Temple Ruins is an official map for the Bounty event.


There are large bush clusters in the left and right side of the map, and walls above and below the bounty star. This map is also symmetrical vertically. In the center top and bottom are walls with small amounts of bushes sprinkled around them.


  • Piper can hide inside the bushes and snipe Brawlers at the beginning of the game that attempt to get the bounty star in the middle. They can use their Super to land on the other side of the map in the bushes if they're in a sticky situation.
  • Mortis can make use of the bushes as well and serves to counter squishier Brawlers that attempt to the hide hide in the side bushes.
  • Brock's Super can be used as a obstacle breaker and to kill tankier Brawlers, as well as block an area from enemies for a few seconds.
  • Penny's splash damage helps her does three times her normal damage. Her Super shouldn't be used to attack Brawlers because its likely that Brawlers are moving, but with 8-BIT or a brawler that is healing the cannon finish people off quickly. Her Gadget Pocket Detonator can clear the bushes as well as also finish people off, but if its not enough her first Star Power Last Blast should be able to land the kill. Her second Star Power Balls of Fire does a lot of area damage scaring opponents off from retreating.
  • Gene can be useful to check the bushes on the sides. His Super can be useful to pull a brawler with low health or a thrower that is camping behind a wall. His Gadget can be useful when healing and escaping. His first Star Power Magic Puffs can be used to heal a brawler with low health, and his second Star Power Spirit Slap allows him to do extra damage if his super is charged.
  • Bo can be useful for checking bushes with his wide spread and high damage output. His Super deals a lot damage and can block choke points. His Gadget Super Totem can help charge his Super as well as his teammates. His first Star Power Circling Eagle can be used if he's suspecting an ambush in the bushes. Snare a Bear, his second Star Power, can be useful in finishing people off with a high bounty.
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