Vault Defenders is an official map for the Robo Rumble event.


The map is a complete maze with open areas more prevalent further away from the center. Walls near the safe consist of three thin corner walls. The map's hard to traverse twisted pathways slow down Brawlers from leaving the safe.


  • The basic tips for Robo Rumble applies for this map. The map's main features are the narrow pathways which can be used to control enemies.
  • Do not lead the big robot near the narrow pathways as there is little space for positioning.
  • Pets and turrets can be placed near the corner walls to deter robots from attacking the safe and potentially trapping them for a small amount of time.
  • Unlike Keep Safe, Jessie's turret Scrappy should be placed in the bottom right of the safe where it can control 3+ openings.
  • Brawlers such as Nita who can attack bots from the outside of the map with ease should lure robots to the nearby open areas preferably the one on the left.
  • 8-BIT and Pam should place their Supers in the top and bottom left of the safe to defend the openings from sniper robots.
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