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This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.

Tickets were a currency used to enter Ticketed Events that open every weekend. These events were Big Game, Robo Rumble, and Boss Fight. To enter a ticketed event, you must spend Tickets. The Token reward you receive at the end of the match is multiplied by the number of Tickets you used to enter. You received 5 (or 10 in the case of Boss Fight) free Tickets when a new Ticketed Event starts, similar to how you are awarded 5 free Tokens when a normal event starts.


Tickets could be bought in the Shop with Gems when available on the weekends for Ticketed Events. You could only buy each of the Ticket packs once. Buying a larger amount of Tickets gave a better value per Gem.

Tickets Gems
6 Tickets.png 10 This is a Gem
20 Tickets.png 30 This is a Gem
60 Tickets.png 80 This is a Gem


  • On 07/12/17, Tickets were added to the game.
  • On 22/12/17, the Ticket drop chance was increased from 25% to 35%.
  • On 19/06/18, the Ticket drop chance was decreased from 35% to 25%.
  • On 17/03/20, the number of free Tickets given from Ticketed Events was increased from 2 to 5 and to 10 for Boss Fight. Tickets are no longer obtainable from Brawl Boxes or purchasable with Gems.
  • On 13/05/20, Tickets were removed from the game. Ticketed Events are now free with matches that last around 2 minutes.