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Snake Prairie is an official map for the Bounty event.


In Snake Prairie, the majority of the map is covered in bushes. 13 wall clusters, the open spawns, and the center are the only areas of the map not occupied by bushes. The map has no symmetry.


  • For lower Trophy ranges, this map is great for heavyweights and assassins, which should stay in the bushes to ambush the opposing team. If they are ranged, they should check and sweep bushes since ranged assassins tend to have low health. Shelly, Bo, and Griff are also good.
  • At higher Trophy levels, the viability of heavyweights and assassins starts to fall off due to the prevalence of strategies and Star Powers and Gadgets such as Bo's Circling Eagle Star Power and Tara's Psychic Enhancer Gadget that make their enemies visible in bushes and prevent them from ambushing the enemy team. Also, lower-health and longer-ranged Brawlers like Colt and Brock tend to destroy bushes with their destructive abilities to be just as viable in this map. Both of these make short-ranged Brawlers less viable in higher Trophy levels. Sometimes you can also use brawlers like Griff and Lola to sweep the bushes.
  • Rosa's Plant Life Star Power is very useful on this map. Rosa can take out long-ranged Brawlers while healing inside a bush, not to mention she can use her Grow Light Gadget to recover destroyed bushes. However, the Unfriendly Bushes Gadget is a better Gadget for this map since it can scout out potential targets. This makes it easier for her to take out Brawlers since she can sneak up on them. Not only does it allows her or her teammates to grab the blue star and then retreat to safety, it also allows her to briefly reveal all the enemy Brawlers hiding in the bushes and slows them down, which lets her and her teammates defeat them before they could escape. However, you might want to use Grow Light in higher Trophy levels where destructive Brawlers will try destroying bushes.
  • Brock is an excellent Brawler for the map at higher Trophy ranges. Brock can use his Incendiary Star Power to control certain choke points on the map. Brock's Super can destroy a whole area of bushes making it harder for the enemy to sneak up on him. If a short-ranged Brawler manages to sneak up on him, he can his Rocket Laces Gadget to jump away and knock back the enemy Brawler.
  • Sprout's Star Powers can both be very useful on this map. Sprout is nearly always protected at the start of the game with its Photosynthesis Star Power, and the fact that it keeps the shield after leaving the bush allows it to quickly grab the star in the middle whilst also staying protected. Its other Star Power, Overgrowth, allows for a larger attack radius for scouting out enemies hidden in bushes. However, Sprout is generally not a good choice for this map, so try avoiding the enemy side of the map.
  • Crow is also good on this map since his wide attack radius and poison (which continually does ticks of damage) can help find Brawlers. Stick close to teammates so that if the other team finds him, they'd also find the rest of the team with a counterattack. It is recommended to use his Defense Booster Gadget in case an enemy Brawler manages to sneak up on Crow. Crow is especially vulnerable to heavyweights because they deal large amounts of damage extremely quickly, and Crow has low HP compared to most other Brawlers, making him particularly vulnerable. If needed, Crow can use his Super to make a quick escape.
  • Piper can utilize her Ambush Star Power to boost her damage. Even if she doesn't have it, she still needs to snipe from distances and not encounter enemies close to her. Should that happen, she needs to use her Super and fly away in a safe area or use her Auto Aimer Gadget if equipped. She is also great for destroying large swaths of bush with her Super, making it more difficult for the opposing team to sneak up on her. She can also put her Homemade Recipe Gadget to good use on this map as it will still home in on enemies who are inside the bushes, providing you with the knowledge of their locations.
  • Gale is very helpful in this map because of his super. If played correctly, Gale can uncover many enemy brawlers and also push back heavyweights that tend to be plentiful. Also, both of Gale's star powers come to great use. He can stop close-range brawlers by either slowing them down or stunning them against the various walls that are scattered around. He can also use his twister gadget to temporarily block of choke points.
  • Frank is a good pick for this map, given his large health pool, powerful attack and destructive Super. Use either Gadget depending on your role; Active Noise Cancelling if flanking, and Irresistible Attraction if playing as the main offense.
  • Bo with his Circling Eagle Star Power becomes almost invulnerable on this map as it allows Bo and his teammates to see through bushes in a wider range. He can also use his hidden mines to locate enemy brawlers in the bushes. His Super Totem Gadget can momentarily be used for charging Supers, but it can also deceive enemies into thinking that you and your allies are nearby it.
  • Shelly is very useful on this map because she deals a high amount of damage up close. Her Super does a lot of damage to enemies sticking together and as well as it takes down the bushes, making it easy to detect Brawlers but be wary that Shelly herself depends on bushes. The same goes for Bull. He can charge to engage an enemy or to destroy cover, and his Stomper Gadget allows him to both slow down enemies and cut your Super short if your Super is too long to stop adequately.
  • Spike with his Curveball Star Power can be used for bush-checking around corners, as well as maintaining damage output for the heavyweight meta very present in this map. His Super should only be used if he or his teammates are able to take down the enemy in question.
  • A good strategy for this map is to stick close to teammates, especially for shotgun Brawlers. This way you can take down Brawlers from the enemy team quickly when you run into each other. This is especially if you're a squishier Brawler like Piper.
  • When in the lead, destroy bushes in a manner so that the opposing team must walk out into the open in order to enter the bottom side of the map, ruining their element of surprise. Bo can achieve this using his bush-destroying Super and Tripwire Gadget to manually destroy bushes. Colt can also do so with his Silver Bullet Gadget, and Brock with his Rocket Fuel.
  • Tara's Psychic Enhancer Gadget can provide a lot of value, as it allows her team to see inside all the bushes. Tara’s Black Portal Star Power can also track down enemies in bushes, revealing their location. Also, Tara can prove to be extremely effective as enemies tend to group up (namely behind a Bo with his Circling Eagle Star Power) so that they are not easily ambushed. Tara's Super allows her to team-wipe when enemies group up. However, refrain from using her Healing Shade Star Power om this map as it reveals teammates it heals.
  • Use obstacle-destroying Supers wisely. If too much bushes are cut, it will likely remove the covers for both teams and will be disadvantageous for allied heavyweights and assassins.
  • One great team composition is Bo, Tara and Shelly. With this, you have to let the Shelly go in front while Bo and Tara follows her. This allows for the team to support Shelly from behind and can quickly eliminate opponents.
  • Mr. P can use his Porter Reinforcements Gadget along with his Revolving Door Star Power so the porter can "guide" you and your allies to the enemy and as a distraction so you can counter attack. Using this, Mr. P can use his Super and disguise its hiding spot inside the bushes and seek them out.
  • Leon is strong here, as he does more damage up close, and his clones can seek the bushes. His Smoke Trails Star Power is better to reach an enemy quicker, but his Invisiheal Star Power should be equipped if you aren't that great at dodging or have survivability issues.
  • Buzz can use his trait (automatically charge up Super when enemies are close to him) to detect enemies. If enemies are near him inside the bushes, then Buzz will charge his Super so that he will know that enemies are nearby. When playing with randoms or in a team without voice chat, Buzz's teammates will not be able to tell when enemies are nearby, but with voice chat in a team, the Buzz player can communicate with his teammates so that all players on his team can know when enemies are near Buzz. This strategy can also be used in other maps like this one that are covered in large amounts of bushes.
  • Grom can use his Watchtower Gadget to scout out enemies hiding behind walls. He can also use his supers massive area coverage to destroy huge areas of bushes allowing your team to dominate if they are not too dependent on bushes.
  • Janet can fly away with her Super, and, with her Stage View Star Power equipped, she and all allies can see all enemies in bushes within a wide radius of tiles from herself.


