Lush Poles (New)
    • Disabled
      • Dark Passage
      • Cavern Churn
  • Ranked (PL/CL)
    • Bounty: Canal Grande, Shooting Star, Nowhere to Hide
    • Brawl Ball: Beach Ball, Pinhole Punt, Iron Corridor
    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh, Acute Angle
    • Heist: Kaboom Canyon, Safe Zone, Center Control
    • Hot Zone: Split, Ring of Fire, Iron Cover
    • Knockout: Flaring Phoenix, Out in the Open, Belle's Rock

Map Environment Changes


  • The Hub (New)
  • Rooftop (New) | Basket Brawl
  • Tara's Bazaar


  • Mortis' Mortuary (Regular)
  • Mortis' Mortuary (Showdown)
  • Ghost Station
  • Snowtel
  • Fighting Game
Updated Brawler Classes[]

Based on Community Feedback, we've decided to expand on the existing Brawler Classes with this update to make things clearer for everyone.

  • Damage Dealer

Damage Dealers main role in the game is to deal damage to the enemy team and objectives. Left unchecked, they are a constant threat to the team. Damage Dealers can either field highly sustained DPS or burst damage. Typically Damage Dealers are well rounded, with a good mix between damage output and survivability. Due to their damage potential, they are best suited to deal with Tanks and Assassins - but can be countered by Marksmen and Artillery.

  • Assassin

Assassins have abilities within their primary skill kit that allows them to close the distance to their targets and eliminate them with high burst damage. Most, but not all, Assassins have relatively low hit points and rely on their skills to stay alive and get out of hairy situations - but not being dealt with, they can destroy the backline of an enemy team single handedly. Assassins are strong against Marksmen and Artillery and have a huge potential to carry the team on their backs, but they are hard countered by Tanks and need to be wary of Damage Dealers.

  • Marksman (New)

Marksmen deal high amounts of damage over very long distances. They typically utilize single-shot projectiles, have a slow rate of fire and slow reload speeds. Marksmen cannot rely on their hit points for survivability, but most of them have secondary skills which allow them to escape close encounters with other Brawlers, at least temporarily. Marksmen are strong against most classes on a long distance but lack the sustained DPS to deal with Tanks. Up and close Marksmen can be dealt with by all other classes, but due to their low hit points they are specifically vulnerable to Assassins and Artillery (once in range).

  • Artillery (New)

Artillery Brawlers throw or shoot projectiles over obstacles and walls and consequently can utilize the environment very effectively. They typically have low amounts of hitpoints and combine elements of Controllers and Damage Dealers. Their damage typically lacks burst potential and stopping power, which means they have a hard time dealing with Tanks and Assassins. However, their unique ability to use walls can make them very frustrating to deal with, and their sustained damage can make it almost impossible to recover hitpoints.

  • Tank

Tanks can take a significant beating, either through sporting the highest amounts of hitpoints of any Brawler in the game or through a combination of passive and active skills which allow their survival. Tanks are typically very strong in close range encounters and directly counter Assassins. They have a fair chance against Artillery/Marksmen if they manage to get close enough, but are susceptible to the high damage output of Damage Dealers which directly counter them.

  • Support

Support Brawlers primary skills are built around supporting their teams in different ways. They can either provide healing for their team or other abilities to enable or buff friendly Brawlers - increasing everyone's chance to victory. Support Brawlers typically have a low potential for burst damage but fair hitpoints and/or survivability, and are targets for any Brawler with a high burst potential - primarily Damage Dealers, Assassins, Marksmen and Tanks.

  • Controller (New)

Controllers primary skills are built around the idea of controlling specific areas of the map, either by shutting down areas proactively or reactively with Area of Effect (AoE) abilities, allowing their team to take advantage of displaced enemy positions. Controllers typically have a fair amount of hitpoints and have a fair bit of variation between burst and sustained damage.

Bug Fixes[]
  • Fixed a few Skin VFXes
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Fixed some pins not animating when used in chats
  • Added auto-donation for pins for certain Skins
    • Skins that have pins associated with them will be auto donated when you open the game
  • Additional Confirmations for shops
    • For all Gem purchases which didn't already have a double-confirmation for purchase, we've added an additional "confirmation" step to avoid frustration
    • Added additional confirmation dialogue to e.g. Club Shop
  • Club Shop QoL
    • Power Points can now always be purchased for Club Coins unless the Power Point balance is at cap
  • Added Support for Challenges with Unlimited Lives
  • Matchmaking Improvements for Team Modes
    • Once players have been found for a match, they are now more evenly distributed amongst both teams based on their total trophies

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Maintenance 13/02/23[]

  • Server maintenance
  • Fixed the issue with some special game modes not being registered in the player battle log

Maintenance 26/01/23[]

  • Fixing Griff's Super working weirdly if used around the edge of the map
  • Fixed some weird behavior with specific offers in the shop
  • Removed Fame from profiles who had it without having all the Brawlers yet

Maintenance 12/01/23[]

Balance changes:


  • Stun - Reduced damage significantly (1400 to 200)
  • Stun - Reduced the projectile speed by 25%
  • Stun - Stun reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second
  • Main attack - reduced damage (720 to 640)


  • Reduced Super duration by half
  • Reduced basic damage (1480 to 1320)
  • Reduced Kevlar Vest damage reduction (20% to 10%)


  • Main attack: reduced projectile speed (880 ms to 840 ms - before December it was 800 ms)


  • Piano gadget - area decreased by 50%

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be stuck on the loading screen for 24 hours
  • Fixed an issue where Mandy super hitbox got wonky after going out of bounds

Maintenance 21/12/22[]

  • Increased rewards for the Candy Land Brawl Pass and every Brawl Pass after that (starting from January)

After reading some community feedback, we had another look at the progression rewards and made the decision to improve the Brawl Pass for the next season and so on. The goal is that players should slightly get more coins than before and should also get more Power Points.

Still, have in mind that more rewards can be claimed from the Club Shop, Special Quests, and Challenges.

Here are the changes:

Free Track

  • Power Point increased by 15.6%
  • Coins Increased by 9.4%
  • Credits increased by 11.7%

Premium Track

  • Power Point increased 6.7%

Tail Reward

  • Power Point increased 5%
  • Removed the Fame from some players got from an exploit

Optional Update (available soon today for both iOS and Android)

  • Fixed an issue where redundant currencies were shown in skin selector UI
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where free items in the shop showed incorrectly in the UI if the player owned all Brawlers
  • Fixed Fame overlapping with player names in certain scenarios in the UI

Maintenance 16/12/22[]

  • Fixed the Quest Re-roll timer being longer than it was supposed to
  • Fixed Sandy Exhausting Storm combined with Healing Winds dealing only 1 damage to enemies
  • Fixed an issue where Chester slow super did not work if he was killed after activating it
  • Compensation is now in - It should be collected within 2 weeks. Players who got their Trophy Road Rewards again won’t receive the compensation (because they already got extra rewards from this bug)*
  • Fixed some localization typos
  • Fixed an issue where the abandon button showed for players who only had one brawler left to unlock
  • Fixed an issue where the extra Power Points you would get were not being converted to Coins if you had hit the Power Point cap

Some notes about the compensation:

  • Compensation is already live
  • It’s based on how many trophies you currently have, and it’s split into different trophy tiers (at every 2500 trophy milestone)
  • The tier range starts at 5000 Trophies and ends at 25000. People above or below this range will get the same rewards as the closest Trophy Tier they are at
  • Collect it in the shop within 2 weeks, or you’ll miss out!
  • This compensation is ONLY AVAILABLE for players who didn’t get their Trophy Road rewards again - this was a bug
  • You can only collect this compensation ONCE

*Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where are my Trophy Road rewards?

This was a bug. Nobody was supposed to get the Trophy Road rewards again. The ones who were able to collect their rewards will get to keep them. The ones who did not will receive compensation instead.

  • Why don’t you give the Trophy Road rewards to everybody?

The bug affected people inconsistently, meaning that it gave a set of random rewards based on how many Trophies players had. So it’s possible that some players with less trophies got more rewards than players who had more trophies. The compensation will reward people based on their own progress. The more Trophies you have, the more you will get (based on Trophy tiers, for each 2500 Trophies starting from 5000 Total Trophies).

  • Why did it take a week?

Apart from numerous discussions and calculations of what should be the compensation, and who should get them, we had to develop new functionality that would allow us to target ONLY the players who were not affected by this bug. Decisions, development, testing, and implementation take a lot of time.

#CandyLand Update - Release Notes![]

New Brawler: Mandy (Chromatic) Mandy is the CEO of Starr Park’s Candy Land. She seems sweet, but that’s only a front for the customers. When she’s alone, she’s always cranky, either because Chester is annoying her, or because customers keep acting like… customers.

  • Attack: Candy Dispenser
    • Mandy shoots candy from her Candy Dispenser and while staying still she gains Focus, increasing her attack range.
  • Super: Sugar Ray
    • Mandy shoots a long ray of sugar passing through enemies and the environment, dealing massive damage.
  • Gadget: Caramelize
    • Mandy's next candy from her Candy Dispenser slows down enemies on hit for 2.5 seconds
  • Gadget: Cookie Crumbs
    • Mandy's next candy from her Candy Dispenser pierces enemies and the environment.
  • Star Power: In my Sights
    • Mandy shoots her candies with 20% more speed while Focused.
  • Star Power: Hard Candy
    • Mandy receives 20% shield while Focused.

New Brawler: Gray (Mythic)

Along with Lola, Gray is the second Brawler of the Brawlywood trio! He doesn’t speak much, but uses his body and gestures to express himself.

  • Attack: Finger Pistol
    • He shots in a line that damages enemies when hitting.
  • Super: Dimensional Doors
    • Gray creates doors for him and his teammates for quick escapes and sneaky attacks!
  • Gadget: Walking Cane
    • Gray's next hit from the Finger Pistol shoots a walking cane which pulls enemies back by a bit.
  • Gadget: Grand Piano
    • Gray's next hit from the Finger Pistol will also leave a target on the ground where a piano will land and hurt enemies. It would be too bad if someone got hurt, right?
  • Star Power: Fake Injury
    • When Gray has full health, the next damage taken is reduced by 25%.
  • Star Power: New Perspective
    • Recover 1000 health points from you and your allies when using the Doors.

New Brawler: Chester (Legendary)

Chester is a chaotic prankster who is extremely annoying, especially to Mandy. He finds it funny, but only because that’s how he expresses affection.

  • Attack: Cap and Bells
    • Chester shoots a sequence of bells from his cap, first one, then two and lastly three bells.
  • Trait: Jack in the Box
    • This Brawler starts with a random Super that keeps changing after every use.
  • Super: Candy Popper
    • Chester throws an exploding candy popper that destroys the environment, knocking back and damaging enemies.
  • Super: Jawbreaker
    • Chester shoots a large, hard candy that stuns enemies on hit.
  • Super: Salmiakki
    • Chester sprays a cone of salty salmiakki powder that poisons enemies, damaging them over time.
  • Super: Pop Rocks
    • Chester sprinkles crackling pop rocks on the ground, damaging enemies over time when standing on it.
  • Super: Strong Mint
    • Chester eats a refreshing mint that heals him over time.
  • Gadget: Spicy Dice
    • Chester gets a new random Super that is different from his current one.
  • Gadget: Candy Beans
    • Chester eats a mystery-flavored candy bean from his cap, gaining a random buff for 5 seconds.
      • Speed Boost
      • Damage Buff
      • Heal over Time
  • Star Power 1: BELL'O'MANIA
    • Chester's attack has an extra step with 4 rattles
  • Star Power 2: Sneak Peek
    • Chester will always know what his NEXT Super will be.

New Skins[]

Candyland Season

  • Magma Queen Mandy (Brawl Pass, Tier 70, 149 Gems)
  • Gummybear Nita (Brawl Pass, Tier 1, 79 Gems)
  • Piñata Ash (Power League, 25,000 Star Points or 149 Gems)
  • Buzzette (149 Gems)
  • Cupcake Darryl (149 Gems)
Dark Brawlidays
  • The Dark Brawlidays skins are not seasonal and will show up in the regular shop rotation.
  • Frost Queen Amber (149 Gems)
  • Yeti Sam (149 Gems)
  • Krampus Ash (79 Gems)
Lunar Brawl 2023
  • The Lunar Brawl 2023 skins are not seasonal and will show up in the regular shop rotation.
  • Baiku Eve (149 Gems)
  • High Score Griff (79 Gems)
  • Classic Shelly (Brawlidays, FREE on December 25th)
  • World Champion Gus (149 Gems)
  • Sam the Teddy (Brawlentines, 29 Gems)
  • MC Mandy (29 Gems)
  • Dark Chester (29 Gems)
  • Runaway Gray (29 Gems)

Starr Road[]

  • The Starr Road is the new way of unlocking Brawlers!
  • You will unlock all non-Chromatic Brawlers in the Starr Road
  • Depending on your experience and progress in unlocking Brawlers, you will either have a pre-defined Brawler to unlock or you will have the option to choose a Brawler of a specific rarity from a pre-defined list of Brawlers
  • Whenever you collect Credits (see below) you will progress towards unlocking that Brawler
  • If you have the option between multiple Brawlers for that unlock Tier, you can switch between these options at any point and you will get a last chance to switch once you've collected all necessary Credits for that Brawler rarity
  • When a new Brawler is released, you can switch to unlock that brawler if you meet the requirements (see below)
  • If you collected all non-Chromatic Brawlers, all collected Credits from this point on will go into your Fame Progress.
  • You can accelerate the progress of unlocking a Brawler using Gems at any point on the Starr Road or from the Brawler screen
  • All Brawlers can now be purchased for Gems at any given point from the Brawler screen
Chromatic Shop
  • You can purchase Chromatic Brawlers of your choice using Chroma Credits or Gems
  • In order to purchase a Brawler with Chroma Credits, you have to meet the minimum requirements for that Brawler which is based on how many other Chromatic Brawlers you own at that moment
  • If all brawlers are collected, Chroma Credits can be used to purchase Fame progress
  • The price for Chromatic Brawlers (in Chroma Credits and Gems) follows the normal Chromatic rarity decrease per season formula, i.e. during the season the value of the Brawler is Legendary, then Mythic and ultimately, Epic. In order to purchase the Chromatic Brawler of the current season, you also have to reach Tier 30 in the Brawl Pass. The latest Chromatic Brawler cannot be directly purchased for Gems since it's better value to unlock it from the Premium Brawl Pass in this specific case.
New Brawler Releases on the Starr Road

Whenever we release a new Brawler on the Starr Road, you can choose to switch your current unlock progression to the new Brawler. However, we've put some rules in place to protect new and existing players from getting "stuck" unlocking a Brawler for too long.

  • In order to be eligible to unlock a newly released Brawler, you must have unlocked a Brawler of that rarity prior to the release
  • The decision window to switch to unlock the newly released Brawler is 7 days, afterward, the Brawler will be moved to the end of the Starr Road
  • Once you've made the decision to unlock a newly released Brawler, you can decide to abandon the unlocking process and go back to unlocking the previous Brawler you were working towards to - if you choose to do so, you will not be able to go back to unlocking the newly released Brawler and it will be moved to the end of the Starr Road
Currency Changes


  • Power Points
    • All Brawler specific Power Points and Wild Card Power Points now become Power Points
    • Power Points (PP) is now a currency which can be accumulated account wide
    • Max capacity a player can hold: 4,000


  • Credits
    • Used to unlock all non-Chromatic Brawlers through the new Starr Road
    • Gained from most sources (Brawl Pass, Trophy Road, Shop, Quests and Challenges)
  • Chroma Credits
    • Gained from the Brawl Pass Free Track or the Shop
    • Used to purchase Chromatic Brawlers from the Chromatic Shop
    • Max capacity a player can hold: 5,000
Brawl Pass
  • Rewards of the Brawl Pass have been significantly changed since Brawl Boxes have been removed from the game
  • Given the changes, now you can only "safe" one previous Brawl Pass season (down from two) - older seasons will be automatically claimed when you hit the limit
  • The "tail" reward for Brawl Pass changed from a Big Box for every 500 Tokens to specific Rewards:
    • Credits x 25
    • Coins x 145
    • Power Points x 38
Auto Claiming & Exceptional Compensation for Premium Brawl Pass owners
  • On December 12-2022 all unclaimed Brawl Boxes in your inventory will be automatically claimed. This affects the Brawl Pass (previous season and current season), the Trophy Road, and old saved Brawl Boxes prior to the introduction of the Brawl Pass. Brawlers released from December 12-2022 onward cannot drop from Brawl Boxes anymore, but you still can unlock older Brawlers from these boxes.
  • Players who purchased the Premium Brawl Pass before the Update arrives on December 12-2022 will receive an additional starting grant of Credits based on your current, seasonal progress, i.e. the further you are in the Brawl Pass season before the update arrives, the more Credits you will receive!
  • Players who purchased the Premium Brawl Pass before the Update arrives and players who purchase the Premium Brawl Pass during the current season (which ends on January 2-2023) will receive an exceptional one time compensation of 80 Gems (worth USD 4.99) which can be claimed in the Shop!
Fallback Rewards

Any place where Brawl Boxes were given as fallback, rewards have been replaced.

  • When Power Points given, you now get Coins at a 1 Power Point to 2 Coins ratio.
  • Pin Packs on the Brawl Pass have a fallback reward of 275 Credits
Daily Shop
  • Since we've removed Brawl Boxes and Brawler specific Power Points as well as allow you to purchase Star Powers and Gadgets directly from the Brawler Page, we've made the decision to remove the Daily Shop in it's current form, however - we will keep offering you a FREE daily reward. We might re-introduce a Daliy Shop in the future.
  • The Daily Shop has been completely removed
  • A new daily FREE reward has been added to the Shop
  • Possible rewards:
    • Coins
    • Power Points
    • Credits
    • Chroma Credits


New Mythic Gears:

  • Crow - Increases damage done by poison effects by 30%
  • Leon - Increases super duration by 1s
  • Sandy - Decreases enemy damage by 10% while in sandstorm (Super)
  • Spike - Super now slows 50% more effectively

New Cosmetic Items[]

Pins x 64
  • Chester x 9 (animated)
  • Mandy + Magma Mandy x 18 (animated)
  • Gray x 9 (animated)
  • New Skins x 11
  • Old Skins x 9
  • Seasonal x 8 (animated)
New Sprays x 16
  • Legendary Brawlers x 7
  • Brawl Stars 4-Year Anniversary x 2
  • Candyland (Brawl Pass Season) x 2
  • Brawlentines x 2
  • Brawlidays Freebies x 2
  • Lunar Brawl x 1
Profile Icons x 21
  • Game Seniority x 4 (anniversary PP)
  • Seasonal + Update Theme x 17


  • Brawlidays Challenge (Earn Profile Pictures based on previous Brawlidays Pins)
  • Arcade Challenge (Earn a Profile Picture based on the new Arcade Skins)
  • Shelly Pin Set Challenge (All Shelly default Pins - Like the Nita Pin Set Challenge we had before)
  • Valentines Challenge (Duo Showdown Challenge - Get two halves of a heart)


  • Brawlers can now be defined as a quest reward

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

  • 7 New Duels Maps in preparation for Duels becoming a permanent Game Mode
    • Hamilton's End
    • Black River
    • Petticoat Duel
    • Swallow Cut
    • No excuses
    • Gladiators
    • Hotheaded
  • Snowtel Thieves AKA Trophy Thieves AKA Present Plunder is... back!

Map Environment Changes


  • Candy Land (New)
  • Fighting Game
  • Mr. P's Snowtel


  • Retropolis

Balance changes[]

  • Mr. P
    • Increased base damage 720 → 760 (+5%) Mr. P has felt the effects of the economical outlook, but luckily has invested in the correct stonks and got some of his power back!
  • El Primo
    • Increased Super damage 800 → 960 (+20%) Eeeel Buffoooo! Giving him some more power for his super should allow for him to be more of a threat and have more burst to boot!
  • Colt
    • Increased Basic attack projectile speed 3804 → 4000 (+5%) A Colt change?! You read that correctly. Our resident gunslinger has fallen behind some of the newer, shinier projectile-based brawlers. Adding some projectile speed makes it slightly easier to land his shots, but still awards proper aiming and keeps him a higher-skill cap brawler.
  • Jessie
    • Increased Turret HP 3000 → 3300 (10%) Jessie and her turret have largely been outshined at higher levels of play, as her turret is very telegraphed and can be taken out usually without too much fuss. Giving it some more HP changes a few interactions, and also is a pseudo-buff to her ability to keep it alive with her Star Power. Scrappy, I choose you!
  • Bull
    • Increased Super damage 800 → 960 (+20%) Bull has been in basically the same boat as Primo, and hence could use a similar change as his super is quite underwhelming to use a lot of the time. Should now be a better engage and finisher.
  • Bibi
    • Increased Base HP 4400 → 4600 (+5%) While there haven't been many home runs for Bibi as of late, she's still doing better than before! Some HP should help her get in the face of some slipperier and pesky brawlers and actually manage to utilize her already quite impressive damage.
  • Grom
    • Increased Base damage 1100 → 1160 (+5%)
    • Increased basic attack projectile speed 800 → 880 (+10%) Faster bombs! Should help him hit his shots slightly better, but still allow time to dodge for those who have read the pattern correctly.
  • Dynamike
    • Reduced arming time of basic attacks 1100 ms → 1000 ms (-10%) The issue with our favorite explosive brawler is that the better you become at landing your shots, the better your opponents become at dodging. The delay for his dynamites to explode meant that most players found it quite easy to dodge them before activation. Reducing that window will make it a little harder to dodge and awards good aiming. This also means we are buffing Dyna-Jumps, but you can’t double Dyna-Jump anymore. We understand this might upset some Dyna-Jumpers, but before doing what you do best on Social Media, please, let us know if the buff worked for him! We can adjust the jump later.
  • Sam
    • Increased Base HP 5200 → 5400 (+4%) He's had a hard time delivering the punches he's capable of after the previous nerfs to his star power. A hitpoint change should help him be more effective without the healing star power, and also in turn buffs it slightly, but still not to the same extent as pre-nerfs. Hopefully, the revenge against the robots will return.
  • Gene
    • Gear - Talk to the hand - Tiles increased from 1 → 3 The range was longer but we kept missing his Super, so it’s probably something wrong with the Gear
  • Otis
    • Reduced base damage 460 → 440 (-5%) (Joke about a sea creature coming to the surface). His versatility along with his damage made him a really good pick most of the time after his previous buff, so tuning down his damage should allow for him to still be quite good, but also allow for other brawlers to fill his role adequately.
  • Griff
    • Reduced Super attack Super charge by around 23%
    • Reduced main attack Super charge by around 10% as ironic as it sounds, was in stonks streak for too long. He simply had too easy of a time to get his super and cycle it, now Griff players have to be a bit more mindful of when to use the super, and will also award better aiming.
  • Buster
    • Reduced base damage 1580 → 1480 (6%)
    • Reduced Base HP 5000 → 4800 (4%) Buster, while not super busted, was a tad too powerful, especially in skilled hands. Tuning down some of his damage and base hp makes it easier for more brawlers to go toe to toe with him. He’s still the best bro you can find in Starr Park though.
  • Gale
    • Reduced Super charge from basic attacks 120 → 90 (-25%)
    • Reduced super charge from super 170 → 100 (-40%)
    • Reduced Twister Gadget duration 200 → 100 (-50%) Gale has been the king of control and is THE go to pick for most brawl ball maps due to his stellar defence, but also singlehandedly can counter nearly every tank in the game. Like Mr.P, we don’t wanna retire him either, but it's clear he was able to cycle super and be able to shut down a vast majority of brawlers, not only tanks. Reducing his control slightly means you now have to land more shots to get access to that control and burst.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Improved game performance on lower-end iOS devices
  • Added VFX for Frankengrom

Maintenance 15/11/22[]

Nerfing Buster! (sad Buster noises)

  • Utility Belt healing nerf from 1000 to 500
  • Super Charge nerf: he now needs more basic attacks, depending on range, to charge his super
  • Main damage nerfed from 1700 to 1580
  • Health nerf from 5600 to 5000

Maintenance 08/11/22[]


  • Players were not being able to use Wild Card Power Points on Buster if they were still having some Brawlers to power up


  • Nerfed Damage gear from 20% boost to 15% boost
  • Nerfed Reload gear from 20% boost to 15% boost

Maintenance 31/10/22[]


  • Brawlers with Reload Gear having weird coloring
  • Upgrade Brawler button being on while not having enough Power Points
  • Renderer crash issues on certain Android Devices (S22)

Maintenance 26/10/22[]

  • Fixed chat filtering not working properly
  • Fixed bugs related to the new Gears (including Lou Super charge)
  • Fixed some localization errors with SCID and other SCID-related issues
  • Fixed issues related to Club League matchmaking

Maintenance 25/10/22[]

Fixed issues with Replays, Spectating, and Brawl TV

#GhostStation Update Notes![]

New Brawler[]


  • Buster is a tank Brawler who can protect his teammates. He is the projector guy at the Starr Park cinema, where he works with his best buddy, Fang. They both dream about becoming action movie stars! Basic: Lens Flare - Buster shoots a cone of light from his projector, damaging all enemies within range
  • Trait: Buster charges Super by staying close to his teammates
  • Main Attack: Lens Flare
    • Buster shoots a cone of light from his projector, damaging all enemies within range
  • Super: Montage
    • Buster projects a shield in front of him, blocking all enemy projectiles and reflecting the energy toward enemies. Attacks from above or from the side can still hit him.
  • Gadget 1: Utility Belt
    • Buster heals himself and all nearby allies for 1000 health for each ally in his Super charge area
  • Gadget 2: Slo-Mo Replay
    • Buster's next Lens Flare pulls enemies towards him and slows them down for 2 seconds
  • Star Power 1: Blockbuster
    • Buster's Lens Flare deals 15% more damage for each ally in his Super charge area
  • Star Power 2: Kevlar Vest
    • While Montage is active, Buster takes 20% less damage and is immune to knockbacks, slows, and stuns

New Season! - The #GhostTrain[]

New Skins

  • Trash Panda Penny (Brawl Pass)
  • Chainsaw Buster (Brawl Pass)
  • Inspector Colette (Power League)
  • Pizza Oven Ash (Club League)
  • FrankenGrom (149 Gems) - We are currently reworking his custom VFX
  • Zombrock (Challenge or 29 Gems)
  • G-Force Janet (29 Gems)
  • First Blob Squeak (79 Gems)
  • Rage Quit Tara (World Finals Reward or next year for 149 Gems)
  • Omega Box Darryl (Special Event)

New Cosmetics Items

Animated Pins

  • Buster + Skin (18)
  • Frankengrom (9)
  • New Special Pins (12)
    • Crow, Leon, Mortis, Sprout, Frank, Jacky, Bull, Darryl, Tick, 8-Bit, Pam, Gale
  • New Skin Pins
    • First Blob Squeak, G-Force Janet, Inspector Colette, ZomBrock, Pizza Oven Ash, Trash Panda Penny, Rage Quit Tara, Special Merchant Gale Pin, Omega Darryl, Wicked Stu, and Trash Poco
  • New Esport Pins (8)

New Sprays

  • New Brawler Sprays
    • Mortis, Gene, Max, Squeak, Byron, Sprout, Tara, Mr.P
  • Challenge and Events
    • Denied, Even Harder Challenge (Grand Masters), Ghost Train (1, 2, 3), Rock, Paper, Scissors, Single’s day Spray

New Profile Pictures

  • Challenge and Events
    • Omega Box, World Finals, Action Heroes, Brawl Ball

Gears Rework[]

  • Gear Tokens and Scrap have been removed from the game (and won't drop from Boxes anymore)
  • The amount of Coins in Boxes has been increased accordingly
  • Removed all equipped Gears for all players and reimbursed all Scrap, Gear Tokens, and Gears (all levels) as Coins
    • The reimbursement was based on every Scrap and Gear Token ever collected since they were introduced
    • You’ll get 2.25 Coins for every 1 Scrap, and 217.5 Coins for every Gear Token
  • Gears can now be purchased for Coins from the Brawler Screen once a Brawler reaches Power Level 10
  • Gears now have rarities:
    • Super Rare = Gears available for all Brawlers (1,000 Coins)
    • Epic = Gears available for some Brawlers (1,500 Coins)
    • Mythic = Gears available for fewer Brawlers (2,000 Coins)
      • At the moment, the current design for Mythic is that they are only available for 1 Brawler. But this might change in the future once we introduce more Mythic gears
  • New Gears!
    • Reload Speed (Epic/1,500 Coins)
      • Description: 20% faster RELOAD
      • Brawlers:
        • Belle
        • Eve
        • Lola
        • Bo
        • Brock
        • Colt
        • 8-Bit
        • Amber
        • Rico
        • Griff
    • Super Charge (Epic/1,500 Coins)
      • Description: Super CHARGES 10% FASTER
      • Brawlers:
        • Ash
        • Lou
        • Otis
        • Bull
        • Nani
        • Bonnie
        • Edgar
        • Sprout
        • El Primo
        • Jacky
      • Brawler: Gene
    • Talk to the Hand (Mythic/2,000 Coins)
      • Description: Increases Magic Hand range by 1 Tile
      • Brawler: Tick
    • Thicc Head (Mythic/2,000 Coins)
      • Description: Tick's Headfirst now has 1,000 additional hitpoints
  • Supercell plan to release new gears frequently with most (if not all) updates!

