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Spare Space is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


The map contains a fairly open center with bushes that curve inward into an alcove towards the center of the map. The side contain L-like bushes that open towards the other side's Z-like bush. Towards the back are horizontal fencing and a launch pad. The launch pad launches Brawlers to the center of the map.


  • Heavyweights should head around the left lane and enter the enemy team's Z-like bush.
  • Only a few heavyweights and heavyweight counters are viable on this map. Jacky and Rosa are good for their range, Super, and Gadgets which most heavyweights can't compete with.
  • Gem carriers should stay in the center to support their team. Poco, Sandy, and Pam are all great for holding their ground while their teammates handle incoming enemies.
  • The right lane should be utilized by sharpshooters/fighters such as Mr. P, Carl, and Tara. These Brawlers should stop heavyweights from entering your team's Z-like bush. Mr. P should place their Super in their team's Z-like bush or behind this wall.
  • The Brawlers that frequent this map and the layout pose a serious disadvantage for throwers and most sharpshooters that excel in sniping enemies.
  • Nita can act aggressive or passive depending on her teammates because of her abilities. Bruce can help with pushing back Brawlers that are protecting the center of the map because of their typical low damage output.


  • On 18/12/19, Spare Space was added to the game.
  • On 13/05/20, the environment of Spare Space was changed from Darryl's Ship theme to the Bazaar theme.
  • On 10/09/20, Spare Space was removed from the game.