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"Tick follows Penny around like a pet as she plots her next big scheme. He isn't good for much besides blowing things up, but that's usually plenty!"
Tick Portrait

Tick is a Super Rare Brawler who has the lowest health of any Brawler but has high damage potential. He attacks by lobbing three mines over obstacles that explode on contact with an opposing target or after a delay. His Super detaches and launches his head, which chases after the nearest enemy and explodes, dealing high damage and knocking enemies back while also destroying obstacles. His first Gadget, Mine Mania, doubles the amount of mines that his next attack fires. His second Gadget, Last Hurrah, grants him a temporary shield before he explodes, dealing damage and knocking enemies back. His Mythic Gear, Thicc Head, increases the health of his Super. His first Star Power, Well Oiled, allows him to self-heal sooner than normal. His second Star Power, Automa-Tick Reload, decreases his attack's reload time. His Hypercharge, Headstrong, makes his next Super deploy and follow enemies faster, dropping 6 mines upon exploding, which deal very high damage each.

Attack: Minimines

"Tick lobs a cluster of mines that separate before landing. The mines explode on contact with a target, or after a few seconds."

When Tick attacks, he lobs a projectile over obstacles that splits into three mines that spread over an area. The mines explode on contact with an opposing target or after a two second-delay. The projectile travels slowly in the air, and Tick's reload speed is very slow; however, the damage of all mines is immense, and the attack's range is very long. The spread of the mines increases the further away they are thrown.

Super: Headfirst

"Tick detaches and launches his head. After landing, the head hops toward the nearest target and explodes on contact!"

When Tick uses his Super, he detaches his head and launches it over obstacles. After landing, the head chases after the nearest enemy and explodes, dealing high damage and knocking enemies back while also destroying obstacles in a 2 tile explosion radius. If the head is destroyed before reaching a target, it still explodes normally. His head can detect enemies in bushes. If there isn't any target that the head can follow, it will stay next to Tick.


Mine Mania

"Tick's next attack fires 6 mines."

Upon activation, Tick's next main attack fires six mines instead of three, which deals double the usual damage in total. Like his original attack, the mines' spread increases or decreases depending on the distance thrown. A Gadget symbol will glow above Tick's head signaling the Gadget's usage, as well as a glowing joystick. The Gadget's cooldown starts after using this attack.

Last Hurrah

"Tick gains a 50% shield for 1.0 seconds. After that, it bursts out for 1280 damage."

Tick gains a 50% shield for 1 second and then explodes, dealing 1280 damage to enemies and knocking them back in a radius around him. Tick can still move while this Gadget is active.

Mythic Gear: Thicc Head

"Tick's Head gets 1000 extra health."

Tick Gear

With this Gear equipped, Tick's head gains 1000 extra health.

Star Powers

Well Oiled

"When Tick takes no damage and doesn't attack, he starts recovering health 2.0 seconds faster than normal."

Tick's auto-regeneration now starts 1 second after being damaged or attacking instead of the usual 3 seconds.

Automa-Tick Reload

"Tick's reload time is 9% shorter."

Tick reloads 9% faster, reducing his reload time from 2.4 seconds to 2.18 seconds.

Hypercharge: Headstrong

"Tick quickly deploys his head, charging enemies faster and leaving behind 6 of his minimines on explosion."

When activated, Tick's next Super is deployed quicker and follows enemies faster. After his head explodes, no matter if it is destroyed by enemies or it comes in contact with enemies, 6 mines will drop around the explosion position. These mines deal 4000 damage. He also gains a 26% speed boost, a 25% damage boost, and a 5% shield boost.


This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
"Tick's Headfirst now spawns 2 additional heads."

Tick spawned three heads in a triangle shape when he used his Super. They had the same health and dealed the same amount of damage as his regular Super. They could be combined with his Hypercharge to make all three heads have his Hypercharge ability.