Reporting System 1.0: Power League[]

  • You can now report players at the end of a Power League for griefplay*
  • Supercell are starting the first version of our reporting system with a very straightforward implementation to capture griefplay during Power League matches, which will help us to prepare for a wider rollout of the feature across other game modes, especially to identify the amount of reporting in general and the number of repeat-reports for individual players
  • Supercell will start to action offenders with in-game bans following the rollout of this update and keep improving the system in future updates
    • What is Griefplay? "Griefplay refers to play styles where a player intentionally disrupts the gaming experience of other players."

Star Powers & Gadgets[]

  • Gadgets and Star Powers can now be purchased with coins directly from the Brawler Screen once a Brawler reaches Power 7 and 9
  • Cost:
    • Gadget (1,000 Coins)
    • Star Power (2,000 Coins)
  • Notice: Star Powers and Gadgets will not show up in the daily mini shop anymore, but they will still drop from Boxes for the time being!

Challenges // Events[]

  • The EVEN HARDER Challenge - 21 wins total with rebuys - Grand Masters Spray
  • Rock Paper Scissor Challenge - You get the Rock from the challenge, Scissor for an offer, and Paper from a quest. All of them will be in the shop after the event
  • Brawloween Challenge - 3 Train Sprays; beat it with your friends and get 3 parts of a Train! Then the biggest challenge is coordinating with your teammates to use them correctly!
  • Action-Duo Challenge - Together with G-Force Janet and Commando Squeak - Together with a quest for the Deny Spray - Reward of this challenge: 2 Action heroes player profiles


  • One of the daily quest slots is replaced with a Generic Quest:
    • Win X matches
    • Deal X damage
    • Do X healing
  • Generic quests can not be rerolled or be rerolled into

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

  • New Practice Match Mode
    • When using the "Try" functionality in-game, you can now choose between the Training Grounds and Practice Match (new)
    • Practice Match will allow you to play any Brawler (including locked ones) in a Practice Match
    • Game Modes (permanent) and Maps and randomized
    • You can exit Practice Matches at any point at your own convenience
  • Friendly Games
    • Duplicate Brawlers are now allowed in Friendly (non-ranked format) matches
  • Maps
    • We are not making any changes to the current rotation
    • Purple Paradise is once again available for Friendly Games

Map Environment Changes


  • Ghost Metro Station (new)
  • Retropolis

Balance changes[]


  • Meg: Base HP 2200 → 2300
    • Meg still hasn't found a foothold, even after the latest buffs. Allowing her to play a bit riskier in her small form should allow her to also get to her mech more often and as a result, be more of a menace.


  • Basics - Damage - 700 → 760 Barley's brew has been less potent for a while now, so it's about time we spice up the recipe.


  • Basics - Damage - 370 → 400 Eve has been less relevant since the last round of nerfs she received. While we do not want to go back to her oppressive state, we feel it's safe to roll back the latest damage nerf to allow her to be a more viable pick.


  • Scale shield and heal amounts with power levels:
    • healing 1000 → 800-1200.
    • shield 3600 → 2600-3900
  • Increase super projectile speed - changed from 3200 to 3600
  • Gadget - Kooky Popper - dmg - 1800→1400
  • Gadget - Soul switcher - HP cost - 30%→15%
  • Allow super to go through walls Gus's power level was challenging for us to gauge, but after the meta has settled, it's clear he's on the weaker side. A big part of this is his super, as mostly you do not want to risk using it and missing a teammate. Making the projectile speed significantly faster not only makes it easier to hit teammates but allowing it to pierce walls will allow for some really neat teamwork and make Gus feel like the support he's supposed to be! Along with this, we made his heal and shield values scale with power level, as he was extremely strong at lower power levels from a raw numbers perspective and less so at higher levels. This change in practice means he's a bit weaker at lower powers and a bit stronger higher up.


  • Spirit Slap Star Power effect has changed to: "Gene's Magic and also damages enemies, dealing 1000 damage on hit". His previous Star Power wasn't providing the value we wanted and definitely not a good competitor against Magic Puffs.



  • Basics - Damage - 800 → 760 Poco's newest songs have been way too deadly, and while we all love a good fiesta, it's clear that he needs to be tuned down a bit.


  • SP - Hearty Recovery - Missing health % - 30 → 20 Even though Sam has a really high-skill floor, his healing SP has proven to be very strong. Tuning it down should allow for more brawlers to be able to burst him down effectively.


  • Gadget - Speed Zone - Added HP decay Added decay to the spawnable Gadgets to have consistency between the ones in the game


  • Gadget - Honey Molasses - Added HP decay for CoNsIsTeNcY

Bug Fixes[]

  • Improved performance on low-end devices
  • Fixed an issue where Explosives would not go off after the end of a round (e.g., Piper grenades in Brawl Ball after scoring)
  • Fixed an issue where Janet's aiming indicator would be invalid after using the Backstage Pass gadget
  • Fixed an issue where Janet's Gadget VFX persisted after being teleported
  • Fixed various UI issues
  • Fixed various Pin issues (including missing VO)
  • Fixed Ivy Belle's missing shake VFX when shooting
  • Fixed an issue where Local Leaderboards weren't updated when players/clubs changed country
  • Fixed an issue where empty clubs could take up Leaderboard spots
  • Fixed an issue where inactive leaders of clubs were not automatically rotated after 14 days of inactivity



  • Ghost Station
  • Brawl-o-Ween
  • Action Heroes


Gem offset purchase

You can now use Gems to complete your Coins purchase if you don’t have enough Coins. This currently works for Gadgets, Star Powers, Gears, and upgrading Brawlers

End of Support for OS versions lower than iOS 11 and Android 7.0

Due to technical reasons beyond our control, we are unfortunately forced to end support for all Apple and Android devices running on OS versions lower than iOS 11 and Android 7.0. If your device is currently running on an operating system lower than iOS 11 or Android 7.0, you will no longer be able to play Brawl Stars unless you update to a newer iOS or Android operating system. Please update to iOS version 11 (or higher) / Android 7.0 (or higher) as soon as possible.

Instructions on how to update your devices can be found here:

  • Apple: Apple Support
  • Google: Google Support

Fallback Rewards

  • Quests and Challenges with specific rewards such as Pins, Profile Icons or Sprays will now have a fallback reward in case a player already owns the original reward


  • New onboarding flow for Gadgets
  • New onboarding flow for Gears

Maintenance 19/09/22[]

  • Otis
    • Improved basic attack from 420 to 460 damage per projectile
    • Super: Added dot damage that does 340 base damage per tick (3 without the Stencil Glue Star Power, 4 with it)
    • Fixed a server error in specific circumstances when playing Otis.
  • Surge
    • Power Shield - Now restores 2 ammo instead of 3
  • Gus
    • Improved basic attack from 920 to 940 damage
    • Super - Now charges with 4 attacks instead of 5
    • Improved reload speed by around 7%
  • Stu
    • Base HP - 2800 → 2900
    • Breakthrough - Using the gadget no longer charges Stu's Super
  • Fixed some of the Battle Log entries for the Last Stand game mode

Optional Update[]

  • Improved performance on lower-end devices
  • Fixed a few Pin visual effects
  • Fixed a few broken Shop layouts
  • Fixed DJ 3.M.Z main attack VFX
  • Fixed the freeze frame issues when some Brawlers were using their Supers
  • Fixed a few minor bugs related to the new season

Robot Factory Update! Patch Notes[]

New Brawlers[]


Sam is the new chromatic Brawler of the season, and he’s the brawn behind the brains of the Goldarm Gang! He also has some personal beef with all the robots in Starr Park.

  • Trait: Sam starts with a fully charged Super.
  • Main Attack: Heavy Haymakers
    • He unleashes a double dose of hard-hitting punches that deal a lot more damage when wearing his Knuckle Busters on
  • Super: Knuckle Busters
    • Sam combines and shoots his gloves forward, dealing damage to all enemies on their way. Using the Super again, will call his gloves back and damage enemies on the way back.
  • Gadget 1: Magnetic Field
    • While the Knuckle Busters are on the ground, Sam can activate them to pull in nearby enemies.
  • Gadget 2: Pulse Repellent
    • Upon landing on the ground, Sam’s next deployed Knuckle Busters releases an electric pulse that knocks back enemies
  • Star Power 1: Hearty Recovery
    • Upon recalling his Knuckle Busters, Sam instantly recovers 30% of his health.
  • Star Power 2: Remote Charge
    • While the Knuckle Busters are on the ground and near enemies, they will charge up Sam’s Super

Gus (Will be released in late September)

New Super Rare Brawler! Gus is a mysterious kid who loves crafting animal-shaped balloons that keep himself company.

  • Main Attack: Loony Balloons
    • Gus shoots empty balloons that capture part of the enemies' souls. Each successive hit fills a bar, and once the bar is filled, the next shot will leave a spirit on the map that can heal allies and himself. He can leave multiple ghosts on the map.
  • Super: Spooky Boy
    • Gus can either shoot his balloon dog, Spooky, to create a shield around an ally or use it to himself.
  • Gadget 1: Kooky Popper
    • Explodes all uncollected spirits, dealing 1800 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Gadget 2: Soul Switcher
    • Gus loses 30% of his health to fill his bar instantly.
  • Star Power 1: Health Bonanza
    • Healed gained from the spirits is increased by 100%.
  • Star Power 2: Spirit Animal
    • Spooky also increases the damage for an ally by 25% for 5 seconds.

New Season! - The #RobotFactory[]

New Skins[]

  • Desperado Poco (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Lawless Lola (Power League)
  • Crowbone
  • Caesar Sam (Brawl Pass Tier 70)
  • Trick or Treat Leon
  • Stonks Pam
  • Moon Bunny Squeak - Moon Festival Skin
  • Mecha Mortis -(299) if bought during the first month, it Includes a set of 9 animated pins + profile picture + spray.
    • Light Mecha Mortis (49 gems) - Purchase option unlocked after getting Mecha Mortis.
    • Dark Mecha Mortis (49 gems) - Purchase option unlocked after getting Mecha Mortis.

True Silver/Gold

New Gadgets[]


  • Coin Shower: Griff's next Coin Toss shoots 33% more coins.


  • X-Ray-Shades: Buzz can see into bushes in his Supercharge area for 12 seconds.

New Animated Pins[]

  • Esports pins (9)
  • Brawl-o-Ween Pins (5)
  • Sam & Caesar Sam (9+9)
  • Gus (9)
  • New Skin Pins (12)
    • Moon Bunny Squeak, Trick or Treat Leon, Stomks Pam, CrowBone, Lawless Lola, Desperado Poco, Mecha Crow (3), Mecha Bo (3)
  • Mecha Mortis (9)
  • New Special Pins for Brawlers (10)

New Sprays[]

  • Epic Brawlers’ sprays (x10)
  • Challenge Sprays (x3)
  • Brawl Pass Sprays (x2)
  • Mecha Mortis Spray
  • BSC Spray

New Profile Icons[]

  • Power League (x2)
  • Esports
  • Robots (x4)
  • Challenges (x4)
  • Mecha Mortis (x1)
  • Calamity Gang (x1)

Game Modes, Maps & Rotation Changes[]

New Weekend PvE Mode: 8-Bit's Last Stand[]

  • Defend 8-Bit with your team against waves of enemies and survive as long as you can.
  • Collect coins to ensure 8-Bit is awake and ready to fight by your side!
  • All bots have been remodeled!

Map Pool[]

Power League/Club League Rotation[]

  • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Layer Cake
  • Brawl Ball: Super Beach, Pinhole Punt, Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh, Crystal Arcade
  • Heist: Pit Stop, Safe Zone, Bridge Too Far
  • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Open Zone
  • Knockout: Goldarm Gulch, Out in the Open, Belle's Rock

Removed Siege from the game (including Friendly rooms).

Map Environment Changes[]


  • The Robot Factory (also available in Showdown!)


  • Stunt Show
  • Water Park
  • Deep Sea Brawl
  • Scrapyard (Siege only)


  • Game mode challenges for Bounty, Gem Grab, and Heist.
  • And more!

Power League[]

Swap Brawler
  • You can now swap Brawlers at the end of the Pick/Ban phase for Power League and Club League matches!
  • Swapping is only available for owned Brawlers.
  • When Swapping a Brawler, you’ll use your own Power Level, Gadgets, and Star Powers
Power League Skins
  • Power League skins will, once again, follow the seasonal theme, (yay!)
  • If you unlocked a Power League skin during the season, you will still be able to purchase it for Star Points at a later point in time!
  • Reminder: as communicated earlier this year, Power League skins will now be occasionally available for Gems (149 Gems) 12 months after the Season ends, for everyone!

Trophy League[]

We've heard your feedback about the 4-week cycle of the Trophy League season reset and decay, and after some internal discussions, we agreed the problem is getting more and more emphasized due to the addition of new Brawlers. These are the changes in the upcoming update:

  • We're changing the season reset to follow the Brawl Pass season (~7-9 weeks) for the time being to evaluate the impact.
  • We'll run additional Star Point Quests and Challenges throughout the season to compensate for the potential loss of Star Points!!

Once we've evaluated the results from this "experiment", we will make a decision if/how we'll change this system in the future, but we hope the extended seasonal cycle will remove some of the pressure you feel and allow you to push trophies higher than ever before.


In anticipation of upcoming Gear changes (see more in Brawl Talk) in October, we've reduced the crafting cost for Gears in this update:

  • Power 1: 1 Gear Token + 40 Scrap
  • Power 2: 1 Gear Token + 100 Scrap
  • Power 3: 2 Gear Token + 200 Scrap

Balance Changes[]



  • Base HP - 4200 → 4400

Our favorite lifeguard has had some issues guarding his own life, so we gave him some more HP to allow him to stay in the fray for a bit longer.


  • Main attack - Damage - 700 → 800

Poco has not been a go-to Brawler for quite a while. While his healing is decent, he needs to be a bit more of a threat by himself to be able to duke it out with other Brawlers.


  • Main attack - Damage - 880 → 960
  • Main attack - Super charge - 6 → 5 hits

Nita and Bruce have been out of the limelight for quite a while. Playing Nita without Bruce doesn’t feel too good, so we're buffing her slightly along with making it easier to summon Bruce.


  • Gadget - Stunt Double - Healing - 350 → 1000
  • Gadget - Freeze Frame - Shield 75% → 50%

The freeze frame has been a bit too powerful as a shield for Lola and her team. While it should be strong, it currently takes way too much to defeat and allows for too much pressure. Tuning it down and tuning Stunt Double up should allow for a better choice between Gadgets.


  • Main attack - Damage - 1160 → 1240

Jacky has had a hard time defeating other brawlers even when closing the distance. This makes her more deadly once she does reach her target.


  • Main attack - Super charge - 8 → 7 hits

Meg's previous nerfs saw her play rate plummet. Reverting half of the previous nerfs should allow for her to be more balanced and make her a solid pick.



  • Base HP - 3800 → 3600

Penny has been doing really well even after her previous changes. While she is not too oppressive, she's a bit too tanky for the pressure she can assert, so we’re tuning her durability down slightly.


  • Base HP - 4400 → 4000

Carl, much like Penny, has had a really good time as of late. His main projectile is now highly deadly, so he becomes more of a tanky sniper, which in general is a dangerous design. Tuning down his HP means it's easier to duel him at range, and also when closing the gap (but watch out for his Super!)


  • Gadget - Slowing toxin - 5 → 3 sec


  • Clyde - Base HP - 5200 → 4800

Bonnie (specifically Clyde) is a bit too tanky in sniper form, so we are tuning her HP down slightly to make sure that closing the distance allows brawlers to take her down more effectively.


  • Base HP - 3600 → 3400
  • Main attack - Super charge - 5 → 6 hits

Janet has been a great nuisance, and while her super isn't very effective offensively, it allows her to play very aggressively and get out of any situation. Increasing the time interval where she can play like this allows for more counterplay, along with an HP nerf that allows her to get burst easier.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Power League Freezes and Crashes
  • Fixed the voice line played when unlocking Otis.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor localization issues.


Maintenance 10/08/22[]

  • Fixing Club Quests rewards not being delivered to some players!

Maintenance 20/07/22[]

  • Fixed some issues related to Supercell ID. If you requested a login code on 19/07, you might have to re-login to your account again

Maintenance 14/07/22[]

  • Fixed a server error after playing Duels and using Sprays
  • Fixed an occasional server error when using Otis' Super and his Gadget
  • Fixed players not being eligible for Club Quests when they should be

Maintenance and Optional Update 05/07/22[]

  • Fixed some server stability issues related to the old Brawl Pass auto claim feature.
  • Fixed occasional stutter when aiming the Super on some devices
  • Fixed sprays not being usable for specific Brawlers

Maintenance 30/06/22[]

  • Fixed crashes in Minecart Madness
  • Penny balance change:
    • Reduced Damage per coin after the main projectile splits to 75% of the total damage (was 100%)
    • Reduced Turret attack speed by 1 second (2.5→3.5s)
  • Fixed other minor visual/text issues

Deep Sea Brawl Update! Patch Notes 29/06/22[]

New Brawler: Otis[]

Otis is a mysterious creature who lives in the depths of Starr Park and expresses himself with his street art on any wall he sees!

  • Main Attack: Inky Art
    • Otis shoots a burst of ink drops from his spray gun arm.
  • Super: Silent Seabed
    • Otis throws his starfish buddy Cil at his enemies. If Cil hits the target, it prevents them from attacking, using Supers and Gadgets for a short while. The target can still move and have passive abilities.
  • Gadget 1: Dormant Star
    • The next starfish stays on the ground if an enemy is not hit, laying dormant until an enemy gets close.
  • Gadget 2: Splash
    • Otis's next attack shoots a giant ink ball that leaves a puddle, dealing 810 damage over time for 3,8 seconds.
  • Star Power 1: Stencil Glue
    • The starfish Cil holds on to their enemies for 33% longer
  • Star Power 2: Street Artist
    • Otis shoots 33% more ink drops.

Penny Rework[]

Penny has not only got a remodel but also a rework to her gameplay mechanics!

  • Balls of Fire become a passive ability.
  • Her Cannonballs show the place they will land a few seconds before landing.
  • Increased slightly the Cannonballs size.
  • Decreased slightly the Cannonballs projectile speed.
  • Increased her base HP.
  • Main Attack:
    • Slightly reduced the range.
    • Slightly increased the projectile speed.
  • Star Power 1: Heavy Coffers
    • Penny’s main attack spread in a wider cone after each hit.
  • Star Power 2: Master Blaster
    • Penny’s cannon deals 1000 damage and knocks back nearby enemies on landing.
  • Gadget 1:Salty Barrel
    • Penny drops a barrel of salt that blocks enemy projectiles. She can also use it to burst her own gold pouches with it.
  • Gadget 2: Trusty Spyglass
    • Penny’s cannon blasts at every visible enemy position within range.

New Season! - The #DeepSeaBrawl[]

New Skins
  • Sharktooth Colt (Brawl Pass - Tier 1)
  • OctoFang
  • Coral Belle
  • Postal Brock (Power League)
  • PharaOtis (Brawl Pass - Tier 70)
  • DJ 3.M.Z - concept by BouncyDuck (Supercell Make Skin)
BT21 x Brawl
True Silver/Gold

New Pins[]

  • Animated

Sprays: Pricing Changes[]

  • Based on community feedback Sprays are now a lot cheaper!
  • Regular Sprays (usable by all Brawlers) 29 Gems | Down from 50 Gems
  • Premium Sprays (usable by all Brawlers) 29 Gems | Down from 60 Gems
  • Regular Sprays (Brawler specific) 19 Gems | Down from 50 Gems
  • Players who purchased Sprays will be compensated Gems once the update goes live. Reimbursements can be claimed from the in-game shop (i.e. "free" Gem Offers) for 30 days following the update.

New Sprays[]

  • Brawler-specific - Rosa, Barley, Poco, El Primo, Darryl, Carl, Rico, Jacky, Penny (x9)
  • Clash of Clans Anniversary Challenge (x1)
  • Brawl Pass (x2)
  • Various Challenges (x12)
  • BT21 skins (x7)

New Profile Icons[]

  • Power League icons (x2)
  • BT21 skins (x7)
  • Bad Randoms (x1)
  • Deep Sea Brawl (x1)
  • Pirate Flag (x1)

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

  • New Seasonal Game Mode: Hunters (10 players)
    • This mode combines Wipeout rules with Showdown maps!
    • There’s no Showdown Gas, Bounty, or Power-Cubes.
    • Players respawn after being taken down.
    • Takedowns needed to win: 6
  • 7 New Maps:
    • Trials and Tribulations
    • Hunting Season
    • The Prey
    • Quick and Restless
    • Deliverance
    • True Trail
    • Omega
  • Mystery Game Mode slot (for events)
    • It’s a Game Mode slot that randomizes a game mode and a modifier.
    • Those Game Modes and Modifiers are pre-selected by the Brawl Stars team.
  • Added Announcer VFX for additional Game Modes (like in Wipeout):
    • Brawl Ball
    • Basket Brawl
    • Hunters
  • Map Pool Changes
    • Hot Zone
      • Temple of Boom (Removed)
      • Mosh Pit (Removed)
      • Trident (New - Added)
      • Imbalance (New - Added)
    • Knockout
      • New Perspective (Removed)
      • X Marks the Spot (Removed)
      • Hidden Enemy (Added)
      • Out in the Open (Added)
    • Gem Grab
      • Opposing Forts (Removed)
      • Sapphire Plains (Removed)
      • Glass Half Full (Added)
      • Duality (Added)
    • Brawl Ball
      • Well Cut (Removed)
      • Post Haste (Removed)
      • Double Jeopardy (Added)
      • Make it Bounce (Added)
    • Bounty
      • Overgrown Canyon (Removed)
      • Heat Wave (Removed)
      • Don't turn around (Added)
      • Side by Side (Added)
    • Heist
      • Can't Touch This (Removed)
      • Rolling Rumble (Removed)
      • River Banks (Added)
      • Treefecta (Added)
    • Showdown
      • Eggshell (Removed)
      • Grassy Gorge (Removed)
      • Boxed In (Added)
      • Zoomed Out (Added)

Power League/Club League Rotation[]

  • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Layer Cake
  • Brawl Ball: Backyard Bowl, Off the Line, Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab: Double Swoosh, Hardrock Mine, Minecart Madness
  • Heist: Safe Zone, Kaboom Canyon, River Banks
  • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Split
  • Knockout: Belle's Rock, Out in the Open (New), Goldarm Gulch

Map Environment Changes[]

  • Deep Sea (NEW - Added)
  • Darryl's Ship (Added)
  • The Velocirapids (Added)
  • Tara's Bazaar (Removed)
  • The Starr Force (Removed)


  • Bad Randoms
  • Penny
  • 3 Game Modes Challenges
  • The Most Difficult Challenge Ever
  • Clash of Clans Anniversary

Power League[]

  • Added Brawler suggestion:
    • Now players can see their teammate’s Brawlers and make a suggestion!

