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*Introduction jingle*

Hello and welcome to my profile page, visitor! Nice to meet you!

I'm Flower178, in FANDOM known as Bloomin' Cacti. If you want to contact me, do it in discord, it's the only place I'm active in


I love Brawl Stars and my favorite brawler is Tick

But don't let my username fool you; I don't really like Spike

Some info about me

My BS account info

  • My tag is #CJ8CLU2J and my name is Ktoś na pewno
  • I'm in the Approve Maps! club
  • Until Season 7 I was a F2P, but now I spend money only to buy Brawl Passes and Skins[1]
  • I started playing few days before 2019, so yeah, I have Star Shelly. That also means I'm a BS veteran, but not an OG
  • First Brawler I unlocked was Poco and my first Legendary Brawler was Spike
  • Challenges I won: PSG 2020, Summer Sports (2021), Brawl-o-ween 2021, Singles Day (2021)
  • Brawl Passes I bought: Season 5: The Starr Force, Season 7: The Jurrasic Splash, Season 8: Once Upon a Brawl, Season 9: Brawlywood

Player Pins I have

Campaign Icon-World Finals 2020.pngEsports Corner Campaign Icon-World Finals 2020.png

  • I have no interest in esports
  • I didn't watch BSWF 2019 and 2020 (I don't follow esports so I didn't knew about the free pin Default Emote-Bothered.png)
  • I watched BSWF 2021 mostly live because I wanted CBJ, and my Supercell Credit Score was 1208 with 7 correct predictions

Wiki info

I joined FANDOM and this wiki on Jun 6th 2021,

I use visual editor for most edits, but I also often use source editor when I want to add cool stuff

I rarely edit regular pages, I'm here only for my profile page. I also stalk other people's profile pages, but I never edit them and I usually don't post about it on their message walls

My wiki friends :D

Tired sandy

Boom box-COLT

I also like Hello13world (friendly, replies to most of my comments) and Meat87 (fellow Tick main and national, also the first person who I saw. is it enough to justify an obsession I have with him??? don't tell him that pls)

Random info about me

What I like

BS stuff I like

  • Skins
  • Tick
  • Edgar, Colette (with Push It), Belle, Darryl, Squeak, Sprout, Stu, Sandy
  • Lore
  • Clap pins
  • Other types of pins
  • Playing Map Maker candidates of the day
  • Free stuff
  • Assassins and Throwers
  • Area control Brawlers
  • KairosTim
  • WKBRL Radio ''The Voice That Hears You'', your only acceptable music choice
  • Starr Park

Non BS stuff I like

  • Clash Mini, Undertale, Deltarune Chapter 1, PvZ Heroes, Project Eclise, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (the concept, gameplay sucks)
  • Fantasy books, mainly Discworld. Also Harry Potter
  • Profile pages (obviously)
  • Pizza, fries, chips and milk chocolate
  • Rain
  • Colder months (I don't like when it's too hot)

Favorite skins

BS stuff I don't like

  • Virus 8-bit, Cony Max, Night Witch Mortis, Burger Lou, ZomBibi[2]
  • Toxicity. I like the toxic pins tho
  • Mortis mains[3]

Brawler TableTM

Brawler Level Favorite skin Skins I have Currently using
Shelly 9 Witch Bandita, Star, PSG (won it), Witch, Princess Star/Witch/Princess/Bandita
Nita 9 Whale Watch Panda, Whale Watch Whale Watch
Colt 9 Challenger Outlaw Outlaw
Bull 9 Space Ox Barb King, Linebacker, B-800 B-800
Jessie 9 Cat Burglar Summer, Red Dragon, Cat Burglar Cat Burglar
Brock 9 Beach Old School Old School
Dynamike 9 Bellhop Santa Santa
Bo 9 Horus Horus Horus
Tick 10 Snowman King Crab King Crab
8-bit 9 Saloon No skin :/ Default
Emz 9 Super Fan College College
Stu 9 Headless No skin :/ Default
Poco 9 Trash Pirate Pirate
Rosa 9 Coco No skin Default
Barley 9 Maple Maple, Golden, Wizard Maple
El Primo 9 Corinthians El Atomico El Atomico
Darryl 9 Dumpling/D4R-RY1 D4R-RY1, Dumpling, Mega Box Dumpling/Default
Penny 9 Smuggler Lil Helper Lil Helper
Rico 9 Loaded Ricochet Ricochet
Jacky 9 Jet Ski Jet Ski Jet Ski
Carl 9 Surfer Dark Tide, Road Rage, Surfer Road Rage/Surfer
Bea 9 Mega Beetle No skin :/ Default
Bibi 9 Heroine No skin :/ Default
Pam 9 Holiday No skin :/ Default
Piper 9 Lunar Pink Pink
Frank 9 Holiday Party/DJ No skin :/ Default
Nani 9 Default No skin Default
Edgar 9 Quickdraw Quickdraw Quickdraw
Griff 9 No skin :/ No skin :/ Default
Byron 9 Wizard Wizard Wizard
Gene 9 Evil/Swamp Pirate, Swamp Swamp
Max 9 Streetwear Streetwear, Hermes Streetwear, Hermes
Mortis 9 Rogue Rogue Rogue
Mr. P 10 Count Count, Agent Count
Sprout 9 Lunar Tropical Tropical
Squeak 1 Can't decide No skin :/ Default
Tara 9 Street Ninja Iris Iris
Spike 9 Dark Lord Sakura Sakura
Crow 10 Night Mecha Night Mecha Night Mecha
Leon 9 Werewolf/Shark Shark, Werewolf Werewolf
Sandy 9 Sugar Rush No skin :/ Default
Amber 9 Vega No skin :/ Default
Meg 0 No skin :/ I don't have Meg :/ I don't have Meg :/
Gale 9 Merchant No skin :/ Default
Surge 9 Default No skin Default
Colette 9 Gladiator No skin :/ Default
Lou 9 Smooth No skin :/ Default
Colonel Ruffs 9 Ronin Ronin Ronin
Belle 9 Goldhand No skin :/ Default
Buzz 9 Director Born Bad Default/Born Bad
Ash 9 Ninja Ninja Ninja
Lola 9 Chola Gonna get Chola soon! Default

My BS stats

Brawl Stats


Some records
Category Stats
Highest Solo PL Rank Gold III
Highest Team PL Rank Gold II
Most Power Play Points 830
Most Challenge Wins 9
Highest Robo Rumble Level Passed Insane IV
Highest Boss Fight Level Passed Insane
Highest Super City Rampage Level Passed Insane II

You're awesome and have a nice day!

  1. I spent $90 on BS so far. Send help
  2. Imagine you can downvote profile pages
  3. Yes, my second favorite archetype is Assasin, but my favorite is Thrower and I'm a Tick main