aka Gabriel

  • I live in MARS
  • I was born on June 5
  • I am man

Hello, im did played brawl stars some mouths beforce tick release!, today my favorite brawlers are Crow sandy,leon and some others...

The Legendarys i have:

Leon: V (Bought) (2nd Legendary) (31/10/19)

Crow: V (Bought) (3rd Legendary) (23/11/19) (*Favorite*)

Spike: V (Regular Box) (4th Legendary) (24/02/20)

Sandy: V (Big Box) (1st Legendary) (??/??/??)-i forgot, but was some weeks when sleepy skin did relased

skins that i have:

Wizard Barley (supercell id)

Sleepy Sandy (30 Gems)

Werewolf Leon (Brawlloween) (150 Gems)

Witch Shelly (Brawlloween) (150 Gems)

Calavera Piper (Brawlloween) (80 Gems)

Maple Barley (80 Gems)

Top Hat Mortis (everyone who has mortis has)

Night Mecha Crow (Star Points) (10,000 Star Points)

Santa mike (Brawlidays) (80 Gems)

Ricochet (Last Christmas Gift beforce 2020)

Captain Carl (Brawlidays) (150 Gems)

Rockability Mortis (150 Gems)

Light Mecha Bo (Star Points) (10,000 Star Points)

Virus 8-Bit (Lunar Skin) (300 Gems) *Favorite*

Dupling Darryl (Lunar Skin) (80 Gems)

Iris Tara (Star Points) (500 Starpoints)

El Rudo Primo (80 Gems)

PSG Shelly (Free If You won the PSG Challenge or Buy For 80 Gems)

College EMZ (500 StarPoints)

Lady Bug Bea (30 Gems)

My Gem Record Got In One Day: 38 Gems

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