Stocky Stockades is a community map for the Showdown event. It was added in the Pirate Brawlidays update. This map is affected by the Angry Robo modifier.


The map contains several wave-like bushes connected by walls and lakes. The center is open and contains four Power Cube boxes with the other twenty separated evenly into each quadrant. The map's gameplay relies heavily on the wave-like bushes and the walls that edge them.


  • Heavyweights are great options for this map and have plenty of options to escape enemies and sneak up on them.
  • Fighters such as Shelly and Bibi that are designed to counter heavyweights are great options in both Solo and Duo Showdown.
  • Sharpshooters will have a hard time dealing with the map's layout. Brawlers that wish to have long-range should play a support in duos that can assist with killing bulkier Brawlers such as Pam.
  • The Z-like bush in the bottom left of the map is great for both escaping and sneaking up on enemies. A lake is also near to it available for Darryl whenever they need to use it.
  • The center of the map only has four boxes and has narrow pathways. Going to the center directly is an easy way to leave yourself trapped and killed by enemies.
  • Carl's ability to attack around walls can be used in bush-checking the bush clusters around this map. In tight situations, he can use his Super to escape.
  • Since the chance of the Angry Robo spawning in the middle while brawlers are fighting for the power cubes are high, it might be a better choice to wait for the Angry Robo to Spawn, and then take the power cubes in the middle if there are any.
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