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Stolen Valor is a community map for the Lone Star event.


  • The map is diagonally symmetrical.
  • The map is not really open.


  • Use the cactus to dodge brawlers attacks.
  • Useful brawlers: Sandy, Bea, Crow and Leon.
  • Sandy is useful of his wide range, average damage and high health. His super can be useful to hide and heal but then people know that a Sandy is close. His gadget can be useful for fast healing but you just have to camp in a bush out of plain sight. His first star power Rude Sands can be useful to finish brawlers off if your also on low health. His second star power Healing Winds can be useful to heal him if his attacking and/or if his on low health.
  • Bea can be useful to finish brawlers off with her second attack. Her super can be useful to catch up with someone (like Leon). Her super will not be so handy but it will be useful to get rid of someone (like El Primo). Her first star power Insta Beeload will be useful to finish someone off if she missed the first time.
  • Crow is useful to kill someone with his poison if they are low health and they charge/roll etc. they will still die through the poison. His super will be useful to fly away from danger. His gadget will be very useful for the reason of his low health. His first star power Extra Toxic will maybe be useful if someone wants to kill you. The second star power Carrion Crow will be useful if he is out of bullets and his low health.
  • Leon will be useful because he is great at ambushing. His super will be good to run away from danger or to a brawler with low health. His gadget will be good to create a diversion but not everyone falls for it so choose wisely to which brawler you use it to. His first star power Smoke Trails will be good to faster go away from danger because with it you go insane fast. His second star power Invisiheal heals very good so this is a good way to heal but use wisely because its very hard to get his super.
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