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Split Difference is an official map for the Knockout event.


The map is split diagonally by a wall cluster. The sides have L-shaped fencing with small bush pathways in-between. Lining the center walls are rope fences facing horizontally. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Brock and Colt can be great on this map, due to their capabilities of wall breaking with their respective Gadgets, making it easier to attack the enemy team.
  • If there are no wall-breakers, throwers will have an easy time taking control of the map.
    • Tick with his Last Hurrah Gadget and Barley with his Sticky Syrup Mixer serve as a good counter-attack against enemy Edgars. Dynamike can be a more powerful (but higher skill-capped) alternative to either. Refrain from using Sprout unless Tick, Barley, or Dynamike are not viable options.
  • Rico and Colonel Ruffs can bounce shots off the diagonal wall, making enemy advancement tricky. However, should the enemy successfully advance, it will be hard to defend against them.
  • Edgar and Mortis are both natural thrower counters but struggle against Brock. Only attack enemies if you have a clear advantage. In cases against Tick, Edgar should waste Tick's Gadgets quickly in order to make use of his Supers.


  • On 07/04/21, Split Difference was added to the game.
  • On 16/06/21, Split Difference was removed from the game.