Thousand Lakes is a community map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Healing Mushrooms modifier.

Thousand Lakes is also a discontinued map for the Lone Star event with no version used to separate it from the map played in Showdown.

The Brawl-o-ween version named Acid Lakes, and the Summer 2020 version named Two Thousand Lakes, with their layouts had been updated differently. Two Thousand Lakes is currently in use.


Thousand Lakes has a small amount of cover around the lakes and is generally very open. There are very little strategic points besides the center. The sides of the map contain a wave-like pattern of bushes that stretch across the lower section of the map. The center bottom contains two Power Cube boxes surrounded by bushes and four 2x2 walls.


  • Make sure to check the two parallel rows of bushes before going to the center, as it is a perfect place for an ambush to occur.
  • A long-ranged Brawler like Brock or Piper will work well for this map.
  • Attempting to control the center too early in the game could lead to you being targeted and trapped by Brawlers outside the center. Only move into the center when there are four or less Brawlers left.
  • The bushes bordering the map are often underestimated when it comes to camping, especially the western/eastern ones.
  • If you spawn near the bottom at the square-shaped bush area, be careful. Oftentimes the area is used as bait due to the 2x2 wall formations in its corners making certain tiles hard to bush-check.
  • Brawlers that are medium-ranged and have a decent amount of health like Carl are ideal. The map still has areas where sharpshooters are at a disadvantage.
  • Note that the entry of the center is very narrow, so focus to shoot enemies while they are entering.
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