aka King

  • I live in Washington
  • I was born on January 10
  • My occupation is Helping
  • I am Male
WELCOME Challenger
Down below are things about me!

My name is KingK211 but you can just call me King or just, 211 for short. I have played Brawl Stars ever since the global release. I'm probably not the best Brawler when it comes to the game, but when it comes to Shelly, I'm a killer. Same with Poco or Spike.

My Favorite Brawlers!
Even ones i don't have!

My favorite Brawlers are Poco, El Primo, Colt ,Shelly,Leon, Rico, Frank, Spike, Tara, and Barley. Tara and Mortis are Brawlers I don't (but yet wish) I had.

  • I'm best with Shelly, Leon, Barley, Spike, Poco, and Rico!
Gamodes I Find The Best!
I like Siege, but Not Really!
  • I'm Best at Bounty and Showdown!

I, Challenger, like Gem Grab, Siege Mod, Brawl Ball and Bounty. All those Game Modes...well lets say it all depends on who you use. For Gem Grab, I love to use Colt, but mostly Poco because when he's at low health (along with teammates) he just heals using his super.

  • For Siege Mode, I don't really care who I use.

Bounty, I don't care who I use.It depends on the map!

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