Club Games (Club League + Club Quests)[]

  • Club League
    • Club league now only counts the highest trophy contributions of 24 members
      • The other 6 members will still receive rewards based on the number of tickets used
    • Max trophy toggle will also only count 24 members
    • Increased Club Coin rewards for the top 3 Clubs in every Club league by 15%
  • Club Quests
    • Club League seasons now have a week break. During this break, players will play Club Quests
    • Each member of the club gets 3 quests to complete (An easy, a medium, and a hard one)
    • Completing a Quest earns Quest Points for the Club
    • The highest Quest Points earned, the more Club Coins as a reward.
    • The number of Club Coins you get for Club Quests is based on your Club League Rank
    • Playing with Club Mates gives you a Completion Bonus (so you can complete the Club Quests faster).

Balance Changes[]

  • Carl
    • Projectile speed: 2600 → 3000
  • Grom
    • Base damage: 900→1100
    • Super damage: 1700→1600
  • Byron
    • Reload speed: 1300 → 1600 ms per ammo
    • Byron is a Brawler who’s a good option most of the time. Since the release, he was always in the Meta due to his versatility and power. This nerf should give him a warning, but shouldn’t prevent him from being a good pick.
  • Colonel Ruffs
    • Sandbag HP: 2000 → 1500
    • Ruffs could be really dangerous in the hands of a skillful player. Still, it’s quite hard to make the most of this Brawler so decided not to nerf him so hard.
  • Eve
    • Starpower - Happy Surprise: Now it only spawns a hatchling every 5 seconds instead of for every egg.
    • Eve Super charge decreased slightly
    • Will it decrown the queen? Probably not, but let’s see.
  • Janet
    • Janet can no longer activate the Drop the Bass Gadget while flying.
    • Felt really weird and sometimes really oppressive. Uncle Stu was proud, but everyone else was annoyed. And to be honest, felt more like a bug rather than part of her design.
  • Sandy
    • Main attack damage reduced from 920 to 860
    • The sleepy boy was quite oppressive in narrow maps, so this should make all the Sandies around the world a bit less aggressive

Bug Fixes[]

  • Improved stability on low-end devices
  • Auto-aim no longer takes airborne targets into account
  • Fixed some pins not being usable in club chat
  • Fixed a rare case where players could ban the same brawler in Power League
  • Fixed various sound issues
  • Themes
    • Deep Sea Brawl Theme
    • BT21 Theme
    • Bad Randoms Theme (including updated music)
  • Misc


  • Brawl Pass now is available in the Shop.
  • Added a shortcut to the Club Shop.

Maintenance and Optional Update 12/05/22[]

  • Fixed issues with Power Match/Power League filtering and scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spray VFX would appear on your own brawler when someone else in range would use a Spray.
  • Improved performance on low-end devices.

Maintenance 04/05/22[]

  • Reduced duration of Residue by 10s (20→10s)
  • Power Surge now upgrades Surge 1 level (down from 2)
  • Slightly reduced his Super recharge rate to require 6 Super hits (from 3)
  • Fixed a rare Club League bug that made players eligible for different Club League days

Optional Update 4 May[]

  • Fixed an issue that caused only owned Brawlers to show as bannable in competitive modes for non-leaders
  • Fixed a UI flickering issue in the emotes menu
  • Fixed a few issues with the daily login calendar

Maintenance 30/04/22[]

  • Found and fixed game-crashing issues (Server error 43)

Maintenance 29/04/22[]

  • Fixed a bug that made Bumper tiles available in Map Maker
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Surge to retain his temporary power level increase after takedown
  • Fixed a bug that made Surge spawn in unintended locations after gadget use
  • Fixed a bug with the ball going nuts after bouncing for too long

Next week, we’ll have an optional update to fix more UI bugs and other issues in Power Leagues (such as not allowing to ban Brawlers you don’t own).

Stuntshow Update! Patch Notes 27/04/22[]

New Brawlers


Janet is Stu’s adoptive daughter and she’s all about show business! She’s an acrobatic performer, singer, and the Starr of the Stunt Show!

  • Main Attack: High Note
    • Janet has a cone-shaped attack that gets longer and narrower the longer you hold the aim button
  • Super: Crescendo
    • Janet takes off and flies around for a short time. While in the air, she can still attack the enemy Brawlers on the ground
  • Gadget: Drop the Bass
    • Janet drops a loudspeaker that deals 100 damage per second in an area around it
  • Gadget: Backstage Pass
    • Janet’s next attack pushes her back a distance based on her main attack range
  • Star Power: Stage View
    • While flying, Janet reveals a large area of bushes around her
  • Star Power: Vocal Warm-Up
    • Janet's attack focuses 30% faster


Bonnie is Janet’s little sister and she’s a reckless and overly excited girl who’s famous in the park for her most daring trick, being shot from a cannon (named Clyde)! The danger the trick, the more she enjoys it! She's an epic Brawler and has two different forms in matches: Cannon form (default):

  • Main Attack: Loose Tooth
    • Shoots a tooth-shaped cannonball in a long-range single projectile
  • Super: Star Launcher
    • Bonnie launches herself from Clyde dealing damage on impact and changing forms

Bonnie form:

  • Main Attack: Bomber Jacket
    • Short-range quick bombs that do high damage
  • Super: Clyde
    • Switches back to Clyde
  • Gadget: Sugar Rush
    • Clyde's attack and movement speed are increased by 30% for 5 seconds
  • Gadget: Crash Test
    • Bonnie dashes a short distance and knocks Brawlers back while dealing deals 300 damage
  • Star Power: Black Powder
    • Star Launcher has 36% longer range
  • Star Power: Wisdom Tooth
    • Clyde's attack shatters on hit and deals 25% damage per projectile

New Season! - The #Stuntshow[]

New Skins

New Cosmetic: Sprays[]

  • Sprays are unlocked on the Trophy Road when reaching 200 Trophies. This also unlocks 3 Spray slots and gives three free Sprays.
  • A new Spray slot is unlocked at 650, 1300, and 1600 trophies.
  • New Sprays can be acquired through the Brawl Pass, Challenges, and the Shop.
  • They are equipped in the Brawler screen in a new tab next to the Pin selection, and the in-game use is the same as for the Pins.
  • Sprays are sprayed on the floor of the map. They are visible for all players and each player can only have one spray active at a time!
  • 35 Sprays will be available at launch, some of them including special in-game VFXs!

New Pins[]

  • Janet
  • Valkyrie Janet
  • Bonnie
  • Stunt Show Skin set
  • Golden Week Skin set
  • Golden Week freebies
  • The Worst Bunch Skin set
  • Overlord Byron
  • Galaxy Storm Lola
  • Empress Bonnie
  • Tempest Tara
  • Daruma Mr. P
  • Sakura Spike
  • Brawl Esports characters
Not Animated
  • Chaos Cup
  • Profile Icons
    • Power League (x2)
    • A new Brawler profile icon for each Trophy road Brawler (x12)
    • Skin specific profile icons in the shop (x4)

New Gadgets[]

  • Amber: Dancing Flames
    • Summons 3 fiery orbs that circle Amber. Each of them deals 500 damage when they pass through an enemy.
  • Jacky: Rebuild
    • Reconstructs destroyed terrains near Jacky.
  • Meg: Toolbox
    • Meg drops a reload station that decreases reload time for Brawlers near it.

Balance changes[]

  • Bibi
    • Base HP increased from 4200 to 4400
    • Base damage increased from 1300 to 1400
  • Bibi saw a bit of resurgence in Payload, but that's about it. Increasing some of her stats should make her a viable pick in more maps and comps.
  • Bo
    • Projectile speed on basic attack increased about 7%
  • While we want to make more changes for Bo in the future, the first basic step is increasing his projectile speed to make his shots lightly easier to hit.
  • Griff
    • Keep the change: 35→ 25% increased speed
    • Increased baseline unloads by 50ms. Griff can now unload his ammo faster without the Star Power. With the Star Power, it’s the same as before
    • Business Resilience: 10→ 15% missing health
  • Griff feels quite bad to play without Keep The Change, and it's the obvious choice. Tuning it down, but increasing base unload should allow for players to have a more interesting decisions when choosing what Star Power to bring, and also make him feel better without the Star Power.
  • Lou
    • Supercool is now a baseline ability, but at a 90% effectiveness.
    • New Supercool increases freezing by 33%, a net 20% gain from old values.
    • New Hypothermia Star Power decreases the enemy’s damage the more frozen they are. Can go up to 50%.
  • The removal of Siege has melted Lou’s dreams of glory. Making Supercool baseline was a good first move, but also changing Hypothermia’s mechanics was needed for the Star Power to be able to compete. This should not only help Lou at all power levels, but also make the Star Power choice interesting.
  • Squeak
    • Windup now also increases the damage of the next attack by 50%
    • Residue now lasts 5 seconds longer (15→ 20s), also leaves a slowing zone in addition to giving vision
  • Squeak's gadgets were about as useful as a chewed up dog toy. Now both of them provides some benefit and should provide more options based on the strategy you want to use with Squeak.
  • Spike
    • Life Plant: HP reduced from 3500 to 1750
  • Spike has been very versatile for a long period of time, and a big reason for this is his Life Plant Gadget which holds way too much value and nullifies a lot of Brawlers. Reducing the HP significantly allows more Brawlers to take him on.
  • Byron
    • Reduced Super charge from 3 to 4 basic attacks
  • Byron has flown under the radar for a while without changes, and has crept up in power slowly due to the meta fitting him very well. While he is not out of line, his super was too easy to get, so now Byron's have to work a bit harder to get there.
  • Fang
    • Base HP reduced from 4500 to 4300
    • Super damage reduced from 1200 to 1000
    • Roundhouse Kick stun duration reduced from 1s to 0,5s
    • Fresh Kicks no longer resets his super on pet kills
  • No matter the kicking and screaming, Fang has to be toned down. His team wipe potential is unparallelled, combined with SP resetting his super on pet kills AND the stun, he has been a force to be reckoned with. He is now more vulnerable when he dives in, and also does not have the upfront burst to the same degree.
  • Eve
    • Projectile speed decreased from 3700 to 3500
    • Base HP decreased from 3000 to 2900
    • Base damage decreased from 400 to 370
  • Eve has been extremely strong, even after the range nerf. While her second SP is problematic, she's also very strong without it. Hitting her across the board should make her much more in line of where she needs to be.
  • Gale
    • Blustery Blow stun duration reduced from 1.5s to 1.25s (shown as 1.3 in-game due to rounding)
  • Gale has also seen better times as of late, largely thanks to Fang being strong (and gale being a very good counter), but also because blustery blow allowed for chain stunning other Brawlers at times. Tuning down the stun duration slightly will make sure that other Brawlers will have time to fight back.
  • Surge
    • Teleport Gadget removed
    • Now he can also jump a short distance when using his Super
    • Gadget 1 - Power Surge - Increases surges upgrade level by 2 for 10 seconds
    • Gadget 2 - Power Shield - From the next incoming hit within 5 seconds, Surge consumes 80% of the damage and uses the energy to reload 3 ammo
  • So as we theorized new Gadgets, we realized that nothing we can make could compete with teleport, and playing Surge without teleport feels really bad. Not wanting to have a Brawler to rely on a Gadget to be viable, reworking Surge’s entire kit felt like the right option for us. He should now feel better at all levels of play, and the Gadgets should provide a very interesting choice for players
  • Resistance Gear
  • The Resistance Gear now has changed to Vision Gear.
    • It reveals opponents for x seconds after dealing damage to them


  • Golden Week
  • Crash Test - Reward: Spray
  • Unthemed Challenge - Reward: Spray


  • Quest rerolls
  • After rerolling you can’t get the same Brawler/Game mode quest or same criteria (heal/damage/win…)
  • The reward will be equivalent to the discarded quest
  • Not usable for special quests, only for seasonal and daily quests
  • Brawl Pass gives 2 additional rerolls/week (from 1 to 3!)
  • Refreshes weekly
  • New Quest Types
  • Hot Zone: "Stay in a Hot Zone for x seconds"
  • Heist: "Deal X damage to the Safe"
  • Bounty: "Finish X matches with 4 or more Stars"
  • Gem Grab: "Carry 3 or more Gems for X seconds"
  • Knockout: "Survive X rounds"
  • Brawl Ball: "Pass the ball X times"
  • Showdown: "Collect X Power Cubes"
  • New Quests with direct rewards (such as coins, power points, pins, and more)
  • Quests now favor low Trophy Brawlers

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes[]

New Seasonal Game Mode: Bot Drop (3v3)
Map Pool Changes
Hot Zone




Power League/Club League Rotation[]

Login calendar (only for new accounts)[]

  • New 14-day Login Calendar for New Players
  • Unlocks at 40 trophies
  • Players have to log in daily to claim all rewards, skipping a day ends the calendar
  • Rewards
  • Day 0: Skin (Bandita Shelly)
  • Day 1: Super Rare Brawler (Choice: Darryl or Penny)
  • Day 2: Upgrade to Power 5
  • Day 3: Pin (Common)
  • Day 4: Upgrade to Power 7
  • Day 5: Skin (Football Darryl or Bunny Penny)
  • Day 6: Gadget (Choice between both Brawler Gadgets)
  • Day 7: Pin (Common)
  • Day 8: Upgrade to Power 8
  • Day 9: Pin (Common)
  • Day 10: Upgrade to Power 9
  • Day 11: Pin x 2 (Rare)
  • Day 12: Star Power (Choice between both Brawler Star Powers)
  • Day 13: Pin x 2 (Epic)
  • Day 14: Epic Brawler (Choice: Edgar or Griff)
  • Fallback rewards in case a player unlocked one of the rewards already (Big Box)

Power League[]

Additional Bans
  • Every player now bans 1 Brawler during the ban phase
  • If no Brawler is picked at the end of the timer, a random Brawler will be banned
  • Within a team there are no duplicate bans, i.e. a total of 3-6 Brawlers will be banned for each game
  • Players now also need to own at least 12 Brawlers, in addition, to unlock Power League from trophy road due to the increased amount of bans
Improved Team balancing for Solo Queue based on Power League Ranks
  • Winning 2 matches without losing should now give you more progress than before (this is only applied to Rank Diamond III and below. Mythic I and above will remain the same)
  • The penalty from losing 2 matches in a row was removed. This also only applies to Rank Diamond III and below.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where golden ticket assets were still visible in some locations
  • Fixed an issue with Byron's voice lines
  • Fixed an issue with Esport pins (Rosa Player, etc.) not being usable in chat
  • Fixed an issue with Mantis Rosa VFX
  • Fixed an issue with shooting manually at the same location while moving perpendicular would cause the second shot to fire in the wrong direction
  • Fixed an issue with Bea VFX causing her to lose the charged shot visual after using super
  • Fixed an issue where Buzz would charge his super in the freeze-frame after a goal was scored in Brawl Ball
  • Fixed an issue where Bibi's knockback attack is canceled but the visual remained
  • Fixed an issue where Underdog draws would not award underdog trophies
  • Fixed an issue where friends that were not clubmates showed as Bronze I in PL
  • Fixed an issue where bonus damage from Grom's X Factor Star Power would give more supercharge
  • Fixed an issue where Ivy Belle would not have long enough impact VFX on basic attacks
  • Pins coming with special Skins are now directly granted after purchase and don't have to be claimed from the Shop anymore

Maintenance 31/03/22[]

  • Eve range nerf (From Piper’s Range to Lou's Range)
  • Wild Card Power Points (WCPP) usability improvements
  • Matchmaking adjustments - Now it takes player’s total Trophies into account between 500-800 Brawler Trophy ranges

Optional Update and Maintenance 17/03/22[]

  • Fixed an issue where Carl’s pickaxe returning after a hoop was scored in Basket Brawl could crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where Meg transformation could crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where Tick Super near the payload was not damaging the enemies

Maintenance Fixes:

Maintenance 02/03/22[]

  • Fixed an SFX issue for Nian Nita's pin
  • Fixed Meg visually spawning as a mech after death
  • Fixed random pets spawning when using a spawning ability just before death
  • Fixed Captain Crow poison stacking
  • Ash "Rotten Banana" now gives 40% rage for 40% of current health. The damage from the gadget no longer gives extra rage
  • Fixed Grom and Squeak gadgets revealing brawlers in bushes in Leon's Lollipop Drop area

Biodome Update! - Patch Notes 01/03/22[]

New Brawler: Eve - Chromatic Brawler
  • Eve is a small flea joining Ruffs’ trio! She's a loving mother who travels in a spaceship trying to find a warm and fluffy place for her babies.
  • Passive skill: She can hover over water
  • Main attack: Egg Shooter
    • Eve shoots three eggs in a row, each one being bigger and dealing more damage than the previous.
  • Super: Baby Boom
    • Eve releases a big egg, which incubates a group of hatchlings. Hatchlings attach to the closest enemy and deal damage over time unless destroyed before reaching their target.
  • Gadget 1: Gotta go!
    • Eve jumps away and leaves a hatchling behind.
  • Gadget 2: Motherly Love
    • Hatchlings spawned from an active big egg will now heal allies over time instead of dealing damage.
  • SP 1: Unnatural Order
    • Reverses the order of the eggs shot by her Egg Shooter.
  • SP 2: Happy Surprise
    • Hitting a brawler with the largest egg from her Egg Shooter spawns a hatchling.

New Brawl Pass: The Biodome[]

New Skins - Biodome Skins:

  • Firefly Rico (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Spiky Eve (Brawl Pass tier 70)
  • Wasp Bo (Power League)
  • Lion Bull (Club League)
  • Skin VFX updates
  • Exclusive Skins
    • Exclusive skins from Brawl Pass and Power League will become part of the Archive and become available again 1 year after their original release during limited, exclusive offers
    • Seasonal skins will move to the Archive after appearing for the last time and then re-surface every so often
    • The first content affected by this is all content released in Season 11 and beyond, i.e. previous exclusive content won't be re-released
    • FREE exclusive skins (ex. Anniversary Skins) will not become purchasable in the future

New Pins[]


  • Lantern Brawl challenge - (Pin) 02/04 to 03/04
  • Easter Challenge (Pin) 16/04 - 17/04

Game modes[]

  • Wipeout
  • 3vs3 mode
    • To win, defeat 8 brawlers before the enemy team, or defeat more enemy Brawlers than the opposite team in 2 minutes.
  • Payload
  • 3vs3 mode
  • Push your payload by standing near it. Standing near the opponent’s payload slows it down.
  • Be the first team to push your payload to the goal to win the match!
Game mode rotation changes
  • Bounty/Knockout, Heist/Hot Zone, 7 maps each, 24h/map
  • Gem Grab, Showdown, Brawl Ball 14 maps, 24h/map
  • Siege is not in rotation - Will still be in friendly rooms and in Map Maker
  • Weekend event teaser has been moved to the end of the list rather than being first
  • Showdown now has a bigger game mode banner
  • Removed Super City Rampage PvE mode
  • Added Knockout to Map Maker
  • Basket Brawl returns as a seasonal mode
  • Duel will also become seasonal this season

Balance Changes[]

  • Mr. P
    • Mr.P has been on the weaker side for a while and when picked, “Handle with care” is the main Star Power choice. With this Star Power being baseline, it should make the character a lot more interesting overall.
    • Handle with care is now baseline
    • New handle with care: Every 4 seconds, the next briefcase deals 40% more damage after bouncing
    • Revolving door: Existing functionality removed
    • New revolving door: Spawners have 20% more hp and 30% more damage
  • Brock
    • Brock Much like with Mr. P, playing Brock without incendiary just felt bad. Making it baseline allows us to bring more viability into his kit earlier on, and also allows us to repurpose his SP into something more interesting rather than both being tied to his basic attack.
    • Incendiary is now baseline
    • New SP: Brock super fires 44% more rockets
  • Jacky
    • She has been in a good place, but Counter crush has been crushing her second Star Power option, hence why we strenghtened her hat to make it more of a lucrative choice.
    • Hardy Hat 15→20% reduction
  • Bea
    • Bea Buffing honeycomb allows for seasoned Bea players to make quite interesting plays by holding the second shot, reducing dps but being able to soak significantly more damage.
    • Honeycomb 20→30% reduction
  • Gale
    • Gale has been a niche pick, and Blustery blow even more so. It should now be a much more attractive choice, and should excel on certain maps in certain comps.
    • Blustery Blow 1→1.5s stun
  • Griff
    • Griff has been feeling the inflation lately, so we're giving him a raise to combat that.
    • Base damage - 220→260 damage per shot
  • Colonel Ruffs
    • Ruffs Our favorite doggo is currently a very niche pick, and only really viable with great coordination. Giving him some more combat power of his own should allow him to do better versus more brawlers, and also when played solo.
    • Base damage - 500→560 damage per shot
  • Max
    • Max hasn't seen the limelight for quite a while, and adding some raw power should go a long way in addressing that.
    • Base damage - 300→340 damage per shot
  • Health Gear
    • Reworked: Regenerating health passively heals for an additional 30/40/50%
  • Grom
    • Even after the nerf, Grom has been overperforming on most maps and modes. Making his projectile speed constant means he can't rely on auto-aim as well, and also has less burst up close, meaning his natural counters have an easier time to actually counter him.
    • Grom projectile speed is now constant (same travel time no matter range)
    • Reduce super projectile ranges from 25→17
    • Super charge is now 6 hits (down from 7, buff (bugfix))
  • Tara
    • She has been a little too good of a pick due to her versatility. Very slightly reducing her base damage allows more brawlers to combat her 1 on 1, and requires more coordination from her teammates to finish brawlers off once she hits her black hole.
    • Base damage - 460→440 damage per shot
  • Darryl
    • Darryl has seen some better times due to his recent changes, but his rolling shield is a bit too strong, especially when chaining supers, making him deal way too much damage while soaking a lot.
    • Rolling shield from 90% → 50% damage reduction

New Game Environment[]


10 New 2nd Gadgets

  • Colette: Gotcha!
    • For 5 seconds after activation, Colette’s shots heal herself for 80% of the damage dealt.
  • Lola: Stunt Double
    • Lola and her Ego switch locations and recover 350 health.
  • Bibi: Extra Sticky
    • Bibi's next Spitball slows down enemies on hit for 2 seconds.
  • Emz: Acid Spray
    • Emz's next blast of hair spray can pass through walls but deals 20% less damage.
  • Grom: Radio Check
    • Grom's next attack throws 3 Buds in rapid succession.
  • Byron: Booster Shots
    • Byron's next attack shoots 3 smaller darts in a cone, but they are 20% less effective for damage and 40% for healing.
  • Squeak: Residue
    • Squeak's next exploding goo blobs give allies sight into bushes for 15 seconds.
  • Belle: Reverse Polarity
    • Belle's next Electro-Bolt bounces from walls.
  • Fang: Roundhouse Kick
    • Fang spins and hits all enemies around him, stunning them for 1.0 seconds.
  • Ash: Rotten Banana
    • Ash loses 20% current health and instantly gains 50% rage.

Power League[]

  • Names are now hidden for opponents in Mythic 1 and above (was Masters) for PL and CL matches
  • Losing a PL match 1-2 results in less Elo reduction, while winning 2-0 results in a bigger Elo gain
  • Two new icons
Clubs & Club League
  • Day 3 in Club League has 6 tickets instead of 4, and points gained is increased by 50%
  • Power points are now purchasable unlimited times per day
  • Presidency over a Club is now automatically rotated after the Club President is inactive for at least 14 days
  • Club Members who left or were kicked from a Club during a running season will now be eligible for reward based on their contribution

FTUE (First time user experience) Improvements[]

  • Changed first mode from Gem Grab to Solo Showdown
  • Affects early game mode unlock (Showdown → Gem Grab) and trophy road progression (10 instead of 8 trophies a win)
  • Changed Nita unlock from 10 to 15 trophies
  • Changed gems in very first tutorial to power cubes


  • Wildcard power points can now drop from brawl boxes
    • Starts dropping at a 10% chance per box once the player has 16 or more brawlers unlocked.
    • This means that you have a higher chance of getting WCPP if opening 10 smaller boxes rather than a mega box, however since the amounts are smaller you get, it evens out no matter what box you open.
  • Converts ALL power points in a box to WCPP instead
  • Auto Ban/Pick for Friendly Power Matches
    • The game now will automatically ban and pick brawlers for players if they don't react in time
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed El Tigro super VFX
  • Fixed Freeze frames when using bush revealing gadgets

Server Regions[]

  • New Server Region: Taiwan
  • Re-enabling Server Regions: Sydney (ANZ) and Bahrain (MENA)

Maintenance 18/02/22[]

  • Fixed bugs related to Quests
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Grom's main attack from fully charging his Super in 7 hits.
  • Fixed Fang's visual effects

Maintenance 25/01/22[]

Balance Changes - Nerfs
  • Grom
    • Basic attack damage decreased from 1000 to 900
    • Gadget: Watchtower - HP decreased from 2000 to 1500. Duration 40→20 seconds
    • His Super now charges after 6 hits instead of 5 hits.

Grom, simply, was too powerful. There are plenty of reasons, and in conjunction, they made him a great to amazing pick in most comps on most maps. Reducing Basic attack damage is an obvious one, as it reduces his burst and poke significantly. Reducing the timing and hp of his gadget means you can’t just pop it down and both win and control a lane, but rather choose more carefully when you want to utilize it, much like eg. Leon lollipop. Reducing the super charge is an attempt to allow for his natural counters to actually be able to counter him more effectively (eg. Mortis). Many times, you could charge your super very fast, hold it, and if you get jumped, simply auto-aim it and spam a few basics to one-shot most assassins. Should not be the case anymore.

  • Rico
    • Gadget: Bouncy Castle - 250 → 200 heal per bounce

Bouncy Castle is simply too much value, so we had to tune it down a little more.

  • Meg
    • Super charge takes 8 hits instead of 6

Meg had quite an easy time to cycle supers quite fast and could become quite oppressive due to mech uptime. Increasing the time between mechs should allow for players to punish Meg better in her weak form. Much like the case of Mortis, Heavy Metal was not used nearly as much like its counterpart, which is something we’ve tried to address with the buff to the damage.

