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"Squeak is a blob of happy energy who loves his creator, Ruffs. He's a joy to be around, at least if you are unaware that he's made of dog slobber"
Squeak Portrait

Squeak is a Mythic Brawler who has moderate health and a moderate damage output. He attacks by shooting a blob of goo that sticks to obstacles and targets and then explodes after a delay. His Super shoots a giant ball that explodes into six smaller blobs that each explode after a delay, similarly to his main attack. His first Gadget, Windup, increases the range and damage of his next attack. His second Gadget, Residue, allows Squeak's next attack to reveal invisible enemies and enemies in bushes inside the attack's radius and also temporarily slows them down in the attack's radius. His first Star Power, Chain Reaction, increases his attack's damage for every enemy Brawler inside his attack's radius. His second Star Power, Super Sticky, slows enemies hit by his Super's secondary blobs.

Attack: Sticky Blomb

"Squeak's sticky blobs of goo are unstable, and blow up with a big splash and an ouch! They attach to any opponent they hit outright."

Squeak attacks by throwing a blob of goo that sticks to obstacles and targets before exploding, damaging anyone in a 2.67-tile radius after a 1.15 second delay, similar to Bo's mines. The blobs stop the end of their range and explode regardless of what the blob sticks to. The explosion can damage enemies behind walls, similar to Jacky's and Brock's attack. These blobs can stack on an obstacle until they explode. If a blomb hits a target with a blomb already attached, the initial blomb instantly explodes and deals damage. This does not take into account secondary Sticky Blombs.

Super: Big Blob

"Squeak lobs a blob that blows up with aplomb! The explosion of goo sends six smaller Sticky Blombs in all directions."

Squeak throws a giant ball of goo that explodes upon landing, sending out six secondary Sticky Blombs in a hexagon pattern that travel for 6.67 tiles and explode in a 1.33 tile explosion radius.



"Squeak's next Sticky Blomb deals 50% more damage and has 100% longer range."

Activating this Gadget allows Squeak's next attack has its range doubled to 15.33 tiles and will deal 50% more damage. A Gadget symbol will glow above Squeak's head signaling this Gadget's usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown starts after this attack is shot.


"Squeak's next Sticky Blomb leaves a residue area behind after exploding, slowing down enemies and giving allies sight into bushes for 6 seconds."

Activating this Gadget allows Squeak's next attack to make a large radius after exploding that reveals and slows down invisible enemies and enemies in bushes inside the radius for 6 seconds. If Squeak's attack hits an enemy, the radius appears over the spot where the attack explodes. A Gadget symbol will glow above Squeak's head signaling this Gadget's usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown starts this attack is shot.

Star Powers

Chain Reaction

"Each opponent within the area of a Sticky Blomb's explosion increases the Blomb's damage by 15%."

Every enemy Brawler in the range of one of Squeak's attacks will result in 15% linearly increased damage to every target (including spawnables) in the explosion radius. This Star Power still takes effect if there is only one enemy Brawler, giving Squeak at least a permanent 15% extra damage for every attack. Secondary Sticky Blombs from his Super aren't affected by this Star Power.

Super Sticky

"Secondary Sticky Blombs from Squeak's Super also slow down opponents for 4 seconds."

The secondary Sticky Blombs from Squeak's Super now slow down enemies hit by the explosions for 4 seconds.


This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
"Squeak's Big Blob now spawns Sticky Blombs, and he has an increased Super Charge."

Squeak's Super spawned normal-sizes Sticky Blombs (identical to his main attack) instead of smaller ones, and his Super charge rate was increased slightly.


