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Slam Dunk is an official map for the Basket Brawl event.


The map is relatively open, with few areas of cover, and in the center is a slanted dashed line of single wall tiles. There is a bush cluster around another singular wall on either side of the dash, along with two more singular walls. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Due to the map's openness, Brawlers that can control tight spaces like Bo, Bea, or Belle will be great on this map. Brawlers that have wide attacks, like Frank, will have their attack hindered by the single wall tiles.
  • It is advised to use Brawlers that have a "thin" attack, like Colt and 8-BIT. Emz and Poco which are balanced by their wide attacks will have a hard time getting hits in this map.
  • The slant going from top left to bottom right makes using the barriers from the bottom right or the top right to block some attacks to helpful in blocking some shots when holding the ball. This is also a helpful position to heal.
  • To pressure enemies out of hiding have a long-ranged teammate cover ground diagonally making an "x" formation.


  • On 16/6/21, Slam Dunk was added to the game.