Sneaky Fields is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The ball starts in the middle, hidden by the bushes. The players start on opposite sides of the ball, with a small barrier in front of them. Each team has a goal, which is 3 spaces wide.


  • Bull is an ideal Brawler for this map, given his Super to destroy obstacles. Once your Super is charged up, aim straight for the middle of the two barriers that block the goal. This will make it much easier for your teammates to score a goal.
  • Shelly and Brock are also decent Brawlers for this map because they can destroy walls and barrels to clear the opposing walls and barrels to clear the way for their teammates. Try not to destroy yours!
  • Barley and Dynamike is useful for killing opponents behind the wall.
  • Jessie and Penny are useful for their turrets.
  • Jessie can also be useful because the middle is pretty narrow and she can bounce her shots off a lot of people.
  • Shelly and other shotgunners are also good at this map due to the large patch of grass in the middle where they can camp.
  • Sprout can use it's super to block the fastest route to the goal for the enemy team making the enemy team take the long route, making your team get the ball faster than the enemy.
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