Game Modes and Maps

  • Due to Tick's very slow reload speed, he's not often recommended in Heist, so be sure to use him wisely in this mode. On offense, hide and attack the safe behind obstacles, which is effective as you'll deal high damage to the safe while the enemies can't hit you, and if possible, use his Mine Mania Gadget, his Super, and his Automa-Tick Reload Star Power to amplify your damage potential on the safe. On defense, hide behind obstacles and block off any choke points that inadvertently allow enemies to damage the safe, and, if possible, use his Last Hurrah Gadget and his Super to knock enemies away from the safe.
  • Tick is a useful asset in Knockout. Tick is most useful in closed maps where he can hide and attack from behind walls. He can control areas with his mines and his Super allows him to finish off low-health enemies and is a counter to assassins and heavyweights. His Star Powers and his Gadgets are beneficial in this mode: Well Oiled allows Tick to recover from damage insanely quickly, and Automa-Tick Reload allows him to attack faster; Mine Mania makes him momentarily deal even more damage, finishing off enemies more efficiently or covering more ground, and Last Hurrah allows him to withstand more damage and counter heavyweights and assassins.
  • Tick is niche in Showdown because of his long range, control abilities, and high damage output. However, he's more effective in Duo Showdown because of a teammate that can mitigate his weaknesses such as his low health and his struggle in close-ranged combat. He can annoy enemies by placing mines all around them and they'll have to escape by walking into the mines and taking high damage, and if the enemies aren't already dead, Tick's teammate can finish those enemies off. In addition, Tick can trap enemies in the poison gas by continuously deploying mines at exit points until they die to the poison gas.
  • Tick has the lowest health of any Brawler and a very slow reload speed, but his long range, area denial abilities, and high damage output compensate for these weaknesses. Hence, it's a necessity to take cover and attack from behind walls while playing Tick. Tick thrives in maps with an abundance of walls such as Open Plaza because he can stay behind the walls and support himself and his teammates.

Recommended Build


  • Tick's mines are more effective if Brawlers like Gale, Bibi, or Gene push, knock, or pull enemies into them, dealing massive damage to the enemies. If you see the respective Brawler with their disruptive ability charged up, you'll want to throw your mines in the direction the enemy will head.
  • If Tick is being chased by close-ranged Brawlers, refrain from auto-aiming because Tick's mines will simply go over the enemy's head. To defend yourself, aim mines between yourself and the enemy, and the enemy should walk into the mines while chasing you. If the enemy avoids the mines, use his Super or Last Hurrah Gadget to knock them back into the mines. You can also defend yourself at close range with his Super or Last Hurrah Gadget regularly, but you must use them carefully. For his Last Hurrah Gadget, you should position yourself when using it so enemies aren't knocked into a wall, because if they do, they can re-approach you. If you can't position yourself on a closed map, aim his attack at yourself to discourage repeated approach. Throw his Super in front of the enemy rather than throwing it behind the enemy to knock them away from you, therefore allowing you to escape.
  • Do not launch all of Tick's mines at once. It's not ideal since it leaves you defenseless and unable to block off choke points due to his slow reload speed and the potential damage is subpar compared to the area control your team gets.
  • In order to make his Super damage as effective as possible, place it as close to enemies as possible. This makes it almost impossible to destroy.


  • Tick is very effective at control, which is amplified with his Mine Mania Gadget. Predict where enemies will head and throw your mines there instead of throwing your mines directly at them. This forces them back because if enemies walk into the mines, they'll take a huge amount of damage. Tick can hamper enemies from collecting vital items or heading into vital areas such as the Gem mine in Gem Grab, Bolts in Siege, the blue star in Bounty, or the zones in Hot Zone by throwing mines at the above items or areas.
  • Tick's head can inflict high area damage that can also destroy obstacles and is capable of chasing Brawlers into closed areas. His head can be easily destroyed from a range however due to its low health and short range, so it's best to use it against low-health enemies to force them to attack the head and prevent them from healing or an enemy who has used up all ammo. He can also use his Super in Brawl Ball on enemy defenders near their goal, because the head can defeat them with its high area damage as well as break obstacles to help teammates score at ease.
  • Tick's struggle in close-ranged combat makes him prone to being ambushed in bush areas. However, Tick also has an advantage in bush areas. His head can be used in bushes and it would detect and damage the nearest enemy while it would be unnoticeable. He can also throw his mines at narrow lanes so that enemies take damage, which reveals them and prevents them from sneaking up on you and your teammates.
  • Tick can discourage enemies from using teleporters or launchpads by deploying his mines to the location where the enemy will end up, guaranteeing massive damage if not defeating them once they land or teleport. This is a viable strategy in some maps such as Ends Meet and Gem Bash. If the enemies manage to survive, he can place extra mines in front of or behind of the teleporter/landing area depending on the enemies' movement.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super


