Triple Dribble is an official map for the Brawl Ball event.


The ball starts in the center, with small bundles of bushes clumped around it. The players start on the opposite sides of the ball, with a small barrier in front of them protecting four of the six Brawlers. Each team has a goal, which is 3 tiles wide and has 2 L-shaped walls that open up to the goal. In middle of these walls are three barrels that block direct goals. The left and right lane are coupled by several 4x4 walls. The map is not symmetrical and one lane will always be straight while the other is a zig-zag.


  • Bull is an ideal Brawler for this map, given his Super that destroys obstacles. Once your Super is charged up, aim straight for the three barrels that protect the goal from direct shots. This will make it much easier for your teammates to score a goal.
  • Rico can either use the straight lane vertical wall to attack Brawlers in front of the L-shaped wall or use the zig-zag lane to attack Brawlers hiding behind the 4x4 ones.
  • Bibi can use the small three tile walls to attack brawlers around them without taking damage. The straight lane vertical wall is very suitable for a Super bubble which can bounce off of these walls with ease.
  • The general nature of this map leads to Brawlers that are clumped up which leaves easy team-wiping opportunities that Tara can take hold of.
  • Jacky can make use of the thin walls particularly the straight lane vertical wall which is often used by heavyweights and sharpshooters for protection.
  • The left lane is best used by sharpshooters, center by heavyweights, and right lane by fighters. Taking control of all three lanes is crucial because of the 4x4 walls which punish slower Brawlers.
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