Some Assembly Required is an official map for the Siege event.


The map has narrow passageways and is rich with cover. Tree pots are paired and separate into four vertical and horizontal lanes. The Siege IKE lacks a barrier of walls for protection.


  • Overall, all throwers excel on this map with tree pots lacking much space in-between. Barley can both slow down and burst enemies down with his Gadget Sticky Syrup Mixer. Tick will end up getting less value out of his main attack if he does not use the three tile lanes often, although Tick is still a great option as a control Brawler.
  • Jessie and Penny are optimal Brawlers in Siege. Their main attacks are useful against clumped up Brawlers which frequently happens in this map. Penny’s Mortar can use the excessive amount of walls in the middle for protection and Jessie’s turret can block the entrances from enemies.
  • Frank can clear out the obstacles in the middle quite easily, paving the way for the siege bot and gaining more favorable engagement space. He can also stun the opposition and the robot, giving more time for the IKE turret to attack the robot.
  • Close-ranged brawlers such as Bull or Rosa can hide in the bushes on the left and right sides of the map, coming out only to grab a quick bolt or surprise an enemy Dynamike or Barley, which are sure to be plentiful in this map.
  • Jacky is one of the few Brawlers that is not at risk of dying from throwers by going through the tree pots as they can attack around them. If they need more time they can use their Super for a temporary shield that can be used for a few seconds after the duration of the Super is gone.
  • Bibi's very fast movement speed coupled with their wall-bouncing Super can deter any Brawler that tries to face them head on. However, Bibi gets more value out of being a passive bolt grabber because of her Star Powers. Because of the similar roles between her and Frank, she should not be used in the same team with him and works best with a heavyweight that takes a more aggressive role.
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