• Okay. Where to start. I got a new phone for last christmas, which means that I use my tablet less. So, I tried to login with my phone, but it failed. I don't think that I will be addicted to Fandom anymore. Also, I don't like the community anymore, because it is just full of overrated update suggestions. I also deleted my opinions on the game, so I don't get too much embarrasment/hate. I'm an elder user now.

Hello, and welcome to My Profile, Challenger!

Note: these are my old stats from 1/2/20, so please use my tag on Brawl Stats, Star List or other stat websites for Brawl Stars.

Name Started Wiki Contributing Trophies Club Tag Brawlers
DareLord (before 9/11/19 Dearlol) 6/12/18 Visited on March 2019, joined on 9/4/19, heavy contributing started on 31/7/19 16500+ Suomi 300 (Elder) #200UQY999 31/33 (See more on the other article table below)
Boss Fight Robo Rumble Big Game Power Play
Insane III 6 minutes and 30 seconds 3 minutes and 11 seconds 1000 Points, 3000 Star Points
Brawler Power Rank Obtained Favourite Voice Line Available Skins Star Power Gained
Shelly 10 (Shell Shock, Band-Aid) 23 6/12/18 "Let's Do This!" Bandita, Star, Witch Both on 26/6/19
Nita 10 (Hyper Bear) 22 Unknown "NITAAA" Red Nosed, Panda 23/10/19
Colt 10 (Magnum Special) 21 Unknown "Brawn and Beauty" Outlaw, Corsair Early August
Bull 10 (Berserker) 24 Unknown "BULLDOZERRR" Viking, Linebacker 18/9/19
Jessie 10 (Energize) 22 Unknown "We Can Do This!" Summer Time, Dragon Knight 23/10/19
Brock 10 (Incendiary, Rocket #4) 22 Unknown "The Box Goes Boom!" Beach Both on 29/8/19
Dynamike 10 (Dyna-Jump) 21 Unknown "Down The Mine!" Santa 27/12/19
Bo 10 (Circling Eagle) 22 February "Im Guided By The Spirits" N/A 21/12/19
Tick 9 21 26/6/19 "Blathering" N/A N/A
8-BIT 10 (Boosted Booster) 21 29/8/19 "Player One, Get Ready!" Classic 24/12/19
Emz 10 (Bad Karma, Hype) 22 23/10/19 "Sksksksksksk" N/A Bad Karma on 2/1/20, Hype on 23/1/20
El Primo 10 (El Fuego) 22 Unknown "El Primo!" El Rudo 21/12/19
Barley 10 (Medical Use, Extra Noxious) 21 Unknown "Ready, For Another?" Wizard, Red Wizard, Maple Both on 29/8/19
Poco 10 (Da Capo!) 21 Unknown "Poco Goes Loco!" Serenade, Pirate Early August
Rosa 9 21 26/4/19 "Ready For Composting" N/A N/A
Rico 10 (Robo Retreat) 21 Unknown "Robot Power" Ricochet 25/12/19
Darryl 10 (Steel Hoops, Rolling Reload) 22 Unknown N/A Dumpling Rolling Reload on 29/8/19, Steel Hoops on 24/12/19
Penny 9 21 Unknown "Bye Bye" Lil' Helper, Bunny N/A
Carl 10 (Protective Piroutte) 21 22/3/19 "Im Detecting Seismic Activity!" Road Rage, Captain 23/1/20
Piper 9 21 Unknown "Oh, Too Bad" Pink, Calavera N/A
Pam 10 (Mama's Hug, Mama's Squeeze) 22 Unknown "Wam Bam Here Comes Pam!" N/A Mama's Hug on 23/10/19, Mama's Squeeze on 21/12/19
Frank 9 22 Unknown "Roaring" DJ N/A
Bibi 10 (Batting Stance) 21 22/5/19 "Sayonara" N/A N/A
Bea 10 (Honey Coat) 21 21/12/19 Ha! N/A 27/1/20
Mortis 10 (Creepy Harvest, Coiled Snake) 24 Early March "Im the Creature of the Night!" Top Hat, Rockabilly Coiled Snake on Early-Mid September, Creepy Harvest on 24/12/19
Tara 9 21 26/4/19 "Moaning" Iris N/A
Gene 10 (Spirit Slap) 22 22/5/19 "Blathering" N/A N/A
Max 9 21 21/12/19 Max Energy! GT N/A
Mr. P 8 17 23/1/20 Laughing N/A N/A
Spike 9 21 29/8/19 N/A Sakura N/A
Crow 9 23 2/12/19 (From a Mega Box for Star Points) "Im the Boss of Bosses" Night Mecha N/A
Leon N/A N/A Unobtained "Leon in the Lead" N/A N/A
Sandy N/A N/A Unobtained "Sandstorm!" N/A N/A

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