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Tokens are a currency in Brawl Stars that can be earned by participating in any game mode. They are also awarded whenever a new event opens. Tokens are used to advance tiers in the Brawl Pass. Token Doublers can be bought in the Shop with Gems to double the amount of Tokens earned from playing matches and have a 3% chance of being in Brawl Boxes.


  • 5 Tokens are awarded upon tapping on an Event Slot when a new Event has come into rotation.
  • 50 Tokens are awarded upon tapping on a Special Event Slot when a new Special Event has come into rotation.
  • 10 Tokens are awarded for voting on Candidates of the Day maps, up to three times a day.
  • Tokens are awarded upon completion of a Brawl Event up to a limit. The amount depends on the player's performance during the match. Winner of the Day maps use this system.
  • 10 Tokens are awarded each time a Brawler gains a new rank.
  • 20 Tokens are awarded each time the player gains an Experience level.
  • Completing a Quest awards 100, 200, 250, 500, or 1000 tokens based on its size.

Solo Showdown
Ranking Tokens Awarded
1st 34
2nd 28
3rd 22
4th 16
5th 10
6th 8
7th 6
8th 4
9th 2
10th 0

Duo Showdown
Rankings Tokens Awarded
1st 32
2nd 20
3rd 8
4th 4
5th 0

3v3 Modes
Outcome Tokens Awarded
Victory 20
Draw 15
Defeat 10

Token Limit

There is a limit of how many Tokens can be obtained at a time. Every 2 hours and 24 minutes (24 hours divided by 10), 20 Tokens will be added to your Token Counter, with a total cap of 200 Tokens.

When the Token Counter is empty, you will play only for Trophies and Experience. You will still get Tokens for completing Quests, ranking up a Brawler, or gaining an Experience level.

Token Doublers

Token Doubler.png

You can buy Token Doublers from the shop to increase the amount of Tokens earned while playing. Each booster costs 40 Gems and doubles the next 1,000 Tokens received at the end of any match. Token Doublers can also be found in Brawl Boxes or offered in the Shop for free occasionally. Token Doublers can be obtained for free as Trophy Road rewards as well and have a 3% drop rate in Brawl Boxes, with varying sizes ranging from 200 to 800. Token Doublers do not affect Quest rewards.


Tokens can be used to advance to more rewards in the Brawl Pass, which cost between 75 to 600 Tokens for each tier, where Coins, Gems, Brawl Boxes, Power Points, and new Brawlers with their exclusive Skins can be obtained.

Star Tokens

This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
Star Token.png

Star Tokens were a special kind of Token obtained by winning an Event for the first time in a rotation, meaning a Star Token became available whenever a map changed. Star Tokens were used to obtain Big Boxes. Once the player had 10 Star Tokens, one Big Box was earned.

To get a Star Token from a Solo Showdown, you had to place in the top 4. For Duo Showdown, you had to place in the top 2. No matter the result, a Star Token could be obtained from Big Game, Robo Rumble, and Boss Fight. Star Tokens could not be obtained in Power Play.

In the May 2020 update, Star Tokens were removed from the game indefinitely.

Double Token Event

Double Token Event.png

Once a month, there is a Double Token event. During the event, Tokens are doubled, separate from the use of Token Doublers (Token Doublers are applied after the double, giving a net gain of 4x Tokens). The event does not apply to Quest rewards or the Tokens from voting in maps from the Candidates of the Day slot.