Traffic Jam is a community map for the Heist event. It was added in the May 2020 update.


The map's safes are located on the bottom left and top right corners of the map. Brawlers spawn on the other side of the map behind fencing. The left and right lanes of the map are relatively open. The center lane is boxed in and confined to narrow passageways, but offers more support for camping Brawlers.


  • Sharpshooters such as Rico should go to the right lane where they can take cover and still be in range of the safe.
    • Colt, 8-BIT, and Brock are all great options for attacking through the right lane as well.
  • Brawlers camping in the center lane should be short to medium ranged Brawlers that can defend Brawlers from coming through the center as well as damage the safe whenever they're free.
    • Popular heist throwers such as Barley and Dynamike may be of more use if they're defending the center lane. Brawlers will have a harder time dodging their attacks because of the narrow passageways.
  • The left lane opens up to where enemy Brawlers spawn. Brawlers here should focus on hiding behind the sandstone fence to block Brawlers from moving further into the left or center lane.
  • Heavyweights choosing to go through the left lane may not be able to do adequate damage on the safe compared to medium range Brawlers. Frank may be of more use here, but they should be ready to change objectives if throwers attempt to burst him down.
  • The map favors Brawlers that can race to the enemy safe and burst it down as quickly as possible. Defending a safe is ill-advised and will most likely be wasted damage.
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