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"Fight enemies and other players for Trophies, escape through an exit zone and gain your prizes!
Exits open when only half of players are left, or when the countdown starts. Collect Power Cubes to increase your Health and Attack damage."
Trophy Escape

Trophy Escape is a Seasonal Event that was introduced during the February 2024 update. In this Event, there are 10 players playing individually. Players start off with -1 Trophy, and they can obtain them by defeating robots or enemy Brawlers. Power Cubes can be obtained by opening Power Cube Boxes or defeating enemy Brawlers. The health of Power Cube Boxes depends on the average Power Level of all players and has a maximum health of 8500 and a minimum health of 4500. Power Cubes increases the Brawler's health by 400 and increases their attack damage/heal by 10% linearly for the duration of the match, acting as temporary Power Level buffs for attacks, Supers, Gadgets, and Star Powers. When there are 5 players remaining, exit zones will activate, allowing players to escape with a certain number of Trophies that they will receive.

Robot Statistics[]

Robot Image Health Damage
Melee Robot Melee Bot 10000 300
Sniper Robot Ranged Bot 6000 630
Mini Robot Mini Bot 8000 400

Useful Brawlers[]

Cordelius: Since the objective of the mode is to defeat enemy Brawlers, gain trophies, and stay alive, Cordelius' moderately high damage output, moderate health, and 1v1 interaction chance with his Super allows him to defeat other Brawlers and gain Trophies easily while evading other Brawler's attacks in his Shadow Realm. This makes him a huge menace in this mode, and his Gadget and Hypercharge makes him even more dangerous.
Charlie: Charlie is a game-changing Brawler, as she can use her Super to trap the enemy Trophy carrier in a cocoon that makes them drop the Trophies, allowing her to steal them, and then escape through one of the portals.



  • On 27/02/24, Trophy Escape was temporarily added to the game.
  • On 25/03/24, fixed the final number of Trophies after players eliminate each other simultaneously, and fixed the issue where the last player standing was shown a different amount of Trophies in the battle end screen.