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Super City is an official map for the Super City Rampage event. It was the only map available in rotation for the event.


The map is split into three segments with buildings clustered near to them or rope fences. Near the center are two launch pads which launch Brawlers directly to the monster's spawn location. The map has one lake and a total of 89 buildings that the monster aims to destroy, most of which are found in clusters. There is no symmetry on this map.


  • At the beginning of the round, use the launch pads to get a head start and get a few shots in before the monster heads down to the lake. The launch pads can also be used to escape the monster when it's chasing you.
  • When the monster is angry, try baiting it upwards where there are less buildings to be destroyed.
  • The rope fencing has little impact on the gameplay. If you are in a position where you need to shoot through them, try moving around them instead.
  • When using 8-Bit, try placing his turret to the right side of the lake, as the monster is more likely to go around the lake.
  • The lake is a good place to lure the monster in when it's in its angry phase. Teammates should spread out around it, forcing the monster to change direction.
  • The left lane trees are another good place to lure the monster into when it's angry. Max and Rico with his Robo Retreat Star Power can both use it while the monster is chasing them down.
  • Try not to use Brawlers that destroy structures with their Super or Gadget, as they will make it easier for the Boss to destroy the city.
  • Pam is a good option in this map as she deals high damage at close range and is good for healing. When the monster gets angry she can place her turret as a distraction to it, giving time for the team to escape.
  • Always go for versatile high damage Brawlers who can do decent damage to the monster in most situations (it is advised to not use most close ranged Brawlers).
  • 8-Bit has a high damage output, can boost Brawler damage, and, with his Plugged In Star Power, can get to the launch pads and avoid the monster easily. However, be aware of the Boss if you don't have Plugged In, because otherwise the monster will probably catch up to and defeat you in a matter of seconds.
  • Edgar is a good option, since he can heal as he attacks and has a very fast movement speed, allowing him to be able to distract the Boss for a long time. If he is paired with 8-BIT or Pam, he can tank a lot more damage. His Fisticuffs Star Power can also increase his survivability.
  • Byron, Pam, and Nita is a great team composition for an extremely effective strategy. With Nita using her Bear With Me Star Power, Pam with her Mama's Hug Star Power, and Byron with his Injection Star Power, Nita and the Boss can be locked in combat. To do this, Pam and Nita have to charge up their Supers, and then once the monster becomes angry, Nita must run up to it and throw her bear opposite it. Pam throws down her Super behind Nita, and then Pam and Nita should repeatedly attack the monster while Byron supports Nita. This tactic should act as a major diversion for the monster from attacking the buildings and should largely exhaust the Boss's health.
    • If you don't have Pam or Byron, they can be substituted with Poco (using his Tuning Fork Gadget and Da Capo Star Power).


  • On 02/07/20, Super City was added to the game.
  • On 01/03/22, Super City was removed from the game.