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Undermine is an official map for the Gem Grab event.


This map consists of an open middle section and is bush heavy on the left and right section of the map. Walls separate the middle section from the upper/lower sections of the map. There are not many defensive walls as the walls are more of obstacles than defenses.


  • As one should normally do in Gem Grab, the gem carrier will stay in the middle to collect the gems, while the support/aggro Brawlers either stay with the gem carrier or split off to the left and right sides of the middle section. Ideally, each Brawler would take one side to defend or push back the enemy team from progressing forward or at least from the gem carrier.
  • Always try to check the bushes for enemy aggro brawlers, especially when you already have the countdown.
  • Use the middle walls when taking cover, but be aware of any brawlers in the bush heavy sections.
  • When the countdown begins, the ideal spot to retreat is the bushes behind the walls on your side.
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