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Sparring Match is a community map for the Siege event.


The map has several wall clusters at the sides, but has an open center. There are some bushes at the sides between the walls. The Siege IKEs have a thin barrier protecting them from frontal attacks, along with some side barriers for corner attacks. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Once your lane is controlled, stay within one of the top bushes to scout enemy Brawlers as they respawn. Do note for the small cluster barriers that might seem minor but can effectively block your attacks.
  • The open center is more fit for high-spread Brawlers like Pam and Emz (but not Poco) that can stay behind the wall cluster on the right when falling back.
  • The side lanes are more confined and winding, so Tick and Barley can block off the small openings, forcing enemies to move through the center lane where their teammates can handle them.
  • The wall clusters in this map are placed diagonally, making them an effective defense mechanism for short-ranged Brawlers and throwers. This also hinders long-range Brawlers (excluding Rico).
  • Since there is a wall shaped like a "W" on the left, Penny can put her mortar there to get the IKE. This prevents enemies from attacking it. (excluding throwers)


  • On 15/04/19, Sparring Match was added to the game.
  • On 26/06/19, Sparring Match was removed from the game.