Star Gulch

Star Gulch is a removed official map for the Bounty event.

Crystal Cavern is an identical replica of this map for use in the Gem Grab game mode, and Crystal Clearing is another identical replica for the global release.


Star Gulch is formed with a long wall extending from the left side and a bulkier block on the right side. The block on the right is not connected to the wall and can be used as a narrow passageway. Closer to the center there are large blocks that have bushes close to the players side that extends to the inner path. On the sides of the center there are medium sized hiding spots with a small block protruding out.

Name Count
Barrel 2
Wooden Box 8
Red Sandstone Block 44
Green Bush 120


  • Just like how El Primo and Bull players do in Crystal Cavern, guard the center star staying in grass around walls.
  • Pick Dynamike and Barley here, as you can shoot over walls and chip bad guys using walls as barrier!
  • Brock and Mortis are also effective here, as Mortis can use grass and walls to restore health and repeatedly attack. Brock's super delivers the bad guys some delicious rockets!
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