Split is a community map for the Hot Zone event. It was added in the July 2020 update.


The map contains two zones with a diagonal wall splitting the map in half. The left lane has bushes that curve inward towards the zone with an entrance to the sides of the center wall cluster. The right lane has small horizontal walls Brawlers can use to fall back from.


  • Brawlers that can jump over the central wall cluster like Brock with their Gadget Rocket Laces can jump over the wall to reach another zone.
  • Throwers can stay back and control zones single-handedly because of how confined they are. Once enemies retreat they should move further behind the walls while staying inside the zone.
  • Jessie can pressure Brawlers while they enter through the sides with the use of their Super. She can place it close enough to the enemy's walls so her Energize Star Power can be used to heal it continually.
  • Destroying the central wall cluster is not recommended. If you choose to do so, destroy only the bottom left portion to stop enemies from abusing it.
  • The left bush cluster should be used by short to medium-ranged Brawlers to bait control Brawlers to waste ammo. Head into the zone once they do, zoning them to lose control.
    • Bibi's fast movement speed and threatening swings make her great at zoning. Her Home Run Star Power boosts her speed to a point where this strategy is not needed before heading in.
  • Gale's Spring Ejector Gadget can be very effective on this map. Not only can it grant an advantage in getting to the zones at the beginning of the match, it can also allow him to jump over the barriers in the center either in an emergency or to reach the zones quicker, giving him an advantage over other Brawlers who need to take the long route.
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