  • Mortis
    • Star Power: Creepy harvest - Healing decreased from 1400 to 1000

His healing could get quite obnoxious under certain circumstances, so going in now has a higher risk attached to it. Coiled Snake was also significantly less popular than Creepy Harvest, and we hope that changing the power dynamic quite significantly will allow for Mortis players to choose a playstyle they prefer, rather than one choice being better most of the time.

  • Stu
    • Basic attack damage decreased from 580 to 540

Stu was in quite a healthy state, but a little bit overtuned at very high levels of play where his mobility and assassination really shines. Removing some damage makes him a little bit less potent and changes some key interactions that should bring him more in line where we’d want him to be.

  • Speed Gear
    • 15/20/25% → 10/15/20%

Simply too good in the situations where it shines. There is more we want to do for gears overall, but this was an obvious first step to take.

Balance Changes - Buffs
  • Ash
    • Increased his HP from 4800 to 5400

Our favorite (tr)ash knight has been seeing some hard times as of late. Usually, you’ll be able to fill your rage but be too low HP to actually utilize it. Adding some more HP will allow you to have more HP left once you do reach that critical amount of rage, and should allow for great Ash players to feel more effective.

  • Carl
    • Increased his maximum range from 22 to 25

Carl is perhaps THE MOST tricky brawler to balance in the game. As seasoned players might remember, he’s usually either close to the best or close to the worst brawler in the game, simply due to how his mechanics work.

  • Mortis
    • Star Power: Coiled snake - Reduction increased from 1.5 to 2s
  • Meg
    • Star Power: Heavy Metal's damage increased from 1000 to 1500 damage.

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed El Tigro Super VFX
  • Fixed LNY Pin Pack glitch

Maintenance 11/01/22[]

  • Removed Golden Tickets.

Maintenance 04/01/22[]

  • Fixed an issue with Duels where you could be matched up against bots in high ranks.
  • Grom’s Super now charges his Super 1% more. This is to avoid situations where the Super was 1% away from being charged.
  • Friendly Power League matches do not count for profile 3v3 wins anymore.

Maintenance + Optional update (Available for both iOS and Android)

  • Fixed duplicated Brawlers in Duels
  • Fixed Power League friendly matches counting for profile 3v3 victories
  • Fixed bot's movement for Lola's clone and Duels
  • Fixed a few bugs that reduced performance on certain devices (Note: this one will only be fixed after updating the game)

Maintenance + Optional Update (Android)

  • Fixed FPS drop issues when aiming.
    • Note: the fix will only be in your game once updating the game, NOT after maintenance.
  • Fixed Edgar's eyes being yellow.

Maintenance 20/12/21[]

  • Fixed duplicated Brawlers in Duels.

Maintenance 17/12/21[]

  • Fixed FPS drop issues when aiming.
    • Note: the fix will only be in your game once updating the game, NOT after maintenance.
  • Fixed Edgar's eyes showing yellow.

16/12/21: Brawlidays, Grom and Year of the Tiger[]

New Epic Brawler: Grom

Grom is a security guard at the castle courtyard in Starr Park, he is best friends with his walkie-talkie and afraid of kids. To hide his fear, he uses a happy looking hoodie to cover his face.

  • Main Attack - Bud Go Boom!
    • Grom hurls Bud, his exploding walkie-talkie! The blast moves in the shape of a cross and deals damage to any enemy in its path.
  • Super - Grom Bomb
    • Grom launches a massive bomb with Bud’s help. It has the same pattern as his main attack, but it’s longer, knocks back enemies, and destroys walls.
  • Gadget - Watch Tower
    • Grom ejects a Watchtower from his back that gives all allies sight into bushes over a large area. It loses health over time.
  • Star Power - Foot Patrol
    • When Grom’s super is fully charged, he gains 15% movement speed.
  • Star Power - X Factor
    • The split from Grom’s main attack deals up to +30% more damage at max distance.
Fang - Chromatic Brawler (Available in January)
  • Fang works at the local cinema in Starr Park but he’s also an aspiring actor himself … usually in low-budget martial art movies.
  • Main attack - Wu-Shoe
    • Fang unleashes a swift kick! If the kick misses the target, his shoe will fly off his foot!
  • Super - Sneak Ahead
    • Fang flies into a nasty kick that upon contact, can chain a further 3 consecutive kicks to nearby enemies
  • Gadget - Corn-Fu
    • Fang surrounds himself with corn kernels that deal 500 damage each
  • Star Power - Fresh Kicks
    • If Fang defeats an enemy with his super, it's instantly recharged
  • Star Power - Divine Soles
    • Reduce 500 damage from incoming hits once every 3 seconds. Max reduction 90% of the incoming damage

New Brawl Pass and Power League Season[]

  • Year of the Tiger

New Skins[]

  • Classic Dynamike (FREE during the Brawlidays giveaway)
  • El Corazón (Available around the Valentines Day)
  • Seasonal 2021 Brawlidays Skins

Year of the Tiger skins

  • El Tigro
  • Orochi Edgar
  • Sway Master Barley
  • Nian Nita (Power League)
  • Major Rosa (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Furious Fang (Brawl Pass Tier 70)

New Pins[]

  • Animated
    • Grom
    • Fang
    • Brawlidays Pins
    • Brawlidays Skins Pins
    • Year of the Tiger General Pins
  • New Pins (Not-Animated)
    • Grom Challenge
    • Valentines Day skins set (Primo, Lou, Piper, Poco)
    • Year of the Tiger Brawler Pins
    • Matcherino Pin
Profile Icons
  • 2 new Year of the Tiger Profile Icons that can be unlocked in Power League

Balance Changes[]

  • Darryl:
    • Steel hoops SP is now baseline
    • New steel hoops: Darryl takes 25% less damage for 2 seconds after using his super. Felt logical enough to add the damage reduction to his Super so both of his Star Powers could be useful.
  • El Primo:
    • Increased Super charge from main attack (16 to 12 hits). He has gone from overpicked to underpicked, now his Super charge rate is something in between.
  • Squeak:
    • Increased main attack damage (1000 to 1080). His biggest weakness is his attack damage delay. He still has it, because it’s what makes him unique, but now he should cause more damage when hits someone.
  • Carl:
    • Increased Super damage (420 to 500). Carl needs some love because their pickrates aren’t great. His super should now be deadlier but still requires the player to know when to use it.
  • Gale:
    • Increased Super damage (240 to 420). Gale is really map-dependent and is most useful due to his Gadgets and Super, but still underpicked if compared to all other Brawlers. This isn’t a massive buff but should encourage more players to pick him.
  • Lola:
    • Lola’s clone now if used next to herself, will only do 50% of the damage. Her super when used on herself was just too easy to do for the benefit it gives. Now to make the most of her super, it requires some skill.
  • Tara:
    • Gadget - Support from Beyond - reduced shadow hp to 800 (from 1000). Support from Beyond was being used a lot more than her other Gadget. This shouldn’t make such a difference in most of the interactions but would help Brawlers who struggle to eliminate all of them. Bea will still struggle though (we are sorry for that, Bea).
  • Sandy:
    • Reduced Super charge rate (6 to 7 hits). Sandy’s Super is incredibly powerful and quite easy to charge and chain. This should make him less of an obvious pick in maps with lots of walls.


  • Grom Challenge!
    • Beat it to win Grom
    • 9 Wins in total
    • Rebuys cost 1 gem only
  • Year of the Tiger Challenge
    • Beat it to win an exclusive Pin
    • 9 wins
    • Retries for Gems
  • LAML - Latin America Master League Challenge
    • Beat it to win a Megabox!
    • 12 wins
    • Also the last time we’ll be having the LAML skins in the shop!


  • The Tiger Pit Arena! A retro fighting game environment

Game modes

  • Duels, the new 1v1 mode
    • Choose 3 distinct brawlers before the match
    • Each Brawler equals an extra chance
    • Eliminate all 3 Brawlers from your opponent to win the match
  • Friendly and API matches
    • You can now enable the Power League format in Friendly/API matches

Brawl Pass[]

  • Brawl Pass Seasons no longer last 10-weeks but will start on the first Monday of every other month
  • Brawl Pass Season 10 will be the "transition" Season, it starts January 17 (2022) and it will last 7-weeks!
  • Daily Quests now grant 200 Tokens (up from 100)
  • 4 Medium Quests (250 Tokens) were changed to Hard Quests (500 Tokens)
  • 6 Medium Brawl Pass Quests were changed to Hard Quests


  • Golden Tickets in Club League now costs 1 Gem or 1 Star Point. This is a momentary change as we are still working towards making it free (in an upcoming update towards Feb/Mar)
  • Added a welcome message when joining a Club
  • Various improvements to Club League screens
  • Removed FB login

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed support for 120 FPS on newer iPhones
  • Fixed gear effects for Squeak and Meg
  • Fixed Jacky doing 1 damage at the very edge of her attack
  • Fixed Speed Gear counteracting with Carl's Super
  • Fixed Squeak interaction with damage gear and AoE on his basic attack
  • Fixed Crow doing T-pose after attacking

Maintenance 30/11/21[]

  • Fixed being able to get more than 4 golden tickets in some cases.
  • True gold/silver skins now show up at level 9 and above.
  • Fixed edge cases of Club League participation where the player would leave and rejoin clubs during event days.
  • Optimized Club League season-end flow to avoid edge cases with empty screens.
  • Fixed Club League screen not being accessible after the season end.

Maintenance 25/11/21[]

  • Fixed Club League Skin shop prices
  • Fixed some issues with the Club Ranking being incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed an issue where more than the limit of golden tickets could be purchased during a season

Optional Update 25/11

  • Fixed friendly selection when Club League or Map Maker are selected as the active game mode.
  • Changed brawler UI layout when Star Powers, Gadgets, and Gears have been unlocked for a brawler.
  • Fixed Club League icon in Player profile.
  • Fixed Gear tutorial animation.
  • Fixed a crash issue on lower iOS versions.
  • Fixed hitbox of rightmost game mode banner.
  • Fixed Nita sound effects.
  • Fixed a few texts.

Maintenance 23/11/21[]

  • Fixed issues with Club invites
  • In the first weeks of Club League it will be easier for Clubs to get promoted until Clubs are properly distributed over the ranks - once we’ve achieved this, we will slowly adjust Clubs progression in Club League.

Maintenance 22/11/21[]

  • Fixed Club League starting time.
  • Various fixes for Club League invitations, handling, and UX.

17/11/21: Club League and Gears[]

Power Levels
  • Now Brawlers can be upgraded up to level 11!
  • From now on, every level will require Coins and Power Points. This means that getting a Star Power at level 9 won’t upgrade your Brawler to level 10 anymore. These are the resources needed to unlock levels 9, 10, and 11:
    • Level 9: 550 Power Points and 1250 Coins → Star Power slot unlocked.
    • Level 10: 890 Power Points and 1875 Coins → First Gear slot unlocked.
    • Level 11: 1440 Power Points and 2800 Coins → Second Gear slot unlocked.


  • Gears are new items unlocked at levels 10 & 11 that add more progression and a new layer of strategy to the game.
  • There are 5 different types of gears and each of them gives a different passive ability to the Brawler is bound to. Gears get crafted in the Brawler screen and using two new currencies: Gear tokens and Scrap. Both drop from Brawl Boxes and can be acquired in the shops.
  • Gears can also be upgraded up to level 3. Upgrades increase their effectiveness for each level:
    • Speed Gear: Gain 15/20/25% speed when moving in bushes
    • Heal Gear: Heal 100/150/200 when standing still
    • Damage Gear: Deal 10/15/20% extra damage when you are below 50% health
    • Resistance Gear: Reduce by 25/30/35% the efficiency and duration of slow and stun effects
    • Shield Gear: Gain a 300/450/600 HP shield. Shield regenerates a 5% every 0,5 seconds when at full health
  • They can’t be transferred between Brawlers, so once a Gear is crafted, it is bound to the Brawler you picked.
  • You can still change Gears before a match just like Star Powers and Gadgets.


  • Clubs are now unlocked when reaching 900 trophies.
  • New onboarding flow to help you find a club
  • Club size is 30 members now

Club League[]

  • Club League is a new weekly competition for clubs!
  • Every week your club is matched up against 7 other clubs which compete on 3 days. On each of these days, members receive 4 Tickets which are used to play matches and get Club Trophies, which later on will be converted into rewards!
  • Seasons:
    • The season lasts 1 week
    • Competing days are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
    • Each member gets 4 Tickets that will reset at the end of the competing day
    • Golden Tickets: 4 additional Tickets can be acquired per member in order to play additional matches.
    • Golden Tickets can be purchased using Star Point or Gems
    • Game modes and matchmaking
    • Matchmaking happens based on the Club region
    • As a member of a Club, you can choose to play a Standard match (Best of 1) or a Competitive match (Best of 3 - same format as in Power League)

To play a Standard match you need 1 ticket. To play a Competitive match, 2 tickets.

    • Standard matches have one game mode and map available per day
    • Competitive matches share the same map pool as Power League

Club Trophies

  • Members of a club get Club Trophies when playing a match. Playing with clubmates gives slightly more Club Trophies, and the number also depends on the type of match played. Club Trophies for Standard matches:

Club trophies for Competitive matches:

Club Points

  • At the end of each competing day, the 8 Clubs in the League are ranked based on the total amount of Club Trophies earned by all the members of each Club. All Clubs get Club Points depending on their position in the Rank:
    • Rank 1- 100 Club Points
    • Rank 2 - 80 Club Points
    • Rank 3 - 70 Club Points
    • Rank 4 - 50 Club Points
    • Rank 5 - 40 Club Points
    • Rank 6 - 30 Club Points
    • Rank 7 - 20 Club Points
    • Rank 8 - 10 Club Points

Club Trophies are reset at the end of the competing day.

Season end & Club Ranks

The weekly Season ends every Monday, when all clubs in the League are ranked based on their total amount of Club Points earned throughout the 3 competing days. This ranking determines if a Club gets promoted or demoted as well as the number of rewards! Club Ranks are the same as in Power League, with all clubs starting at Bronze I at the launch of the feature.

Club Coins & Club Shop

Each member gets Club Coins at the end of the weekly Season based on:

The division their Club played in

The Weekly Rank

The personal level of activity

Club Coins can be used in the Club Shop to get:

Exclusive Skins

  • Wild card Power Points (to use on any Brawler)
  • Coins
  • Gear Tokens
  • Scrap

Skins & Pins[]

Club Shop skins:

Animated Pins

  • Brawlidays pin

Balance Changes[]

  • Lola: Reduced main attack damage from 280 → 260. Reduced base hp from 4000 → 3800
    • Lola proved to be a bit too strong as she was able to trade favourably with a plethora of Brawlers. While she is countered pretty well by especially throwers, she's still a bit too versatile on most maps. Tuning down her numbers a little will allow more Brawlers to go toe to toe with her.


  • Added haptic feedback (and the option to turn them off) on dealing damage
  • Minor changes to Nita VFX
  • Minor changes to Jessie’s portrait

Bug Fixes

  • Added a cap to Legendary Brawler drop chance (set now to 0.2544%)
  • Added Lola reload SFX
  • Fixed True Gold El Primo main attack SFX

Maintenance 03/11/21[]

  • Fixed Max Supercharge not working in special game modes
  • Fixed not being able to try old Brawl-o-ween skins in the shop
  • Fixed Count Pengula animation in the shop
  • Fixed Count Pengula main attack SFX
  • Fixed Meg's face in-game

Optional Update 03/11 (Available soon)

  • Added Jessie's new portrait
  • Fixed Rico, Poco, and Mr.p Spawners having broken projectiles
  • Fixed being able to preview Lola in the Brawlers' screen
  • Fixed invisibility clock spinning fast during loading in the Brawl-o-ween event
  • Fixed Brawlywood map preview missing a tile
  • Fixed a missing texture in Castle Courtyard environment

27/10/21: Brawl-O-Ween & Brawlywood[]

New Chromatic Brawler - Lola

Lola is a Brawlywood starr. She's extremely obsessed with herself and loves offering tour guides; any excuse is good enough to talk about her career! She has a fake fox scarf with diamond eyes and shoots sparkly stars that shine as much as her!

  • Chromatic Brawler
  • Main Attack - Diamond eyes
    • Lola fires a barrage of stars from her fake fox scarf in a narrow arc
  • Super Ability - Megalomaniac
    • Lola creates a clone of herself that mimics her attacks and movement (If Lola uses the Super again, it’ll replace her current duplicate)
  • Gadget - Freeze Frame
    • Lola's duplicate becomes immobile but gains a 75% shield for 4 seconds
  • Star Power - Improvisation
    • When Lola has only one ammo, her damage is increased by 30%
  • Star Power - Sealed with a Kiss
    • The projectiles of Lola's duplicate version heal 100 Health Points of a teammate (100 on each hit)

New Skins & Visual Improvements

New Skins

  • Rebel Lola (Brawl Pass Tier 70)
  • B-800 Bull (Brawl Pass Tier 1)
  • Director Buzz (Unlocked at 60 Power League Round wins - 25.000 Star Points)
  • Cat Burglar Jessie (Can be unlocked during the World Finals for free - more information coming in November before the Finals)
  • Captain Crow (79 Gems)
  • Squeakbuster Gale (149 Gems)
  • Kong Surge (79 Gems)
  • Headless Rider Stu (149 Gems)
  • Swamp Gene (79 Gems)
  • Count Pengula (79 Gems)
  • Ghost Squeak (49 Gems)
  • True Silver/Gold for Bibi, Carl, Amber, Colette and Dynamike.


  • Jessie (including True Silver and True Gold Jessie, other skins coming soon!)

New and Animated Pins

Seasonal Events

  • Brawl-o-Ween!

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes / Challenges

  • Brawl-o-Ween modifier: Peek-a-Boo!
    • Brawlers turn invisible (Like Leon) every 7 seconds, for 7 seconds


  • Brawl-o-Ween
    • 9 wins, 4 lives (you can buy extra lives but for the normal price) - Exclusive Pin as a reward
  • Singles Day
    • 11 wins, 4 lives (and you can buy extra lives for 1 Gem!) - Exclusive Pin as a reward

Map Changes Added:

  • Brawlywood map environment
  • Mortis’ Mortuary and Brawlywood map environment Brawl-o-Ween decorations


  • Bazaar environment

Power league

Balance Changes

  • Ash
    • First Bash now increases rage gained from the attack by 200% (previously it was 100%)
    • Reduced rage gained from taking damage. Full rage now requires 125% of max HP taken (previously it was 75%)
Ash has been in a pretty decent place overall, however, the reward from hitting enemies versus taking damage has been a bit off. Mad as Heck has also been outperforming First Bash significantly, so giving it a buff while tuning down overall rage gain from damage means the trash knight has to hit more attacks to get really angry.
  • Frank
    • Irresistible Attraction now doubles the damage of the attack along with pulling enemies in
    • Active Noise-Canceling now gives immunity to El Primo Suplex Supplement gadget
Noise-canceling is a great gadget, except against El Primo’s Suplex. We fixed that for consistency, resulting in a small buff. El Primo didn’t like this change.
Irresistible Attraction has been the less popular choice across the board. We hope giving it some burst to go along with the pull will make this a viable option.
  • Griff
    • Business resilience - Increased heal to 10% of missing health (up from 7%)
Griff’s Business Resilience has largely been out of business (hehe) in comparison to Keep the Change. Good Griff players should now be able to constantly pressure their opponents better thanks to an increased amount of healing which was the original intention.
  • Meg
    • Meg now gets 33% amount of ammo when her mech is destroyed (up from 0)
Giving Meg a little bit of ammo when her mech is destroyed allows her to fight back and finish off low health opponents and will make the transition feel significantly better.
  • Jacky
    • Increased base hp to 5000 (was 4600)
    • Increased Super charge rate to charge in 4 hits (was 5)
    • Removed Shield from Super activation
Jacky is in a good place after the most recent round of changes. We wanted to remove a remnant of her old super in the shield and compensate by giving her back her previous health. Her super also now charges in 4 hits as it did before the nerf for consistency.
  • Mortis
    • Reduced Creepy Harvest heal by 400 (1800->1400)
Mortis rework was overall a massive success and provided playability on all ranges without the need for a Star Power. As a result, though, his creepy harvest has been a bit too... creepy, so we toned it down in the hope that the reworked Coiled Snake could become more of an attractive choice.
  • Brock
    • Reduced main attack projectile speed by 11%
After letting the dust settle, it's clear that Brock's new more explosive rockets are very effective. Tuning down the projectile speed a little should allow for more opportunities to avoid the splash, and also rewards better aiming for seasoned Brock players.
  • Leon
    • Lollipop Drop - Health now decays over a 20-second duration
Leon has risen in popularity largely due to his lollipop providing massive utility. While it can be countered decently by throwers, it had the same issue as Bo’s Totem which in certain matches and comps, was providing too much value.
Giving it decaying health (exactly like the current Bo’s Totem) means Leon players have to be more careful of when and where to use it.


  • Now it’s possible to see during the match if a player owns a Gadget. It’s visible under the Brawler, on the same circle the Star Power is shown
  • Club capacity for Clubs created in this update is reduced from 100 to 30 members. Clubs that currently have more than 30 members won’t be resized in this update, but in the one in November
  • A new way to watch the World Finals and win rewards > More information in November!

Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent Mortis from passing walls in rare cases when the bushes are destroyed next to walls
  • Fixed Buzz Super getting stuck in a loop
  • Fixed Meg being able to reuse a teleport after changing forms
  • Fixed Sprout Super being able to remove spike tiles
  • Fixed Squeak Star Power not activating if Squeak was defeated before it was triggered
  • Fixed a rare case where speed up buff visual effect could stay on for too long

Maintenance 06/10/21[]

  • Fixed anti-aliasing on iOS 15
  • Fixed Meg's face when in her Mecha
  • Fixed Star Power/Gadget selection in Power League/Friendly Games
  • Fixed the minecart animation in Minecart Madness
  • Fixed some overflow issues on smaller iPads
  • Fixed some Localization issues
  • Fixed 8-bit Super not giving consistent damage boost between skins
  • Fixed some Bo skins having increased attack radius

Maintenance and Balance Changes: 30/09/21[]

Balance Changes[]

  • Jacky
    • Health Points decreased from 5000 to 4600.
    • Damaged decreased from 1280 to 1160.
    • Hardy Hat: Reduced damaged has been increased from 10 to 15%.
  • Meg
    • Super is lost if Meg is defeated while activating it
    • Ammo reduced to 0 after the Mecha is destroyed
    • Health points start regenerating slower after exiting the Mecha

Bug Fixes and Other[]

  • Fixes on the Skin selector
  • Fix for map names being flipped
  • Added creator credit to new maps
  • Fixed a bug where every Brawler was invisible

28/09/21 Update[]

New Legendary Brawler - Meg[]

Meg is the third member of Max’s and Surge’s trio and she’s a smart vending machine repair girl who wants to be a hero like Max and Surge, and although they think she’s not ready to fight yet, Meg always joins the battle anyway!
  • Main Attack (Normal form) - Clean Up
    • Weak (but courageous!) medium-range shot
  • Super Ability (Normal form) - Mega Machina
    • Call for her Mecha armor!
    • When in Mecha form Meg gets two different attacks and a lot more Health Points! But her Health Points decay over time.
    • Once her Mecha HP reaches 0, she goes back to her normal form.
  • Main Attack (Mecha form) - Crowd Control
    • A strong barrage of bullets (8 projectiles, 4 from each cannon)
  • Super Ability (Mecha form) - Feel the Steel
    • Her Super button then becomes a secondary attack! It’s a melee swipe causing lots of damage in a wide arc.
    • This attack charges automatically and doesn't get charged with normal attacks.
  • Gadget - Jolting Volts
    • Heal mecha by 450 health per second for 5 seconds
  • Star Power - Force Field
    • Her normal form gets a 35% shield for 30 seconds after a mecha suit is destroyed.
  • Star Power - Self Destruction
    • Upon expiring, the mecha suit explodes dealing 1000 damage to nearby opponents and pushing them away.

New Skins & Visual Improvements[]

New Skins
Animated Pins
  • Brawl-o-ween Rosa
  • Brawlydays Pins
  • Dark Lord Spike - Unlocked for the Skin owners
  • Lunar New Year Pins
  • Meg Pins are also animated!

Game Modes[]

  • Added more animating banners for Showdown, Brawl Ball and Bounty!
  • Showdown+
    • Defeating a Brawler now gives +2 trophies, and if you get defeated you lose 2

Skin Selector Improvements[]

  • An easier way to select your skin!
  • Also adding an option to randomize your skin every match (among the ones you already have)

Seasonal Events[]

  • Return to Retropolis
    • Acquire all Retropolis skins and receive an exclusive pin for each Brawler!
    • Retropolis Skins are now seasonal
  • Return to Retropolis
    • 2 maps per stage
    • 5 stages
    • Re-buys enabled
    • V8-Bit is the final reward
    • All maps have the Retropolis environment theme


  • Pins can now be used in club chat!
Friends Screen/Menu
  • Invite window now shows the game mode you currently have selected
  • There are now two status changes, you can now signal to your friends that you are looking for a team or that you are a team looking for a player

Brawler Balance[]

  • Brock:
    • Increased main attack explosion radius by 50%. In an effort to provide each long-range damage dealer with their own niche, Brock's abilities now focus more on his ability to deal area and splash damage. The nerfs to his main attack range and damage are meant to off-set his new area damage potential
  • Jacky:
    • Removed delay on super activation.
    • Jacky can move and attack earlier after activating her super Jacky's Super "Holey Moley!" was too weak and never really fulfilled its intended role, mainly due to the involved delay timers. Removing the delay and allowing Jacky to be more mobile should allow her to become more of a threat when she activates her Super
  • Brock:
    • Reduced main attack damage from 1220 to 1160. Rocket Fuel - Removed the bonus damage from the Gadget. Main attack - Range decreased(30->27) to offset for explosion increase
  • Belle
    • Reduced Main attack damage from 1100 to 1040
    • Reduced Main attack bounce damage from 550 to 520 Despite the previous nerfs, Belle still dominated in several game modes and maps. Reducing her damage from the main attack (and indirectly bounce damage) should bring her more in line with other long-range damage dealers and less of a must-pick
  • Carl: Heat Ejector fire now follows the next main attack rather than Carl himself.
    • Carl's Gadget "Heat Ejector" was only useful when fleeing from an engagement or in conjunction with his Super. This change will give the Gadget more versatility, allow for more interesting plays and give him more area control capabilities which is in line with the rest of his kit

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where wizard Byron animations were breaking when airborne.
  • Fixed an issue where Edgar Fisticuffs Star Power increased the timer of the movement speed boost after jumping.
  • Fixed an issue where Spike's Gadget would not get launched by jump pads.
  • Fixed an issue where Lunar Piper skin would cause minor screen shake when she starts moving.

