Twist and Shoot is a community map for the Heist event.


The map's safes are surrounded by fencing, walls, and a bush cluster. Lakes are formatted diagonally changing the viability of long-ranged Brawlers. The center lake in particular has walls on both sides, only allowing shots to pass through a small opening.


  • Long-ranged Brawlers can still snipe Brawlers using the center passageways even though they can't shoot across the lakes directly.
  • Around the bush squares, you can fall back whenever an enemy is about to spawn to ambush them.
  • Carl can be used to easily deal heavy amounts of damage since the safe is right in front of a box.
  • Rico can attack enemies camping inside the bush squares by attacking the Z-like walls.
  • The right lane should be used by long range burst Brawlers while the left lane should be used by medium range ones or supports.
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