This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
"Make more damage against the Boss than the other players. The more damage you make, the higher you will rank in the match."

In the Takedown Event, there are 10 players against a gigantic Boss Robot. The objective is to have damage dealt to the Boss robot while also being able to attack other players. After the Boss is defeated, the one with the most damage dealt wins. Power Cubes can be found across the map at certain spawn points or dropped when a player is defeated. They increase the Brawler's health by 400 and increases their attack damage by 10% linearly for everyone in possession, and about a third of them are dropped upon being knocked out with the rest disappearing.

If the Boss is not defeated before 8 minutes have passed, then the Brawler who has the highest damage dealt will win. The Boss has 220,000 health and deals 800 damage per melee attack and 1400 damage per charge. The Boss will activate its shield immunity when it takes too much damage, forcing Brawlers to attack other Brawlers. There will always be a Modifier active which introduces a different ranged attack the Boss uses.

Useful Brawlers

Shelly, Bull and Darryl: Shelly, Bull and Darryl can do loads of damage with attacks as the Boss has a large hitbox, meaning all bullets are sure to hit. Shelly's slow-down Star Power Shell Shock shines here as she can slow down the Boss or other players and deal heavy burst damage.
Jessie: Jessie can hit up to 3 Brawlers in this mode, meaning you can not only deal damage to the Boss, but also attack other Brawlers within range, and her turret also does continuous damage.
Colt: Colt can shoot all bullets at the Boss, making it easy to deal a lot of damage quickly. Colt can also charge his Super from other Brawlers and use it on the Boss to double his normal damage output.
Spike: As one of the highest damaging Brawlers, Spike can go up to the Boss and deal heavy damage consistently. His relatively low health prioritizes ranged gameplay however.
Leon: Leon's high speed makes him better at collecting Power Cubes than most other Brawlers, and his high-damage salves coupled with his Super make him good at assassinating low-health Brawlers with a lot of Power Cubes, especially considering that the map's meta is low-health Brawlers.
Dynamike: Dynamike can deal high damage while also being able to hide behind walls, giving him more safety than most Brawlers from the Boss's ranged attacks.
Rico: Rico's long range and fast reload time allows him to quickly deal as much damage to the Boss as possible. If coupled with their Robo Retreat Star Power, he can easily escape from most dangers when on the brink of being knocked out by other Brawlers.


  • Avoid wasting your time on Power Cubes unless they happen to be in your way. Just go to the Boss Robot from the start. When the Boss activates its shield immunity, stay close to the Boss and pick up power cubes. If possible, try to charge your Super, especially if you are Colt or any other long-range Brawler.
  • The Boss Robot stays still in the middle of the map until any Brawler approaches it, which the Boss starts attacking, so it is a good idea to rush into the middle while collecting Power Cubes.
  • The Boss Robot shares the following mechanics with the Boss Robot in Boss Fight. The Boss Robot has a melee punch, will stop moving before it charges, and will give a visual indicator when it is about to shoot ranged attacks. Use this to predict the robots next move.
  • Do not focus most of your time on other Brawlers nor power cubes. It is ok to do this a little, but if you waste too much time you will give other Brawlers time to damage the robot and get ahead of you.


  • On 18/9/19, the Takedown event was added to the game.
  • On 23/10/19, the boss now has a different special ability for the duration of the event. In addition to the melee and charge abilities, the boss will have either Lasers, Chain Lightning, or Rockets! Boss also has an immunity shield ability. The player rank is now displayed numerically in the top right corner of the screen.
  • On 21/11/19, fixed an issue on some Android devices where the boss's immunity shield countdown was underneath its health bar. Fixed a visual issue with Boss's Rocket fire effects being drawn on top of the characters.
  • On 23/1/20, Takedown was removed from the game.
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