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Snake Prairie-Map

Map of Snake Prairie

Snake Prairie is an official map for the Bounty event.


Snake Prairie is a map that is covered with bushes except the 77 tiles, which are empty because spawning brawlers and the space for the middle bounty.

Name Count
Barrel 3
Wooden Box 4
Red Sandstone Block 71
Yellow Bush 538


  • You can use close-ranged brawlers such as Shelly, Bull, Darryl or Leon and shoot at enemy brawlers when you or they run into each other.
  • You can use Nita's Bear to know where enemies are as they can see through bushes.
  • Leon is a good brawler for Snake Prairie because if you need to get to the other side without the enemies seeing you and the bushes that lead there are destroyed, you can use your Super to sneak up on them.
  • Long-range brawlers are not very good in this map. There is not much free space to see where the enemy is at.
  • If you have his Star Power then Bo is very good on this map as he can see further in bushes. He can also use his hidden mines to locate enemy brawlers in the bushes.
  • If supported by a heavyweight, Piper's Star Power is very useful on this map as she can use the bounty at the start of the game as bait because her shots will do more damage when she is in a bush. She can also sneak up on enemies, use her super and badly damage them, fly away and quickfire them from the bush and kill them.
  • If you had Rosa's star power, she can be very useful on this map. Rosa can take out long range brawlers while healing inside a bush.
  • Shelly would be useful on this map because of how much damage she does when she's in front of a brawler. Her super does a lot of damage to teammates sticking together and as well as it takes down the bushes, making it easy to detect brawlers.
  • A good strategy for this map is to stick close to your teammates. Especially for shotgun brawlers, the more, the stronger. This way you can easily take down brawlers from the enemy team when you run into each other.
  • Crow would also be good on this map since his attack can help find brawlers. If you use Crow, stick close to your teammates so if the other team finds you, they'd also find the rest of the team.
  • Using Bo on this map is good. If Bo has his Star Power, it'd be easier to detect enemy brawlers. Not only can he do that, but he can set his traps somewhere in the bushes where enemy teams can walk through.
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