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Vault Defenders is an official map for the Robo Rumble event.


The players spawn by the safe that they have to defend, similar to the ones on the Heist map. Robots come from the edges, slowly getting more health and damage the longer you survive.


  • Ask one of your friends to use Pam, so she can place a healing turret by the safe. This way, you can heal while shooting enemies.
  • If you have Dynamike's Dyna-Jump, go to the left where the walls is shaped like a 5. You can use his Dyna-Jump to jump over the walls, so the robots will have no choice but to pursuit you. The robots get enraged after some time, however, so be sure to wipe them out with your Super from time to time, and attack them in general so that they don't approach the safe. The Super will be much more effective than normal, since there will be a lot of robots in one space.
  • One of the team members should have Colt. Colt can help with his Super to kill the Boss Robot and don't let other robots close to safe.
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