  • On 14/06/17, Snake Prairie was added to the game.
  • On 05/12/18, Snake Prairie was widened by 4 tiles.
  • On 07/12/18, a maintenance update had fixed a performance issue with grass tiles on Snake Prairie.
  • On 14/03/20, Snake Prairie was featured in the March Brawl Stars Championship Challenge as a Stage III map.
  • On 11/07/20, Snake Prairie was featured in the July Brawl Stars Championship Challenge as a Stage II map.
  • On 10/09/20, the environment of Snake Prairie had changed from Canyon theme to Oasis theme.
  • On 11/11/20, the environment of Snake Prairie had changed from Oasis theme to Canyon theme.
  • On 21/11/20, Snake Prairie was featured in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2020 as a Quarterfinals map against Jupiter vs INTZ.
  • On 15/03/21, Snake Prairie was featured in the Season 1 Power League as a Bounty map.
  • On 07/04/21, Snake Prairie was no longer featured in the Season 2 Power League as a Bounty map.
  • On 13/08/21, Snake Prairie was featured in the Vicious Bibi Challenge as a Stage I map.
  • On 28/09/21, Snake Prairie was removed from the game.
  • On 27/04/22, Snake Prairie was added back to the game. Snake Prairie was featured in the Season 8 Power League as a Bounty map.