Sunny Soccer is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map does not have a barrier blocking the goal, instead its made up of walls that force diagonal movement. These wall clusters create small confined spaces, weakening the strength of long-ranged Brawlers.


  • The walls and bushes form many potential ambushing spots, high-health close-range Brawlers are much more recommended.
  • Destroying the walls near the enemy goal can allow goals to be made much more easily, although direct shots can still easily be made.
  • The diagonal bushes are dangerous locations for sharpshooters that have a hard time checking them. Gene's wide spread attacks makes him an ideal teammate.
  • The side entrances to the goal are great options if your teammate can force lanes onto the enemy team. However, teammates often stay in the same lane.
  • If Brawlers can't guarantee a goal, they should wait behind the center wall clusters until their teammates help clean up the enemy team.
  • Destroying the walls in front of the goal post is beneficial as there is no direct barrier blocking the goal.
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