Table Flip is an official map for the Big Game event.


The map, as the name suggests, has table-shaped walls with 2x2 bushes placed diagonally starting from the corner. Several 3x1 wall formations prevent direct fire. Near the Big Brawler are an additional four 2x2 walls acting as further cover.


  • In Big Game, the objective is to take down the Big Brawler as soon as possible, or survive for a prolonged period of time as the Big Brawler. In this map use Brawlers that can either destroy walls or have wall-piercing attacks such as Mr. P.
  • Sharpshooters should shoot diagonally and use the walls to their advantage to lower the chances of dying from the Big Brawler.
  • Throwers should try and stick to the table-shaped walls and shoot from there especially if playing as a Big Brawler.
  • Heavyweights and assassins should try to quickly charge their Super and save them for a profitable moment. If that certain type is the Big Brawler then they need to use their Super to get away from the opposing Brawlers instead of using it offensively.
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