"Spike throws cactus grenades that send needles flying, and a show-stopping Super: a field of cactus spines that slows down and damages enemies!"
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Spike is a Legendary Brawler with low health who specializes in dealing with grouped-up enemies. His attack explodes on impact and shoots spikes in all directions, which deal damage to enemies they hit. His Super lobs a thorny projectile, slowing down and dealing damage to enemies caught in its area of effect. His Gadget, Popping Pincushion, rapidly fires waves of spikes in all directions around Spike. His first Star Power, Fertilize, allows him to heal himself over time when he is in the radius of his Super. His second Star Power, Curveball, causes the spikes shot out from his main attack to curve in a circular motion.

Attack: Needle Grenade

"Spike fires off a small cactus that explodes, shooting spikes in different directions."

Spike throws a cactus that, upon impact with something or reaching its max range, explodes and sends out 6 spikes radially that deal damage. The pattern is fixed, with 60 degrees between each spike, and it does not rotate with the projectile's angle. The projectile does more damage upon contact than the spikes would.

Super: Stick Around!

"Spike lobs a thorny grenade. Enemies caught in the blast area take damage and are slowed down."

Spike throws a grenade over walls that grows a circular patch of spikes. Enemies within its area of effect take damage over time, and their movement speed will be reduced significantly.

Gadget: Popping Pincushion

"Spike shoots 3 waves of needles in all directions, dealing 520 damage per hit."

Spike shoots 10 needles in all directions per wave, and each needle deals 520 damage to enemies. The spikes from this Gadget are not affected by Curveball and travel 6.67 tiles before disappearing.

Star Powers


"After using Super, Spike regenerates 800 health per second by staying in its area of effect."

Spike's Star Power allows him to regain 800 health per second by standing in the cactus patch he creates with his Super.


"Spikes from the cactus grenade fly in a curving motion, making it easier to hit targets."

The spikes thrown from his main attack now move in a curving clockwise motion instead of straight out, allowing Spike's attack to cover a larger area and ultimately hit more Brawlers with his attack. Curveball does not affect the spikes fired by Popping Pincushion.


  • Spike has low health, so practice shooting around walls and predicting how the enemy will move to prevent opportunities for the enemies to damage you. However, he makes up for it by having a very high damage output.
  • The spikes in his attack always spread out in the same pattern, no matter your position or rotation. You can use this knowing where the spikes will land, making it easier to hit enemy Brawlers around corners and walls. The 6 spikes go at 60-degree angles.
  • Since Spike's needles can go all over the place (especially with Curveball), you can use some of those needles to check bushes for hidden enemies.
  • Spike is capable of doing extremely high damage to grouped-up enemy Brawlers due to the multiple spikes shot out from his attack on impact. His area-of-effect Super can also spell trouble for grouped-up enemies.
  • Since the spikes in his attack spread out from each other as they travel, having the cactus explode near a target is optimal since this increases the chance of multiple spikes hitting the same target.
  • Spike's Super is a great tool for area control. If the enemy team is trying to escape with the Gems in Gem Grab or trying to score a goal in Brawl Ball, you can slow their escape with your Super.
  • Spike's Fertilize is a great healing tool if your team has no support Brawlers. If you find yourself charging your Super too often, do not be afraid to drop it on yourself to heal you fully while you keep attacking enemies. This is also useful in Showdown when closing in on a target with high damage.
  • When defending a critical objective, Spike may use Fertilize in order to occupy an area, slowing and damaging enemies while healing himself. This tactic also works in self defense, especially in Showdown when being ambushed.
  • Spike's Gadget, Popping Pincushion, deals more damage at close range, making it very effective for defending Spike from tanks, like Bull and El Primo.


  • 27/6/17:
    • Spike's health was decreased to 600 (from 700). Nerf
  • 4/9/17:
    • Spike's Super's slowdown lasts less time once out of its range. Nerf
  • 5/10/17:
    • Spike's Super projectile was made to fly faster. Buff
  • 7/12/17:
    • The health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4. Neutral
    • Spike's Star Power Fertilize was added. Neutral
  • 18/12/17:
    • Spike's Fertilize healing was reduced to 500 (from 600) health per second. Nerf
  • 16/1/18:
    • Spike's reload time was decreased to 2 seconds (from 2.2 seconds). Buff
  • 21/3/18:
    • Every Brawler's movement speed was increased by 70 points, increasing Spike's base movement speed to 720 (from 650). Neutral
    • All Brawlers' projectile speeds were increased by 9%. Neutral
    • Spike's main attack projectile size was increased. Buff
  • 5/12/18:
    • The range of the spines in Spike's attack was decreased from 5 to 4.33 tiles. Nerf
    • The spines now split in a set pattern (instead of being random). Neutral
  • 29/1/19:
    • Spike and its Pinky skin was remodeled and renamed to Sakura Spike. Neutral
    • Both Spike and Sakura Spike now have re-textured projectiles:
      • Sakura Spike shoots flower-like projectiles instead of the normal Spike's needle grenades. Sakura Spike's Super was retextured and now has flowers. Neutral
      • Spike's spikes were also retextured. Neutral
  • 15/4/19:
    • Quickfire now takes into account the added range from the projectile splitting. Buff
    • Spike's effects were polished. Neutral
  • 10/7/19:
    • Spike's Star Power Curveball was added. Neutral
  • 12/7/19:
    • The Robo Spike skin was added. Neutral
  • 29/8/19:
    • Spike's Fertilize healing was increased to 600 (from 500). Buff
  • 23/10/19:
    • Spike's Fertilize healing was increased to 800 (from 600). Buff
  • 7/11/19:
    • Spike's Curveball angle was decreased to 50 (from 100), and distance was decreased to 100 (from 200). Nerf
  • 19/2/20:
    • Spike's main attack damage was increased to 520 (from 480) per spike. Buff
  • 17/3/20:
    • Spike's Gadget Popping Pincushion was added. Neutral
  • 7/4/20:
    • Spike's Curveball effectiveness was increased by 50%. Buff
  • 13/5/20:
    • Spike's Popping Pincushion is no longer affected by Curveball. Nerf
  • 2/7/20:
    • Spike's Popping Pincushion was retextured. Neutral
  • 10/9/20:
    • Spike's main attack damage was increased to 560 (from 520) per spike. Buff
    • His Super charge rate increased slightly from Super attack. Buff
  • 18/9/20:
    • The Mask Spike skin was added. Neutral
  • 15/12/20:
    • Spike's reload time was increased to 2.1 seconds (from 2 seconds). Nerf


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