Stone Fort (originally called Bone Box) is an official map for the Gem Grab event. It was originally released as one of the Bounty maps. The map has a Brawlidays version named Snow Fort.


The map contains a center surrounded by a walls leaving only four entrances two of which are next to bushy lanes. The bushes connect to the opposite sides of the map which is a major part in the map's gameplay. Each team has two horizontal walls on their side with bushes directly underneath.


  • Gale is capable of stopping enemies from the entering the zone with use of his Super. His Gadget Spring Ejector should be used to plant a launch pad to launch teammates to the center early game to gain immediate control.
  • Jacky should play outside of these walls if the zone is controlled checking the bushes for teammates and forcing enemy Brawlers to move into the center where teammates waiting near walls can finish them off.
    • Brawlers that can handle the enemies after Jacky pressures them into the center include Sandy, Poco, Pam, and Frank which are all capable of maintaining control of the center for their teammates.
  • Rosa should connect the bushes with her Gadget Grow Light if the enemy team has a low damage output.
  • Jessie, Nita, Emz should force enemies out of the center using a combination of their Super, Gadget, and main attack. Jessie's turret Scrappy should be placed in the top section of the fort away from openings.
    • Brawlers such as Bo and Tara can deal with opponents camping in the center even without breaking any walls. Bo should use their Star Power Snare a Bear to gain more time for attacks after enemies are stunned.
    • Frank is great for this map because he can hide behind the wall and stun the enemy through the wall by suprise.
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