Stock Crash is a community map for the Gem Grab event.

Stock Crash was a friendly game exclusive map and not available to play in the regular rotation.


The map has a distinct layout of four patches of lengthy bushes for stealthy movement. Near the outer parts of the lakes are launch pads that launch Brawlers diagonally to separate lanes.


  • Stay in the bushes with the rest of your team and periodically push against the opposing team.
  • Do not stay in the middle without any means of escaping, as there is not much cover for Brawlers to use.
  • Checking the bushes is difficult for ranged Brawlers because they're aligned diagonally. Check parts separately and don't move further in unless a heavyweight is there supporting you.
  • Use the launch pads only when teammates are already controlling the middle section of the map.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers can snipe enemies across lakes, use this to get a few hits off of enemies that have just respawn.
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