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Teleport Tag is a map for the Daredevil Challenge.


This map has a lot of skulls in between tight spaces surrounded by walls with heal tiles lightly sprinkled everywhere. The middle is more open, but is surrounded by water, and still has some walls with skulls in between the walls. This map has horizontal symmetry.


  • Throwers like Dynamike, Tick, Barley, Grom, and Sprout, are highly recommended and are popular on this map, especially for the outer sides of the map, due to the fact that it's full of very close quarters and walls, making it easy to defeat Brawlers over walls.
  • Due to the fact that throwers are very common choices for this map, Brawlers who counter throwers like Bibi, Edgar, Mortis, etc, are very good options to deal with the most common Brawlers on this map. There are also Brawlers who can easily destroy walls like Colt or Brock are also good options to destroy the cover used by throwers, alongside making it easier to reach them.


  • On 23/06/22, Teleport Tag was featured in the Daredevil Challenge as a Stage III map.