Bug Fix 27/08/21[]

Optional Update (Could take some hours to be available on Google Play. For iOS users it could take some days still).
Here are the fixes:
  • Added trophy thresholds for club player filtering up until 35000.
  • Fixed trophies and Power League rank persisting for offline players in team-up view.
  • Fixed Ninja Ash’s Kimono.
  • Fixed redundant green "!" visible for level 9+ Brawlers in Brawler selection.
  • Fixed weird behavior while spectating someone.
  • Fixed the Championships thumbs down Pin to be consistent with all the other pins.
  • Removed redundant Chromatic Brawler localization.
  • Prevent Showdown+ losses to show minus trophies if you have 0 trophies and get defeated (visual fix).
  • Fixed online teams menu being slightly stretched.
  • Fixed a few Animated Pin bugs (Buzz and Penny).
  • Fixed certain special character name displays on Android.
  • Fixed refreshing of player profile pictures in chat.
  • Fixed some FPS issues on Android devices.
  • Fixed Tara and Iris Tara eyelids being flipped.
Also aiming for maintenance next week! Here are the fixes coming with the maintenance.
  • Fixed Brawl Ball exploding and scoring when touching spikes (the tiles, not the Brawler)
  • Fixed Brawlers not being able to jump over spikes

Once Upon a Brawl Update (Season 8): 25/08/21[]

New Chromatic Brawler - Ash[]

  • Ash is a grumpy cleaner at the Castle Courtyard and due to the amount of garbage and rats he finds out there, he needs to protect himself with an improvised armor which is an actual trash bin!
  • Main Attack
    • Clean-Up: Ash angrily smashes down with his broom creating a shockwave that can hit multiple targets
  • Super Ability
    • Little Helpers: Robotic R.A.T.S. come to help Ash! They follow the nearest enemy and explode on contact!
  • Gadget
    • Chill Pill: Ash uses his Rage and heals proportionally to the amount of rage accumulated
  • Star Power #1
    • First Bash: When attacking with full ammo, increases the rage gain by 100% for that attack
  • Star Power #2
    • Mad as Heck - Rage now increases reload speed, up to 30%
  • Passive - Rage
    • Ash has a Rage Bar that can get charged when he hits a Brawler or receives damage. The higher his Rage is the faster and stronger he gets. It depletes over time.

New Skins & Visual Improvements[]

  • Wizard Byron - Power League Skin - Unlockable at 30 Power League wins - 25.000 Star Points
  • Princess Shelly - Brawl Pass tier 1
  • Ninja Ash - Brawl Pass tier 70
  • Unicorn Knight Barley - 79 Gems
  • Ruby Prince Sprout - 79 Gems
  • Emerald Prince Sprout - 79 Gems
  • El Dragón Verdoso - 149 Gems
  • El Dragón Rosado - 149 Gems
  • Evil Queen Pam - 299 Gems
  • Lunar Piper - 149 Gems
  • Handsome Colt - 49 Gems
  • True Gold/Silver Bo, Gale, Nani, Bea, Sandy
VFX reworks
  • Animated Pins
  • New Pins
    • Brawl Esports 2021
    • Exclusive Pins for El Dragón and Prince Sprout skins (once you buy one of the skins, you get a pin offer for free in the Shop)

Seasonal Events[]

Brawl Pass Season 8 - Once Upon a Brawl
  • Loading Screen
  • Main Menu Background
  • Main Menu Music
  • New Environment - Castle Courtyard
  • Lunar event
    • Main menu Background

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

General changes
  • Added Showdown+
    • Normal Solo Showdown but defeating a Brawler gives you +1 Trophy for each Brawler. Being defeated gives you -1 Trophy.
    • Showdown+ is available on its own game slot and follows the same maps as normal Showdown.
  • Added animated banners for certain game modes
Power League

UI/Menu changes[]

  • Friends List
    • Show highest PL rank in friends list
  • Chat
    • Improved chat UI and UX
    • Added tabs, team code, and simplified predefined message sending.
  • Team Up
    • Improved UI and UX for discovering, inviting, and accepting invites to teams.
  • Shop
    • Added 3 more skins to archive: Hot Rod Brock, Mascot Darryl, and Viking Bull

Brawler Balance[]

  • Balance changes can be a very tricky topic, as it involves numerous variables and multiple ways to tackle it. Even inside our team there are different opinions and discussions around balance changes. That’s why, from this update and on, we’ll be sharing the rationale we follow to come up with these new values and changes. First of all, we would like to explain what we mainly consider when balancing Brawl Stars:
  • Use rate - Most of the players play to win, so outliers usually tell us if a Brawler is too strong (used a lot) or too weak (not used that much).
  • First pick rate (in Power League) - Similar to the item above, the stronger the Brawler, the higher their chances to be the first Pick (of course maps and game modes are taken into account here as well).
  • Ban Rate - More importantly than pick rate, a high Ban Rate means that the Brawler is either annoying to play against (hey, Tick) or really strong.
  • Gadgets and Star Powers use rate - ideally, we try to keep the use rate of different Gadgets or Star Powers at 50%, so if a Gadget or Star Power is used 90% of the time, it also indicates a possible problem with the Brawler balance.
  • Above 750 Trophies - For us, looking at the meta below this trophy range is a bit chaotic, since there are a large number of casual players involved. While Shelly can be a deadly Brawler to someone new, it’s a very rare pick for the pros (in this current meta), so looking above that trophy threshold tends to provide us more reliable data. This being said, we won’t ignore if a Brawler wreaks havoc in lower trophy ranges.
  • The current meta and the competitive scene - The Pro players are better than us at playing the game, so we can learn a lot by seeing them play. If the pick rate of a certain Brawler is high in competitive play, it’s a very reliable indication that the Brawler needs to be changed. We always aim for a versatile and diverse Meta.
  • Content Creators and Pro Players suggestions - After we have the first draft of the balance changes, we always share with a group of people who share their thoughts and feedback about it. Usually we are pretty much on the same page, but we always try to adjust whenever there is feedback.
  • Community Feedback: We also look at trends in the community. Usually the strongest and weakest Brawlers are always “trending” around Brawl discussions. So please, share your thoughts if you have some!
  • Game Modes & Maps: We do not aim to make Brawlers viable everywhere and we ultimately believe that it’s part of the game to figure out which Brawler works the best in a specific Game Mode or Map. Since Maps change regularly, typically the meta can also change and evolve even if we don’t make significant changes to Brawlers. The map pool for Power League takes the diversity of Brawler choices into consideration and develops over time.
  • Belle: Star Power: “Positive Feedback“ Shield 25 → 20%. (-20.00%)
    • Belle is one of the best long-range Brawlers in the game, and a big part of this is her durability thanks to her shield from the “Positive Feedback” Star Power. Tuning down the shield a little will allow better trades with Belle, and makes her more vulnerable once you do get up close.
  • Byron/Bibi: Heal over time gadgets can now be used at full health.
    • Using a heal over time gadget at full health is a valid use case, and it made no sense to block it.
  • Bo: Increased main attack base damage 560 → 600. (+7.14%)
    • Following a necessary nerf to his Gadget (“Super Totem”) Bo saw an unsurprising reduction in playtime. To move away from centering his viability around Gadgets or Star Powers we’ve decided to give him a small buff in damage output for his main attack “Eagle-Eyed”, rewarding players who master his shot pattern.
  • Brock: Increased main attack base damage 1,180 → 1,300. (+10.16%)
    • Brock has been one of the weaker long-range Brawlers for a while due to his lower projectile speed and hard to hit attacks. Making his main attack more deadly will reward players who have mastered his rockets.
  • Darryl: Base Health 5,000 → 5,300. (+6.00%)
    • Darryl heavily relies on his mobility and his Star Power “Steel Hoops” for survivability and currently is one of the weakest heavyweights in the game. By increasing his health pool he will be somewhat more menacing and forces enemies to spend more time dealing with him when he rolls towards them.
  • Edgar: Self-heal 25% → 35%. (+40.00%)
    • While it was our goal to make Edgar more fragile when played recklessly and prone to being taken down by concentrated bursts of damage, we likely went too far. Increasing his self-heal from successful attacks should make him a lot more viable now when he is using “Vault” to attack weakened targets or Brawlers without burst.
  • El Primo: The main attack now takes El Primo 16 hits to charge his Super. Previously it required 9 hits.
    • After Tanks received the passive Trait to charge Supers from receiving damage, El Primo became the best and most played Tank option due to his ability to chain Super attacks. Given the fact that the change made him somewhat too oppressive, we’ve decided to address this by making it harder to chain Supers. El Primo players will now have to be more considerate when and how to engage and chaining Super attacks will become significantly more difficult.
  • Gene: Reduce main attack base damage 1,080 → 960. (-11.00%) Gadget: “Lamp Blowout” now only heals when a Brawler is hit with the knockback. Gadget: “Homing Missiles” Damage 800 → 1,000 (+25.00%).
    • Gene is widely used at higher Trophy Ranges, in Power League and in Esports. Reducing his burst potential should allow for more retaliation from most Brawlers and will require better coordination with other players in the team to deal with several other Brawlers. His Gadget “Lamp Blowout” will require players to be more considerate when using it and the homing missiles from “Vengeful Spirits” got a meaningful buff to make the Gadget a stronger alternative.
  • Mortis: Star Power: “Coiled Snake” is now a passive ability for Mortis, but charges slower (one extra second to charge) than the previous Star Power. The “Coiled Snake” Star Power was reworked - it reduces the time it takes for “Coiled Snake” to activate by 1.5 seconds (0.5 seconds faster than before).
    • Unfortunately “Coiled Snake” was the obvious choice for most Mortis players and it felt like an integral part of making him viable. This change will allow Mortis to be played more effectively in lower Power levels while the small buff provided by the new “Coiled Snake” will indirectly make up for the nerf due to the ammo change on respawn.
  • Nani: Gadget: “Return to Sender” now has a duration of 5 seconds.
    • “Return to Sender” was too easy to use and was hard to counter. Limiting the duration to 5 seconds will force players to use it more reactively and situational. Given the right circumstances this gives skilled Nani players still the potential for impressive plays while providing opponents to avoid the damage if played pro-actively.
  • Penny: Base Health 3,200 → 3,400. (+6.25%)
    • Penny relies heavily on “Old Lobber” for area denial and overall effectiveness. We’ve increased her health pool a bit to provide more passive survivability and consequently allow her to be played more aggressively which means that she can bring her cannon into play earlier.
  • Poco: Star Power: “Screeching Solo” damage 800 → 1,000. (+25.00%) Protective Tunes Immunity 1 second → 2 seconds. (+100.00%)
    • The previous Super charge rate buff for Poco made him annoying to deal with. We are now focusing on his lesser used Star Power and Gadget to create viable alternatives without over-tuning his kit and making him too much of a nuisance.
  • Rico: Gadget: “Bouncy Castle” heal reduced from 300 → 250. (-16.6%)
    • “Bouncy Castle” improved Rico’s sustain a bit too much, essentially securing a full heal for each use even when used without much thought. Tuning it down slightly will mean more counterplay for his opponents while still allowing him to heal up when used in the right circumstances.
  • Sandy: Gadget: “Sweet dreams” incapacitate duration reduced 1.5 seconds → 1 second. (-33.00%)
    • The utility provided by “Sweet Dreams” was too high, allowing Sandy to counter even his natural counters. Reducing the duration will still allow it to be a solid option, but no longer a must-pick.
  • Shelly: Gadget: “Clay Pigeons” reworked - Now has a duration of 5 seconds.
    • “Clay Pigeons” was rarely used by players. Giving it a duration will reward players with solid aiming and at the same time provides Shelly with an opportunity to engage opponents in longer range combat - either to finish off low hitpoint Brawlers after engagements or to charge her Super faster than expected.
  • Squeak: Increased main attack projectile speed by 25%. Removed the “Big Blob” explosion delay. If Squeak hits the same target while another “Sticky Bomb” is stuck to the target, it explodes the previous bomb.
    • Squeak had multiple problems which we tried to address with this change. He should now be able to hit targets more reliably and rewards players with moderate burst if they land their shots. The reduced delay for his “Big Blob” provides him more area denial and forces faster reaction from enemies.
  • Stu: Gadget: “Breakthrough” now requires a charged Super to activate and the damage per piece of debris was reduced from 500 → 200. (-60.00%) Star Power: “Gaso-Heal” Heal reduced from 500 → 400. (-20.00%)
    • Stu has been one of the strongest and most versatile Brawlers for a while. His sustain and ability to win most matchups is unparalleled. His Gadget provided him additional Utility and made him much harder to deal with. Reducing the effectiveness of his “Breakthrough” Gadget and the sustain from “Gaso-Heal” should keep him better in check going forward, while not impacting players with lower Power levels.
  • Heist safe health increased by 25%
  • Changed tank’s Super charge trait to be based on a Brawler’s max Health so it equalizes the effectiveness of it at all Power levels
  • Added trophy thresholds for club player filtering up until 35,000 (This might be only available in an optional update after the update gets released)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Frank’s noise-canceling gadget could cause him to stay airborne after being knocked up by gales twister gadget
  • Fixed an issue where Stu’s wall break gadget could persist after dashing into a Gale’s twister
  • Fixed an issue where Stu wall break gadget could persist after use if used into a teleporter
  • Fixed an issue where the Super charging gadgets would not reset after a ball was kicked
  • Fixed an issue where Gale’s tornado gadget could make AI pathing break
  • Fixed symmetry on Canal Grande

Maintenance 15/07/21[]

  • Fixed local server malfunction
  • Fixed other issues related to modified clients

Optional Update and Maintenance 02/07/21[]

Optional Update - Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a LATAM Masters skin logo was wrong
  • Fixed an issue where loading assets might crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where skin selection might sometimes highlight multiple dots

(Changes after the Maintenance)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue where progress could be lost due to data saving

Other stuff

  • Set Basket Brawl score limit to 5 (was 10)

Maintenance 28/06/21[]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the checkmark area and the actual return area hitboxes were not consistent in Volley Brawl
  • Fixed an issue where Rosa's Grow Light Gadget was hiding the hoop in Basket Brawl
  • Fixed an issue where the "Try" button did not work for coming brawlers


  • Changed one Showdown Map in rotation because it was causing some server issues
  • Other usability fixes in the game

Maintenance 17/06/21[]

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue which caused legendary odds to be displayed in Brawl Box info despite not having any legendary drops available
  • Fixed an issue that allowed bots to use Buzz in Friendly Room battles
  • Fixed an issue which allowed claiming Wild Card Power Points for unowned Brawlers
  • Fixed an issue with the new Map Maker slowing tiles that sometimes caused the Brawlers to gain a lot of speed or terminate the match with server error 43
  • Fixed an issue which caused Jacky's Counter Crush to constantly trigger from the Graveyard Shift modifier passive damage effect
  • Fixed an issue which allowed Carl to have two Pickaxes active at the same time
Game play & balance
  • Spawn protection
    • Brawler ammo after respawning increased from 0% to 33%
  • Bull, El Primo, Frank and Jacky
    • Decreased Super charging from damage received from 30% to 20%
  • Byron: Increased Super charge rate from main attack from 10 hits to 9 hits. This was an unintended nerf with the previous balance changes for him.

16/06/21: Jurassic Splash Update (Season 7)[]

New Chromatic Brawler - Buzz[]

  • Buzz is the life-guard of the Velocirapids Water Ride and the Chromatic Brawler of the season! He’s not very good at his job due to his size and his short arms, but he takes it very seriously and he loves to enforce rules and tell people what to do or… rather what NOT to do.
  • Chromatic Brawler for the Jurassic Splash season
  • Main Attack - Buzz Off
    • A series of short-range attacks that goes from left to right
  • Super Ability - Torpedo Throw
    • Buzz shoots his Torpedo Buoy and pulls himself to the target enemy or a wall. Buzz briefly stuns enemies in the area after arriving at the location. The stun length is based on the distance traveled. Buzz can charge his Super ability passively from nearby enemy Brawlers. The range is visualized as a dotted circle around Buzz.
  • Gadget - Reserve Buoy
    • Instantly charges the Super ability but removes the stun effect from the next Super activation.
  • Star Power - Tougher Torpedo
    • Minimum Super stun length is increased by 0.5 seconds.
  • Star Power - Eyes Sharp
    • Buzz's Super charging area is increased by 33%.
New Brawler - Griff
  • Griff is Colette's and Edgar's boss! He’s an Epic Brawler who is super greedy and not the most caring person, to be honest. He uses tips from Edgar’s and Colette’s tips jar to attack!
  • Main Attack - Coin Toss
    • Griff tosses 9 coins at the enemy and they spread out the further they go!
  • Super Ability - Cashback
    • Fires banknotes that return to Griff's location after a brief duration dealing damage when traveling both ways. Damage dealt is increased based on the distance from Griff. The projectiles are hindered by walls but can travel over walls on returning.
  • Gadget - Piggy Bank
    • A bomb that explodes after a delay destroying walls and dealing damage to enemies in the area.

Star Power - Keep The Change

    • Increases main attack fire rate by 35%.
  • Star Power - Business Resilience
    • Heals 7% of missing health every 2 seconds. Minimum of 10 health healed per activation.

New Skins & Visual Improvements[]

New Skins
  • Burger Lou
  • Surfer Carl - Brawl Pass Tier 1
  • Born Bad Buzz - Brawl Pass Tier 70
  • Coco Rosa
  • Summer Dino Leon
  • Beach time Mortis
  • Jet-ski Jacky - Power League exclusive skin
  • Whale Watch Nita - Supercell MAKE skin
  • Hermes Max
  • Mega Box Darryl - Free Skin celebrating 1 year of Brawl Stars released in China
  • True Gold/Silver Colt and Mr. P
  • Vicious Bibi
  • Wicked Stu
  • Trash Poco
  • Latin America Masters League
    • Multiple football Club skins

Boca Júniors Shelly, America Shelly, U de Chile Shelly, El Primo Universitario, El Primo Club Nacional, EL Primo Corinthians, Atl. Nacional Colt, Cerro Porteño Colt, River Plate Colt, Club America Colt, LDU Quito Mike, Flamengo Mike, Chivas Mike.

Each Brawler has been given a new Rare rarity Clap emote pin. These won't be animated in this update yet.
New animated Pins.

Seasonal Events[]

  • Brawl Pass Season 7: The Jurassic Splash
    • Loading Screen
    • Main Menu Background
    • Main Menu Music
  • "Bad Randoms" punk music event
    • Main Menu Background
    • Main Menu Music

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

General changes
Respawn changes
  • Brawlers now spawn without ammunition after being defeated
  • Respawn locations are now marked on the ground
  • Active map modifiers are now displayed during the battle intro
  • Gem Grab
    • Gems now spawn in a fixed order around the mine shaft
  • Knockout
    • Knockout has been added as a permanent game mode to the game
    • Knockout now has an advancing poison effect similar to Showdown to bring the match to a conclusion and the damage based tiebreaker has been removed
  • Showdown
    • Damage from Showdown poison is now calculated individually for each player from the moment their Brawler enters the poison instead of being applied to every Brawler inside the poison at the same time
  • Team Events slots
    • 2 Team Events slots now have a 2-hour rotation per map and won’t award Tokens anymore
    • Team Events slot #1: Heist, Hot Zone, Siege
    • Team Events slot #2: Bounty, Knockout
  • Weekend Events
    • Added a 50 token reward to the weekend event start
  • Challenges
    • Challenges during Brawl Pass Season 7
    • Griff Challenge - Beat the challenge to unlock Griff a week early!
    • ViciousBibi Skin Challenge - Beat the Challenge to win Vicious Bibi
    • LATAM Masters Challenge - Beat the Challenge to win a Mega Box
  • Power League
    • Power League Season 3
    • 2 Player Profile Icons rewards
    • Jet Ski Jacky skin reward - You must WIN 50 Power League matches to unlock it
  • Maps
    • Map rotation has been refreshed for multiple game modes
    • Some old fan-favorite maps have been added back to the rotation
  • New Limited Time Summer Modes
  • Map Maker
    • Added modifier options to player-made maps
    • Energy Drink
    • Angry Robo
    • Meteor Shower
    • Graveyard Shift
    • New Modifier: Fast Super (Super Charges much faster)
    • New Modifier: Fast Players (Everyone is faster the whole time)
  • New map elements
    • Damage dealing spikes
    • Healing tile
    • Speed up tile
    • Slow down tile
    • Gas cloud
  • Added map hashtag (#) to the map preview screen

New Gadgets[]

  • Rico: For the next basic attack, each time a projectile bounces, Rico will be healed for 300 health
  • Lou: All enemies in the super area gets an extra 50% snow cone mark
  • Pam: For Pam's next attack, each hit on enemy Brawlers removes 25% of their maximum ammo. Pam reclaims 50% of the stolen ammo to herself.
  • Edgar: Edgar gets a shield that blocks the next 2000 damage dealt with him. The shield gets weaker over time.
  • Sandy: Sandy's next attack makes the opponent fall asleep for 1.5 seconds. They will however wake up from any damage.
  • Leon: Leon drops his lollipop to create an invisibility area for him and his teammates
  • Spike: Spike creates a large cactus with 3500 health to give him and his allies cover. Upon destruction, it bursts and heals all allies around it for 1000 health.
  • Colonel Ruffs: Ruffs calls for air back up. It targets a large area at the closest enemy and deals 700 damage with each hit.
  • Gale: Gale uses his leaf blower to create a local tornado, which will push away any enemy that tries to pass it.
  • Stu: Stu's next Super can bash through walls, making pieces of the wall fly at the enemies on the other side. Each piece deals 500 damage to opponents.

Brawler Balance[]

  • 8-Bit: Super ability damage boost decreased from 50% to 35%. Boosted Booster now adds a 15% damage boost to the Super ability in addition to the increased range.
  • Belle: Main attack bounces are now limited to up to 3 bounces. Main attack bounces now charge Belle's Super ability. Super ability range increased by 6.7%.
  • Bo: Super Totem now gradually loses health overtime after being deployed until it's destroyed. Super Totem no longer loses Super charging effectiveness over time.
  • Colette: NA-AH Gadget has been reworked. It now adds an additional 1000 damage on top of Colette's basic attack damage instead of dealing damage based on the opponent's maximum health.
  • Nani: Manual Override damage decreased from 2000 to 1800. Autofocus max damage decreased from 2500 to 1600. Super Charge Rate from the main attack increased by 33% (Nani can charge up her super with 2 attacks if she hits all projectiles).
  • The following Brawlers now charge their Super from all damage received from enemy Brawlers or their summoned turrets and pets. They have this passive ability described in their Brawler profile now under “traits”.
  • Byron: Malaise enemy healing reduction effect increased from 50% to 75%.
  • Gale: Freezing Snow slow effect increased from 0.3 to 0.5 seconds
  • Penny: Main attack damage increased from 900 to 940.
  • Shelly: Clay Pigeons projectile speed increased by 20%.
  • Lou: Hypothermia enemy reload speed reduction effect increased from 50% to 75%.
  • Carl: Decreased main attack projectile speed slightly.
  • Jacky: Hardy Hard Hat damage reduction decreased from 15% to 10%.
  • Tick: Last Hurrah shield damage reduction decreased from 100% to 50% damage reduced while the shield is active.
  • Stu: Nitro Boost no longer knocks enemies back upon hit.
  • Max: Super Charged charging rate decreased by 50%. Main attack damage decreased from 320 to 300 per hit.
  • Added support for skin variations in the Brawler Menu
  • Bo & Crow Mecha skins
  • LATAM Masters skins
  • Mortis hat & no hat variations

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue in Brawl Ball where area damage abilities were not always dealing the damage when used near the edge of the map.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Belle from charging her Super from the main attack secondary bounces.
  • Fixed an issue with Squeak's main attack projectiles not being visible after they landed inside bushes.
  • Fixed an issue in Brawl Ball when certain Brawler attacks immediately kicked the Ball if they received it while firing.

19/05/21 Balance Changes[]

Brawler Balance

  • Belle: Attack range decreased by 6% (It’s now the same range as Piper, Brock, and Byron).
  • Barley: Attack Range decreased by 8%.
  • Jessie: Jessie’s Turret health decreased from 3200 to 3000.
  • Sandy: Sandy now requires 6 hits to charge his super (previously, he required 5 hits).
  • Poco: Poco now requires 5 hits to charge his super (previously, he required 4 hits).
  • 8-Bit: 8-Bit’s Plugged-in speed decreased by 20% (He now gets the same speed as “normal” speed Brawlers).
  • Shelly: Shelly’s Fast Forward dash length increased by 11% (It’s now the same length as Max). Shelly’s Shell Shock slow duration increased from 4 to 4.5 seconds. Shelly’s Band-aid healing increased from 1800 to 2000.
  • Carl: Projectile Speed increased by 15%.
  • Brock: Brock’s main attack has increased by 5%.
  • Dynamike: Speed Movement increased by 6.5% (It’s now the same as El Primo).

Maintenance 26/04/21[]

  • Implementing fixes for the issues with Community map slot events
  • Fixing incorrect sounds for Misfortune Tara, Saloon 8-BIT, and Superstar Stu

Map Maker

  • Starting from Friday, April 23rd, Duo Showdown, Siege, Hot Zone will be now available in the Candidates of the Day and Winner of the Day slots

Power League

  • Added disconnect penalty for matches
  • Player behavior is tracked through all rounds and penalties can be applied if the player gets disconnected too often during matches

Balance Change

  • Stu's health got nerfed from 3000 to 2800

Maintenance and Optional Update 09/04/21[]


Optional Update (They are going to be available later today for Android and iOS).

