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Spring Trap is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


There is a launch pad that spawns in the brawler's areas, which can transport them to the middle. The many bushes help Brawlers to hide away or set up an ambush.


  • Use close ranged Brawlers to dominate the middle and long ranged Brawlers on the outer walls to snipe anyone trying to flank.
  • With brawlers such as El Primo, Shelly, Bull and others, you can go on the launch pad and go straight into the enemies bush and surprise the enemy team.
  • Using Nita you can launch your bear to the enemy teams side. It’s super fun to do!
    • A fun strategy that will nearly always grant you as the star player, is to stand on top of the launch pad and summon your bear. That way, you and your bear both get launched. Your bear acts as a tank while you can use your attacks to blast the enemies. Keep attacking till you can get your Super again (which will happen quickly), then go back to the launch pad and repeat!
  • Other than Nita, you can also use Jessie, Penny, Pam, Tick, 8-BIT, or Tara (with her Star Power) to launch your Super on the launch pad, and you can go on it too together.
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