  • 26/06/19:
    • Neutral Tick was added to the game.
  • 21/08/19:
    • Neutral Tick's Automa-Tick Reload Star Power was added.
  • 29/08/19:
    • Buff Tick's main attack mine explosion radius was increased by 11%.
    • Neutral His Super no longer chases or explodes airborne targets.
  • 18/09/19:
    • Nerf Tick's Automa-Tick Reload Star Power reload boost was decreased to 13% (from 15%).
  • 09/10/19:
    • Nerf Tick's main attack mine explosion radius was decreased by 6%.
    • Nerf His main attack mine duration was decreased to 1.6 seconds (from 2).
    • Neutral His mines are now deployed in a fixed pattern on the ground.
  • 23/10/19:
    • Buff Tick's main attack mine duration was increased to 2 seconds (from 1.6 seconds).
    • Nerf His Automa-Tick Reload Star Power reload boost was decreased to 10% (from 13%).
  • 19/02/20:
    • Buff Tick's main attack damage was increased to 680 (from 640) per mine.
  • 17/03/20:
    • Neutral Tick's Backup Mine Gadget was added.
  • 13/05/20:
    • Neutral Tick's mine pattern is now correctly mirrored for both teams.
  • 16/07/20:
    • Neutral The King Crab Tick skin was added.
  • 10/09/20:
    • Buff The number of hits necessary to charge Tick's Super was decreased to 6 hits (from 9).
  • 11/11/20:
    • Neutral Tick's head will now return to Tick if there are no enemies present on the battlefield.
  • 15/12/20:
    • Nerf Tick's reload time was increased to 2.3 seconds (from 2.2).
    • Nerf His Automa-Tick Reload Star Power reload boost was decreased to 9% (from 10%).
    • Neutral Tick's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 19/12/20:
    • Neutral The Snowman Tick skin was added. It was featured as a Brawlidays 2020 skin.
  • 05/02/21:
    • Neutral Tick's Last Hurrah Gadget was added.
  • 15/03/21:
    • Neutral Tick's Backup Mine Gadget was renamed to Mine Mania and reworked from making Tick dash forward while dropping a mine that dealt 700 damage to making his next attack fire 6 mines.
    • Neutral Tick's mine spread is now based on the distance thrown.
    • Neutral Tick, King Crab Tick, and Snowman Tick received facial animations.
  • 07/04/21:
    • Nerf Tick's main attack damage was decreased to 640 (from 680) per mine.
  • 16/06/21:
    • Nerf Tick's Last Hurrah Gadget damage reduction was decreased to 50% (from 100%).
  • 27/10/21:
    • Neutral Tick's class was changed to Damage Dealer (from Thrower).
  • 17/03/22:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue that caused Tick's Super to not deal damage if hit by a payload.
  • 29/07/22:
    • Neutral The Tick Shooky skin was added. It was featured as a BT21 skin.
  • 25/10/22:
    • Neutral Tick's Thicc Head Mythic Gear was added.
  • 12/12/22:
    • Neutral Tick's rarity was changed to Super Rare (from Common).
  • 28/02/23:
    • Neutral Tick's class was changed to Artillery (from Damage Dealer).
  • 09/06/23:
    • Neutral The Cerberus Tick skin was added. It was featured as a Legends of Olympus skin.
  • 05/09/23:
    • Nerf Tick's reload time was increased to 2.4 seconds (from 2.3).
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 24/10/23:
    • Neutral Tick's Last Hurrah Gadget damage was increased to 1024 (from 1000) and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Tick's flavor text was changed from " Tick is a metal ball of barely controlled excitement and energy - explosive energy! He throws mines, and his Super makes his head detach, seek a target and explode." to "Tick follows Penny around like a pet as she plots her next big scheme. He isn't good for much besides blowing things up, but that's usually plenty!"
  • 23/04/24:
    • Neutral Tick's Headstrong Hypercharge was added.
  • 29/04/24:
    • Neutral Tick's Mutation was added for a limited time.
  • 02/05/24:
    • Neutral The Mecha-Tick Ghidorah, Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Light, and Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Dark skins were added. They were featured as Brawl Pass Season 26 exclusive skins and Godzilla skins.
  • 20/05/24:
    • Neutral Tick's Mutation was removed from the game.


Skins (9)


Skin Pins
Tick Skin-Default
Tick Pin-Neutral


Tick Pin-Happy


Tick Pin-Sad


Tick Pin-Angry


Tick Pin-GG


Tick Pin-Clap


Tick Pin-Thanks


Tick Pin-Phew


Tick Pin-Special


Tick Pin-Facepalm


Tick Pin-Hypercharge


Tick Skin-Snowman
Tick Snowman Pin-Clap


Tick Skin-Tick Shooky
Tick Tick Shooky Pin-Neutral


Tick Skin-Cerberus
Tick Cerberus Pin-Neutral


Tick Skin-Mecha-Tick Ghidorah
Tick Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Pin-Special


Tick Skin-Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Light
Tick Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Light Pin-Special


Tick Skin-Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Dark
Tick Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Dark Pin-Special






Tick Hypercharge-Spray

Tick Hypercharge

Tick Shooky-Spray

Tick Shooky

Cerberus Tick-Spray

Cerberus Tick


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Tick Shooky-pfp

Tick Shooky

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Cerberus Tick

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Mecha-Tick Ghidorah