  • Fixed resolution issues on certain Android devices
  • Fixed a SCID related crash if the player had over 50 in-game friends
  • Fixed a crash that happened upon reconnecting to the game
  • Fixed a crash issue related to Power League Season-ending while playing in Team mode
  • Fixed graphical issues with Belle and Rosa
  • Fixed an issue where Barley’s aiming indicator was glitching during aiming
  • Fixed an issue in Knockout where Brawler lose animations were played at each Round end despite the outcome
  • Fixed an issue with the Replay time skip controls being obstructed on certain Android devices

Fixes made during maintenance:

  • Fixed an issue with Knockout matches lasting up to 13 minutes if the first two Rounds ended in a draw
  • Fixed an issue where Rank decay was happening for players outside the top 500 global range

07/04/21 Season 6 The Goldarm Gang[]

New Brawler - Belle

Belle is the Chromatic Brawler of this Brawl Pass season and she’s an outlaw and the leader of the Gold Arm Gang that terrorizes every town’s bank!

  • Main Attack: Shocker
    • A long-range electric shot that starts to bounce between enemy targets after it has connected to a target. The attack keeps bouncing back and forth among enemy Brawlers until they spread out!
  • Super Ability: Spotter
    • A long-range shot that marks a single target to receive more damage from all sources. Only one target can be marked at a time and it only goes away once the target is eliminated.
  • Gadget: Nest Egg
    • Belle drops a trap that explodes on contact and slows enemy targets within the explosion range.
  • Star Power: Positive Feedback
    • Whenever Belle's main attack hits an enemy, she gains a shield that reduces all damage taken by 25%, for 3 seconds.

New Mythic Brawler - Squeak

Squeak is part of the Ruff’s Star Force trio and he is an alien being that evolved from the cumulative drool on Ruffs’ Toys.

  • Main Attack: Sticky Blomb
    • A sticky blomb that attaches to enemies or surfaces upon contact and explodes after a short duration.
  • Super Ability: Big Blob
    • Squeak lobs a larger bomb that splits into 6 Sticky Blombs.
  • Gadget: Windup
    • Increases the next main attack range.
  • Star Power: Chain Reaction
    • Increases the damage of Sticky Blomb based on how many enemy Brawlers are inside the explosion radius.

New Skins & Visual Improvements[]

New Skins

  • Archvillain Bea | Supercell MAKE | 79 Gems
  • Neko Bea | 79 Gems
  • Gold Neko Bea | 149 Gems
  • Lantern Sandy | 149 Gems
  • Marshal Ruffs | 79 Gems
  • Belle Goldhand | Brawl Pass (Tier 70)
  • Gunslinger Colt | Brawl Pass (Tier 1)
  • Saloon 8-BIT | Power League | 25,000 Star Points
  • Quickdraw Edgar | 79 Gems
  • Misfortune Tara | 149 Gems
  • Amber de la Vega | 149 Gems
  • DIY Surge | 49 Gems
  • True Silver/Gold | 10,000/25,000 Coins

Animated Pins: Leon, Rosa, Penny, Emz, Carl, Bea, Jacky, Gene, Barley, and Mr. P.

Animated faces: Emz, Super Fan Emz, Barley, Maple Barley, Wizard Barley, Rosa, Brawloween Rosa, Darryl, Carl, Road Rage Carl, Leonard Carl, Captain Carl, Nani, Retro Nani, Sally Nani, Tara, Gene, Pirate Gene, Evil Gene.

Seasonal Events[]

  • Brawl Pass Season 6: The Goldarm Gang
  • Lantern Brawl
  • Golden Week
  • China Launch Anniversary + 1-Year Anniversary Challenge

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Takedown and Lone Star might return during this season!
  • New elimination-style game mode: Knockout
    • 3vs3 with no respawns. Defeated Brawlers stay out for the rest of each round.
    • The first team to win 2 rounds wins the match.
    • The team that eliminates the most enemies wins the round. In case of a draw, the team who dealt more damage wins. 10 maps in rotation.
    • Runs for the entire Season 6!

Power League[]

Map Maker[]

Brawler Balance[]


  • Barley: Main Attack damage increased from 680 to 700. Main Attack range increased by 9%.
  • Carl: Main Attack range increased by 10%.
  • Spike: Main Attack reload speed increased by 5%.
  • Lou: Main Attack damage increased from 400 to 440. Freeze duration increased from 1s to 1.5s.
  • Poco:Main Attack Super charge rate increased from 5 to 4 hits
  • Frank: Main Attack damage increased from 1200 to 1240. Super ability damage increased from 1200 to 1240.
  • Surge: Main Attack damage increased from 1120 to 1180.
  • Emz: Bad Karma damage effect increased from 20% to 25%.
  • Jacky: Counter Crush range increased by 33%.


  • Bibi: Batting Stance shield decreased from 30% to 20%
  • Mr. P: Main Attack damage decreased from 760 to 720. Porter Reinforcements Porter health reduced from 1400 to 700 and damage reduced from 260 to 200.
  • Stu: Health reduced from 3200 to 3000. Main Attack damage reduced from 600 to 580.
  • Amber: Main Attack reload speed decreased by 10%.
  • Colonel Ruffs: Main Attack interval increased from 50ms to 200ms between shots. Health reduced from 3000 to 2800.
  • Byron: Main Attack damage reduced from 380 to 340.
  • Sprout: Main Attack damage reduced from 1020 to 980. Garden Mulcher health restoration reduced from 2000 to 1500.
  • Tick: Main Attack damage reduced from 680 to 640.


  • Added support for rewinding/forwarding time while watching a replay
  • Added a Training Room preview option for locked content such as Trophy Road Brawlers, Brawl Pass Brawlers/skins, and so on.

Bug Fixes

  • Made Gadget spawnable objects' positioning now more predictable near walls (for example Bo's Super Totem)
  • Fixed an issue where jumping Brawlers could avoid the projectile and damage from Nani's Return to Sender Gadget

17/03/21 Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed resolution issues on certain Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the team captain's Ban input was getting cleared when another team member inputted their Brawler pre-pick.
  • Fixed incorrect Brawler being displayed as the selected Brawler when a pre-pick was confirmed due to Pick timer running out.
  • Fixed an issue where Ban timer was not being displayed during the Ban phase.
  • Fixed incorrect Gadget count being displayed for Brawlers.
  • Fixed a crash during Pick phase and Final Preparation phase when attempting to view Gadgets.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when exiting Power League matchmaking when a match was about to begin.
  • Fixed a few other rare crash cases.

Bugs being fixed after the maintenance

  • Fixed an issue where a player gets demoted after winning a match.
  • Fixed an issue where the last player to pick was unable to input their pick.
  • Fixed an issue where Quest progress was tracked incorrectly in the game while playing Power League.
  • Fixed an issue where XP progress was not awarded correctly while playing Power League.

15/03/21: Power League Update[]

New Trophy Road Brawler - Stu![]

Stu is a stunt driver extraordinaire with gasoline in his veins! He makes a big entrance, burning serious rubber all over the stage. He is a Trophy Road Brawler unlocking at 10k!

  • Main Attack: Razzle Dazzle - Stu fires out two pyrotechnic shots that pack quite a wallop
  • Super Ability: Nitro Boost - Hitting an opponent with Razzle Dazzle charges up Stu’s Nitro Boost. A short dash that bumps opponents out of the way. Leaves a trail of burning rubber on the ground that will set fire to any opponents that touch it.
  • Gadget: Speed Zone - Stu drops a booster that makes himself and his teammates move faster inside its area of effect.
  • Star Power: Zero Drag - Increases Stu's Super dash length
  • 2nd Star Power (released weeks after the update): Gaso-Heal - Each Super activation heals Stu for 500 health

New Skins & Character

  • New Skins
    • Smuggler Penny - First Ranked Season Reward Skin. Needs to be unlocked in Power League and can be purchased by 25 000 Star Points
    • Bibi Vigilante - 49 Gems
    • Superstar Stu - 29 Gems
    • PSG Dynamike - PSG Challenge Reward or 149 Gems later
  • Animated Pins: Rico, Bull, Frank, Dynamike, Crow, Bo, Tick, Nani, Darryl.
  • Animated Faces: Brock, Boombox Brock, Bo, Mecha Bo, Horus Bo, Underworld Bo, Tick, King Crab Tick, El Primo, El Rudo, El Rey, Poco, Pirate Poco, Rico, Loaded Rico, Ricochet, Guard Rico

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • New PSG-themed Challenge with a PSG Dynamike Skin reward!
    • 9 Wins 4 Losses. Players can purchase 3 extra lives for 80 gems (escalating with each rebuy. Up to 2 rebuys)

Power League[]

Brawl Stars’ brand new competitive mode will replace Power Play!

  • Power League unlocks from the Trophy Road at 4500 Trophies.
  • Players can play unlimited matches per day.
  • Season length is 10 weeks (tied to the Brawl Pass Season - But the first season will be shorter).
  • Match Format is best of 3.
  • All the games in a Match are played on a single randomly selected game mode and map. A new Map and Game Mode will be picked every time you hit “Play”.
  • Both teams have a Captain.
    • Solo - The player with the highest progression will be picked as the Captain of the team.
    • Team - The Leader of the party will be the Captain of the team.
  • There is a ban and pick phase happening prior to starting the match.
    • Both Team Captains blind ban a Brawler at the same time - None of the teams can pick a banned Brawler.
    • Pick phase goes in turns - so you can react accordingly.
    • You can’t pick the same Brawler as your opponent.
  • Solo or 3-man full pre-made team queue options. Each mode has separate matchmaking and rank progression.
  • Matchmaking & Progress
    • Players are matched based on their current Rank.
    • Solo mode has a hard limit of +/- 2 Ranks difference allowed for the players in the match.
    • Team mode allows any players with any Rank to play in the team, The matchmaking is done based on the highest Rank player in the team.
    • The higher the Rank of your opponent, the more progress your earn.
  • Initial Ranking placement is based on the highest Power Play rating a player has achieved.
    • Bronze 1: 0-149
    • Bronze 2: 150-299
    • Bronze 3: 300-449
    • Silver 1: 450-599
    • Silver 2: 600-749
    • Silver 3: 750-899
    • Gold 1: 900-1049
    • Gold 2: 1050-1199
    • Gold 3: 1200-1499
  • Player’s Rank will decay after every end of Season.
  • The top 500 players also need to stay active for the whole duration of the Season in order to retain their Rank. They need to play at least one match per 7 days otherwise, they will lose their progression per inactive week until they aren't listed in the Top 500 anymore.
  • Penalties
    • Leaving at any point after a match has been found will lead to penalties.
  • Rewards
    • The player is eligible to receive Season End Rewards if they have played at least 1 match during the Power League season.
    • Exclusive Skin reward - Smuggler Penny.
      • Needs to be unlocked by achieving a certain Rank in Power League.
      • The skin offer will be visible in the Shop for the whole Season duration for the players who met the unlock condition.
      • The skin will also be later available in the regular Shop skin offer rotation for the players who met the unlock condition during the Season. Players who did not participate in the Power League Season will not be able to purchase it later.
    • Profile Picture Rewards
      • Two different Profile Pictures can be unlocked. You can earn one by playing the mode and the other by reaching a certain Rank.
    • Star Points rewards are given out based on the highest rank reached. If your Solo Rank is higher than your Team Rank, then you will get only the Solo Rank rewards

Map Maker

  • Added support for Hot Zone and Siege game modes! Coming later this month


  • High Refresh Rate Devices (Android)
    • Devices with higher refresh rates are now automatically supported if the manufacturer enabled this option for Brawl Stars (90/120/144/240Hz)

Brawler Balance Changes

  • Barley: Extra Noxious extra damage increased from 140 to 200.
  • Bea: Honey Coat has been replaced with Honeycomb which gives Bea a 20% damage reducing shield while her Main Attack shot is supercharged.
  • Bo: Main Attack damage increased from 520 to 560.
  • Brock: Main Attack damage increased from 1040 to 1120.
  • Carl: Heat Ejector has been reworked and it now sets the targets who come in contact with the trail on fire dealing 300 damage per second for 4 seconds. Protective Pirouette damage reducing shield increased from 30% to 35%.
  • Crow: Extra Toxic damage debuff against poisoned targets increased from 20% to 25%.
    • Carrion Crow extra damage against low health targets increased from 120 to 152.
  • Gale: Super ability damage increased from 100 to 240.
  • Gene: Health increased from 3200 to 3600.
  • Lou: Health increased from 3100 to 3200. Lou's Super ability now deals 40 damage per second to enemies in the area. Hypothermia maximum reload speed debuff increased from 35% to 50%.
  • Amber: Main Attack damage decreased from 2200 to 2000 per second. Super ability damage increased from 1800 to 1920.
  • Edgar: Health decreased from 3000 to 2800.
  • Jessie: Health decreased from 3200 to 3000.
  • Mr. P: Health decreased from 3200 to 3000.
  • Tick: Main Attack mines now spread further apart based on the throwing distance. Backup Mine has been replaced with Mine Mania which adds 3 extra mines to Tick's next Main Attack.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where newly applied damage over time effects were overwriting the existing effect (for example Byron's poison removing Crow's poison).
  • Fixed an issue with Street Wear Max skin texture.
  • Fixed an issue with Auto-fire targeting Brawlers beyond the attack range.

08/02/21 Balance Changes and Bug Fixes:[]

  • Bo: Super Totem's effect gets weaker the more it charges a player’s super. First Super charge is charged at full speed. The ones afterward charge 1% less per second until the Totem reaches a 50% reduced charging rate. This effect is tracked individually per player
  • Edgar: Decreased Super charge rate from Main Attack from 10 to 12 hits.
  • Jessie: Decreased Main Attack damage from 1120 to 1060.
  • Bea: Rattled Hive Bee count increased from 3 to 4. Rattled Hive Bees now stop at the first target hit. Rattled Hive Bee maximum damage decreased from 800 to 600. Rattled Hive Bee fly pattern changed slightly to move slower and cover less area.
  • Byron: Decreased Health from 2500 to 2400. Decreased Main Attack damage from 400 to 380.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with player-made map reporting that caused some maps to get banned unintentionally.
  • Fixed Brawl Ball behavior issues related to Sprout's Super.
  • Fixed Showdown boxes being knocked back by Sprout's Super.
  • Fixed Ruffs' Pins unlocking incorrectly from Pin Packages.
  • Added Colette and Lou Pins to Pin Packs.

Bug Fixes 28/01/21[]

  • Total Trophies are now taken into account in the Community Events matchmaking (in addition to Brawler Trophies)

Bug fixes

  • Game Room invites can be now sent to friends who are connected through the LINE app.
  • Fixed an issue with Starr Park Entrance DPS calculator.
  • Fixed an issue that caused all the newly added Gadgets to display Edgar's Gadget icon
  • Fixed an issue with Backyard Bowl having the same map layout as Encirclement
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Tide Carl not appearing in the skin offers in the Shop
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Tide Carl missing proper pirate-themed VFX

27/01/21 Season 5: The Starr Force[]

New Chromatic Brawler - Colonel Ruffs[]

Ruffs is the Colonel of the Starr Force, a master strategist, and also... a dog.

  • Main Attack - Shoots 2 parallel laser beams that bounce when hitting a wall.
  • Super Ability - Calls forth a supply drop that damages enemies and leaves a buff for friendly Brawlers to pick up. The buff increases health and damage and is lost when the Brawler is defeated. It does not stack.
  • Gadget - Ruffs drops down 3 sandbags to provide cover himself. Each has 2000 health points.
  • Star Power - Supply drop now includes a bomb that adds +1000 damage to the drop and also allows it to destroy walls.

New Skins & Character VFX/SFX[]

Lunar Brawl Skins

  • D4R-RY1 (Brawl Pass Skin - Tier 1)
  • Dark Lord Spike (149 Gems - Seasonal Lunar New Year Skin)
  • Navigator Colette (79 Gems - Seasonal Lunar New Year Skin)
  • Space Ox Bull (149 Gems - Seasonal Lunar New Year Skin)

More Skins

  • Smooth Lou (79 Gems)
  • Dark Tide Carl (10 000 Star Points)
  • Ronin Ruffs (Brawl Pass Skin - Tier 70)

Animated Pins for Piper, Nita, Jessie, Pam, Spike and Bibi.

Animated faces

Year of the Ox Lunar New Year![]

  • Main Menu Background & music
  • 5 LNY themed Pins

Game Modes/ Event Rotation Changes[]

New Maps for almost all PvP modes, maps were picked from Map Maker winners and community contest.

New Gadgets[]

  • Rosa: All opponents in bushes take 100 damage and get slowed down for 3 seconds.
  • Mr. P: The next attack will spawn an extra porter where the attack lands.
  • Poco: Removes active adverse effects from ally Brawlers in a large area and gives a 1 second immunity.
  • Frank: Next attack pulls opponents to you.
  • Gene: Gene shoots homing missiles at all enemies inside a large area, the missile damage increases based on distance traveled.
  • Nani: The next time Nani takes damage from an enemy, 80% of the damage is returned to the enemy. The rest is dealt to Nani like normal.
  • Tara: Tara spawns three shadows around herself that attack the nearest enemy and disappear after 6 seconds.
  • Tick: Tick becomes invulnerable for 1 second and then explodes for 1000 damage.

Balance Changes[]


  • Match making above 15 000 Total Trophies or 700 Brawler Trophies is more accurate. (Players in this pool won't match with other players below 15 000 Total Trophies, or below 700 Brawler Trophies - unless they are in pre-made team).

Map Maker

  • Trophies are now removed from the Winner of the Day maps.


  • Amber: Increased Main Attack damage from 2000 to 2200. Increased Health from 3000 to 3200.
  • Bibi: Increased Health from 3800 to 4200.
  • Carl: Heat Ejector damage increased from 400 to 600.
  • Crow: Enemies poisoned by Crow now receive 40% reduced healing from all sources. Increased Super charge rate from Main Attack slightly from 15 to 14 dagger hit (not taking into account poison damage ticks).
  • Gene: Increased Main Attack damage from 1000 to 1080.
  • Jessie: Increase Main Attack damage from 920 to 1120. Main attack now deals 25% less damage with each additional bounce hit (Super charging rate is not affected for the bounces).
  • Leon: Increased Main Attack damage from 460 to 480. Increased Super charge rate to fully charge from 2 Main Attacks at close range.
  • Max: Super Sneakers activation delay reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
  • Sandy: Increased Super charge rate from Main Attack from 6 to 5 hits.
  • Sprout: Increased Main attack damage from 940 to 1020.
  • Colt: Decreased Main Attack reload speed by 5.9%.


  • New Event Selection UI
  • Esports
    • Added an esports tab under the News section.
    • Added a Tournament Hub button to the right side of the main screen.
      • Visible only for players who achieve 15 wins in the Championship Challenge.
      • Contains a WebView page from where the players can register for the Phase 2 Online Qualifier.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Jacky's Counter Crush no longer triggers opposing Jacky's Counter Crush to avoid the damage loops.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Healing Quest from being generated for Byron.
  • Fixed an issue with Darryl getting stuck in water after using Super.
  • Fixed minor issues in Map Maker and improved drawing of continuous tile lines.
  • Fixed a case with player-made maps which allowed the creation of an inaccessible single tile gap in the corner of the map.
  • Fixed an issue in Brawl Ball with ball and rope fence interactions when rope fence tiles get destroyed.
  • Fixed a rare case where Bo's mines might remain on the ground after a Brawl Ball goal.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Lou's Super causing a crash.
  • Fixed Siege Robots getting confused about teleports.
  • Fixed Carl's pixaxe behavior when Carl teleports mid-attack.
  • Fixed bot controlled Mortis' ignoring summoned characters like Mr. P's Porters.
  • Fixed auto-fire to prioritize enemies over boxes in Showdown.

14/01/21 Balance Changes[]

  • Bea: Decreased Rattled Hive's bee damage from 1000 to 800.
  • Colt: Decreased Silver Bullet damage from 6 to 2 bullets worth of damage.
  • Edgar: Let's fly Super charge speed decreased from 700% to 525%. Charge duration increased from 3 to 4 sec.

16/12/20 Optional Update & Fixes[]

If the optional update is not available on your App/Google Store. Please, try to refresh it again in 30 minutes.

  • Fixed Social Quests disappearing from the Quests menu if they were the only Seasonal Quest available for the player
  • Fixed an issue that caused controls to become unresponsive in the Training Room when selecting Edit Controls from the Settings menu
  • Fixed an emoji related crash that happened for players leaving and re-joining a game room
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some battle music to be played correctly
  • Fixed a line break text issue with Mascot Darryl
  • Fixed game crashing on launch on iOS 9 devices (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed Brawl Ball overtime crash issue (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed missing Brawlidays skin icon graphics in Brawler Menu (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed an issue in Map Maker where a fully red level area was displayed after pressing Clear All and attempting to save the map (iOS only issue)


  • Fixed Server Error 43 when Carl died mid-air while flying with the Flying Hook Gadget
  • Fixed Brawl TV sometimes selecting Training Room battles to be featured
  • Fixed an issue which caused EMZ's Super ability to deal less damage than intended
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Play Again to be offered correctly in consecutive battles
  • Added Quests for Present Plunder

15/12/20 Brawlidays Update[]

Edgar (Epic)

  • Main Attack - Very short range attack that hits twice, Edgar is healed for 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Super Ability - Edgar jumps over a short distance and gains extra movement speed after landing. Super Ability is also slowly charged passively over time (similar to Darryl).
  • Gadget - Increases passive Super Ability charging by 700% for 3 seconds.
  • Star Power - Edgar Super Ability also deals 1000 damage to nearby enemies upon landing.

Byron (Mythic)

  • Main Attack - A long range attack that applies a damage over time effect to enemies and a heal over time effect to friendly Brawlers. Both of these effects can stack on the same target as many times as they are hit.
  • Super Ability - An instantly exploding vial that damages enemies and heals friendly Brawlers who are in the area.
  • Gadget - Consumes one ammo to heal 800 per second for 3 seconds.
  • Star Power #1 - Super Ability also reduces enemy healing by 50% from all sources for 9 seconds. This also affects the normal health regeneration which happens after not taking damage for a while.

New Skins & Animated Pins[]

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Junker's Scrapyard in-game environment for Siege game mode
  • Present Plunder is back!
    • Minor tweaks such as reduced throwing range for gifts
  • Gem Grab
    • Added a maximum match timer of 3m 30s.
    • Team with most Gems held wins when the timer hits.
  • Bounty
    • Middle Blue Star now serves as a tiebreaker.
    • Defeating the player who is carrying the Star will transfer it over to the other team.
  • Trophy League
    • Trophy League duration extended from 2 to 4 weeks.
    • Trophy decay changes - The goal behind these changes is to improve matchmaking quality by spreading players further apart in. Brawler Trophies
      • Most players' Brawlers were "stuck" around 525 Trophies because the system aggressively brought them back to this range which resulted in uneven matches as the skill level of the players were highly varied at this level.
      • New trophy decay starts at 501 Trophies instead of 550.
      • Generally, the Trophy decay levels are every 25 points instead of every 50 points.
      • The Trophy decay takes the Brawler to 1 point below the lower limit of their current tier. However, at 900+ Trophies it ramps up.
  • Map rotation extended back to 14 days for Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, and Showdown.

Map Maker[]

  • Featured state after map has gotten played in Test Slot + Inbox message with voting results
  • Map hashtag visible in game
  • Report offensive map on battle end screen
  • Map Editor improvements
    • Added a shortcut to the map settings dropdown menu for creating a Friendly Game room with the selected map
    • Mirrored modes supports dragging tiles
    • Tile grid added

Brawler Balance[]

  • All abilities with self-heal from damage (Nita, Mortis, Pam & Emz) will now only heal from damage dealt to enemy Brawlers & coop mode Robots similar to how the Super Attack charging works.
  • Affected Brawlers are compensated with buffs
  • 8-BIT: Increased Damage Booster's damage boost from 30% to 50%
  • Bull: Berserker health triggering threshold increased from 40% to 60%
  • Colette: Increased Health from 3200 to 3400. Increased Mass Tax initial shield gain after activating Super from 10% to 20%
  • Colt: Increased Main Attack damage from 320 to 360. Slick Boots movement speed bonus increased from 10% to 13% (same as Very Fast Brawlers).
  • Crow: Slowing Toxin duration increased from 3.5 to 5 seconds. Defense Booster shielding amount reduced from 60% to 40% Defense Booster charges increased from 2 to 3.
  • Darryl: Tar Barrel duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Dynamike: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 6%. Increased Fidget Spinner damage from 700 to 1200.
  • Emz: Increased Main Attack damage from 500 to 520. Increased Super ability damage from 200 to 240. Hype healing per Brawler hit increased from 320 to 420.
  • Frank: Increased Health from 6400 to 7000
  • Gale: Increased Health from 3400 to 3600
  • Jacky: Increased Counter Crush damage from 15% to 30% Increased Main Attack damage from 1200 to 1280.
  • Jessie: Increased Main Attack damage from 840 to 920. Increased Energize healing per shot from 800 to 896. Increased Scrappy Health from 3000 to 3200.
  • Leon: Smoke Trails movement speed bonus increased from 24% to 30%
  • Mortis: Life Steal from Super percent increased from 100% to 125%
  • Mr. P: Increased Main Attack damage from 700 to 760
  • Nita: Increased Main Attack damage from 800 to 880. Bear With Me healing increased from 500 to 800 both ways
  • Pam: Increased Super ability healing from 320 to 360 per second. Mama's Hug healing increased from 40 to 48 per enemy Brawler hit. Mama's Squeeze damage per second increased from 500 to 800.
  • Piper: Increased Snappy Sniping ammo reload from 0.3 to 0.4 per hit
  • Rico:Increased Health from 2600 to 2800. Super Bouncy damage bonus increased from 100 to 124.
  • Sandy: Increased Healing Winds healing from 250 to 300 per second.
  • Shelly: Shell Shock slow effect duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds. Band-Aid recharge time reduced from 20 to 15 seconds.
  • Brock: Reduced Health from 2600 to 2400. Reduced Main Attack damage from 1100 to 1040. Incendiary damage per second reduced from 600 to 520. Rocket Fuel bonus damage reduced from 100% to 50%.
  • Carl: Reduced Main Attack range from 23 tiles to 20 tiles. Reduced Super charge rate from Main Attack slightly (still requires 6 hits to charge). Increased Super charge rate from Super slightly from 17 hits to 16 hits required. Heat Ejector damage per second increased from 300 to 400.
  • Gene: Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200. Reduced Super charge rate from Main Attack from 3 to 4 hits required. Lamp Blowout push radius reduced by 33% (now matches EMZ's Gadget). Lamp Blowout healing reduced from 700 to 600. Lamp Blowout charges increased from 2 to 3.
  • Spike: Decreased Main Attack reload speed by 5%
  • Tara: Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200. Psychic Enhancer duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.
  • Tick: Decreased Main Attack reload speed by 4.5%
  • Bea: Rattled Hive bee flying pattern changed, now the bees are closer together

Duo Showdown Challenge[]

  • 4 losses / 12 wins
  • Win Condition = Rank 1 or 2
  • Rewards = Star Points, Coins, Warrior Bo Skin


  • Added team colors to Duo Showdown defeated-feed
  • Added an aiming indicator on the ground for certain abilities like Crow & Piper Supers and Sprout Main Attack.
  • Added Support for new High Refresh Rate devices

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Tara's Healing Shade healing to be counted towards healing quests.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Colt's Silver Bullet to deal extra damage.
  • Fix to some area effect visuals staying visible after a goal reset in Brawl Ball.
  • Brawl Ball behavior improved in several rare cases.
  • Carl can no longer be pushed while using his Flying Hook gadget.
  • The new gadgets for Colt and 8-BIT now show the active effect correctly.
  • Sprout projectile interaction with trains is now less erratic.
  • Sprout wall will now push enemies in a more predictable way, instead of preferring one side.
  • Bots can now use teleporters.
  • Carl Flying Hook no longer deals double damage at max range.
  • Carl will no longer go through walls when ending up in middle of water with the Flying Hook gadget.
  • Fix to Leon's Clone Projector gadget not showing state correctly when Leon wasn't visible. In addition the clone's Super indicator will stay as it was when Leon triggered the gadget, instead of always copying the current state.
  • Fixed an issue with framerate drops for some maps on selected devices (ex. Hot Potato).