  • Squeak's attacks and his Super can be used to safeguard specific areas to prevent Brawlers from entering by firing them at such areas ensuring that they get damaged by going there. For example, you can throw blombs at Gems in Gem Grab. Similarly, his Super and attack can be used to completely close off lanes and/or weaken enemies who are in your lane (more effectively with his slowing Star Power) to secure control of your lane. His attack's delay, large radius and sticky effect coupled with his Super's area denial makes him an ideal control and lane defense Brawler.
  • When playing as Squeak, don't shoot all of your blombs at one go unless it is entirely necessary. It is much better to place them carefully so that your enemy is forced to walk in to your teammates' fire.
  • Squeak is ideal for modes like Heist and Siege despite his below-average attack damage, because his Super can deal incredible amounts of damage, similar to Spike's attack and Crow's super. His Super charge rate is also quick (4 hits), allowing him to frequently Super the safe and deal high damage. Its wide area potential also allows it to sweep bushes, but its delay requires timing skills.
  • Squeak is unable to deal immediate burst damage due to his delayed attack and below-average damage, so in Brawl Ball, he struggles to defend his goal and prevent enemies from scoring, not to mention his lack of any abilities that make the enemy drop the Ball, such as knockbacks, pulls, or stuns. If you choose to play Squeak in Brawl Ball, make sure to close off choke points with your lingering attack and stay alive for your team. It is best to close off areas and force your enemies to take a longer route in order to get to the ball.
  • Keep in mind that Squeak's sticky blobs can stick to almost every obstacle and target. This can have plenty of unique and unpredictable outcomes, such as attaching Sticky Blombs to minecarts in Minecart Madness so they travel to enemies and (along with the minecart's 2000 damage) knock them out, should they become trapped, or attaching it to spawnables such as Pam's healing station or 8-Bit's Damage Booster to prevent enemies from going near them.
  • Squeak can be used to discourage enemies from using teleporters. If you see a teleporter light up after its cooldown, try throwing your Sticky Blombs to the teleporter so that enemies take damage the moment they exit it, or avoid teleporting if they know there's a blob at their destination.
  • Squeak's Windup Gadget should be used with care, since the range of the attack makes you unable to see where the attack will hit. However, if you need to quickly deal damage to the IKE turret in Siege, you can utilize this to guarantee a hit on the IKE turret without having to dive in to the IKE's range. This very useful to gain the lead during the last few seconds of a match.
    • Due to the modified attack's long range, you can also use his Windup Gadget to apply pressure on another lane on the map while covering one lane. This is really good in helping your teammates even if you're taking on your own fight.
  • Instead of using Squeak's Windup Gadget to get a hopeful snipe across the map, use it instead to finish off enemies that are barely outside of your attack range. More often than not, you will not always need to use all of the added range, but only a little extra of it to get that crucial kill. It can, however, be used at the beginning of the game or after a goal is scored in Brawl Ball to create some amount of area denial early on, or to maximise the usage of Squeak's multiple-target damage to weaken the enemy team and charge up more of your Super. This is, however, only possible in Brawl Ball due to the players spawning closer to each other than usual, at the beginning of the match or after a goal is scored.
  • Squeak can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time. This is useful in maps with a plethora of walls, where enemies will quite often group up. Since Squeak can hit many enemies, he can charge his Super quicker and weaken the enemy team. His radius also allows him to hit enemies behind walls one tile wide, which can be useful against throwers or anyone else behind.
  • Since Squeak has a delayed attack, there is a chance that your opponent could defeat you first, so you should maintain distancing from enemies, especially heavyweights and assassins, who can easily defy the delayed and slow-reloading attack. This still works effectively because Squeak is ideal at keeping control and keeping your opponents away.
  • While Squeak's Super can cover a good chunk of the map, the bombs don't have a large range and experienced players can deter it. Aim it like Tick's attack to prevent enemies from entering a point.
  • Due to his special attack projectile and the radius of damage, you'll be able to detect bush-camping enemies after you've hit them once. After that, you can continue to attack your enemies. However, some high-burst damage brawlers like Spike, Edgar, or Bull could pop out of bushes and eliminate you easily due to Squeak's attack delay, so you need to check bushes more frequently or stay in an open area.
  • When playing Squeak in Duo Showdown, keep a teammate with high close-ranged burst damage like Bull to cover up Squeak's weakness at close-quarters combat.
  • Squeak's Chain Reaction Star Power is useful for enemies who are grouped up, which occurs only in certain situations. If you aim your attack correctly towards the grouped-up enemies, it can guarantee an extra 10% damage for each enemy.
  • If you throw your Super directly onto an enemy, most, if not all of the blobs will attach to them, dealing massive damage after a short delay. This can be used to weaken a brawler, allowing your teammates to finish them off. It also charges your super by a significant amount, allowing you to repeatedly chain your Super. Practice aiming Squeak's Super directly onto an enemy and planning a precise hit on moving targets for proficiency in using Squeak's Super in this way.
  • In most maps with many choke points, Squeak's Residue Gadget can be very strong against enemies. His Gadget can slow enemies down while you and your teammates can defeat them easily.
  • When playing against Squeak, try to learn his super pattern so you can avoid getting hit. The blombs tend to burst out in an almost straight asterisk (*) shape.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated


