Snake Prairie is an official map for the Bounty event.


The map is covered with bushes except for the wall clusters and the centers. They are left empty for spawning Brawlers and the open area which is left empty for a middle bounty star.


  • This map is perfect for heavyweights and assassins which should stay in the bushes to ambush the opposing team. If they are ranged they should check since the ranged assassins tend to have low health.
  • At higher trophy levels the viability of heavyweights and assassins starts to fall off due to the prevalence of things that hinder their stealth such as Bo's Star Power Circling Eagle and the destruction of the bushes that they rely on for sneaking up on Brawlers.
  • Rosa's Star Power, Plant Life, is very useful on this map. Rosa can take out long-ranged Brawlers while healing inside a bush.
  • Brock is an excellent Brawler for the map at higher trophy ranges. Brock can use their Incendiary Star Power to control certain choke points on the map. Brock's Super can destroy a whole area of bushes making it harder for the enemy to sneak up on you. If a short-ranged Brawler manages to sneak up on you, you can use your Gadget Rocket Laces to jump away, deal damage and knockback the enemy Brawler.
  • Sprout's Star Powers can both be very useful on this map. Sprout is nearly always protected at the start of the game with Photosynthesis. Allowing it to be very aggressive, and the fact that it keeps the shield after leaving the bush allows it to quickly grab the star in the middle whilst also staying protected. Its other Star Power, Overgrowth, allows for a larger attack radius for scouting out enemies hidden in bushes.
  • Crow would also be good on this map since his wide attack and poison can help find Brawlers. Stick close to your teammates so that if the other team finds you, they'd also find the rest of the team.
  • Sharpshooters and throwers aren't recommended in this map unless there is a way to remove the bush areas, or using the Super to attack unsuspecting targets. Brawlers that have a radius cone of shooting (e.g. Bo) are recommended here.
  • Piper even if she has low health, she can result the team to win, she needs to use her Ambush Star Power to perform exceptionally well. Even if she doesn't have it, she still needs to snipe from distances and not encounter enemies close to her. If that happens she needs to use her Super and fly away in a safe area. She is also great for destroying large swaths of bush with her Super, making it more difficult for the opposing team to sneak up on her.
  • Bo with his Star Power, Circling Eagle, becomes very good on this map as it allows Bo and his teammates to see through bushes in a wider range. He can also use his hidden mines to locate enemy brawlers in the bushes.
  • Shelly is very useful on this map because of how much damage she does when she's in front of a Brawler. Her Super does a lot of damage to enemies sticking together and as well as it takes down the bushes, making it easy to detect Brawlers. The same goes for Bull.
  • Spike with his Curveball Star Power can be used for bush-checking around corners, as well as maintaining damage output for the heavyweight meta very present in this map. His Super should only be used if he or his teammates are able to kill off whoever you're targeting it at.
  • A good strategy for this map is to stick close to your teammates, especially for shotgun Brawlers. This way you can take down Brawlers from the enemy team quickly when you run into each other.
  • If you are in the lead, it is useful to destroy bushes in a manner so that the opposing team must walk out into the open in order to enter your side of the map, ruining their element of surprise. Bo can achieve this using their bush-destroying Super and Super Totem Gadget to charge up teammates' Supers that may potentially destroy bushes.
  • Tara's Psychic Enhancer Gadget can provide a lot of value, as it allows your team to see inside all the bushes. Tara’s Black Portal Star Power can also track down enemies in bushes, revealing their location.
  • If you have a block-destroying super, use it wisely. If you cut any bushes, it will likely remove the covers for you and your team.
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