"Can you beat the Mega Monster and save the City?"
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In the Super City Rampage Event, three players battle as a team against a Mega Monster, trying to defeat it before it destroys all of the buildings on the map. If all players are knocked out or the Mega Monster destroys all of the city before you can stop it, the players will lose. With each win, the difficulty will increase to the next level. Super City Rampage is an unranked mode, so Trophies cannot be earned or lost. If you are playing with teammates, the level is set to the lowest that the members of your team have reached. Brawlers' attacks and Supers are 3 times less effective at charging Supers in this mode.

Mega Monster Abilities

  • Anger: The monster will become angry when its health is 75% in Normal; 75% and 45% in Hard; 75%, 45% and 15% in Expert; 75%, 45%, 30% and 15% in Master; 75%, 60%, 45%, 30% and 15% in Insane+. When the monster is angry, it will go wild and target your team. It will not target the buildings during this phase. It will have a 100% boost to its movement speed and use enhanced abilities designed to chase down Brawlers. In its normal phase, the monster has an incredibly slow speed of 550. For Insane and above, the monster will go enraged after 2 minutes and target buildings exclusively. Anger phases affect the monster's size, stats, and attacks. The monster will return to its normal phase once angry after 14 seconds have passed.
  • Chomp: The monster chomps nearby buildings every 0.4 seconds in its normal phase; its attack speed doubles when angry. Chomps deal 800+ damage to any nearby Brawlers, including in its normal phase. After the first anger phase is over, the monster will now use this attack on nearby Brawlers and Spawnables.
  • Leap: The monster will use a long-ranged leap to catch up to Brawlers in its angry phase. This ability knockbacks Brawlers and deals 1000+ damage, but has a 1.5-second windup. After the first anger phase is over, the monster uses this attack to catch up to nearby buildings in an 11 tile radius. Once the monster goes enraged, it will use this ability whenever it can to destroy any remaining buildings.
  • Spin: When the monster is overwhelmed, it will use an area of effect attack to stun Brawlers. When the monster is about to spin, it will show three flashing red arrows above it to warn you to of its attack. The attack has a 2-second windup and stuns nearby Brawlers for 2 seconds in a 3.33 tile radius but only deals 1 damage.
  • Immunity: Slowdowns and stuns are less effective during the monster's normal and angry phases. The monster can only be stunned for a split second. After its enraged phase, the monster becomes completely immune to slowdowns, stuns, and knockbacks.


Every time you beat the monster, it gains more health and abilities. The last level that you can complete is Insane XVI.

Level Monster Health Monster's New Abilities
Normal 150,000 Chomp and leap attacks, starts getting angry depending on its health
Hard 250,000 Spin attack
Expert 300,000 -
Master 350,000 -
Insane 400,000 Starts getting enraged (2:00)
Insane II+ 450,000+ 10% attack increase for every level past Insane

Useful Brawlers

Colt and Rico: Unlike Colt, Rico's Super does not destroy buildings and works well with some of the map's confined nature. His Star Power Robo Retreat allows him to continue damaging the boss without the risk of suddenly being knocked out by one of the monster's chomps. Rico's Multiball Launcher Gadget does decent burst damage in enclosed spaces, but as more and more buildings get destroyed it becomes less effective. Colt's Slick Boots Star Power, however, is in use for the entire match, and he does more damage than Rico. Both of these Brawlers have fast charges rates for their Supers, even after considering the nerfs Brawlers have in this mode. Their Supers can double their damage output, and landing all of their shots charges almost half of another one.
Max: Max can unload several shots with her Run n’ Gun Star Power and she can also provide a decent amount of damage. Her Super allows herself and friendly Brawlers to escape the monster’s agile attacks, but its short duration makes it more useful as bait than a defense mechanism.
Pam: Pam is a high DPS Brawler that can constantly deal damage. With her Mama’s Hug Star Power, she can continue to heal friendly Brawlers that are low on health. This is useful in the monster's angry phase where its more important to stay alive and continue damaging the boss than running away.
8-BIT: 8-BIT has very few weaknesses in this mode, as he is not a target to rockets or other enemies unlike in Boss Fight. The monster has no attacks that counter 8-BIT aside from its basic anger phases, making 8-BIT's damage booster to retain their teammate's damage output a viable option. His general bulkiness and long-ranged support makes him great in almost every team composition. He can also use his teleporting gadget to escape the monster. 8-BIT's Boosted Booster Star Power allows 8-BIT's teammates to be less clumped up while benefiting from extra damage, which will be useful given that the monster does splash damage. On the other hand, his slow speed means that he may not be able to escape the melee attacks of the monster easily. This may be complemented with a Max as teammate (see above) or his Plugged In Star Power.
Gale: With his Gadget Spring Ejector and Super, Gale can make escapes and distance himself between the boss and the buildings. Super City Rampage is one of the occasions that Gale's second Star Power Freezing Snow is more beneficial. He is also capable of hitting all 6 of his projectiles due to the monster's large hitbox. With this, Gale can deal 2352 damage at max level and provide a constant flow of damage. However, the monster's hulking size makes Gale's Super ineffective at moving them more than a few tiles.
Mr. P: Mr. P is average at best, but a combination of their Super and Revolving Door Star Power makes his porters a force to be reckoned with. An individual maxed out porter can withstand three of the monster's chomps at the lower difficulties allowing time for you and your teammates to escape. Even throwing the base directly at the monster guarantees an extra few seconds during its angry phase. If your teammates can't bait the monster during its angry phase, the home base can be a secondary option.
Nita: Nita lacks damage, but a combination of her Super and Bear With Me Star Power can massively stall the boss, and is very useful to surviving the monster's angry rages. Nita and her bear should take turns tanking, with one of them tanking first and when they are weakened, the other steps in. She should try to conserver her ammo when being attacked by the monster, and use it when her bear is tanking, unless her bear is very weak or she has a full ammo bar. Her bear will survive much longer that way, while Nita recovers. Additionally, Nita can activate her Faux Fur Gadget to further increase the bear's survivability. If done correctly, this method can stall the monster for a very long time, and Nita can possibly cycle her super. Being aware of the monster's splash damage is important, because the monster can possibly hit both Nita and her bear at the same time if they are too close to each other.


  • The respawn time is 20 seconds instead of the normal 5, so it is important to stay alive. The monster will also get harder to defeat as time progresses, making it essential to avoid getting knocked out and doing damage as quickly as possible.
  • Never use Supers to break walls, as that will help the monster to destroy the city, giving you less time to defeat the monster.
  • When the monster is angry, lead the monster away from buildings so that you and your teammates have more time to defeat the monster.
  • Always try to heal up, as the monster can outrun almost all Brawlers in its angry phase. Even one teammate's death during this phase means massive consequences.
  • The monster also targets spawnables in its angry phase making them decent meatshields until it returns to normal.
  • Although not necessary, using Brawlers which can attack at medium to long-range is advisable to ensure distance is kept from the Mega Monster.
  • Choose Brawlers with good reload and unload speed. This will make it easier to take the monster down quicker, before it gets angrier or destroy's the city.


  • On 2/7/20, the Super City Rampage event was added to the game.
  • On 8/7/20, several glitches were patched and difficulty levels were adjusted. The monster is now immune to stuns, push backs, and slowdowns when he is enraged.
  • On 18/8/20, Supercell fixed an issue where the Mega Monster would not attack players during Enrage when it was exactly at 75% health remaining. The game will now end in a defeat if the maximum server time of 13 minutes is reached.
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