24/11/20 Bug Fixes and Balance Changes![]

Bug fix[]

  • Fixed a crash that happened when Lou’s Super and another slowing effect were applied to a stationary targets (like IKE, Penny’s Mortar etc.) and all targets are not in the turret’s range anymore

Map Maker improvements[]

  • Maps that receive relatively poor voting results are now quickly removed from the rotation pool
  • The goal is to improve the map quality throughout the day while still offering all maps a fair chance to get played

Lou Balance changes[]

  • Increased Health from 2800 to 3100.
  • Increased main attack damage from 380 to 400 per snow cone.
  • Increased Supercool effectiveness by 40%.

11/11/20 Season 4 Update! Snowtel, Lou, Map Maker features, and more![]

New Brawler - Lou

Lou is a jolly snow cone machine who is always cheerful. He’s so overly positive it annoys the heck out of Mr.P.

  • Main Attack - Fires snow cones that apply Frost. When the target has accumulated enough Frost it will be stunned for 1 second.
  • Super Ability - Throws a snow cone syrup that creates a slippery surface area on the ground.
  • Gadget - Lou freezes himself becoming invulnerable and unable to perform any actions for 1 second.
  • Star Power - The Super area applies Frost to enemies.

New Skins & Character VFX/SFX[]

  • King Lou (Brawl Pass, Tier 70)
  • Bellhop Mike (Brawl Pass, Tier 1)
  • Sally Nani (LINE FRIENDS) | 150 Gems - Late November
  • Choco Piper (LINE FRIENDS) | 80 Gems - December
  • Cony Max (LINE FRIENDS) | 150 Gems - December

Other Skin & Character improvements[]

  • 8-BIT facial animations upgrade
  • True Silver/Gold skin VFX improvements
    • They now have a BLING effect!

Brawl Pass[]

  • Brawl Pass Season 4: "Holiday Getaway"
  • Brawl Pass exclusive Brawlers are only available from boxes after reaching tier 30 in the Brawl Pass
  • Getting a Chromatic Brawler from a Brawl Box now decreases your drop rate chances like any other Epic Brawler
  • Season 1 rewards will be auto-collected when Season 4 starts.

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • New event Tokens per game mode slot reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Added 30 new Tokens to be gained from voting player-made maps in the Test Slot (10 Tokens per vote up to 3 times per day)
  • Mr. P's Snowtel Environment
  • Two new slots for Map Maker maps which unlock at 1000 Total Trophies.
    • Competition Entry Slot
      • This slot rotates the maps made and published by players and allows the players to give either up or downvotes after playing the maps through matchmaking.
      • Each day will feature a different game mode.
      • There’ll be a new map available in this slot every 10 seconds.
      • Players receive a Token reward for voting but no Trophies can be gained from playing in this slot.
    • Competition Winner Slot
      • This slot features the "winner" map from the previous day that had received the highest amount of upvotes during the testing.
      • Players receive normal Token and Trophy rewards from playing this slot.
  • Improvements for several Hot Zone maps.

Map Maker - BETA[]

The maps you make can now be published so everyone can play!

  • There are 4 different stages for your maps: Draft → Submitted → Greenlit → Published
    • In Draft state the player can keep editing the map as much as they want.
    • After the player is happy with the map they need to "Submit" the map for approval and the map creator needs to invite players into a friendly game room. The players in the room will receive a pop-up for map approval at the end of the game. Map needs to get over 50% approval (out of 10 votes) in order to be eligible for publishing it. If the player decides to edit the map after it's submitted it will return into Draft state and requires new approval through voting in the friendly room.
    • After the player publishes a map, it goes to a pool of potential maps to be featured each day in the Test Slot. Editing is no longer possible.

Brawler Balance[]

  • Amber: Movement speed reduced from Very Fast to Normal. Main Attack damage per second reduced from 2400 to 2000.


  • Summonable pets like Nita's Bear now follow their owner if no enemies are alive on the map.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed missing Trixie Colette Main Attack SFX.
  • Fixed missing Friendly/Enemy Amber Main Attack SFX.
  • Fixed missing Amber fire fluid while Spectating or watching Brawl TV.
  • Fixed incorrect Boss Fight game mode banner that displayed the location banner instead of the correct game mode banner.

29/10/20 Amber Balance, Bug Fixes, and More[]

Quest Generation changes

  • Quests are now generated more evenly between Brawler and Game Mode Quests
  • Brawlers now have a higher chance to receive duplicate Quests
  • There will now be Quests available on the first day of a new Season

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused Amber's Super to deal only 1 damage if she was defeated just before igniting the fire fluid
  • Fixed an issue which caused Tara's healing shade to ignite Amber's fire fluid
  • Fixed an issue which allowed Gene Super to pull enemies into a teleport
  • Fixed an issue which caused Bo's mines to not trigger at all if Bo died while using Tripwire
  • Fixed an issue causing teleports to activate Max’s Gadget heal
  • Fixed issues with multiple healing effects that were ignoring game mode limitations to healing in Graveyard Shift
  • Fixed a crash issue in Brawl Ball if a goal was scored and no one had touched the ball

Amber Balance

  • Health reduced from 3300 to 3000
  • Super damage reduced from 2000 to 1800
  • Super charge rate from Main Attack reduced by 25% (17 hits to 22 hits)
  • Super charge rate from Super Attack reduced by 16%
  • Fixed an issue which caused Amber to gain increased Super charge rate from Super Attack with increased Power Levels

22/10/20 Brawl-o-ween Update[]

New Legendary Brawler - Amber[]

  • Main Attack - Amber fires a continuous stream of fire that can lit up any fire fluid on the ground
  • Super - Amber throws a flask of her fire fluid which leaks while flying and generates a big pool of fire fluid at the landing location
  • Gadget - Amber gains increased movement speed and starts leaking fire fluid underneath her
  • Star Power - Allows having two fire fluid pools on the ground simultaneously and recharges Super while standing on the fire fluid

Map Maker (BETA)[]

  • Available after reaching 1,000 Total Trophies.
  • Create maps and play in friendly rooms for Gem Grab, Showdown and Brawl Ball.
  • Limited themes for the maps.
  • It can store a maximum of 5 maps.
  • Check YouTube #BrawlMaps for more information!

New Skins[]

  • Underworld Bo (Custom VFX, Custom Animations) | 150 Gems | Supercell Make
  • Zombibi (Custom VFX, Custom Face) | 80 Gems | Supercell Make
  • Brawl-O-Ween Rosa (Custom VFX for Main Attack, Rosa animation update) | 80 Gems | Brawl-o-ween exclusive
  • True Silver and True Gold Skins for Bull, Barley, Rico, Mortis and Frank
  • Challenger Colt (Custom VFX, Custom Animations) | USD 4.99 for the World Championship Finals 2020 Pack (Limited)

Other Skin & Character improvements[]

  • Piper - New Facial VFX
  • New VFX for Shark Leon
  • Rosa - Animation Update


  • Main Menu background
  • Main Menu music
  • New theme - POCOS BANDSTAND!
  • Brawl-O-Ween Challenge
    • Win a Brawl-O-Ween Rosa skin and exclusive Pins
    • 800 Total Trophies required to unlock
    • 12 Wins (4 Losses)
    • Gem Grab (Double Swoosh)
    • Hot Zone (Ring of Fire)
    • Heist (G.G. Mortuary)
    • Bounty (Shooting Star)
  • Graveyard Shift is back as a temporary game mode with new map rotation.
  • Halloween decorations in Poco's Bandstand and Mortis' Mortuary

Brawl Pass[]

  • WARNING - Season 1 rewards will be automatically collected when Season 3 ends.


  • Removed increased matchmaking score when entering matchmaking in a game room with 2 or 3 players
  • Previously playing with friends in a group would match you against higher trophy players. Now even in a group, your match should only consider the highest trophy player from your team.

New Gadgets[]

  • Bull: Stop charge instantly and stomp the ground to slow nearby opponent.
  • Max: Sneaky Sneakers: Save position and teleport to the position 4 seconds later (with same health).
  • Bea: Rattled Hive: Three circling bees that fly over walls and deal increasing damage the further they get. Starts at Bea and slowly circles away from her.
  • Darryl: Darryl emits a slowing area around himself for 4s.
  • Nita: Nita's bear gets a 35% shield for 3s.
  • Sprout: Reposition: Destroy current wall, instantly get full Super.
  • Brock: Next basic attack is a Mega rocket that deals more damage.
  • Carl: Next basic attack makes Carl fly with the pickaxe.
  • 8-BIT: Next basic attack shoots more bullets.
  • Colt: Next basic attack is a big bullet which penetrates and destroys walls.

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Poco's Bandstand
    • New In-game environment
    • New in-game music
  • Siege
    • Bolt spawns are now fixed within each of the maps and the spawn order repeats throughout the match.
    • New Siege rotation
  • Hot Zone
    • New Hot Zone Rotation
    • Multiple new maps
  • Brawl Ball
    • Self-scoring is now disabled by an invisible wall, the ball will bounce off away from the goal line and the enemy team has to be the last one to touch the ball in order for a goal to be scored.
  • Power Play
    • Showdown (Solo and Duo) no longer in rotation
    • Rotation includes exclusively Brawl Stars Championship maps.


  • Pin system now allows configuring 5 Pin slots for each Brawler.
  • Each Brawler has 3 Brawler specific Pin slots and two Special Pin slots.
  • The two Special slots are universal and are shared between all the Brawler.

Brawler Balance[]

  • 8-BIT: Increased Health from 4300 to 4800.
  • Colette: Increased Super charge rate from Super Attack by 100%. Increased Main Attack reload speed by 11%.
  • Emz: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 5%.
  • Gale: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 14%
  • Nita: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 12%. Bruce is now allowed to move and attack while casting Bear Paws.
  • Bo: Tripwire now has a 1.5 second delay after activation before the mines explode. The mines still remain invisible after being triggered by Tripwire.
  • Max: Decreased Run n Gun efficiency by 50%.

Other changes & bug fixes[]

  • Added 90/120/144 Hz (fps) support for additional devices.
  • Piper's Auto Aimer gadget no longer overrides Frank's Active Noise Canceling gadget.
  • Rosa's Grow Light gadget now always creates green grass regardless of the map theme.
  • Fixed an issue where Mecha Paladin Surge's shield was missing from his back at the final upgrade level.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound effect for Bo's Super Totem and Bea's Honey Molasses was played each time the object came into the field of view of another player.
  • Fixed an issue where Surge and Colette could destroy walls that were next to decorations with their Supers.

Bug Fixes and Optional Update![]

  • Bug fixes and an Optional Update for you all! (The Optional Update is going to be released tomorrow - time to be announced still)
  • Here's what we are fixing with the maintenance:
    • Fixed some issues in Brawl Ball related to the ball being stuck behind the goal.
    • Fixed some malfunctions in friendly game rooms
    • Fixed Max's second gadget
  • And with the Optional Update, we fixed:
    • Fixed a crash on launch issue on iOS 9 devices
    • Fixed a crash issue related to Amber petrol effects
    • Fixed an issue that caused missing Amber flame effects in menu screens
    • Fixed an issue that displayed the old 8-BIT Star Power icon (leave us alone, extra-life)
    • Fixed an issue which prevented game room member status from being displayed correctly
    • Fixed an issue that displayed a redundant channel button in BrawlTV
    • Improved some Map Maker functionalities

17/09/20 Balance Changes and Fixes[]

Emergency Balance for Colette[]

  • Colette's now deals fixed Main Attack and Super Attack damage against pets and summonable objects such as Nita's Bear and Jessie's Turret (similarly as against other "special targets" such as PvE bosses or Showdown boxes).
  • Main Attack base damage percent increased from 35% to 37%.
  • Main Attack minimum damage increased from 200 to 500.
  • Main Attack minimum damage now scales with buffs (such as Power Cubes).
  • Colette's Gadget (Na-ah!) now deals 37% of enemy Brawler's max health as damage with the next Main Attack (and doubles the Main Attack fixed damage against special targets).
  • Super Attack fixed damage against special targets increased from 1000 to 2000.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed missing Brawl Pass icons for Poco Starr and Trixie Colette skins in Brawler Menu.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented El Atomico skin from appearing in the Star Shop.
  • Fixed an issue where 8-BIT's Plugged In Star Power ground effect area was cut off too early from the screen when moving out of the vision range.
  • Fixed an issue where 8-BIT's Booster sound effect was played every time the booster station came into the field of view of another player.
  • Fixed an issue which displayed incorrect name for the 10th bot while playing Duo Showdown in Friendly Game Rooms.
  • Fixed crash issues caused by disabling slots in Friendly Game Rooms.
  • Exploit fixes

16/09/20 Optional Update[]

  • Fixed layout issues in the Quest screen when the season was about to end.
  • Fixed an issue in the battle end screen where certain player names casted a shadow underneath the golden Star Player plaque
  • Fixed some layout issues in the battle end screen.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented displaying the battle end screen when playing Solo Showdown.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented claiming the last season 1 reward from the free track in the Brawl Pass.
  • Fixed missing edge of screen HUD indicators in Brawl Ball, Duo Showdown and PvE modes.
  • Fixed missing Lance for Mecha Paladin Surge.
  • Fixed incorrect Surge face texture.
  • Fixed "???" player name display issues in Showdown.

10/09/20 September Update - Welcome to Starr Park[]

New Brawler - Colette

  • Main Attack
    • Deals 35% of damage based on the remaining health of the target.
    • Any damage boosts are applied after calculating the 35% remaining health damage.
    • Always deals a fixed amount of damage against neutral targets such as PvE Bosses and Showdown Boxes, the damage can be increased with Power Cubes or other buffs.
    • Has minimum damage of 200 (280 at max level).
  • Super Ability
    • Colette runs in a line and turns back after reaching max distance or hitting a wall dealing damage both ways.
    • Deals 20% of enemy Brawler's maximum health as damage.
    • Always deals a fixed amount of damage (capped between 1000-1400 per hit depending on Colette's Power Level) against neutral targets such as PvE Bosses and Showdown Boxes, the damage can be increased with Power Cubes or other buffs.
  • Gadget
    • Colette's next basic attack deals 40% of Colette's remaining health as damage
  • Star Power
    • Enemy Brawlers hit by Colette's Super attack are carried to the maximum charge distance

New Skins![]

Brawl Pass Season 3: Welcome to Starr Park![]

  • New Gift Shop environment
  • New Starr Park environment (Tutorial and Training Cave)
  • New Music
  • Poco Starr Skin
  • Trixie Colette Skin
  • Pin Packs have been included in both Brawl Pass and normal progression.

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Map rotation schedule has been shortened from 14 days to a 7 day rotation for Gem Grab, Showdown (Solo, Duo) and Brawl Ball, which means that there will be 7 maps per Game Mode in rotation and each map will be playable more often.
  • Returned a long list of classic maps based on community feedback
  • Showdown
    • Energy boost has been reduced from 200% increased damage to 100% increased damage.
    • Angry Robo modifier health and damage now scale according to the average Brawler Power Level in the match.
    • Power Cube box health now scales according to the average Brawler Power Level in the match.
  • Heist
    • Safe health now scales according to the average Brawler Power Level in the match.
  • Siege
    • IKE health, Siege Robot health and Siege Robot damage now scale according to the average Brawler Power Level in the match.

Brawler Balance[]

  • A big round of Quality of Life Super charge rate tuning which fixes issues where a combination of Main Attacks and/or Super Attacks often left the Super Attack just slightly off from being fully charged
  • The more major changes to Super charge rates that were intended as either buffs or nerfs to the characters are listed after this section, the goal with these small QoL changes was not to change the overall balance but to rather fix these small issues
  • As a result of the tuning there are minor changes to Super charge rates for the following characters
  • Barley: Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Carl: Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Colt: Super charge rate decreased slightly from Main Attack. Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Jessie: Super charge rate decreased slightly from Main Attack. Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Bo: Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack. Super charge rate decreased slightly from Super Attack (still charges with 3 hits)
  • Bull: Increased Health from 4900 to 5000. Super charge rate increased slightly from Main Attack. Super charge rate increased from Super Attack.
  • Darryl: Increased Health from 4800 to 5000.
  • Dynamike: Super charge rate increased to fully charge from 2 full hits with Main Attack.
  • El Primo: Super charge rate increased from 10 hits to 9 hits with Main Attack. Super charge rate increased from 5 hits to 4 hits with Super Attack. Asteroid Belt explosion radius increased by 11%.
  • Emz: Super charge rate increased to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Gene: Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Jacky: Counter Crush effective radius increased by 50%.
  • Max: Super charge rate increased to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Mortis: Super charge rate decreased slightly from Main Attack (this does NOT change any interactions or combos!). Super charge rate increased from Super Attack which enables a new Super charging combo for Mortis with 2 Super Attack hits + 2 Main Attack hits (down from 3 Main Attacks required for this combo).
  • Nita: Super charge rate increased from 7 hits to 6 hits with Main Attack. Super charge rate increased from 12 to 10 Bear Attack hits. Added a one second delay to Bear Paws before the stun is applied. Bear Paws charges increased from 2 to 3.
  • Rosa: Super charge rate increased to fully charge from 3 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Shelly: Increased Health from 3600 to 3800. Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 2 full hits with Main Attack. Super charge rate decreased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Spike: Increased Main Attack damage from 520 to 560 per Spike. Super charge rate increased slightly from Super Attack.
  • Tara: Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 4 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Tick: Super charge rate increased slightly to fully charge from 2 full hits with Main Attack.
  • Mr. P: Super charge rate decreased from Main Attack (still charges with 6 hits). Super charge rate decreased from 16 to 18 Porter Attack hits.
  • Poco: Tuning Fork healing decreased from 500 to 400 health per second.
  • Surge: To the Max! projectile split no longer happens when reaching the max distance (only when hitting enemies or walls).
  • Gale: Gale’s Spring Ejector gadget now doesn’t have quite as much … “ejection” power! Second Wind is replaced with a new Star Power: Freezing Snow - Main Attack now applies a 0.3 second slowing effect upon hit
  • 8-BIT: Extra Life is replaced with a new Star Power: PLUGGED IN - 8-BIT receives a movement speed boost while near to the damage booster.
  • Pam: Pam's healing turret visual healing area has been adjusted to match the effective healing area (visual area is now slightly smaller). Pulse Modulator healing area has also been reduced to match the effective healing area of the healing turret resulting in a slight nerf to the Gadget.


  • New Battle End Screen
  • New app icon
  • Option to disable player slots in Friendly Game Rooms allowing player to customize their own Friendly Matches and added the new Bounty Map “Open” (Friendly exclusive) to utilize as you please.
  • "Browsing Quests" status added to Game Rooms.
  • SCID login button added to tutorial screen.
  • SCID now receives friend suggestions from Facebook, LINE and Kakao if the player's friends have also connected their account to SCID.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where El Primo's Asteroid Belt explosion effect was not matching the effective area of the explosion, as a result the visual explosion area has been increased by 26%.
  • Fixed an issue where Dynamike's Satchel Charge stun effect was only applied to one dynamite stick.
  • Fixed a rare issue which caused pushback effects to send Brawlers flying mid-air.
  • Non-exclusive Brawl Pass Brawler pins can now be collected from the reward track if the Season Brawler has been unlocked but the Brawler alternate reward has not been collected yet.

18/08/20 Balance Changes[]

  • Fixed an issue where the Mega Monster would not attack players during Enrage when it was exactly at 75% health remaining.
  • Super City Rampage will now end in a defeat if the maximum server time of 13 minutes is reached and the Mega Monster has not been defeated.


  • Crow: Increased Slowing Toxin duration from 2.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds.
  • Gale: Decreased Main Attack damage from 320 to 280 per hit. Decreased Super charge rate from 10 hits to 12 hits (120).
  • Mr. P: Decreased Home Base Health from 2800 to 2200. Decreased Porter Health from 1500 to 1400.
  • Piper: Decreased Homemade Recipe homing bullet range by 15%.
  • Surge: Decreased Health from 3100 to 2800. Decreased Main Attack projectile split range by 25%.

08/07/20 Maintenance Update[]

  • Difficulty level adjustments for Super City Rampage.
    • Normal difficulty level is now easier.
    • Slows and stuns are now less effective against the Mega Monster.
    • While enraged, Mega Monster is now immune to slows, stuns and pushbacks.
  • Fixed an issue in Super City Rampage which prevented the Mega Monster from correctly targeting buildings.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Surge to activate his Super without spending the Super charge.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Darryl from using his Super to cross over water.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the selected Special Pins to not be correctly persisted between game sessions.

02/07/20 Summer Update[]

New Chromatic Brawler - Surge - Available July 6!

  • Main Attack - Attack that splits horizontally after hitting an enemy Brawler.
  • Super Ability - Using the Super upgrades Surge. Upgrades are lost upon respawn.
    • 1st Upgrade: Movement Speed.
    • 2nd Upgrade: Main Attack Range.
    • 3rd Upgrade: Main Attack projectile now splits into 6 projectiles upon hitting an enemy.
  • Gadget - Teleports a short distance.
  • Star Power - Main Attack projectile splits after reaching max distance or when hitting a wall.

Brawl Pass Season 2: Summer of Monsters![]

  • Starting July 6 and lasting 10 weeks!
  • Mecha Paladin Surge - Brawl Pass
  • Super Ranger Brock - Brawl Pass
  • Chromatic Names available for Brawl Pass players!
  • Brawl Pass rewards can now be collected in any order

New Skins[]

  • Crow Remodel
  • Mega Beetle Bea - 150 Gems
  • Ultra Driller Jacky - 150 Gems
  • King Crab Tick - 80 Gems
  • Street Wear Max - 80 Gems
  • White Crow - 80 Gems
  • Retro Nani - 30 Gems
  • True Silver & True Gold skins
    • Players can purchase the Silver skin for the Brawler after they have upgraded to Power Level 9 on the Brawler.The Gold version becomes available after purchasing the Silver version.
    • Silver costs 10 000 Coins. Gold costs 25 000 Coins.
    • Skins will be offered as part of the normal Shop skin offer rotation.
    • Gold and Silver will be available for Emz, El Primo, Shelly, Piper, and Leon.
  • Pirate Gene has a new visual effect for his Super
  • New face animations for Shelly, Colt, and Crow.

Game Modes / Economy / Event Rotation Changes[]

  • Trophy Road Rewards have been extended until 50 000 Trophies.
  • Hot Zone has been added into the permanent event rotation.
  • New Mode: Super City Rampage!
    • Players fight together to protect the city from a Monster who tries to destroy it. The Monster wins if it destroys all of the city blocks, or defeat all the Brawlers.
  • The monster unlocks new abilities at higher difficulty levels.
  • Big Game
    • Big Game has been re-balanced - Big Brawlers were winning too often compared to the Hunters.
    • Big Brawler pets damage and health has been reduced.
    • Big Brawler self-healing has been reduced.
    • Big Brawler health has been adjusted so that it now depends more on the Brawler's base health.
  • Robo Rumble
    • Hard, Expert and Insane difficulty levels are now slightly easier.
    • The enrage mechanic has been changed from the 90 second enrage to:
      • Robots now enrage after 25 seconds and gain a speed boost.
      • Robots now enrage more after 40 seconds and attack the Safe directly.

Pins Battle Support - Emotes can now be used during battles![]

  • Emotes are visible for both teams.
  • Using an emote will set a cooldown for 10 seconds.
  • Emotes can be muted during battle from the emote button.
  • Emote button placement can be configured in the Edit Controls screen.
  • Players have 4 different emotes to use in Battle: Happy, Sad, Angry and Special.
  • Special category emote can be configured for each of the Brawlers individually. Players need to collect the Pins for each of the Brawlers in order to use that Brawler's emotes If the player does not own Pins for the currently selected Brawler then a default emote will be displayed instead.

Archive - Last chance offers for the following skins after which they will be retired into the archive. Skins going into the Archive this season: Caveman Frank, Touchdown Bull, Rockabilly Mortis, Spicy Mike, Boom Box Brock.

