"Sprout was built to plant life, launching bouncy Seed Bombs with reckless love. Its Super creates a plant-based obstacle!"
Sprout Portrait

Sprout is a Mythic Brawler that attacks by throwing a ball of seeds over cover that bounces around on the ground. If the ball makes contact with enemies, or after a set period of time, it explodes to deal area damage. Its Super allows Sprout to throw a super seed, creating a large barrier when it lands. Its Gadget, Garden Mulcher, allows Sprout to consume a nearby bush and heal a significant amount of health. Its first Star Power, Overgrowth, increases the blast radius of its main attack when it does not explode on contact. Its second Star Power, Photosynthesis, grants it a shield while being in a bush and for a short time after leaving it.

Attack: Seed Bomb

"Sprout propels a ball of seeds that bounces around before bursting with a bang! If it makes contact with enemies, it explodes on impact."
Sprout lobs over a ball of seeds that explodes when it makes contact with an enemy. If it does not hit an enemy, it will travel a few tiles further and bounce off of walls before exploding. The seed travels farther when bouncing off of walls.

Super: Hedge

"Sprout uses its Super Seed to grow a thick vine hedge, creating an impassable though temporary obstacle."
Sprout throws its Super Seed to create a hedge barrier that can block both your enemies' and your allies' path. It creates a 5-block cross pattern from the center of the seed. However, if there are nearby walls to where the seed was planted, the hedge will grow towards them and connect with the walls, allowing Sprout to plant up to 17 tiles of hedge. As with any obstacle, this one can be destroyed by certain Supers. These hedges can also be destroyed by Brawlers with invulnerability bubbles.

The hedges will disappear after 10 seconds, and using another Super will not cancel the previous hedges. If a Brawler is in the way of the hedges when they grow, the Brawler will be moved out of the way. The hedges will also destroy any bushes that they grow over on the map.

Gadget: Garden Mulcher

"Sprout consumes a bush to restore 2000 health."
When Sprout is in close proximity to a bush, it can "eat" the bush to restore 2000 health, destroying the bush in the process.

Star Powers


"Seed Bombs that don't make contact with enemies will explode with a larger explosion radius."
The blast radius of Sprout's main attack increases by ~40% after it explodes without direct contact with enemies or damageable objects.


"Sprout activates a shield, partially protecting itself from all attacks while inside a bush."
While in a bush, Sprout gets a shield that reduces all damage taken by 30%. After exiting the bushes, it keeps the shield for another 3 seconds.


  • Sprout's Seed Bombs move slowly in the air and also cannot be fired at Sprout's feet. As a result, it is very difficult for Sprout to attack enemies that are chasing it unless nearby walls are used to assist them.
  • Sprout can prevent enemies from escaping the poison gas in Showdown with its Super, making enemies take more damage and potentially knocking them out.
  • Sprout's Super can block the Siege robot from reaching the IKE, effectively nullifying the threat for as long as the barrier lasts. During this time, it also blocks any non-thrower projectiles and melee attacks from enemy Brawlers attempting to attack the IKE.
  • Sprout’s main attack radius can damage multiple enemies, especially if he has his Overgrowth Star Power equipped. Hitting multiple opponents charges his Super faster, so always take advantage of the situation if enemy brawlers clump together.

Voice Lines

Start Of Battles When In The Lead Once Hurt Getting A Kill When Dying When Attacking When Using A Super
Sprout start vo 01
Sprout lead vo 01
"Job done. Have a nice day."
Sprout hurt vo 01
Sprout kill vo 01
Sprout die vo 01
"Returning to dock."
Sprout ulti vo 01
Sprout start vo 02
"I like trees."
Sprout lead vo 02
Melody plays
Sprout hurt vo 02
Sprout kill vo 02
"Task. Completed."
Sprout die vo 02
"Programming error."
Sprout ulti vo 02
Sprout start vo 03
Sprout lead vo 03
Speaker plays
Sprout hurt vo 03
Speaker plays
Sprout kill vo 03
"Path. Cleared."
Sprout die vo 03
Speaker plays
Sprout ulti vo 03
"Commencing assignment."
Sprout start vo 04
Speaker plays
Sprout lead vo 04
Speaker plays
Sprout hurt vo 04
Speaker plays
Sprout kill vo 04
Melody plays
Sprout die vo 04
Speaker plays
Sprout ulti vo 04
Speaker plays
Sprout kill vo 05
Speaker plays
Sprout die vo 05
Speaker plays


  • 3/4/20:
  • 10/4/20:
    • Sprout was available to play in matches. Neutral Image
  • 15/4/20:
    • Brawlers with invulnerability bubbles can now destroy the walls generated by Hedge. Nerf Image
    • Sprout's Garden Mulcher healing was decreased to 2000 (from 3000). Nerf Image
    • Sprout's Overgrowth explosion radius increase effect was decreased by 50%. Nerf Image
  • 22/4/20:
    • Sprout's 2nd Star Power, Photosynthesis, was added to the game. Neutral Image
  • 13/5/20:
    • Sprout's main attack damage was decreased to 940 (from 1000). Nerf Image
  • 22/5/20:
    • The Tropical Sprout skin was added. Neutral Image


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