  • 13/05/21:
  • 20/05/21:
    • Neutral Squeak became available to play in matches.
  • 08/06/21:
    • Neutral Squeak's Super Sticky Star Power was added.
  • 25/08/21:
    • Buff Squeak's main attack projectile speed was increased by 15%.
    • Buff His main attack blombs now make any previous attack blombs instantly explode if they hit the same enemy.
    • Buff His Super no longer has a delay after landing.
    • Nerf Squeak's Super now takes the same time to land regardless of the distance thrown.
  • 27/10/21:
    • Neutral Squeak's class was changed to Damage Dealer (from Fighter).
  • 29/10/21:
    • Neutral The Ghost Squeak skin was added. It was featured as a Brawl-o-ween skin.
  • 24/11/21:
    • Neutral The Potato Squeak skin was added. It was featured as a Club League skin.
  • 16/12/21:
    • Buff Squeak's main attack damage was increased to 1080 (from 1000).
  • 01/03/22:
    • Neutral Squeak's Residue Gadget was added.
  • 02/03/22:
    • Nerf Squeak's Residue Gadget no longer reveals Brawlers inside bushes while also inside Leon's Lollipop Drop Gadget.
  • 27/04/22:
    • Buff Squeak's Windup Gadget now also increases the damage of the next attack by 50%.
    • Buff Squeak's Residue Gadget duration was increased to 20 seconds (from 15) and now also slows down enemies within the radius.
    • Neutral Ghost Squeak's facial animations were reworked.
  • 04/05/22:
    • Nerf Squeak's Residue Gadget duration was decreased to 10 seconds (from 20).
  • 31/08/22:
    • Neutral Squeak's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 07/09/22:
    • Neutral The Moon Bunny Squeak skin was added.
  • 14/11/22:
    • Neutral The First Blob Squeak skin was added. It was featured as an Action Heroes skin.
  • 28/02/23:
    • Neutral Squeak's class was changed to Controller (from Damage Dealer).
  • 25/04/23:
    • Neutral Ghost and Moon Bunny Squeak now cost 79 Gems each (from 49).
  • 27/06/23:
    • Buff Squeak's Chain Reaction Star Power damage bonus was increased to 20% (from 10%) per Brawler.
  • 05/09/23:
    • Nerf Squeak's Residue Gadget duration was decreased to 8 seconds (from 10).
    • Nerf Squeak's Chain Reaction Star Power damage bonus was decreased to 15% (from 20%) per Brawler.
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 21/09/23:
    • Neutral The Nerd Squeak skin was added. It was featured as a Brawl Academy skin.
  • 24/10/23
    • Nerf Squeak's Residue Gadget duration was decreased to 6 seconds (from 8).
    • Neutral Potato Squeak now costs 79 Gems (from 2500 Club Coins).
    • Neutral Squeak's flavor text was changed from "As Col. Ruff's accidental creation, Squeak was born to play fetch!" to "Squeak is a blob of happy energy who loves his creator, Ruffs. He's a joy to be around, at least if you are unaware that he's made of dog slobber"
  • 27/02/24:
    • Neutral The Squeaky Note skin was added.
  • 29/04/24:
    • Neutral Squeak's Mutation was added for a limited time.
  • 20/05/24:
    • Neutral Squeak's Mutation was removed from the game.


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