New Gadgets! New Gadgets will be released once per week during the next 10 weeks[]

  • Crow Slowing Toxin: All currently poisoned enemies are slowed.
  • Penny Captain's Compass: Fire a barrage of shots at Penny's location.
  • Bo Tripwire: Instantly explode mines.
  • Mortis Survival Shovel: Faster reload speed for a while.
  • El Primo Asteroid Belt: Summon a small meteor at closest enemy.
  • Jessie Recoil Spring: Supercharge turret to shoot twice as fast.
  • Barley Herbal Tonic: Throw healing potion to every friendly player in range that leaves a healing puddle on the ground (Healing over time, doesn't stack).
  • Shelly Clay Pigeons: Next basic attack has a narrower cone and longer range.
  • Piper Homade Recipe: Next basic attack is a seeking bullet.
  • Dynamike Satchel Charge: Next basic attack stuns.

Brawler Balance[]

  • Gale:Gale's main attack now fires 6 smaller projectiles for improved damage dealing consistency. Gale no longer knocks himself back upon activating Super. Super enemy push back distance has been increased.
  • Nani: Increased Health from 2400 to 2600. Nani's Main Attack projectiles now travel extra distance if they miss their target for improved damage dealing consistency.
  • Dynamike: Fidget Spinner now also increases movement speed.
  • Leon: Increased Main Attack damage from 440 to 460. Clone Projector Leon is no longer killed with a single hit, but instead takes double damage from all sources. The damage dealt to the clone by enemies is now shown.
  • Tara: Increased Main Attack damage from 420 to 460.
  • Gene: Decreased Health from 3600 to 3400.
  • Jacky: Decreased Health from 5200 to 5000. Decreased Pneumatic Booster speed boost from 30% to 20%. Increased Pneumatic Booster charges from 2 to 3.
  • Sprout: Overgrowth now takes 5 seconds to charge but the increased explosion radius is always applied. Super charging rate decreased from 4 to 5 hits.
  • Mr. P: Tin Can has been replaced with a new Star Power: Revolving Door

Revolving Door: The robo-porters spawn 3 seconds faster after being defeated.

  • Emz: Decreased health from 3800 to 3600. Decreased Friendzoner push back radius and distance. Increased Friendzoner charges from 2 to 3.

16/06/20 Balance Changes[]

  • Big Game: Reduced Big Brawler's health by 20 000.
  • Carl: Increased Main Attack damage from 600 to 660 per hit.
  • Max: Increased Main Attack damage from 300 to 320 per bullet.
  • Mr. P: Increased Health from 2900 to 3200.
  • Nani: Increased Main Attack reload speed by 10%.
  • Tara: Increased Health from 3200 to 3400.
  • Bibi: Decreased Health from 4000 to 3800.
  • Brock: Decreased Health from 2800 to 2600.
  • Gene: Decreased Lamp Blowout charges from 3 to 2.
  • Jacky: Decreased Pneumatic Booster charges from 3 to 2.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where Robots did not attack the Safe in Robo Rumble when players were hiding behind a Sprout wall.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented playing Big Game after reaching 20 wins in the game mode.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented playing a Challenge if the player had 4 losses from a previous Challenge and was in a game room when the Challenge started.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Nani to teleport with the ball in Brawl Ball.

15/06/20 Optional Update: Bug Fixes[]

  • An optional update has been released for both iOS and Android devices:
  • Tweaks to team invite screen.
  • Tapping the Quest icon in the game mode selection next to Showdown mode now highlights Quests in the Quests log.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple boxes to be opened when tapping the Brawl Pass tier 60 reward box repeatedly.
  • Fixed SCID window being closed upon app suspension.
  • Fixed game reloading after being suspended briefly and resumed.
  • Fixed game automatically reloading after being logged in.
  • Fixed some crashes.

04/06/20 Optional Update[]

Brawl Pass UX Improvements[]

  • Quests have been divided into categories (Daily, Season, Event)
  • Quest icons in the Event Selection are now Shortcut buttons to the Quest log.
  • Brawler menu now has a quest filter button which sorts Brawlers with Quests to the top of the Brawler list.
  • Brawl Pass now has shortcut buttons to navigate between rewards and milestones inside the track.
  • Brawl Pass now remembers the previously viewed tab when accessed through the main Brawl Pass button.
  • Brawl Pass Exclusive Quests are now highlighted for Premium Pass owners (now highlighted gold instead of white).
  • Brawl Pass exclusive quests have been moved to the end of the list for Free Pass players.
  • Gem counter is now visible in the Brawl Pass screen.
  • Local notifications for Quests becoming available have been added.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue which caused missing Brawler names and health numbers during battle.

20/05/20 Maintenance Update[]

  • Token Doubler price has been lowered to 40 Gems in the Shop (from 50)
  • Quests with identical requirements as an existing Quest are no longer generated (such as "Deal x points of damage in Brawl Ball")
  • Fixed a bug that caused server error 43 in Boss Fight
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Sprout to move Safes/IKEs with his Super
  • Miscellaneous Text fixes

13/05/20 May Update[]

Tara's Bazaar has Arrived!

The first Brawl Pass season has arrived! Welcome to Tara's Bazaar!

New Brawler - Gale! Chromatic Brawler[]

  • Main Attack: Polar Vortex - Gale blows a wide array of wind and snow at his enemies
  • Super Ability: Gale Force - Gale delivers an almighty gust of wind, pushing back all enemies caught in its path
  • Gadget: Spring Ejector - Gale drops a bounce pad underfoot, launching friend and foe alike into the air
  • Star Power: Blustery Blow - Super now stuns when enemies are pushed against a wall
  • Star Power: Second Wind - Speed boost to friendly Brawlers caught in the path of his Super

New Skins![]

  • Barbarian King Bull - Supercell’s 10th Anniversary!
  • Merchant Gale - Brawl Pass exclusive!
  • Rogue Mortis - 150 Gems
  • Tropical Sprout - 30 Gems
  • Guard Rico - 150 Gems
  • Holiday Pam - 80 Gems
  • Evil Gene - 150 Gems
  • Constructor Jacky - 30 Gems

Brawl Pass[]

Chromatic - New Rarity!

  • Chromatic Brawlers start at Legendary Rarity drop rate in boxes, but the drop rate improves with each ending Brawl Pass Season until Epic Rarity level
  • Chromatic Brawlers can be acquired as a drop from Brawl Boxes or by purchasing the Brawl Pass


  • Multiple different quests are available to progress in the pass. Quests unlock at 300 Trophies from the Trophy Road.
  • Token requirements to reach next tier increase at certain intervals while going up in the tiers
  • Quest rewards
    • Small 100 tokens, Medium 250 tokens, Large 500 tokens
    • Brawl Pass Quests 250 or 500 tokens
  • Quest generation
    • Two small quests are generated daily and last for 24 hours. Additional Medium and Large quests are generated on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as Brawl Pass exclusive quests.
  • After all the pass rewards have been claimed, players can still keep playing for additional boxes
  • Any uncollected rewards from previous Seasons can still be collected


  • Collectible Pins (emotes) have been added to the game. They can be currently used in the game room chat. We will add support for emotes in battles with a later update.
  • Collecting Emotes: Players can only receive emotes for a Brawler that they own.
  • Pin Rarities: Common Pins: Sad, Happy and Angry Emotes, Rare Pins: GG and Thanks Emotes, Epic Pins: Special Emotes

Hot Zone is back! (temporarily!)[]

  • Hold an area to hoist the flag, progress is shown visually on the screen and also in the top UI as percentage
  • Both teams can capture the same area simultaneously without blocking each other
  • Game ends when one team has hoisted all the flags available in the map

Economy Changes[]

  • All uncollected Brawl Boxes and Big Boxes have been moved to Brawl Pass
  • Tickets have been converted to Gems with 0.1 Gems awarded per 1 Ticket (rounded up).
  • Star Tokens have been removed
  • Gems have been removed from Brawl Boxes and placed on the pass
  • Ticket Reward has been changed to Big Box in the Trophy Road

Game Modes & Event Rotation Changes[]

Ticketed game modes!

  • Ticketed modes are now free to play and new quests are generated for them when the game mode becomes available
  • Boss Fight: 5 Quests available for beating the first 5 difficulty levels and 100 Token reward for each Quest.
  • Robo Rumble: Now has a maximum timer of 2 minutes that the players must survive in order to win. 5 Quests are available for beating the first 5 difficulty levels and 100 Token reward for each Quest
  • Big Game: Boss wins if they survive the 2 minute timer. Boss health has been adjusted for the new time. 100 Token Quest rewards for first 5 victories


  • Various UI improvements
  • New Brawler defeat effects
  • In profiles, Robo Rumble highest time has been replaced with highest beaten level


The Archive[]

In the future, some selected skins will be removed from the shop rotation. They will be resurfaced about 1-2 times per year. Selected skins have a new icon to signify this change.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Showdown: Fixed a crash when multiple Dynamikes activated Fidget Spinner at the same time in a Friendly Room battle
  • Showdown: Jacky's Super charge rate no longer increases after collecting Power Cubes
  • Spike: Popping Pincushion is no longer affected by Curveball
  • Crow: Extra Toxic Star Power now correctly affects Jacky
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug when Shelly destroyed a wall she was dashing into
  • Turrets are now also pushed out of Sprout’s walls

Brawler Balance[]

  • 8-BIT - Cheat Cartridge no longer destroys Damage Booster upon activation
  • Barley - Sticky Syrup Mixer slow area increased by 25%. Slow area duration increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds. Super bottle pattern is now fixed instead of random
  • Bea - Honey Pot slow area increased by 20%. Honey pot is now always dropped above Bea and not below to her make it easier to position against a wall.
  • Carl - Increased Super damage from 360 to 420 per swing
  • Mortis - Activating Combo Spinner no longer stops Mortis from moving
  • Darryl - Activating Recoiling Rotator no longer stops Darryl from moving. Recoiling Rotator now deals less damage per pellet but charges 25% of Super with each pellet hit.
  • Dynamike - Activating Fidget Spinner no longer stops Dynamike from moving
  • Piper - Auto Aimer now shoots a single bullet that slows and pushes back the first enemy hit
  • Sandy - Increased Main Attack damage from 840 to 920
  • Bibi - Decreased Health from 4200 to 4000
  • Sprout - Decreased Main Attack damage from 1000 to 940
  • Bo - Super Mine deployment pattern is now correctly mirrored for both teams
  • Brock - Super rocket pattern is now fixed instead of random
  • Tick - Main Attack pattern is now correctly mirrored for both teams
  • Emz - Hype healing per enemy hit decreased from 400 to 320
  • Nita - Decreased Bear Paws charges from 3 to 2
  • IKE - Increased health from 30,000 to 35,000 hp

29/04/20 Maintenance[]

Here are the changes:

  • New Supercell ID Friends countries added (Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Spain)
  • Play Again feature is no longer available for a team that has duplicate Brawlers in it
  • Play Again feature now unlocks at 500 Total Trophies instead of at 150 Total Trophies
  • El Primo can no longer use his Gadget to throw Brawlers who are protected by the invulnerability bubble
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Boss to get stuck in Boss Fight
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Boss Fight to be played without Tickets

15/04/20 Balance Changes[]

Balance Changes

Here are the changes:

  • Brawlers with invulnerability bubbles can now destroy the walls generated by Sprout
  • Decreased Garden Mulcher healing from 3000 to 2000
  • Decreased Overgrowth explosion radius effect by 50%

14/04/20 Optional Update[]

Optional Update - Customizable Controls!

Here are the changes with the update:

  • Added Customizable Control Settings to the Setting Screen & Training Cave
  • Fixed an issue that caused Showdown box shadows to remain on the ground after a box was destroyed
  • Fixed several graphical layering issues with ground effects
  • Fixed an issue with opening Club screens that allowed players to send friend requests to members in other Clubs
  • Fixed an issue that caused the health bar of Mr. P's Porters to be moved too high on the screen when using Mr. P's Gadget
  • Fixed an issue where auto-fire targeting did not take into account the added range from Sprout's main attack grenade bounces

07/04/20 Balance Changes[]

Maintenance Changes Inbound!

  • Added Additional SC ID Friends countries (JP, CA, HK, AU and NZ)
  • Season end trophy decay now happens varyingly between 0-60 minutes

Balance Changes[]

  • Bea: Increased Main Attack projectile speed by 5%.
  • Bibi: Increased Movement Speed from Fast to Very Fast.
  • Poco: Increased Main Attack damage from 660 to 700.
  • Spike: Increased Curveball effectiveness by 50%.
  • Crow: Decreased Defense Booster charges from 3 to 2.
  • Emz: Decreased Friendzoner charges from 3 to 2.
  • Jacky: Decreased Health from 5500 to 5200.
  • Gene: Decreased Lamp Blowout healing from 1000 to 700.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a crash bug in the game rooms
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Darryl from destroying decorations with his Super
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed Jacky & Frank to kick the ball in Brawl Ball while channeling their Super
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Tara's Gadget from revealing all enemies in the map
  • Fixed a bug which displayed a persistent "NEW!" badge over the Shop

Gameplay Changes[]

  • Gadgets now interrupt health regeneration only upon activation (not for the whole duration of the Gadget use)
  • Gadget effects are no longer interrupted by using Main or Super attack
  • Showdown: Meteors are no longer focusing on a single Brawler during the early game
  • Showdown: Poison cloud damage now scales up after the 5th consecutive hit from the poison

26/03/20 Balance Changes[]

  • Frank: Decreased Active Noise Canceling duration from 2.0s to 1.5s.
  • Jacky: Increased delay between Main Attacks by 25%. Decreased Main Attack damage from 1300 to 1200. Decreased Pneumatic Booster movement speed effect from 38% to 30%.
  • Max: Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue which displayed Underdog in Championship Challenge and Power Play
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Rosa's Gadget to hide IKE Turret from being targeted by enemy pets such as Penny's Mortar
  • Fixed a crash issue in Spring Trap
  • Robo Rumble: Fixed an issue with the Robo Boss sometimes getting stuck when spawning
  • Fixed an issue with pet/turret related activated Gadgets. Some of them were considering their last placement when being activated.

17/03/20 March Update[]

The Brawl Stars Update has finally arrived! Our newest Brawler Jacky, Gadgets for EVERY Brawler, new skins, and more!

New Brawler[]

Jacky! She works her jackhammer to shake up the ground and nearby enemies. Her Super pulls in nearby foes, leaving them in the dust!

  • Main Attack - Groundbreaker: Jacky hops on her Jackhammer to shake the ground all around. Enemies caught too close will get a pounding!
  • Super Ability - Holey Moley! Jacky drills a hole in the ground, pulling in foes. She is partially shielded during her Super.
  • Gadget - Pneumatic Booster: Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves faster!
  • Star Power 1: Reflects damage received back to enemies who are close to Jacky.
  • Star Power 2: Passively reduces all incoming damage.

New Brawler - Sprout! (Coming in April!)[]

New Skins![]

  • Darryl Remodel
  • Mascot Darryl - 80 Gems
  • PSG Shelly - 80 Gems
  • Dark Bunny Penny - 10 000 Star Points
  • College EMZ - 500 Star Points

April Skins![]

PSG Cup![]

March 19: Play this new challenge for rewards, glory, AND if you manage to get 9 wins, you’ll unlock PSG Shelly before anyone else! This challenge will be available at 800+ total trophies and include Super Stadium, Pinball Dreams, and Galaxy Arena Brawl Ball maps.


  • Each Brawler now has a unique gadget that unlocks an activated ability for the Brawler.
  • Gadgets are found in Brawl Boxes and in the shop at Power Level 7 for each Brawler.
  • Damage dealing gadgets do not charge Super (similar to Star Powers).
  • Power Play will not require gadgets to play.
  • Friendly rooms have a setting to disable gadget use in the match.

The Underdog System[]

  • This matchmaking improvement helps games with uneven Trophy amounts between teams.
  • Only in 3v3 modes and does not affect Solo/Duo showdown.
  • Provides a bonus to gained trophies or a reduction to lost trophies when triggered.
  • Status is shown when entering the match and also after the match.
  • Underdog status is triggered when either of the two following conditions are met:
    • Player is matched with two other players who are playing together in a team and have a 200 trophy difference between them in their Brawler scores.
    • Player is matched against an enemy team whose average Brawler trophies is 200+ trophies higher than the player's team.
  • Underdog bonus is not available when using Play Again.

Event Rotation Changes[]

  • New and some returning maps have been added and the worst performing maps have been removed
  • Tickets have been removed from Brawl Boxes and the shop. In the next update, tickets will be removed completely. Use them while you can!
  • Increased the number of free tickets given in Robo Rumble and Big Game from 2 to 5.

Supercell ID[]

  • SCID Friends support added in certain countries.


  • Safe Play - With safe accounts for younger players, we're now offering Brawl Stars to players under the age of 13.
  • Added 120Hz battle frame rate entries for more Asus ROG Phone II variants.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Brawl Ball: On the ground effects such as Barley's Super no longer deal damage after a goal is scored (the visual effect still remains).
  • Mortis: Fixed a bug which allowed Mortis to dash inside walls.
  • 8-BIT: Fixed a bug which prevented 8-BIT from using main attack instantly after respawn in Solo Showdown.

Balance Changes[]

  • Carl: Tailspin damage reduced from 400 to 360 per swing.
  • Max: Decreased Health from 3500 to 3400. Decreased Run n' Gun efficiency by 17%.
  • Mr. P: Increased Porter spawn delay from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Sandy: Reduced Main Attack damage from 900 to 840. Reduced Rude Sands damage from 120 to 100.


  • Rosa - Rosa fertilizes the ground around her and bushes instantly grow to provide great cover.
  • Crow - Crow gets a shield of 60% of incoming damage for 3 seconds.
  • Brock - Brock blasts the ground below him and propels himself into the air. The explosion deals 500 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Dynamike - Dynamike spins furiously and throws multiple sticks of dynamite around himself. Each dynamite deals 700 damage to enemies.
  • Penny - Penny blows up her cannon, creating a powerful explosion that crumbles walls and deals 1500 damage to nearby enemies.
  • 8-Bit - 8-Bit instantly teleports to his Damage Booster, which is then destroyed.
  • Tick - Tick makes a quick dash, leaving a single mine on the ground
  • Pam - Pam momentarily triggers her healing turret to create a single healing burst that revitalizes herself and nearby allies for 1200 health.
  • Bo - Bo drops a totem that recharges his and any allies' Supers within the area of effect.
  • Rico - Rico blasts waves of bouncy bullets in all directions.
  • Nita - Nita commands her bear to slam the ground, stunning all enemies within its reach.
  • Carl - Carl drops a trail of hot rocks behind his cart that inflict damage to enemies that they touch. Dealing 300 damage per second.
  • Max - Max dashes forward and becomes immune to all damage from enemies while dashing.
  • Darryl - Darryl spins around and sprays a barrage of shots in all directions.
  • Barley - Barley drops a sticky concoction that leaves a puddle, slowing down all enemies that make contact with it.
  • Frank - Frank is able to disrupt being stunned and momentarily becomes immune to any stuns, slows and knockbacks.
  • El Primo - El Primo grabs the closest enemy within his reach and flips them like a pancake over his broad shoulders.
  • Bull - Bull instantly rejuvenates himself for 1500 health.
  • Jessie - Jessie triggers a shockwave from her turret, slowing all enemies within its area of effect.
  • Mortis - Mortis spins his shovel, hitting all enemies around himself for 1300 damage.
  • Tara - Tara and her allies are able to see all enemies, even inside bushes, for 5 seconds.
  • Spike - Spike shoots 3 waves of needles in all directions, dealing 520 damage per hit.
  • Gene - All enemies close to Gene are instantly pushed back. Gene also restores 1000 health.
  • Poco - Poco and all nearby allies heal 500 health per second for 5 seconds.
  • Jacky - Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves 38% faster for 3 seconds.
  • Piper - Piper fires off 4 quick shots at the closest enemy. Each shot dealing 400 damage.
  • Mr. P - Mr. P buffs his current porter by increasing its damage by 150 and health by 1000.
  • Bea - Bea drops honey pot that slows down any enemies that get too close.
  • Shelly - Shelly dashes forward with the help of a hook and line.
  • Colt - Colt instantly reloads 2 bullets into his revolvers.
  • Emz - Emz pushes back all enemies around her while also dealing 500 damage.
  • Bibi - Bibi heals 600 health per second for 4 seconds.
  • Leon - Leon creates an illusion of himself to confuse his enemies.
  • Sandy - Sandy falls asleep for 2 seconds and his health is fully restored.

25/02/20 Balance Changes[]

  • Darryl: Steel Hoops damage reduction increased from 30% to 90%.
  • 8-BIT: Extra Life ammunition available after respawn increased from 0 to 1.
  • Poco: Da Capo! healing decreased from 800 to 700 per attack.

19/02/20 February Balance Changes[]

  • Colt: Increased Main Attack damage from 300 to 320 per bullet. Increased Super damage from 300 to 320 per bullet.
  • Dynamike: Increased Main Attack damage from 760 to 800 per dynamite.
  • El Primo: Increased Health from 5800 to 6000.
  • Emz: Increased Health from 3600 to 3800. Hype healing per enemy hit increased from 300 to 400.
  • Frank: Increased Health from 6100 to 6400.
  • Leon: Increased Main Attack damage from 103 to 178 at maximum range.
  • Pam: Increased Health from 4500 to 4800.
  • Poco: Increased Health from 3800 to 4000.
  • Spike: Increased Main Attack damage from 480 to 520 per spike.
  • Tick: Increased Main Attack damage from 640 to 680 per mine.
  • 8-BIT: 8-BIT no longer has invulnerability bubble after respawning with Extra Life.
  • Bea: Honey Coat Rework:
    • Now triggers only once per match.
    • Invulnerability shield duration after it triggers has been increased from 0.6 to 1.0 seconds.
  • Carl: Protective Pirouette damage reduction decreased from 40% to 30%.
  • Darryl: Steel Hoops shield duration decreased from 2.5 to 0.9 seconds.
  • Mr. P: Main Attack range decreased by 12.5%.

23/01/20 January 2020 Update[]

New Mythic Brawler - Mr. P[]

Mr. P is a disgruntled luggage handler who angrily hurls suitcases at his opponents. His Super calls robotic porters to help him.

  • Main Attack - Your Suitcase Sir! - Fires a projectile that can jump over walls and enemies dealing area damage behind them after landing
  • Super Ability - P-Porters Attack! - Places a spawning station that spawns mini-penguins with a ranged attack. Only one mini penguin can be active at a time
  • Star Power - Handle With Care - Mr. P’s overstuffed suitcases bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target or obstacle
  • Star Power - Tin Can - The robo-porters’ home base has +3000 more health

New Game mode - Hot Zone![]

  • Hold a zone marked on the ground for 3 seconds to gain a point, the team with the most points in 2:00 wins!
  • Enemy Brawlers in the zone prevent points from being gathered, and leaving the zone will interrupt receiving a point.
  • Last 30 seconds of a match gives double points!

Lunar new Year! New Skins[]

A brand new Arcade environment, evil robots, and more!

  • Virus 8-BIT - 300 Gems
  • Heroine Bibi - 150 Gems
  • Street Ninja Tara - 80 Gems

More Skins![]

  • Cupid Piper - 150 Gems
  • Koala Nita - 80 Gems
  • Agent P - 30 Gems

Championship Challenge[]

  • Maximum losses increased from 3 → 4
  • Looking for Team feature now considers a player’s total trophies when forming a team
  • Fixed bug where players could not select 2nd Star Power
  • Duplicate Brawlers no longer allowed in matchmaking

Event/ Map rotation changes[]

Balance Changes[]

  • Bea: Decreased Honey Coat shield duration from 1s → 0.6s.
  • Darryl: Decreased Steel Hoops shield duration from 3s → 2.5s.
  • Max: Decreased Run n’ Gun efficiency by 25%. Increased Main Attack damage from 250 → 300. Super Ability’s speed boost granted to teammates who enter the radius within 1s (rather than instant).


  • Trophy Road buffs!
    • Compensation for previously collected rewards will be available for 7 days
  • New and improved Brawler screen
  • Double Token event now gives extra tokens for Rank Ups, and XP Level Ups
  • Improvements for joystick controls on tablets

18/12/19 December 2019 Update[]

Welcome to the Brawlidays update! We have new Brawlers, a brand new environment, new maps, new game modes, and so much more!


She’s a booksmart entomologist who uses her bee helper drones to gather samples for Rosa! Bee careful, because those drones are also sniper bullets!

  • Main Attack: Long-range sniper shot. Hitting an enemy Brawler with the first attack amplifies the next shot!
  • Super - Bee Swarm: Bea launches a swarm of bees at her enemies which damage on hit and slow them for 3 seconds
  • Star Power - Insta Beeload: Missing an amplified attack charges up another amplified attack
  • Star Power - Honey Coat: When taking lethal damage, survives with 1 HP and becomes invincible for a moment once per respawn


She’s a super-speedy, high-energy Brawler who shoots built-up static electricity from her wrist blaster!

  • Main Attack: Short burst of shots
  • Super: Adds an extra speed boost to Max and nearby friendly Brawlers for a short time
  • Star Power- Super Charged: Movement increases Super charge
  • Star Power- Run n’ Gun: Movement recharges main attack

New Skins[]

  • Captain Carl - 150 Gems
  • Corsair Colt - 150 Gems
  • Pirate Poco - 80 Gems
  • Ladybug Bea - 30 Gems
  • GT Max - 30 Gems

Present Plunder[]

New limited-time Brawlidays game mode! Steal presents from your opponents in this new 3v3 pirate paradise

  • Each team must defend their present while attempting to walk to the enemy base, steal a gift by walking over it, and deliver that gift back to their own base
  • Dropped presents are automatically returned to home base after a few seconds on the ground
  • Presents can be thrown by using the main attack (similar to Brawl Ball)
  • 2 Stolen presents are needed for the win!

Championship Challenge[]

In this new monthly challenge, everyone can battle for glory, awesome rewards, and the very best can earn a seat at the Brawl Stars Championship

  • Earn rewards for each win up to 15!
  • Players must have at least 800 Trophies to participate and games will use Friendly-rules (all Brawlers max). But be careful... three losses and you’re out!

Map Changes[]

  • New in-game environment - Darryl’s Ship!
  • Tons of new community-made maps!