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Trap Map is a Friendly Battles exclusive official map for the Showdown event.


There are spikes in the corners surrounding Power Cube boxes. There is a lot of poison gas on the sides between the spike areas, which also surround Power Cube boxes. In the middle, there is a lake with boxes and speed tiles on both sides. Spawns are in the middle of the map, between the lake and the gas/spikes areas. There are also many medium-sized walls and bushes scattered around the map, between the lake and the gas/spikes areas.


  • Use a Brawler with above average speed to get the Power Cubes inside the poison gas traps.
  • Do not risk getting the Power Cube boxes just before the spikes appear. This will likely stun lock the Brawler while also doing constant damage.
  • The healing tiles are good defensive options for Brawlers going in. When pressuring Brawlers pressure them outwards away from the tiles.
    • Tick and Barley can work with assassins to pressure enemies in Duo Showdown. Sandy with his Rude Sands Star Power is more than enough to push enemies away from multiple tiles at once.
  • Due to the map's more confined and hazardous nature, sharpshooters such as Piper and Bea are not recommended, as they have low health and do poorly in the close-quarters combat that is more common on this map.


  • On 16/06/21, Trap Map was added to the game.
  • On 25/08/21, Trap Map was removed from the game.